Last Night Putin Won More Diplomatic Victories! Now Is Allied With NATO Nation, Turkey

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I go to bed and all hell breaks loose.  I woke up this morning at 4am due to lack of sleep over worrying about my well pump which is malfunctioning so I went online to see how my pal, Putin, is doing.  He was pretty busy last night!  Putin was running circles around Peace Prize winner, Obama all last night while our President snoozed in the White House.  Here is his latest big triumph: Syria’s Assad flies to Moscow to thank Russia’s Putin for air strikes


The Kremlin kept the visit quiet until Wednesday morning, broadcasting a meeting between the two men in the Kremlin and releasing a transcript of an exchange they had. It did not say whether the Syrian leader was still in Moscow or had returned home.


This is amazing news. Putin pulled this off without a hitch.  Here is Assad talking about this visit:


“First of all I wanted to express my huge gratitude to the whole leadership of the Russian Federation for the help they are giving Syria,” Assad told Putin. “If it was not for your actions and your decisions the terrorism which is spreading in the region would have swallowed up a much greater area and spread over an even greater territory.”


Assad, who looked relaxed, emphasized how Russia was acting according to international law, praising Moscow’s political approach to the Syrian crisis which he said had ensured it had not played out according to “a more tragic scenario…Terrorism is a real obstacle to a political solution,” said Assad.


Seeing this success and watching how the Russians are destroying the US-backed jihadists, now Iraq’s ruling alliance, militias urge PM to seek Russian strikes.  Assad to Putin at Moscow talks: Terrorists would seize larger areas if Russia did not act — RT News


Vladimir Putin said that the Syrian people have been confronting terrorists “practically single-handedly” for years, withstanding considerable casualties. Lately, they have achieved serious and positive results in this fight, he added.


The terrorists’ attempts to destabilize the situation in the Middle East arouse deep concern in Russia because “unfortunately, people from the former Soviet republics, at least 4,000 of them, are fighting against the Syrian army,” the Russian leader said. “Naturally, we cannot allow them to appear on Russian territory with all the combat experience and ideological brainwashing they have gone through.”


Russia has a right to protect itself.  The insane plans of our rulers (who do NOT live here in the US) is to have all the former strong countries with armies be undermined by insane, radical, howling mobs of Islamic terrorists.  Why this tiny country in the Middle East that is oppressing millions of Muslim Palestinians think this plan is going to work is a mystery.  But this is the plan!


Middle East expert Willy Van Damme said the US is “in a quagmire and their friends, the whole Western-Turkey-Saudi alliance is in a complete mess and they are arguing amongst themselves, they don’t trust each other and everyone has their own idea.”


He added: “Some want to divide up Syria, others want to conquer it like the French, Turkey wants part of the north of Syria to incorporated in a sort of Ottoman Empire with “Sultan” [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan.”


Israel wants Syria destroyed and in many small pieces.  This is now officially a failure.  The Jewish people should thank Putin for saving them from hell.  The stupidity of the leaders of Israel is just amazing to watch but then, this is why our own country’s foreign policies in tatters.  Obama didn’t fight off the Zionists, he is controlled by them like a puppet and says what they order him to say.  So he looks stupider and more and more clueless on the international stage.


Here is how clueless the Pentagon is:  US General: Iraq Doesn’t Want Russia’s Help in response to this news: Iraq leans toward Russia in war on Islamic State | Reuters.  The Iraqi ‘government’ then backed down and said they won’t ask for Putin’s help but this won’t last long since he seems to be the only world leader capable of helping them.  As of 10 hours ago.  This hour, there is more news:  Iraq’s ruling alliance, militias urge PM to seek Russian strikes anyways!!!  HAHAHA.


And now the latest news!!! Russia, US sign cooperation deal on Syria airstrikes — RT News.  Obama has basically surrendered to Putin and will back whatever Putin wants to do…astonishing news, isn’t it?  I wonder what the neocons who live like rats in the WH basement are plotting now?  Obama better review the

They are all pissed that the ‘government’ had its arm twisted and are getting restive about this.  Who would you choose to save you if gangs of Saudi-backed fanatics want to enslave you?  Putin or Obama?  The choice is obvious.  Obama should watch this as a warning:  The JFK Assassination- The Zapruder Film.


New Canada Govt to Withdraw Jets From ISIS War: Canada had a sudden change in government and the new guys want nothing to do with US/Israeli plans in the Middle East.  ‘Liberal’ Obama’s bomb squad at the White House was rocked back by this sudden reversal.  Poor Obama!  He passively went along with the gang that rules the White House no matter who is ‘President’.


Turkey: Syria’s Assad Can Stay in Power for Six More Months but then who is going to fall first?  I suspect the ruler of Turkey, not Assad.  No sane Syrian will want an election under present circumstances.  But then, what are our ‘elections’?  I remember Obama the Peace Prize guy who got his award after doing exactly nothing and then who went warmongering at a crazy rate.  The UN Peace Prize should be returned due to fraud.


The Jewish owner of the NYT is pissed off at Erdoğan.  Time to foam at the mouth about Turkey’s Self-Inflicted Disaster – The New York Times


Stubborn insistence on a disastrous Syria policy further dragged the country into a regional quagmire. Turkey’s inability to oust Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria led the government to support radical elements fighting Mr. Assad while Turkey became host to more than two million Syrian refugees.


He was simply following orders from the neocons who run DC!  Now they are pissed at him and blame him for the disaster.  This is why…oh!  Why he secretly and successfully did business with the smartest leader on earth, Putin!  What a coup!  Erdogan basically tossed all the crap of the neocons in NY and DC in their fat faces and told them to go to hell.  Without a hand basket!


The rag tag team of war criminals who infest the NYT editorial pages are whining:  Are We Losing Afghanistan Again? – The New York Times


Since early September, the Taliban have swept through Afghanistan’s north, seizing numerous districts and even, briefly, the provincial capital Kunduz. The United Nations has determined that the Taliban threat to approximately half of the country’s 398 districts is either “high” or “extreme.” Indeed, by our count, more than 30 districts are already under Taliban control. And the insurgents are currently threatening provincial capitals in both northern and southern Afghanistan.


My letter to the New York Times:

Elaine Supkis

 Berlin, NY Pending Approval


I recall bin Laden’s reasons for 9/11: to lure the US back into Afghanistan where our country would be drained dry fighting futile battles with everyone and their brother. The US did even more than bin Laden dreamed: we also used 9/11 as an excuse to illegally attack an innocent bystander country, Iraq. The Iraq invasion which is the root cause of all the disorders now hammering neighboring countries, was a war crime and the Bush family should be put on trial for this but of course, another Bush is running for President. Various hostile countries wanted to make Muslim nations fall apart. Israel’s belief that this will make Israel stronger is the saddest case in this story. Instead of surrounded by carefully run dicatorships, Israel is going to end up surrounded by countries run by Islamic fanatics who have sworn to utterly destroy the place and who will quite likely succeed. A real historical irony, this.


I hope they publish this, I was quite polite.  I didn’t laugh hysterically.  I did mention ‘Israel’ so it may be censored.  I doubt the Jews who own the NYT nor the ones in Israel want any advice about how to avoid annihilation.  This is truly a sad, stupid business.  Why do people like repeating history?  It seems to be human nature and the idea that studying history would prevent this is overestimating human ability to learn anything at all.


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21 responses to “Last Night Putin Won More Diplomatic Victories! Now Is Allied With NATO Nation, Turkey

  1. emsnews

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sigh. It is all too painful to watch, neh?

  2. Sunger

    Here is the Russian video I posted earlier which gives a good preview of Russian war preparations and propaganda.

    And here it is in all it’s glory-

    Told ya so!

  3. Suusi M-B

    I am surprised that you have missed this – Benjamin Netanyahu defending one Adolf Hitler esq.

    Benjamin Netanyahu blames Holocaust on Palestinian leader Haj Amin al-Husseini

  4. emsnews

    One Nazi to the other Nazi.

  5. Malcolms x

    one jew to a part jew

  6. Jim R

    Sunger, I saw that video a while back. I think it was posted on the Saker’s site. At least I saw all of it I need to see. Yeah, rah-rah, shake those pom-poms. It might impress someone who has been living off-grid in the Taiga for fifty years.

    One area we are still way ahead of Russia is in propaganda/PR. We can do it in our sleep, without all the noise and lights and action…

  7. Duski

    Nothing would make me happier than neocon house of cards falling apart. At least as long as that won’t make USA go into final nuclear war…

    After USA bullied and forced everyone to do their bidding for so long, I guess most of the world is just waiting for an opportunity to tell USA to go to hell alone and not drag all others with them anymore.

    I have a tiny bit of hope that Obama might be working for peaceful solution, which is why he is seemingly in retreat / backing down. Only other option would be rather open war with Russia, maybe? Lets hope all things settle fast enough so neocons no longer can break things apart anymore; at least it seems like Russia decided to try and do everything as fast as possible.

    Although I am not sure if anything can affect 60-70 year old neocon decision maker anymore, he / she is almost dead and probably would rather destroy the world than give up delusions of grandeur. Maybe they don’t have enough power to do it anymore, though.

  8. Christian W

    I doubt Russia is allied with Turkey. Russia had to go into Syria because Turkey’s support of ISIS and al-Nusra. A few months ago Turkey (ie NATO) jammed the communications of the Syrian Army in Idlib while swarms of ISIS poured over the border.

    The loss of Idlib was a very serious defeat for Assad. Assad and Nasrallah (Hezbollah) rang the alarm and told Russia and Iran that the situation now was desperate. Iran sent a top general to Russia to talk to Putin and his generals and together they laid the foundation for the current Russian campaign.

  9. emsnews

    Israel wanted Syria destroyed. PERIOD. No one else had anything against Syria except Israel. This is totally a Zionist neocon project.

    The lunacy here is, the al Qaeda/el Nustra gang want to destroy Israel totally! Handing them Syria is the worst thing Zionists could do, suicidal. But then, read history? Who specialized in being suicidal as a nation?

    Ask the Romans.

  10. csurge

    Putin and Xi are very busy. Putin is locking the Zionists out of the Middle East for the next twenty years (or more!), and Xi is stealing what’s left of Western industries

    And the poor Western middle classes are just as clueless as ever. They still think Russia and China are failed commie states. If America survives her Soviet-style fall and manages to avoid WW3, then there will be tough times ahead even under Trump (if he manages to stay alive). The EU will disintegrate. The Germans may or may not go on a rampage to drive out the Muslim hordes they let in

    Feh. Business as usual then

  11. emsnews

    The Germans will go on the rampage. History is tethered to this line that causes events to run in circles. I am not the first to notice this. This is why real historians desperately try to explain the past so someone can learn from the past instead of going in circles.

    Guess what?

    ANYONE who does learn the lessons is either assassinated or ignored. HAHAHA. Sad, isn’t it? Sigh.

  12. Petruchio

    @#6Malcolm x: Netanyahoo might not be jewish. He might be a khazarian.

  13. Christian W


    Syria is an old part of the Ottoman empire. I’ll believe that Turkey is allied with Russia when they start to support Assad and fight ISIS, rather than push to overthrow Assad and support ISIS.

    Also Saudi Arabia (that is, the House of Saud) is on the ropes. They have about 2 decades maximum before they really start to fall apart. All their current war mongering in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, against Russia etc (which absolutely is aligned with Israel’s war mongering) is aimed to solve problems that are unavoidable for Saudi Arabia.

    What will happen in Syria is that Turkey (if they dare) but definitely Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US will ramp up the violence by rearming and adding intelligence etc support to the terrorists.

    Already the ISIS/Al-Nusra rats have started to destroy the civilian infrastructure (supported by US bombing) to make life unsustainable for the civilian population.

    Of course the MSM will blame Russia’s bombing campaign and the advance of the Syrian Arab Army for the civilian suffering caused by US bombs and jihadi terrorism.

    There is just no way that the Israeli crazies, The House of Saud royals, the Pentagon nutters etc will be able to not attack the Russians now that they are out in the open. Even more so if Iran gets involved directly with troops in Syria and Iraq.

  14. Malcolms x

    Petruchio, yes, I am aware ‘jews’ are often ‘khazar crime family descendant.

    EMS, more murder at a school in Sweden. Breaking news.

    Talk on Cold Weather,

  15. Jim R

    If the US directly attacks the Russians in Syria, then it will be on. Hot war. WWIII. For real.

    Might just be a coincidence, but some alt-news outlets have mentioned that the last US carrier just exited the Persian Gulf, and did so shortly after the Russians demonstrated some cruise missiles, launched from the Caspian! The Caspian, a small landlocked sea in Asia, hundreds of miles from other seas. Or maybe the carrier just had to be someplace else, like the South China Sea.

    Russia is a world class military power now, and no longer a ruined empire. As is China. A quick Pentagon victory is no longer assured.

  16. emsnews

    Russia ain’t no longer broke!!!

    The US is.

    End of story.

    Oh, by the way, the flood of refugees are destroying Europe, not Russia.

  17. Christian W

    Russia isn’t exactly rich either. War is expensive.

    The reason Russia seems to be untouchable at the moment appears to be the fact that they have a huge technological leap ahead of NATO with their electronic jamming equipment. Remember the USS Donald Cook that was ‘taken out’ completely by a Russian jet in the Black Sea (with zero mention by the MSM of course)?

    Maybe the Russian weapon really is that powerful the Navy has decided to pull their carriers out of harms way. It wouldn’t look too impressive if a whole carrier group suddenly turned into, effectively, giant rubber ducks. That would be kind of just a wee bit embarrassing for the US Navy…

  18. Jim R

    I never figured out if that Donald Cook story was real, or just a story. Maybe.

    But, the Chinese and Russians have been working on this for a long time, 2 or 3 decades at least. The old Communist regimes failed, trying to do too much, and maintaining their economies in a state of extended depression.

    But, they have been living within their means, paying attention to trade balances, and stockpiling strategic materials. China has become the number one supplier of rare earth metals, for example. The Russian Federation generously offered to take our astronauts to space, saving a lot of money for NASA. You can imagine how that would work out in a war scenario…

    In the same couple of decades, the US has been maintaining the welfare state here at home, and trying to keep the whole planet scared by running hundreds of military bases everywhere. They were trying to get the Russians into a protracted conflict in the Ukraine, but the Russians just kept Crimea (where they’ve had a navy base for something like 300 years), and didn’t nibble at the other war opportunity. So now, the EU/US/NATO are stuck supporting another broke country in Ukraine. Ditto Iraq, Libya, and some others I’ve forgotten.

    The Russian decision to help Syria was taken very deliberately. Syria is an old ally and has a nice Mediterranean sea port.

    Then in 2008, the US demonstrated that it is not as solvent as it would like everyone to believe. A big big bank failed, and they had to start issuing money by the bargeloads, just to keep the cracks papered over. Amazingly, they are still doing this. I thought it would utterly fail by now.

    And, even though China has had some economic uncertainty, and Russia has had the Ruble fall to about half its value (through FX manipulation mostly), both of them are now running trade surpluses, and are solvent. They are now going around finalizing trade deals and making diplomatic contact with former ‘economic colonies’ of the ‘free world'(in Africa for example). And modernizing their armies, ‘just in case’.

  19. Well Obama inking that deal with Putin is definitely a smart move. A move that won’t be tolerated by the neocons and their internationalist “liberal” allies. Another Stemmons Freeway moment? No, they can’t afford to do this right now even though they’ll get a twofer out of this… getting an uppity President out of the way, and inciting riots in all the ghetto-black infested cities, towns and neighborhoods. Unfortunately for them, that would guarantee the election of Trump. They really do MUST have Jeb! or Hillary! behind the desk in the Oval Office at all costs.

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