Europe Erupts With Rage About Muslim Male Invasion, Saudi Savages Brutalize Syrian Women

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Huge right wing rallies are popping up all over Europe as regular citizens panic at the tsunami of mostly Muslim males pouring into Europe.  About 10% of the refugees are cute children, the vast majority are males of fighting age.  Liberals are on the run as slumbering natives of Europe wake up to the incoming chaos.  Meanwhile, the same liberals telling Europe to suck up a million Muslim males is quite content with Israeli Jews tormenting and driving out Muslim males.  There is zero consistency to all this, the US and EU leaders push for more Muslims while telling Muslims in the Holy Land to go to Hell, basically.  This insane situation cannot last long.


Finally, ignoring their ‘leader’ the rest of Germany is in a state of panic:  CDU parliamentarians′ ′secret plan′ to build fences at Germany′s border | News | DW.COM | 19.10.2015


The threats from the right wing of Angela Merkel’s party are growing louder – and its demands simpler. Now a large influential faction of MPs in her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) is reportedly drawing up a new set of measures to stem the flow of refugees into Germany – most notably, they did not rule out building border fences.
According to a report in Monday’s “Bild” newspaper, the initiative comes from the “parliamentary circle for mid-sized companies” (PKM), a faction of center-right Bundestag members that claims to represent the interests of small and mid-sized German businesses. It comprises some 188 members of the 311 CDU/CSU parliamentarians currently in the Bundestag.


All of Germany will now look like…EAST GERMANY!!!  The historic flips going on right now are amazing to watch.  I once lived in Germany and know the land all too well.  I was arrested for making a speech on the edge of East Germany telling all the students at the rally that I was going to enter the rocket caves in East Germany where the Nazis built their WWII rockets.  I was going to also make a speech in Leipzig.  This motivated the authorities to transport me out of the country.


Watching all of Germany deciding to go ‘East German’ is a true historic moment.  I am old enough to have lived through a dozen of such!  Exciting times, indeed.  All of Eastern Europe, just recently freed from Soviet fences and population controls, are madly resurrecting these.  I foresee terrible things in the future as the very unwanted mob of Muslim males now roaming Europe erupt in fury which is inevitable now.  There is no going back on this, they have no alternative route and history is clear: they have impetus to react violently because they have nothing to lose.


EDL founder Tommy Robinson speaks at Pegida anti-immigrant rally in Germany | Daily Mail Online

 ‘Do not let Germany be dragged back to chaos and destruction’: EDL founder Tommy Robinson speaks to 40,000 strong crowd at the Pegida anti-immigrant rally in Germany.


East Germans know what hell looks like and they are hopping mad about this mad scheme to infiltrate their lands with unwanted, potentially violent foreign males.  But it isn’t just the Germans who will remove Merkel in the next month if not sooner.  Behind Sweden’s warm welcome for refugees, a backlash is brewing – The Washington Post


“The people of Sweden are very good,” said the grateful 34-year-old, fresh off a 4,000-mile journey from his native Iraq. “I want to make my life here.”


But behind the warm embrace, a very different reaction to refugees is brewing in Sweden. In this Scandinavian country famous for its progressive politics and unfailingly polite citizenry, a party with roots in the neo-fascist fringe has surged toward the top of recent opinion polls with a defiantly hostile message to refugees: Those on their way to Sweden should stay out. Many of those already here should go home.


The countries lying in the path of the Ottoman invasion which was stopped at the gates of Vienna are freaking out, naturally.  Hungary says shutdown of border with Croatia has stopped inflow of migrants to their great relief.  In Syria where the jihadis rule, Women receive 30 lashes after they take back property ISIS fighters had stolen.  The judge who sentenced these poor ladies is a SAUDI ARABIAN and an ally of the US who is protected by the Pentagon and President as ‘allies’.

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Meanwhile in Israel where Muslim males are not wanted, allowed or tolerated even slightly, Eritrean shot by Israelis after being mistaken for a terrorist lies wounded in video.  This innocent bystander had his pants pulled down, was slashed, slugged, torn and stomped by angry Jewish males who hate Muslim males with open passion.


Meanwhile, thanks to the ruler of Syria who still has his brains intact, ISIS jihadists shave their BEARDS and dress as women to flee Syria and where are they going?  Take a wild guess.


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16 responses to “Europe Erupts With Rage About Muslim Male Invasion, Saudi Savages Brutalize Syrian Women

  1. Petruchio

    “Huge right wing rallies are popping up all over Europe as regular citizens panic at the tsunami of mostly Muslim males pouring into Europe.” Elaine: did you hear the Mainstream Media’s explanation for this? The ‘Muslim migration’ is mostly male now because they are being the trailblazers for their families. You see, once these Muslim males get settled in their new homes in Europe-mainly Germany-they will summon their wives and children! LOL. Of course this isn’t true, but can you imagine if it were? Now it is just a male migration, but later on the migration will be even bigger because it will be Mommy and the three kids for each male that is migrating now! Just wonderful.

  2. Christian W

    The US has been conspiring to turn Syria (and other ME and African nations) into rubble since at least 2001 and the George W. administration.

    Floridasandy asked why people on here were cheering the Russian bombing campaign while pooh poohing the US bombing campaign in Syria.

    Here are a few reasons:

    – The US bombs target Syrian civilian infratructure as often as ISIS, if not more often, things like oil refineries and electrical plants. (Just the other day in the US bombed a power plant in Aleppo).

    – The Russian bombing campaign, with far fewer planes and less resources, has been decidedly more effective against Jihadi terrorism in TWO WEEKS than the US bombing campaign in OVER A YEAR.

    – The US bombing campaign is a sham designed to increase the destruction and suffering of Syria, while ensuring that neither the rebels nor the secular government gets the upper hand. This little game is designed to bleed both sides to death and promote chaos within the ruins of Syria.

    – The US bombs deliberately create waves of Syrian refugees

    – In Germany and other NATO and NATO wannabe nations Merkel, and the other US puppets, opens their arms to welcome them

    See how the US system works, Sandy? It is ALL BY DESIGN. Murdering millions of people, driving further millions of people away from their homes into no future. It is all by design for no good reasons.

    The Russians, at this moment in time, happen to be sane. They want to stop this rot. The US, at this point in time, is insane. That is why The US is not a great system. It is an insane, corrupt system that is destroying large parts of the world, and in the process of destroying the last remaining positive parts of itself that remain in America.

    Any sane person should be horrified and infuriated by these American policies. It is no good to rationalize American murder campaigns by saying oh the Russians or the Chinese would be worse. No they are not, not at this point in time. This time it is the US that is completely nuts, Russia and China are past their worst.

    So now what, Floridasandy?

  3. e sutton


    Thank you, Christian W! As usual, beautifully said!

  4. Nani


    Spot on!

    At this point Russia is the only country who can save us from this madness created by the US in the Middle East and North Africa.

  5. emsnews

    NO REASON???

    Ahem: Israel. Syria was the strongest neighbor that rallied the others when confronting Israel. It was the #1 country Israel wanted to destroy.

  6. Nani

    The Japanese government takes insanity to a new level, as lawmakers visited the notorious Yasukuni shrine en masse today in spite of warnings from South Korea and China not to do so.

    I can only imagine the reactions in Europe if German politicians visited the war graves of SS-Waffen soldiers and generals to show their respect.

    It’s just sick.

  7. emsnews

    YUP. As per usual. When Obama and Hillary refused to condemn this last year, they upped the ante.

    Hillary is about my age and same social status only I caused problems for the State Department and several Presidents while she kissed ass. So here she is, thoroughly corrupt and evil and supporting fascism and the oppression and murder of WOMEN and I am pissed as all hell about this.

    And then Obama, the Puppet President….sheesh. I stood up to world leaders in the past! Including when I camped out on next to the front steps of the UN for a MONTH in a dispute with CHINA!!! Made international news, big time with that business.

  8. emsnews

    The president of China was going to crush Shanghai’s government during the Tianamin Square business. The leader of Shanghai lived with me when he was a student and I taught him about capitalism way back when Madame Mao was first arrested.

    He and his people filled all the highways and bridges with their bodies and prevented the tanks from entering and stood up to Madame Mao with greatest bravery and this led to her total downfall and I am so very proud of this business…sigh.

    All this began in an amazing way: as my father was leaving Mao right after Nixon’s visit ended there, he made a request to take home six Chinese students to America. It was granted and these were given to live with me because I had this big house with extra bedrooms.

    This is how I got to know the future leaders of China’s economic revival.

    History isn’t written, it is mostly hidden. The obvious events are not always the actual drivers of events. The choice made by Mao was he was dying, to give my father a ‘present’ is one of these hilarious odd moments in history that won’t ever appear in any books since only Mao, my dad and myself knows about this ‘deal’ that was made.

    It seriously shocked my dad who feared Madame Mao greatly and insisted she be kept away from him at all times! When my dad called me from Germany to warn me to pick up these students at Kennedy Airport, I was stunned and…overjoyed.

  9. Jim R

    I can only imagine the reactions in Europe if German politicians visited the war graves of SS-Waffen soldiers and generals to show their respect.

    Nani, that sort of thing happens regularly in the present-day “European” part of the Ukraine. Getting news from the “Russian” side via twitter and whatnot, I have seen pictures of funerals for elderly Nazis (the ones who really collaborated with Hitler), and the reverence and respect on the part of their fan-club. It was astonishing. The Ukraine was never properly de-nazified, as Dmitry Orlov has said.

    Incidentally, I don’t think Kolomoyski is ever going back to the Ukraine. I don’t know where he is, but it always seemed like an oil-and-water combination …

  10. Malcolms x

    So Israel is the reason Syria is being destroyed? Makes sense.

  11. vengeur

    Great post and great comments. @#2 is one of the best commentaries ever. One thing is clear: the former US practice of unencumbered destruction of country after country is OVER.

  12. e sutton

    @# 10

    Israel pulls the puppet strings, my man. Look for the man behind the curtain.

  13. Christian W

    It’s not only Isreal though. The US elites are symbiotically merged with the Zionists. Without the eager cooperation of the US elites Israel would be nothing, the Zionists would be squished. Someone let the Zionists into the halls of power big time. Why? For the simple reason it suited their interests.

    My personal theory is that the US elites had reached the end of the road at the end of last century. They realized they had reached the limit of growth using the more traditional means and that their system was breaking down. They were faced with stagnation and would either have to reform their ways within the liberal system or take a more extreme measure. They chose the extreme measure, which was heralded by 9/11, the introduction of the extreme Surveillance State, Fake Economics, aggressive foreign policies based on military invasions and operations, Color revolutions and other US State Department machinations, NSA global spying, CIA dirty tricks squared and quadrupled etc. etc. etc.

    The US system has so many various brain worms eating away at the host, and spreading globally, it is a spectacle to behold.

  14. Floridasandy

    Christian, i assume you are not American? I cannot defend Obama policies since he is playing both sides idiotically, but to pretend that Russia is not killing innocent people also is disingenuous and unworthy. This may be a battle that Russia needs to fight due to their location. As an American, I am all for letting Muslims sort out their own problems, and for us to just guard our own borders. Our current leaders are having none of that.

    dont believe everything you read online. A lot of the refugees are people seeing a shot at going to another country illegally, and they are being fed lies as well about what awaits them. Read many foreign newspapers and you will see, and to solely blame that on the United States is nuts. We don’t want them here either, but surely they are coming. Open borders is an ugly policy perpetrated on the whole world on the backs of liberal globalization. That is why countries are becoming rapidly more conservative as they see the results of liberalism playing out. Americans are victims also as we watch our own standard of living drop here.

  15. MadSklz

    I don’t know if you ever played it….but back in 1992 they created a DOS game called CONFLICT where you controlled Israel and received butt tonnes of money from the U.S.
    You could also undermine each and every ME government(insurgents, coup, assasins), make pacts etc…

    Egypt was always the first threat due to huge army and size – they are unstable now
    Syria was always most belligerent toward Israel – they are in ruins and pose no threat
    Lebanon was always weak and could easily be overthrown, unless allied with Syria or Jordan
    Jordan was always a tough, neutral country. But with funds, Israel could easily take over army
    Iraq and Iran were also heavily tied into the theme of the game
    Iraq in semi-shambles but Iran is powerful
    You also had to control the PLO or Palestinians

    The game only ever ended with Nuclear Bombing, or if you somehow pulled a miracle to take over every other neighbouring country

    This is the current US/Israel plan….and will just go on forever unless the land is made unusable, or Israel owns or controls the ME

    I’m so glad that Putin has involved his country, as I am an American living in Australia because of how insane the U.S. is

  16. Floridasandy

    Obama is not aligned with Israel, otherwise he would have not done the Iran deal, where Americans got nothing, not even their own hostages back. They actually convicted an American afterwards, so they are definitely playing hardball with us and we lose.

    Putin really had no choice, did he. We are halfway around the world so there is no reason for USA to engage currently-we can always enter a war late if necessary, as we did in ww2.

    Enjoy Australia as they are now adopting leftist policies as well. I see our demicrats defend the sanctuary cities where criminals hide and taxpayers pay for it, and agree that America is not being defended by the people we pay to represent us.

    Beatings will continue until morale improves!

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