Russia Success In Syria Irks US, Europe Closing Borders To Million Muslim Invasion

Way back when Russia stumbled and fell apart, the US rulers gleefully chortled that they now ruled the entire earth and all people.  Then 9/11 happened and this led to the US plunging into insane wars aimed directly at rulers who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 while protecting Israel and Saudi Arabia which both had a lot to do with 9/11 and the rulers there chortled with glee.  But things are falling apart at the seams, it seems.  Meanwhile, Russia is rising again as a world power thanks to Putin’s long game in the Middle East – NY Daily News


Russia, to its credit, never does things halfway. For many states, conducting air strikes on U.S.-trained rebels in Syria would be daring enough, but Vladimir Putin also saw value in lobbing a few missiles at them from ships in the Caspian, 900 miles away. The missiles weren’t more accurate or even more destructive than air strikes, but did serve as a brutal object lesson for all of Syria’s neighbors: America will not protect you. Take note. The first thing Putin will ask the Saudis — and now is the time, with their memory of those missile strikes still fresh — to cut back oil production to raise prices, which would resuscitate the Russian economy and make a mockery of the West’s Ukraine sanctions.

This article was written by Mr.Peek who was a U.S. Army intelligence officer and is a professor at Claremont McKenna College.


Uprisings are all over Saudi Arabia now with the fighters hitting closer and closer to the elites there and they are scared to death.  It is only a matter of time before they all jump into their private jets and fly to their holdings in Europe and the US.  But their power base will vanish.   The chaos spreading in the Middle East is due to one primary force: zero birth controls are allowed and women have few human rights, they are cattle.  So there are zillions of extra humans needing everything imaginable and this in turn, leads to pressure on the mainly welfare-state structures of the oil producing monarchies.


Time is against their survival due to sheer numbers.


Meanwhile, the Pentagon Knew Targeted Afghan Site Was a Hospital –Officials were even privately saying the attack on the protected hospital full of civilians was “justified”.  Nothing like war crimes to give some life to bored bureaucrats.  Russia isn’t attacking hospitals.  Putin: Russian strikes in Syria killed hundreds of militants -as they swarmed across Syria.  Sort of like what the Pentagon pretends to do in say, Afghanistan, when they are not bombing charity hospitals.


We know how this will all end…one would hope for some sort of Nüremberg Trial but I doubt this.  We got out of Vietnam pretending we were victims, not invading slobs, after all.  To this day, people feel sorry for ourselves due to that insane mess which I protested vigorously from 1964-when the last helicopter fled our embassy in Saigon.  I figured we would learn nothing from that horror show and that, alas, has been all too true.  At least Obama doesn’t enjoy making these bad messes.  Unlike Nixon.  But that is all one can say, he can’t stop the messes since he is a puppet.


And then there is the terrible story about a young man in Saudi Arabia who was arrested when he was only 14 years old and is going to be executed and crucified!!!  David Cameron attempts to defend ‘squalid’ deal with Saudi Arabia in excruciating interview with Jon Snow | UK Politics | News | The Independent


Wikileaks released documents this week purporting to show the UK and Saudi Arabia supported each nation’s election the UN Human Rights Council in 2013. Both countries were later elected to the 47-member council until 2016.

Human rights organisation have decried Saudi authorities decision to kill Mr al-Nimr, with Amnesty International describing the teenager’s trial as unfair and “deeply flawed.”


Now on to Europe which has huge messes around every 50 years or so:  Hungary Will Seal Border With Croatia at Midnight.  The mess these armies of borderless people create can be seen here:   Bordertown Nickelsdorf Drowns in Garbage and Feces | Vlad Tepes.  As I predicted, all of Eastern Europe is going to shut down their borders due to this flood of humanity which is mainly younger males of the age when they are the most dangerous.  Most media pictures pick out the occasional, rare, cute child to illustrate their stories of woe but the vast  majority are males between 18-35 years of age, a very dangerous age bracket.


Even Germany is now beginning to close the open door!  At least, the former East Germans want their fences and walls back up, I read the comments at German media there.  Quite obvious.


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13 responses to “Russia Success In Syria Irks US, Europe Closing Borders To Million Muslim Invasion

  1. Melponeme_k

    Ironic and hilarious that the blogger you linked to is using the name Vlad Tepes AKA Vlad the Impaler AKA Dracula. The Eastern Europeans certainly still remember being under the boot heels of Muslim empire expansion campaigns. They were the buffer that kept the rest of Europe free during the last go around during the Medieval Ages. This is why Dracula is a hero to them.

  2. Jim R

    … Failure has never been an impediment to these douchenozzles who wanted to send me to Vietnam to get shot in the jungle:
    Stephen Kinzer: The Brothers – Rise of Exceptionalism and Aspirations of Empire

    They may have been responsible for the Kennedy assassinations. Even fifty years after they have died, the geopolitical cancer they started continues to rot and fester.

  3. vengeur

    So now Nobel peace prize winner Obama drops 50 tons of ammo into Syria. Where in the HELL does the US get the right to do this? The world NEEDS countries that stand up to the US’s endless MURDER MACHINE.

  4. emsnews

    Remember the other warmonger American who got the prize for ‘ending’ the Vietnam war????

  5. Jim R


    ‘Losing’ the war would be a better description.

  6. Christian W

    Leaked White House memos containing exact information detailing Blair’s war crimes have been published by the Daily Mail. Blair (and by the looks of it Merkel and other NATO “leaders” read puppets) are just running dogs and water carriers for the US Empire, now there is proof just what a lying sell out he is.

    It is also clear there was a conspiracy against the citizens/subjects of the US and UK to to push their nations into illegal war against Iraq.

    Leaked Memo Reveals Blair’s ‘Deal In Blood’ With Bush Over Iraq War

  7. emsnews

    Whoever the brave soul is who has leaked to Intercept all that massive documentation of US war crimes (yes, crimes!) is to be thanked by all of us.

    I hope he isn’t captured and tortured. Snowden is cheering him on and this justifies Snowden’s flight, by the way.

    This is HUGE NEWS and will probably be dropped by the mainstream media quickly as it sinks in, it stinks to high heaven and makes Obama’s deterioration into a skeletal frowning miserable man so revealing. This ugly business is eating him up, literally.

    He can’t escape his dreams at night.

  8. CK

    What makes you think that he wants to escape those dreams?
    They are his happy dreams, the only thing that would make him happier is if he could target inside the USA as easily as he can elsewhere.
    The only thing that eats him up is his golf game.

  9. Christian W

    @8 CK

    Oh, think down the line when the drone and surveillance technology has been refined a bit, say 40 years or so. They won’t need to bomb anyone – they’ll just zap any offending citizen dead with some tiny, basically invisible, mini drone and kill the offender dead on the spot. People won’t dare to even imagine thinking a ‘thought crime’, they will obey the Master.

    Sieg Heil.

  10. Jim R

    @Christian W,
    Those tiny drones will still need human hands to build them and guide them. They won’t be like funnel-web spiders. I hope.
    If Skynet becomes self-aware, we will have a ‘Terminator’ situation at hand.

    But, my point: there’s always hope for more Snowden events, among those who run the micro-drone program. People who realize that what they are doing is wrong, illegal, and evil.

    ( Note that Snowden isn’t the only whistle-blower for the spook agencies. He’s just the most publicly visible one right now. All the others were either prosecuted on trumped-up charges, or waited until they retired to write their books, and allowed their statements to be redacted and diluted by the agencies. Their books went quickly out-of-print, and their newspaper articles were printed on page 8, and then never referenced. Snowden is unique in managing to escape the system altogether. )

  11. Christian W

    @10 Jim

    But we don’t need more Snowden events. We need people to start to act on what is already known and put the criminals in jail. The longer it takes for people to get out of their coma the more entrenched and all pervasive the insane and murderous surveillance thought control system becomes. It is not only the political process these insane systems pervert, they pervert everything utterly.

    The US will make the whole world into North Korea on steroids. The drone operators won’t speak out because they will enjoy their perks too much, knowing full well that outside their service for the elites they won’t even get their meager rewards but join the rest of the herd in hellish conditions.

  12. Jim R

    And, I second the motion — kudos to the anonymous leaker of these documents. If you’ve been paying attention, of course, you heard of the “Downing Street Memo” ten years ago or so. Blair was always the US/NATO/Zionists’ obedient poodle.

    As for Obama, I haven’t noticed any evidence that he cares at all. He’s the most glib liar in the Whitehouse for a very long time. Nixon was always nervous about his lies, and I think Reagan may have believed his own blarney. Junior Bush was particularly un-skilled in that art.

    But it is very disturbing that there is so little public discussion of the current cold-war. The USA is not only irrelevant, but actively counter-productive now in the “War on Terror”. Supporting the very lot of jihadis who supposedly pulled off the 9-11 attacks.

    Russia is not so much making fools of them, it is simply highlighting the idiocy and corruption we have discussed here for so long. They are making fools of _themselves_. The candidates this year are tripping all over each other to try to seem more belligerent, and reliably depend on the stupidity of the public, which is cheering their candidates’ stupidity. This will not end well.

    Here is an old-timer who has studied history, lived through a bit of it, and presenting the most intelligent discussion I have heard:
    Interestingly, John Batchelor is apparently a Republican and not a “Progressive” at all. But he respects history.

  13. Jim R

    @11 Christian,
    I no longer hold any hope that a strong, non-corrupt leader will emerge to send these criminals to the Hague. Nor do I think that they can even find non-corrupt judges there.

    Putin is a relatively rare historical event — a political leader who actually cares about his country. Unfortunately, his country is not our country.

    I think the rot will simply continue until it cannot continue further. The collapse will put a stop to the stupidity, you could call it Darwin or Malthus or whatever. It is going to get worse before it gets better.

    I wish I had a better plan to survive the collapse.

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