Hidden Saudi Horror Stories That Make Zero News In The US

I have this thing about the Saudi royals. I, personally, knew more than one via my father’s activities in the past, one actually lived with us once back in the 1960’s. When you meet the young princes, they are very, very charming and sweet.  They talk sweetly.  They are pleasant people and this fools women who then learn to their horror that this is the sheath of a very sharp iron sword which is used recklessly at home in Saudi Arabia.  I knew one American woman who married a Saudi royal and he let her ride stallions and do her thing in Saudi Arabia but she was still a prisoner and she confided to my mother that she was scared that her freedoms might suddenly vanish.  U.S. Department of State: Marriage to Saudis :: this article details the horrors of being married to Saudis, the many crimes they commit and how it is about the same as outright slavery.


Hillary Clinton’s two-faced hypocrisy about women’s rights is painful to watch but doesn’t surprise me at all:  Rand Paul to urge Hillary Clinton to return money to Saudi Arabia:


In a Friday night speech in New Hampshire, the Kentucky Republican will say there’s been a “war on women…in Saudi Arabia” and will urge Clinton to denounce contributions from the country to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.


“There has been much talk of a war on women. There is indeed a war on women . . . in Saudi Arabia,” he will say, according to an excerpt of his prepared remarks. “When Hillary Clinton claims she will support women’s rights, ask her why she accepted millions of dollars from (Saudi Arabia).”


Clinton has faced sharp criticism after it was made public earlier this year that the foundation has accepted donations from foreign governments with questionable human rights records.


When my mother fled Saudi Arabia after two events, one was she stopped a Saudi man from beating his wife in public and sheltered the frightened young mother and then her protest when the Saudi religious police deliberately ran over and killed a Dutch woman married to an oil field supervisor when the lady rode her bike across the road from one Western compound to the other…this raised some political hackles and the State Department had to issue new rules for staff and visitors to Saudi Arabia to warn them not to do as my mother did…and this led to the Saudis pestering my father to have my mother shut up because she went to the press to talk about all this and the President called us and I answered the phone (actually, the secretary called) and I told her to tell him that we would never, ever shut up. Heh.  All this during the good old days!


Nothing has changed!  Saudis still control DC and the US media and the howls of rage this week are more from England than the US.  Where is the outrage in CONGRESS???  We are supposed to hate the very, very liberal Assad and support what????  The nastiest anti-women people on earth!  I am thoroughly outraged by all of this.  My parents worried, when I was a lithesome lassie, that the Saudis would carry me off but I said, if I could escape a motorcycle gang (long story, that!) I could escape anything.  But as an older woman, I realize the vast power of this family to break the laws not that the royals anywhere have any problems with law breaking, too.


This latest travesty of denying American women their basic human and civil rights if they go into the homes of these monsters from the Middle East has me hopping mad because notice what Obama and his wife are saying: NOTHING.  Dead silence.   These crimes happened in America.  Raping servants who are really slaves is totally normal in Saudi Arabia.  Where is the Valkyrie screecher, Hillary Clinton, our State Department head in all this???  All the hatred heaped on liberal Muslims like Assad for ‘violations of human rights’ by our cynical and even outright evil government that pretends to believe in women’s rights disgusts me no end.  Saudi prince charged with sex assault of his maid is the son of King Abdullah | Daily Mail Online


The prince was due in court today to face an initial hearing but sources at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office say the case has been turned over to the office of city attorney Mike Feur.  Contacted by Daily Mail Online, Feur’s office said a case against Al Saud is currently being put together and a new court date will be scheduled for later this year.


The involvement of Feur’s office means the charges against the prince have been downgraded from a felony – which could have left him facing up to four years in jail – to a misdemeanor.


If convicted, Prince Majed could be sentenced to up to a year in prison, as well as handed a fine of $3,000 – a larger than normal amount because the woman involved is thought to have been an employee.  He is, however, part of the Saudi royal family, whose collective personal wealth is estimated at $21 billion.


Meanwhile, lawyers acting for another three women, who claim to have been abused by Al Saud, have filed a civil complaint at Los Angeles Superior Court.


How embarrassing.  Why aren’t all the pros who are women in Congress yelling about this travesty of ‘justice’?  I organized some of the earliest women’s rights marches.  I drew early posters illustrating our cause. My grandmother was a suffragette and one of the first women to go to a men’s university and this is how she met my grandfather who joined in her fight to become an astronomer, I cared for her when she was dying in the nursing home and loved her greatly (cared for grandpa, too).  She was one of my guiding lights when I worked to reactivate the women’s rights movement way back in 1967.


Hillary should thank me and my grandmom for all this hard work.  She rose in power thanks to our pushing and pushing for women’s rights.  The Saudi women who I knew, I talked earnestly about their civil rights which are zero, nada.  Believe me, they want more rights and when out of country, grasp this with both hands and lots of joy.  But now they know they can be murdered outright IN AMERICA and nothing will stop their evil husbands.


 Speaking shortly after Al Saud’s arrest, neighbor Eric Stiskin claimed the prince had fled the country in a bid to escape justice. ‘I am sure he has taken off in his private jet by now,’ he added. ‘I don’t think he even needs a passport to get out of here.’


25 Maids to be Beheaded in Saudi Arabia | Al Bawaba: all of them from Indonesia!  No one is going to save any of these poor ladies and the State Department will say nothing and Human Rights groups will be silent, too, and this enrages me no end.  I have actually stood up to Saudi males in the past.  They know when they meet someone who can’t be bought and it disturbs them no end.  Saudi Prince Majed Abdulaziz al-Saud accused of forced oral copulation with adult at Beverly Glen mansion in California – CBS News in India:


A Saudi diplomat accused of holding his two domestic maids prisoner and raping and abusing them for months left India under the cover of diplomatic immunity last week amid an outcry.  Majed Hassan Ashoor, the first secretary at the Saudi Embassy in New Delhi, was accused by the two Nepali women of trapping them in his luxury apartment and raping them repeatedly over the course of three months.


This is the norm.  Not the exception.  Only rarely does it make the news anywhere in the world.  These serial rapists always go free and continue their rampage while our female political leaders including Merkel as well as Hillary, don’t make so much as a peep.  I denounced this rapine by the Saudis way back in 1968 when I was only 17 years old and knew first hand what was what!  And the State Department told me to shut up!  As if.

Screen shot 2015-10-20 at 9.27.01 AM

Saudi Prince kidnap girl in front of her family; rape, murder her and dump her body on the sidewalk | The Muslim Issue


Khalid bin Sa’ad bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud (on the picture below) is apparently responsible for this rape and murder. Police in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia confirmed in June 2013 to the news that a girl had been raped and murdered by a Saudi prince Khalid bin Sa’ad bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud.


Saudi employer chops off complaining maid’s hand | eNCA


LiveLeak.com – Saudi Arabia: Filipino 17 year old maid now in coma after rape


MANILA, Philippines – A Filipino household helper, allegedly maltreated and raped by her employer in Saudi Arabia, is now in comatose, a migrant workers’ rights group claimed on Saturday.

The Migrant Sectoral Party (MSP) in Saudi Arabia said the Filipino woman, 25, a native of Kabuntalan, Maguindanao, was brought by her employer at a local social welfare agency six days ago.

MSP-Riyadh spokesperson Francis Dungca said the woman’s condition deteriorated as days passed.

Dungca said the Filipino household service worker told the other wards at the social welfare agency that she had been raped.

“(She) told them that she was gagged with clay and silicon after the rape incident,” Dungca said, adding that her fellow wards noticed that she could barely stand and walk when she was brought by her employer at the social welfare center.


Sri Lankan president appeals for clemency for maid on Saudi death row | GulfNews.com


Nafeek was first sentenced to death in 2007 sparking protests by international human rights groups that say Nafeek was a minor when the incident took place and that the infant died because of suffocation when the maid tried to bottle-feed him.

Nafeek appealed her sentence, and her parents traveled from a poor village in eastern Sri Lanka to Saudi Arabia to meet the baby’s parents and ask for a pardon. But they were refused a meeting.


All of this from just this week’s news!  And this is our best friend and ally and buddy of Israel.  Between the two giant rocks of Saudi Arabia and Israel the US has zero civil and human rights support to boast about, instead, we support some of the ugliest racism and anti-women’s rights forces on earth.  All because of ‘religions’ and ‘energy’ politics both of which are toxins.


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7 responses to “Hidden Saudi Horror Stories That Make Zero News In The US

  1. Petruchio

    “Hillary Clinton’s two-faced hypocrisy about women’s rights is painful to watch but doesn’t surprise me at all…” Mrs. Clinton is painful to even look at let alone listen to. How this vile, sleazy, corrupt political wh#re can still have credibility is a testament to how thoroughly corrupt the US political system has become. I don’t have time to watch much political charades, but I did watch SOME of the last Democratic “Debate”. When that bald-faced liar Mrs. Clinton (I call her Mrs. Clinton because she HATES being called that) started talking about “growing small businesses to create jobs” I just about threw a brick at the TV. The Republicans and the Dems have been using this “we must grow small businesses” line since at least 2000 and have done absolutely ZERO to grow the economy AT ALL to say nothing about “growing small businesses’. I wish for something to “grow” right up Mrs. Clinton’s a##, that’s what I wish for.

  2. e sutton

    On topic, from Denninger’s site:

  3. e sutton

    Where we’re headed, and have been, since at least the ’60s. Long, but a sobering wake up call (although Elaine’s readers don’t need it).

  4. e sutton

    Sorry, wrong video. I’ll try again, then call it quits. Please ignore above.

  5. emsnews

    HAHAHA. Welcome to Sweden IS off topic but hilarious…

  6. Christian W

    @5 Unfortunately it is also spot on.

    I can’t have any lower opinion about Swedish politicians than I have. They are completely spineless toadies. I just wonder what motivates them. Is it some kind of secret retirement fund stacked pots of Gulf oil money, Blair style? Are they afraid of the CIA (who had Palme killed I’m pretty sure)? There has to be something when even the most basic 1+1 maths makes it obvious that there are too many refugees coming, yet they deliberately shut down any debate.

    The weird thing, as this guy in the video points out, is that it is the right wingers (apart from the nazi style right wingers) who are pushing the hardest to bring in the fresh floods. Norway has a very conservative government, and yet like Merkel (another conservative) they too are opening the doors wide open. This isn’t standard conservative behaviour, so something smells extremely fishy about all this.

    Julian Assange is doing the completely right thing by hiding out in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, for years!, rather than take his chances with these Swedish lickspittles. They would have him packed off to the US in record time.

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