History Goes Round And Round: NATO And Japan Repeat WWI and WWII Mistakes

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The naked NATO/Israel/Japanese aggression machine has hit a brick wall in the form of Russia and China both of which are now leading the push to put these countries back into place after years of escalating aggression.  Millions and millions of innocent people have either died or been displaced or terrorized thanks to this troika of terror supporting entities working alongside one of the ugliest, nastiest dictatorships on earth: Saudi Arabia.


The US and EU media giants support these aggressions fully and want more wars and terror but the populations of Europe, the Middle East and increasingly in the US, want none of this and are getting quite disturbed by all this.  Oddly enough, the far right wing in Europe is more anti-war than the far left wing which has been hijacked by the stupid ‘global warming’ hysteria and would rather demonstrate against the Interglacial Warm Cycle in favor of more Ice Ages.


So the left has fallen off a psychological cliff and has vanished from sight while the far right is riding to triumph as frightened voters in Europe see an army of angry young Muslim males pouring into every village and town since the Powers That Be don’t want these guys in the city centers!  NO way!


I have too much to say today!  It is like these clowns are stomping on my grave, so to speak.  They are saying and doing things quite openly that opens deep wounds.  I saw 9/11 before it happened, in a dream.


I am the child of one of the founders of the CIA and way back in the 1950s, at the University of Chicago, the CIA had professors in the psychology department do experiments on children to see if they could find psychics and use these.  The first children who were volunteered were from within the Organization.  I had a blast there.  Innocent about the reasons why, I cheerfully played along.


The goofiest thing about all this was, the children who displayed the ability to ‘see’ could also see what the CIA was up to and this infuriated the CIA who wanted idiots who would obey orders, not nasty children peering inside the dark souls of these creatures running the program!  I tried periodically to explain all this, the conundrum of trying to do evil using people who know that doing evil means self annihilation but they thought they were good guys so I had to give it up.


You can’t stop stupid.


Well, here we are at the opposite end of my long life.  If the CIA and President want to know what is going wrong, they can read my blog.  Some do read it.  No one learns a thing because they want to do stupid things so they will do stupid things.


The Jewish people sadden me the most.  I was Mrs. Levy for many years and tried explaining the dangers of pushing for WWIII and a confrontation with a billion Muslims and got nowhere.  Israel is doomed.  There is no way it can exist in any future framework where a billion plus Muslims have great power.  It just won’t happen.  Pushing 100 million Muslims into Europe and the US won’t make Israel stronger, it will destroy Israel’s grip on Europe and America.


What to do?  The meetings about this business rattle onwards while no one wants to talk about reality.


Here is a typical neocon delusional Zionist editorial explaining the neocon theology about modern geo-political affairs:  Yes, George W. Bush kept us safe – The Washington Post: this has to be the strangest, insane, stupid, neocon lunacy editorial, ever in the long ugly history of the Washington Post!  Bush protected the US from CIA/Mossad trained Saudi terrorists who openly and with zero interference except for the last plane set to hit the White House, terrorist attacks on 9/11.


This editorial by a Jewish neocon was triggered by Trump telling the truth that the Bush gang didn’t protect America at all on 9/11.


Donald Trump says it is ridiculous for Jeb Bush to claim that his brother, President George W. Bush, “kept us safe.” “The World Trade Center came down during his reign,” Trump says. “He was the president at the time, and you know, you could say the buck stops here.”


Blaming Bush for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks is an absurd, left-wing talking point. The fact is, when Bush took office on Jan. 20, 2001, planning for 9/11 was well underway.


HAHAHA. Yes, he came into office only 8 months earlier, poor baby! Never, ever does anyone in the mainstream media talk about where Atta’s gang trained to fly planes: right next to Jupiter Island, the Bush/CIA retirement enclave and hidey-hole in Florida! While the governor of Florida, another Bush, didn’t bother ‘looking’ at what was going on right under the family’s nose…what a coincidink!


By the way, nearly 100% of the comments following this stupid editorial lash out at the neocon attempt at re-writting history.  What the neocons will do in the future is not allow any comments. The NYT, for example, seldom wants to hear from readers and censors them heavily.  So far, the WP hasn’t done this but I doubt the freedom of speech will last there much longer.


Jeb Bush admitted in his own book that ‘leaky’ immigration policy led to 9/11 | which is typical CIA lies.  That is, Jeb is lying about 9/11 as does his entire disgusting Skull and Bones Geronimo skull stealing criminal family.  They lie about everything including Geronimo’s skull.


Every year the Skull and Bones gang at Yale University pray to this skull begging it for Power.  It, in turn, wants to destroy the US entirely so it cheerfully tells them to do stupid things that wreck the economy and endanger all of us by breeding millions of enemies to attack us.  Geronimo is immensely happy, assisting them in doing what he failed to do during his life.


The Skull and Bones clan desperately want Jeb in the White House but few Republicans want him so his attempt at becoming the next Bush President is fading fast unless assassins kill say, Trump.  Which is totally still quite possible.


In to the news from Europe and the Middle East:  New Role for General After Failure of Syria Rebel Plan that ‘trained’ a dozen terrorists to attack Syria.  He was supposed to train 15,000 terrorists.  The Pentagon and our disgusting President called these terrorists ‘freedom fighters’ who evidently hate the basic women’s civil rights Assad has given the women of Syria who get the same level of rights as say, German women.


This man is now being kicked upstairs with a pay raise and promotion!


General Nagata has been in the Special Operations job for more than two years and was overdue to switch assignments as part of the military’s regular rotation of senior officers, the American officials said. The setback in training Syrian rebels does not appear to have derailed his career as one of the Army’s rising stars.


He is in line to be awarded a third star, to lieutenant general, and take a senior position at the National Counterterrorism Center in Washington, said officials who emphasized that the decision was not yet final.


HAHAHA.  Putin must struggle hard to control the urge to laugh out loud.  This craziness is why our nation is destroying itself.  How stupid is this?  Failure never derails any career of any neocon lick spittle.


Sword Attack at Kronan School in Trollhattan Kills Teacher, Wounds 3 –This just came in with near zero information but it looks like someone dressed as a Muslim terrorists ran into a school many hours ago and began butchering the students and teacher in liberal Sweden which chastised everyone last week about not being nice about the million Muslim male flood.


And now for the official neocon explanation about Assad’s trip to Moscow which bolsters sense he may survive war – The Washington Post


 Hours after Assad’s visit was announced Wednesday, Russia confirmed Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had agreed to meet in Vienna on Friday with their Turkish and Saudi counterparts to discuss the Syrian conflict.


Either way, the visit shows remarkable resilience that Assad was able to leave Syria without fear of a coup or arrest.


Now comes the Zionist neocon NYT explanation for all this:


The lack of enthusiasm from Washington to Russia’s initiatives on Syria has been a disappointment to the Kremlin, and the meeting with Mr. Assad might put new pressure on the Obama administration to engage. Russia expressed displeasure on Tuesday that an agreement signed between the Pentagon and the Ministry of Defense earlier in the day had not gone further in forging cooperation in Syria.


Then there is this unnamed ‘diplomat’ (snark) in Europe saying stupid things:


“He’ll return to Damascus temporarily reinforced by the Russian military and publicly expressed political support,” said a Western diplomat in the Middle East, who spoke on the condition of anonymity according to the rules of his ministry.


Here is the Zionists at the NYT discussing this mazing news: Assad Makes Unannounced Trip to Moscow to Discuss Syria With Putin:


“Despite the dramatic situation in your country, you have responded to our request and come here to Russia, and we thank you for this,” Mr. Putin said.


He added, “We are ready to make our contribution not only to the military operations and the fight against terrorism, but also to the political process.”


He said Russia would do this in coordination with other global powers.


Both Putin and Assad are quite careful to include the reprobate ‘leaders’ in Europe and Washington welcome but neither wish to be included, this is because the mess in Syria is what the NATO rulers wanted to happen in the first place: they caused it to happen.


Now for the Incompetence In High Places In The Name of the Zionist Plan To Destroy Islam news:  New Role for General After Failure of Syria Rebel Plan – The New York Times


WASHINGTON — The Army general in charge of the Pentagon’s failed $500 million program to train and equip Syrian rebels is leaving his job in the next few weeks, but is likely to be promoted and assigned a senior counterterrorism position here, American officials said on Monday.


The officer, Maj. Gen. Michael K. Nagata, is stepping down as commander of American Special Operations forces in the Middle East, which made him responsible for the training program that ultimately produced only a few dozen fighters. That was a far cry from the 15,000 fighters that the program was going to train over a three-year period when it was formally started in December.


How on earth does a ‘counterterrorism’ action involve arming terrorists to attack and destroy a country and drive out a million refugees?  Ah, the CIA/Mossad plans!  Both entities should be put up for Crimes Against Humanity trials.


Things are heating up in Europe:  Mob of Afghans attack new arrivals at over-crowded Lesbos camp with sticks as Europe’s worsening weather and tighter border controls force more migrants to head for Greece. Croatia sends thousands more migrants towards overwhelmed Slovenia who are left to beg the EU for help policing its borders. It says it can only handle 2,500 migrants a day – but claims 8,300 refugees are already being held in the country.


Merkel is from East Germany so it is no shock to see this news:  CDU parliamentarians′ ′secret plan′ to build fences at Germany′s border.  Many years ago, when I was quite young and naive, I had this running argument with this Entity discussing world history and politics.  It laughed at me and told me that history is simply humans running round and round in a circle.


I disputed that until I saw with my own eyes that this is true.  Unfortunately, we love to be like a rat stuck in a cage running in a wheel that squeaks all night long.  We squeak with it.


Having learned nothing from WWI and WWII, Europe experiments with creating WWIII with all sorts of stupid actions that mirror previous pre-war politics and social break downs:  Germany Shows Signs of Strain from Mass of Refugees:


The unceasing influx of refugees is creating tremendous uncertainty in Germany. Many towns and cities are calling for help and the government appears to be rudderless. Pressure is mounting for Chancellor Angela Merkel to act.
The arrival of so many refugees was not a “disaster in the generally accepted sense,” Cyriax admitted afterwards, but by issuing the declaration, local authorities can give instructions more quickly and even temporarily overrule obstructive fire safety regulations.


The mood in the local municipalities is tense. More and more trains with refugees are arriving from southern Germany. In some states, up to a third of refugees are still living in tents, with winter fast approaching.


Some mayors have cancelled the contracts of tenants in publicly owned apartments in order to house refugees. They say that apartments for refugees can only be found for exorbitant prices on the open market. Landlords are exploiting the situation, says Rainer Vidal, mayor of the town of Nieheim in North Rhine-Westphalia.


This is not popular anymore in Germany.  Now that the idle Muslim males are hanging out in city centers harassing women (I am VERY familiar with this having lived there in the past with the same problem!) Germans will grow very restive about this and even the fool, Merkel is waking up to what is going on:  Germany considering use of military aircraft to deport refugees but it is a secret plan…no more.


Cologne gang on trial for burglaries to fund Islamist fighters.  It has begun.  I cannot imagine any German with any sanity ignoring this news.  It will be a thousand times worse by next year if not sooner.


DW reporter Jaafar Abdul Karim attacked at PEGIDA rally: the German right wing is growing extremely rapidly.  Even ‘liberal’ Germans will vote for someone who promises to stop this mess.


Austria accused of ‘outsourcing’ Syrians to Slovakia as desperate Austria tries to fix their borders, too.  All the Austro-Hungarian imperial entities will be resuming the same configuration as in 1914.  England, like back then, has no problem with Muslim terrorists shooting crown princes dead, they have Irish terrorists to deal with, no?  Just like back then!  So little has changed, it is eerie.


Slovenia expands army authority to stem refugee influx as this is the only way to prevent total collapse.  Meanwhile, remember ‘free speech’ and how Europe isn’t like say, the Soviet Union or evil Putin’s Russia with all the trappings of modern life where we can read, write and say logical, political things that clash with the ideology of our ruling elites?  NO.  Here is typical news from the totalitarian front of France:   France’s Le Pen on trial over Muslim comments!


Marine Le Pen’s trial in the southern city of Lyon on Tuesday comes five years after she compared Muslim street prayers to Nazi occupation.


The charges were brought forward by four anti-racism and human rights organisations.


“I have the right, as a political leader, to evoke a crucial issue, and it’s even a duty for me to do it,” Le Pen said, describing herself as a victim of “judicial persecution”, according to the Associated Press news agency.


She has the human right of freedom of speech! And who is demanding she go to prison?  ‘Human Rights Organizations’ who are obvious fronts for oppression and destruction of the native populations of Europe.  Invaders, in fact.


This is disgusting news.  How dare ‘liberals’ do this?  But these are not real liberals, they are totalitarians who want to control people’s brains and actions via the hammer of oppression, not persuasion.  Evil criminals, these louts are.


English town divided over new refugee centre. Opponents describe it as a “slap in the face” with a shortage of social housing in Kent county.  Davutoglu: Turkey ‘not a concentration camp: ‘Turkish PM says Europe cannot expect his country to keep Syrian refugees permanently in exchange for money.  Even Turkey is getting cold feet.


Then there are the sons of war criminals who run Japan and are reviving WWII dreams of control of Asia:  Japan threatens to cap UNESCO funding because of Nanjing massacre documents 


“We are considering all measures, including [the] suspension of our funding contributions to UNESCO,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said on Tuesday as cited by the Guardian, adding that “there is a big discrepancy of views between Japan and China, and the decision reflecting a unilateral view turns the issue into a political problem.”


From Suga’s point of view “the decision-making process lacked transparency”. “We were not even allowed access to the contents of the Chinese documents,” he said.


Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General, included Chinese documents concerning the 1937 Nanjing massacre into the Memory of the World list last on Friday – an action which provoked Japan’s backlash.


“It is extremely regrettable that a global organization that should be neutral and fair entered the documents in the Memory of the World register, despite the repeated pleas made by the Japanese government,” the Japanese Foreign ministry said.


Note that none of this Japanese news makes much visibility in the US as the WWII Japanese rulers rewrite history and deny war crimes!  Where is our ambassador?  He should be pounding on the door of the fascist ruler of Japan, Abe, and demanding an apology for WWII.  On his knees!


Nope.  Stupid silence while roaring at Assad, the only Muslim leader who managed to stand up to the fascist machine!


I forgot this story:  US military chief pledges increased support as Israel steps up attacks on Palestinians all about how the Jews who run Israel are too cheap to pay for their own protection and instead, have to steal money from American citizens:


General Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff, flew to Tel Aviv Sunday to discuss a 10-year military aid package worth some $3.7 billion a year. The pledge of increased American military support came in the midst of an increasingly brutal Israeli crackdown on Palestinians within both the occupied territories and Israel itself.


Three more headlines:  US Tells Iraq to Choose Between Them and Russia in ISIS War —HAHAHA…Iraqi PM Under ‘Tremendous Pressure’ to Ask Russia for Help Against ISIS — the ‘pressure’ is from the US which is threatening to cut off the puppet government set up by the US.  And this news:  US Slams Russia for Allowing Syrian President to Visit — Syria crisis: US attacks Moscow welcome for Assad – BBC News.  Diplomatic rule of thumb: NEVER show ire like this, it makes you look stupid.  Putin had his diplomatic coup, the US and Britain were both stupid and look stupid and screaming about it like a thwarted toddler whose nookie was taken from his mouth doesn’t change anything except reduce one’s diplomatic standing in the world.

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10 responses to “History Goes Round And Round: NATO And Japan Repeat WWI and WWII Mistakes

  1. Petruchio

    Elaine: you say you can see into the future. So….do I get a chance to rip Mrs Clinton a new one? Will we all get to see members of the Bush family in orange jumpsuits?

  2. vengeur

    Excellent distillation of the news-work that the American News Media won’t do.

  3. So when are the Europeans going to get fed up with the US & UK and say, ‘To hell with them!,” and invite Russia into NATO?

  4. Christian W


    It’s striking that all European politicians are completely united in their support of the US, no dissent allowed. It’s only old retired statesmen, or perennially anti-US campaigners that dare speak out against the nonsense. Otherwise I must say the herd instinct among EU politicians impressive!

  5. emsnews

    I saw that Chinese Go Duck Go video! Hilarious. Reminds me of going to work in Manhattan long ago.

  6. Christian W

    First images of the Russian made TOS-1 system in Syria. TOS-1 is a thermobaric rocket launcher, essentially a flame thrower system that cooks anything in its path. A very grim weapon.

    The resurgent Iraqi forces, the core part of the otherwise highly corrupt Iraqi army and air force, combined with irregular (but Iranian trained and led I guess) Shiite militias, have used TOS-1 to devastating effect and given ISIS/Daesh a severe defeat in the Baiji oil refinery and surrounding areas. Seems the Iraqis have sorted out the worst corruption and figured out which officers/units are reliable.


    As Moon of Alabama points out, not a peep about the Iraqi victory in the MSM which was quick to celebrate and propagandize the ISIS victory with lots of publicity.

  7. floridasandy

    The MSM is disgusting . They are full in for the Islamization of America- whether we want it or not. Hilary’s assistant huma makes more than the president and has strong Muslim ties. Obama certainly is ramping up bringing possibly angry Muslims into the U.S. Since there isn’t vetting of anyone crossing our borders,just as bush before him demanded that Muslim profiling stop right before 9-11.

    How did that work out for us?

  8. emsnews

    9/11 wasn’t just ‘immigration’ the guys who did it were part of a deal for training Egyptians and Saudis to fly planes here! I grew up inTucson where Davis Monthan is and they did the same program back in the 1960’s onwards.

    The military jet that slammed into where my little house once stood in Tucson was flown by…a Saudi. My mother was on the roof of my dad’s building on the campus and saw it slam into where my house stood and she called me in NYC, hysterical and I said, ‘I am here, not there, mom!’

    Anyways, many people were very pissed that the Saudi pilot ditched the plane and saved himself. He missed hitting directly Tucson High by less than ONE BLOCK!

    If it hit the school, hundreds would have been incinerated instantly. It really freaked me out.

    File photo/Arizona Daily Wildcat
    Today traffic marks the intersection at East Sixth Street and North Highland Avenue. But it was a different picture 25 years ago on Oct. 26, 1978, after a military plane crashed near the site of the present day Recreation Center, killing two students. The photo above depicts the crash scene in 1978. The photo below shows the intersection today. The bottom photo is a composite of both photos.

  9. emsnews

    The 1967 military jet crash that slammed into a supermarket, I witnessed. I was sitting on the verandah of our ranch house, watching the horses goofing around, when I heard the jet screaming in the distance and watched the huge fireball when it hit. Ran inside yelling about it. These fighter jets where Vietnam war pilots played Red Baron over our valley, did these moves over the city all the time, very noisy but also amusing to watch if they didn’t hit the ground.

    I was very paranoid about these jets by the time I was 16.

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