Intercept Magazine Leaks Secret US Drone Assassination Program Kills Mostly Innocent Victims

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The Intercept magazine has broken a major story when some whistleblower like Snowden has leaked a huge stash of CIA/Pentagon files about the illicit US assassination war against Muslims.  This eye-opening document shows the need for Nüremberg-type war crimes trials but of course there will be none such.  These drones fly mainly from US bases in Africa and ships offshore.  Reading the revelations in today’s news is sickening.  Morals matter especially during wars.  The last World War was just one giant war crime.  All sides indulged in major mass murder and many, many innocent people died during that terrible war.  Supposedly, world rulers were going to fix all that and did…NOT.



Intercept magazine just broke yet another whistle-blower bombshell and I suspect the CIA and FBI are frantically searching for the brave person who dared to do this and who will probably flee, like Snowden, to some safe haven, we shall see.  We must salute these fine people who put their lives on the line to expose these insane military/intelligence plans to the rest of us so we can see clearly how war crimes happen and can try to stop them.


As if that will happen!  We failed to stop the Bush war crimes.  Americans on the left who thought they were morally superior to the right wing, ended up voting into office a young-ish black guy who…promptly ended up copying Bush’s programs in the ongoing wars between the Muslims and the Jews for this is what it all boils down to: we are in a vast Christian/Jewish/Muslim mega-war event that is nonstop and we should call this ‘The Apocalypse’ for that is the goal.


First this untidy news:  In Reversal, Obama Says U.S. Soldiers Will Stay in Afghanistan to 2017 – The New York Times


Thursday was not the first time the administration has revised its withdrawal plans. During Mr. Ghani’s visit to Washington in March, Mr. Obama announced that the United States would keep 9,800 troops in Afghanistan through 2015, instead of cutting the force in half, as had been originally planned. At the time, the White House maintained that almost all troops would be pulled out by 2017.


His announcement will allow the military to continue carrying out secret operations focused primarily in eastern Afghanistan against people it suspects of being militant leaders. Those operations are intended to follow a “lighter footprint” model of targeted strikes.


In Afghanistan, the easiest way to cover up war crimes is to destroy the evidence:  US Tank Smashes Its Way Into Bombed Hospital, Destroying Evidence — News from


Doctors Without Borders today reported they were informed that the US smashed into the wreckage of the hospital with a tank, forcing their way in and destroying potential evidence that would be used in a war crimes investigation.


US officials claimed that the tank was “carrying investigators” from the official military inquiry into the matter, though they likely could’ve gotten into the hospital, closed after the attack, without using a tank if they’d simply asked Doctors Without Borders to let them in.


I read the news and say to myself, ‘This has to be a comedy movie, this cannot possibly be real.’  Indeed, ‘investigating’ a play by running tanks through it destroying everything is…insane.  And yes, our rulers are insane.  It is sad, annoying and sickening how anyone who tries to approach power ends up mad but then, there are stories warning people about this feature in life going back at least 10,000 years.


Here are some tidbits from the Intercept magazine:  The Assassination Complex


The Intercept has obtained a cache of secret slides that provides a window into the inner workings of the U.S. military’s kill/capture operations at a key time in the evolution of the drone wars — between 2011 and 2013. The documents, which also outline the internal views of special operations forces on the shortcomings and flaws of the drone program, were provided by a source within the intelligence community who worked on the types of operations and programs described in the slides. The Intercept granted the source’s request for anonymity because the materials are classified and because the U.S. government has engaged in aggressive prosecution of whistleblowers. The stories in this series will refer to the source as “the source.”


Additional documents on high-value kill/capture operations in Afghanistan buttress previous accounts of how the Obama administration masks the true number of civilians killed in drone strikes by categorizing unidentified people killed in a strike as enemies, even if they were not the intended targets. The slides also paint a picture of a campaign in Afghanistan aimed not only at eliminating al Qaeda and Taliban operatives, but also at taking out members of other local armed groups.


It has been widely reported that President Obama directly approves high-value targets for inclusion on the kill list, but the secret ISR study provides new insight into the kill chain, including a detailed chart stretching from electronic and human intelligence gathering all the way to the president’s desk. The same month the ISR study was circulated — May 2013 — Obama signed the policy guidance on the use of force in counterterrorism operations overseas. A senior administration official, who declined to comment on the classified documents, told The Intercept that “those guidelines remain in effect today.”


U.S. intelligence personnel collect information on potential targets, as The Intercept has previously reported, drawn from government watchlists and the work of intelligence, military, and law enforcement agencies. At the time of the study, when someone was destined for the kill list, intelligence analysts created a portrait of a suspect and the threat that person posed, pulling it together “in a condensed format known as a ‘baseball card.’” That information was then bundled with operational information and packaged in a “target information folder” to be “staffed up to higher echelons” for action. On average, it took 58 days for the president to sign off on a target, one slide indicates. At that point, U.S. forces had 60 days to carry out the strike. The documents include two case studies that are partially based on information detailed on baseball cards.


Here is an example how the CIA operatives cover up their crimes:


When drone operators hit their target, killing the person they intend to kill, that person is called a “jackpot.”

When they miss their target and end up killing someone else, they label that person EKIA, or “enemy killed in action.”


They did this during the %#$&# Vietnam war, too!  I very clearly remember the morning tallies of ‘dead communist fighters’ that droned on and on and on during my entire years in high school and college and I spent a lot of those years demonstrating against that war, discussing in ‘Free School’ sessions at Berkeley University, the CIA/Pentagon illicit activities in Vietnam, I was one of the fastest organizers of the nation-wide blow-up that happened when one of our group who could penetrate the computer systems of the Pentagon discovered the secret bombing program in Cambodia.


I could write mirror image so I did many of the anti-war leaflets during those years because the template has to be reverse and then we run it off on the printer so I bent to the work of describing the Cambodian bombings and we scattered these all over the place and then we got on the WATS line which the CIA  had set up at our university but we used it to contact other radicals in Wisconsin, NYC, Texas, LA, etc. to get coordinated demonstrations going.


This all led to our government murdering students at several universities with the Kent State shooting by the National Guard being the most remembered due to the excellent photographs taken there that terrible day.

Screen shot 2015-10-16 at 11.21.15 AM

I was in the news that day because a reporter was talking to me as I was manning the phones taking calls from different campuses when the news came in.  I put my head on the desk and began to cry.  Then put the reporter on the phone who then ran out the door to file the story.


We learned NOTHING since then except how to be even worse.  Why we fight, matters and the wars raging in mainly Muslim countries which spill over to us continuously, are religious wars fostered by cynical people who believe we will have the Apocalypse and via that, certain people will have Total Power.  Which is insane.  WWIII is insane.  The UN is useless thanks to no one using it anymore, everyone does as they please, no care about the future.


Obama should be impeached but then the Bushes should be put in prison.  I suggest we have another Nüremberg Trial set up to do the proper thing here.


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12 responses to “Intercept Magazine Leaks Secret US Drone Assassination Program Kills Mostly Innocent Victims

  1. Melponeme_k

    Yes, we definitely need war crimes trials here to prosecute our insane elites and their government lackeys.

    But I wouldn’t celebrate the Nuremberg show. They only picked the low hanging fruit. The rest got away with mass murder because they were valuable to our spook machine.

  2. emsnews

    AND ROCKET PROGRAM. My dad first hand dealt with the Jewish slaves working in the rocket caves in Germany, he rescued them all. This is why he left the rocket program and went into astronomy, he couldn’t work with the Nazi scientists here who then ran our NASA moon project.

  3. Jim R

    Werner von Braun was a name frequently mentioned in the Moon program back then. By the way, we no longer have drawings/plans/specs for the Saturn V rocket, so those antique ones at the space museums are the last of their kind. Only the Russians can build rockets that powerful now.

    Where are we going to find judges for these New Nuremberg trials? They have to be (more-or-less) non-corrupt, and survive any ‘accidents’ long enough to finish the trials.

  4. e sutton

    I am completely outraged at the galling behavior of crashing a tank into that hospital to destroy evidence. Where are the Doctors Without Borders speaking out about this? When the bombing first happened, they were quite vocal about wanting to see an independent investigation. As per usual, the media is blocking out any voices that don’t fit into the parable.

    Any and all sanity has not completely left our government and our country. The masses will not awaken from the trance like state to see just how miserable, ruthless, and cowardly their rulers are. Every day I watch this circus freak show and become ever more bewildered as to how long the insanity will last.

  5. Silverado

    That’s the reason (I believe) these criminal psychopathic neocons don’t travel outside the US anymore, is that they fear being prosecuted, especially in Europe, as war criminals. Look around and dig into this…when was the last time any of the major neocons went overseas on some kind of junket, trip or vacation? Especially their idealogues and founders like Wolfowitz or Brzezinski or even Dick Cheney?? They don’t travel outside of the country and that’s the reason why. Of course you’ll never see this in the MSM but you’ll never see these people traveling outside north America unless they had some kind of amnesty deal which also wouldn’t be published unless leaked. And while I’d argue that would be reason number one, reason number two about why they don’t travel abroad is their fear for their personal safety. Can you imagine the propaganda value & effect on the mad bomber’s affiliates who claims to have been behind a hit like this?? So in a way there’s a little justice in the world though in this case justice has been sorely lacking since before just about any of us can remember…

  6. Petruchio

    ” And yes, our rulers are insane.” No, I’m more inclined to think they are psychopaths. You can’t murder as many people as they do and cause so much general misery-and do it year after year-without any sense of guilt or responsibility and not be a complete psychopath. Insane? I don’t know if they are in the classic sense of the word insane. I think they rationalize their psychopathic behavior by creating a self image of themselves as a super elite; the best of the best. A precious, special breed of human for whom the ordinary rules of human behavior do not apply. Clearly they are divorced from reality; failure after failure after failure has absolute NO impact on their self image. THAT’s the insane part of the elites’ makeup.

  7. Jim R

    Most people consider psychopathy to be a form of insanity. There are many different kinds of insanity.

    Do you consider them sane, Petruchio?

  8. Petruchio

    @#7 Jim R: I don’t know, but it is a good question. I guess I would define insanity as an inability to behave rationally, to be out of touch with reality. I think this is true in part for the elites, but I think their behavior is due to their self-image more than an ability to discern reality. The elites’ self image is that they are the elite of the elite; the best of the best and as such, they will NEVER fail. This is why multiple failures year after year do not affect them in the least. What they do is insane, but imho people can be rational and also perform irrational, insane acts. And I think the elites, being more psychopathic than insane have absolutely NO concern for the harm they do; the compassion “gene” is completely missing from their personality makeup. It’s ALL about them and what they want.

  9. Melponeme_k

    “The elites’ self image is that they are the elite of the elite; the best of the best and as such, they will NEVER fail. This is why multiple failures year after year do not affect them in the least. ”

    This is called the Great Work or Alchemy (their version of it at any rate). The Royal elite have been using this idea for centuries to support their claims that they are the pinnacle of humanity. They believe they are literally the philosopher’s stones. Even when they turned into inbred rejects, they still believed it.

  10. Christian W

    Psychopaths are by definition insane. What the elites are doing is by design, they are not ‘mistakes’ and the elites are either psychopaths, or have no compunction in using psychopaths as hired tools (which is basically the same thing). Let’s quickly take a look at a few of the pieces of the puzzle.

    1. Iraq – “Mission accomplished”. Iraq was a key piece in the *Destruction of the Middle East* TM (Designed in Israel). One of the first things that started to happen once the invasion had progressed a bit was the terror bombings of Shiite mosques (car bombs and suicide bombers). This wasn’t done by the Sunni population in the north, the bombers were the US/UK and Saudi intelligence services.

    2. Syria – Syria is a spinoff from the destruction of Iraq.

    3. Ukraine – What is so striking about Ukraine is how effective the Kiev regime’s propaganda is. The population that are hooked into the Kiev regimes media apparatus truly believe they are fighting the Russian Army on the Eastern border. That is completely insane of course, but what is so remarkable is the match with the US propaganda system. Clearly the main idea is disinformation and to create a false reality for the populace to relate to. This is of course by deliberate DESIGN.

    4. Greece – Greece and Ukraine are trial runs for the looting of Europe.

    5. ISIS – ISIS was built upon the platform for resistance to the US invasion designed by the Mukhabarat, Saddam’s secret police. (Note that the US assassinated one of the old Mukhabarat officers in ISIS the other week, the second in command of ISIS). When the US was getting bogged down in Iraq and taking high casualties to the Sunni resistance they solved the problem by hiring the Sunni resistance as their own mercenaries. That was the start of ISIS.

    6. The Refugee Battering Ram. All these wars (including Afghanistan, Libya and others) created a flood of refugees that the Elites have used to aim at Europe. This Flood is the equivalent to the hordes of illegal aliens streaming into the US. The aim is the same, or even more sinister. The flood of refugees will overwhelm the western social services and finances, destroy the school system and undermine national and social cohesion etc.

    Some overriding themes – divide and conquer using the tools such as terrorism, social unrest, financial uncertainty, historic antagonism, race,
    tribalism and extreme marketing (propaganda) etc and so on..

    Yes, the elites are insane, but they are criminally insane, cold blooded, ruthless and very, very systematic. There is method to their madness. The elites do not make mistakes, every move is calculated on multiple levels and multiple time lines. Anything goes as long as it benefits THEM.

  11. Sunger

    The Nuremburg Trials were not show trials which only picked on “low hanging fruit”{. Where did you hear that?

    Herman Goering was #2 in the Third Reich. The highest Nazi military officers like Holder and Brauchitsch were convicted and hung. All the big holocaust guys and gals were caught and punished. Albert Speer, actually more important than Hitler in the later years of WW2 was convicted and spent nearly his whole life in prison.

    Of course, any German military or civilians who could provide valuable skills and research into many mlitary research & innovations were silently slipped across the Atlantic for safekeeping.

  12. emsnews

    It was all for show. My dad was there at the beginning. He knew all the crimes of the rocket science crew who were airlifted to the US due to my father rescuing them but while rescuing them (deliberate misuse of the word ‘rescue’ here) he saw all the hideous things they did to the slaves trapped in the rocket caves.

    So he quit the rocket programs because he couldn’t bear talking to any of these guys. He became an astronomer instead.

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