Snowden And Ellsberg Condemn Illicit US Secret Assassination Program That Kills Mainly Bystanders

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Snowden and Ellsberg hail leak of drone documents from new whistleblower as the shattering story of how our anti-Muslim wars of aggression are  waged overseas.  There are a number of elements of this ugly butchery which astonishes me.  One is the artwork: it looks like it was done by alien ant-creatures.  It makes the skin crawl.  Oddly done computer maps and weird text styles give me the shivers.  It reminds me of the Nazi documents that were ‘odd’ looking, too.  I have a German book of schizophrenic artwork done in hospitals there and this artwork looks quite similar. I don’t think the artists are insane (or perhaps are!) but rather, they distance themselves from the facts they are painting so coldly.


The Drone Papers is a must-read.  Like the Pentagon Papers which were no shock to me, this doesn’t surprise me, it is just depressing.  During the entire length of the Vietnam war, my entire teen and early adult years, I campaigned against the various wars in Southeast Asia.  It was very dangerous, doing this.  I was interviewed by the FBI more than once, for example.  Students running from the government sometimes passed through my hands due to my international contacts.  It was truly a life and death battle at home as nameless millions of people in Asia were bombed and shot and starved by various battling sides and then suddenly, it just stopped.


The US finally gave up.  More misery for the poor people of Southeast Asia but today, all is well there, more or less.  The Eye of Mordor is elsewhere, namely, in the Middle East and any major Muslim concentrations of money or energy.  The US no longer has the draft so all is quiet here.  Our media owners nearly unanimously support the Muslim wars because many of them are Zionists.


The US public snoozes along, carelessly allowing these obvious war crimes for what Obama and his buddies in DC are doing is ‘war crimes’.  Assassinations are war crimes especially when these have a 98% rate of killing bystanders or unknown Muslims (similar to the ‘the best Indian is a dead Indian’ saying from 150 years ago here).  Over and over again, the use of assassins has been condemned by the US as ‘immoral’.  Assassinating Presidents is ‘evil’.  Sneaky killing is dishonorable.  Cowardly!


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Note that Obama is at the very top of the pyramid of assassins.  ‘If POTUS approves the CONOP…’ then the drones do it.  From 2001:  What are the rules for government-sponsored assassinations? article discusses the brand-new ‘Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Terrorists‘ which back then meant bombing poor Afghanistan yet again and then heavily, illegally and criminally turning it on an innocent bystander, Iraq.  Which was thoroughly destroyed by the US invasion and is a broken state today.  Back then, we openly invaded using traditional means.  But it remains a war crime and a blot on the US which won’t go away.


When we elected Obama, everyone celebrated thinking that the dark, ugly days of the Bush regime was over and we were in a happier time.  Instead, insidiously, Obama turned into Bush and it is the nature of the Beast in DC.  All of this deterioration in US morals comes straight from the Zionists who conquered the Holy Land and imposed a brutal rule on the natives.  They heartily believe in dark cloak assassinations even as this takes down their own leaders, it just feeds the Beast even more blood.


Assassinations Legality Issues.pdf


Allegations of the United States’ (U.S.) involvement in assassination plots against officials in Cuba, Vietnam, the Congo, the Dominican Republic in the 1960s and Chile in the 1970s are examples cited regularly to demonstrate that the use of political assassination is still in vogue.1 In 1998, the U.S. Congress debated lifting the ban on political assassinations by the U.S. intelligence communities contained in Executive Order 12,333.2 And Israel, a sturdy U.S. ally unashamedly conducts state sanctioned assassinations of Palestinians and other Arabs whom they allege to be terrorists.


The debate on lifting Executive Order 12,333 is curious for at least three reasons.


First, the use of assassinations as a foreign policy tool seems to conflict with the U.S. logic in enacting Executive Order 12,333. Strategically, hegemonic empires like the ancient Romans had an aversion to assassinations in inter-state relations. The U.S. itself has previously enacted Executive Orders against the use of assassinations with such logic in mind.3


Secondly, the debate on lifting Executive Order 12,333 prompts questions as to what exactly international law has to say about the legality of an assassination? If assassinations are legal, in what ways are they regulated by international law?


The paper about assassinations correctly notes that the Roman Empire did not believe in using assassins instead, preferred forthright battles and open warfare and other tools.  This was seen universally as a moral choice.  The US believed in this too, back when it was founded.  Our ‘Founding Fathers’ were very enamored by history and examined the ancient and modern empires and states to see how to craft our state.  The rock upon which the US crashed were two rocks: the native American tribes and African slaves.  Both issues led to a lot of wars, bloodshed, crimes and horrors.  We still struggle in the shadow of these two issues.


We celebrate our ‘freedom’ every 4th of July but this is ingenious.  Note the ‘rocket’s red glare’ in our national anthem we play every 4th.  We also know that the First World War was launched by an assassin.  The Civil War ended with an assassination of Lincoln.  I grew up being taught that assassins are evil.  And…they are evil if you are content. Desperate people use assassinations due to weakness, not strength.  When a strong power descends into using this tool of desperation, terrible evil is hatched and we can see how all this is aging Obama who sprang into the White House with a light step and a smile.


Now, grey haired and stooping, grimacing and walking around aimlessly, he is deteriorating rapidly.  The loss of innocence is obvious.  Way, way back in 1965, I dedicated my life to uncovering and exposing CIA crimes.  As a partial insider to all that via my poor dad, I spied on him heavily to figure out how our secret government works and then openly defied President LBJ and then Nixon.  Been beaten, been arrested, my phones tapped (I used to play jokes on them all the time until they freaked out trying to find some low level agent to listen in on my chats).


When I warned the BATF about Waco before it happened, they called me within 3 minutes of the bomb going off.  When I warned the FBI about 9/11 a week before 9/11, no one called after the jets began to crash into their obvious targets.  This terrible business of training and then allowing terrorists to attack Americans in order to start a war with a country that had zero to do with the terrorists remains a major, major, gigantic, WWII level war crime and no one is being punished and internationalists at the UN and in Europe, etc., remain silent about all this and this is why we are in the mess we are in today.


Israel and Saudi Arabian despots wanted this stupid assassination program.  They are delighted with it and happy the US is committing these crimes and it doesn’t stop them from doing the same, we are all in the same boat sailing down the River Styx together, helplessly as our Charon rulers paddle madly into the mouth of the Cave of Death.  God bless America!

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14 responses to “Snowden And Ellsberg Condemn Illicit US Secret Assassination Program That Kills Mainly Bystanders

  1. Christian W

    A quote from the leak to The Intercept:

    “A “blink” happens when a drone has to move and there isn’t another aircraft to continue watching a target. According to classified documents, this is a major challenge facing the military, which always wants to have a “persistent stare.”

    The conceptual metaphor of surveillance is seeing. Perfect surveillance would be like having a lidless eye.

    The lidless all seeing eye. It is indeed the Eye of Sauron. The perfect metaphor. This ideal of nonstop surveillance is obviously not only the ideal of drone operators but also the NSA. If only Sauron had had drones, then those pesky hobbits would have gotten nowhere.

    The best way to stop this nonsense is to start with prosecuting Tony Blair and then George W. and Gang. Throw the neocon cabal in jail, prosecute corporate CEO’s trying to subvert the democratic systems by superimposing a global corporate dictatorship, sort out the intelligence services and put them back in their box.

    If that doesn’t happen we face a very bleak future indeed, and the world definitely has enough problems already to deal with.

  2. Christian W

    Fantastic post Elaine, Thank you.

  3. Jim R

    Yes, fantastic post. I’ll just repeat this link here in this thread:

    Because I think Stephen F Cohen may be the best analyst of the current situation (except for Elaine 🙂

  4. nclaughlin

    Somewhat off the subject, but Paul Craig Roberts has posted a link to the Saker blog which shows the location of all 10 aircraft carrier groups. None are in the Middle East or Mediterranean. This is unusual, and must mean somethings up.

  5. Elaine, could you please elaborate on how you gave warnings about Waco and 911. Please give us some details.
    It’s amazing how you seem to have been involved in so many major historical occurrences. You may be a modern day Forrest Gump.

  6. emsnews

    I have these strange vivid ‘dreams’ that show the future.

    When I demonstrated this skill as a child in the infamous Chicago psychological studies (people already connected to the spook community were the first subjects of all these tests) way back in the mid-1950’s, there was this tug of war between my father and myself and then myself and the CIA that lasted during my childhood.

    They know me well. They figure no one believes me so they don’t bother me anymore, they feel very secure now in their plans for the Apocalypse which they hope to ‘win’ which is INSANE and the Zionists and born again Christians want this, I do NOT want this and I can’t stop them all they are insane.

    The Waco business: I saw the future in a dream, told the BATF about it and they kept a record of this and when it happened, they called me within minutes of the bombing. With the WTC I hovered above NYC and saw it happen only I thought it was a tornado and it wasn’t until one of the hijackers flew his jet really low over my house did I know everything and I screamed to my husband to get DC on the telephone fast and he said, ‘No, they planned this and won’t stop this’.

  7. emsnews

    You see, the CIA had this plan hatched after WWII whereby they wanted to find and develop children who could ‘see’ and this came along the same time the US was lured into the Skull and Bones plans for world domination and these idiots didn’t figure out that an evil child who could ‘see’ would end up ruling them all so they fixed this, actually, by having weak, stupid people as their puppets and note how great that works.

    One day, a professor at the University of Chicago gave me ‘The Lord Of the Rings’ which I read in horror and amazement. I even contacted Tolkien to thank him for warning me about Mordor. Poor chap.

    I use that as my guide so by age 13 I was fully aware of the plots and claws of the Beast and could recognize it and fight it. But I don’t have a magic ring to toss into a volcano so we Hobbits have to figure out some way of stopping these orcs and wizards. Any ideas?

  8. Kevin

    EMS, are you waking psychic or only a sleeping prophet?
    Whats the future hold?

  9. Elaine,
    No…no ideas here. I would hope the citizens of the world would get some balls and organize to bring these psychopaths down, but not only are most people uninformed and unwilling to become so, or they’re just plain stupid sheep.

    I’ll be 71 in November, so I don’t expect to last that long, although I’m mentally very sharp, but have many physical injuries that slow me down now so I would probably just have to sacrifice myself by opposing the enemy when it comes down to herding us all in to the FEMA CAMPS or simply genociding us.

    As the old saying goes, ‘if you have nothing you believe in that you are willing to die for, you have nothing to live for.

    Do you see an afterlife?
    I’m not sure I would want to live in one if it’s anything like this one.

  10. Melponeme_k

    There is no answer Elaine not unless feet go marching.

    The internet is a great thing. It made it possible for all of us to find you. It also makes it possible to go through life with never having to read the news again or only the news that fits your POV.

    So everyone is in their own little cocoon now. And they only thing that will shake people up is hunger. That is what started the French and Russian revolutions. So as soon as the Elites can’t feed everyone anymore, we will see action.

  11. emsnews

    No one knows the ‘afterlife’ but due to the nature of Nature, the connection between before birth, life and then the soul trips afterwards means that the universe is infinite and time is nothing to its girth and length…stars are born and stars die but we still see them, don’t we?

    As we look at the night sky, we see the past as present. It is still alive to us even if it existed several billion years ago. This concept of being ‘there’ when ‘not there’ is an astronomical matter.

    My astronomer grandfather, Edison Pettit, would tell me all this when I was a child sitting in his private observatory. ‘The past is still present’ he would say, staring at me to see if I could understand.

    This is quite mystical, actually, while also very real. What is time and space, anyways, but ‘time travel’?”

  12. Floridasandy

    I wonder why Russian strikes are commended here, but U.S. strikes are not.. All war is ugly, as are the the Muslim related events such as the French riots, attacks on Danish embassies,murder of Dutch filmmaker theo Van Gogh, Pakistani riots, U.S. Embassy bombings, beheadings in Britain, Bali explosions, of course 9-11, etc.

    Freedom house ranks – of the 46 Muslim majority nations in the world, only 3 are free. Of the 16 nations in which Muslims form between 20 and 50 percent only 3 were free, Benin, Serbia, and Montenegro.

    now if your point is that our leadership seems to have no real direction for handling this rising tide of angry young Muslim men acting out aggressively I would agree with that. Saudi Arabia is a big part of the problem, but seems to be no part of the solution yet.

    Maybe we can still keep Hillary and Jeb out of the White House.

  13. Jim R

    “I wonder why Russian strikes are commended here, but U.S. strikes are not.. All war is ugly, as a…”

    Simple. The US was trying to replicate its ‘success’ in Iraq, Libya, etc. It announced that it was bombing ‘terrorists’ but was surreptitiously arming and training them.

    The Russians are actually bombing some terrorists.

  14. Jim R

    Hey, Elaine …
    Changing the topic here, and asking for a weather report.

    I was just looking at the wind map, and it looks like cold weather might have arrived in New England. Looks like another very cold winter on the way.

    Has the snow started on your mountain yet?

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