My Dad Was At The Center Of The Cuban Missile Crisis

Putin’s Approval Rating Hits 89.9%, Breaking Previous Record: news few in the US will ever see.  He made Russia strong again.  And proud. Then there is this news: Poll: 71 percent of Russians believe the US is the world’s bad guy | GlobalPost, a story that is appearing in Europe, not the US.  Russia, Jordan to coordinate actions on Syria via Amman-based center, others invited —is another diplomatic coup for Russia.  The US is losing ground fast in the Middle East due to the Zionists controlling Congress and the White House.  Russia nearly done building its biggest Arctic military base — RT News


Jihadists Slaughter Each Other As Russia Cuts Supply Lines – YouTube


One of my early childhood memories is the Cuban Missile Crisis.  This is when President Kennedy called my dad in Tucson and ordered him to be brought to the White House via military fighting supersonic jet so my dad was taken by a general to Davis Monthan Air Force Base and flown to the White House for a vey urgent meeting with the President.  My dad at that time was a very close friend of Barry Goldwater who used to live literally next door to us when we moved to Scottsdale, AZ.  After meeting with Kennedy, my dad became friends…sadly, briefly…with the doomed President.  Many tangled Cold War webs came out of the confrontation over Cuba back in 1962.  It all began when the US decided to put long range missiles right up against Russia’s borders.


Cuban Missile Crisis – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


After a long time of tense negotiations, an agreement was reached between Kennedy and Khrushchev. Publicly, the Soviets would dismantle their offensive weapons in Cuba and return them to the Soviet Union, subject to United Nations verification, in exchange for a U.S. public declaration and agreement never to invade Cuba without direct provocation. Secretly, the US also agreed that it would dismantle all U.S.-built Jupiter MRBMs, which were deployed in Turkey and Italy against the Soviet Union but were not known to the public.


This event was absolutely huge in my demented childhood.  This event is when I decided to spy long and hard on my father and I ended up knowing virtually all his many dark secrets starting with him being at the absolute center of the still-mostly secret (except I exposed these secrets years ago!) ‘Operation Paperclip’ during WWII.  That spy event nearly destroyed my father’s mental health and the anniversary of him going into the rocket caves always left him very agitated and ill and was my very first clue that something during WWII damaged him badly and on a specific day.  This led to me getting a scholarship to study in Germany when I was 16 years old and tracking down various Germans there and going first into Dachau and then my vain attempt to enter East Germany so I could go to the rocket caves outside of Jena and probe what happened there.


My father’s activities in Germany were known very well by all the German rocket scientists both in the US and Germany and it took lots of prying (bonus points: being a cute teen girl paved many a conversation) to get to the bottom of things.  I am still very scarred from growing up in a family that had such inky dark shadows that caused a great deal of emotional and psychological pain, leading to my father disowning me when I was only 17 years old.  But I managed, after going to Germany, to dig up a huge amount of secret information by then and over the years, my father was grateful for this (but still very traumatized).


Here is an article about The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962: Anatomy of a Controversy which reminds me how stupid the secrets are that the government insists of keeping secret for no known human reason, just for the hell of it.  Every anniversary of this event I write about the stupidity of the secrets because our government is addicted to doing this all the time.  There was zero reasons to keep Operation Paperclip secret after WWII.  The government simply wanted to hide Nazi crimes committed in those caves so Nazis could run the US missile/rocket programs which is what Russia did, too, also depending on Nazi war criminals to run their missile/rocket programs, too.  All very disgusting since both nations made a huge thing about ‘punish the evil Nazis’ Nüremberg war trials.


…an American l -2 reconnaissance plane was shot down over Cuba that Saturday afternoon and its pilot killed. Hopes that a satisfactory resolution to the crisis could be reached between Washington and Moscow had dimmed, moreover, when a letter from Soviet leader Nikita S. Khrushchev arrived Saturday morning demanding that the United States agree to remove its Jupiter missiles from Turkey in exchange for a Soviet removal of missiles from Cuba. The letter struck U.S. officials as an ominous hardening of the Soviet position from the previous day’s letter from Khrushchev, which had omitted any mention of American missiles in Turkey but had instead implied that Washington’s pledge not to invade Cuba would be sufficient to obviate the need for Soviet nuclear protection of Castro’s revolution.

On Saturday evening, after a day of tense discussions within the “ExComm” or Executive Committee of senior advisers, President Kennedy decided on a dual strategy—a formal letter to Khrushchev accepting the implicit terms of his October 26 letter (a U.S. non-invasion pledge in exchange for the verifiable departure of Soviet nuclear missiles), coupled with private assurances to Khrushchev that the United States would speedily take out its missiles from Turkey, but only on the basis of a secret understanding, not as an open agreement that would appear to the public, and to NATO allies, as a concession to blackmail. The U.S. president elected to transmit this sensitive message through his brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, who met in his office at the Justice Department with Soviet ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin.


That meeting has long been recognized as a turning point in the crisis, but several aspects of it have been shrouded in mystery and confusion. One concerned the issue of the Jupiter missiles in Turkey: U.S. officials maintained that neither John nor Robert Kennedy promised to withdraw the Jupiters as a quid pro quo, or concession, in exchange for the removal of the Soviet missiles from Cuba, or as part of an explicit agreement, deal, or pledge, but had merely informed Dobrynin that Kennedy had planned to take out the American missiles in any event.


All that didn’t save the Kennedys who ended up shot dead by assassins (note that Nixon didn’t get shot by anyone!).  My father nearly fled the country when Kennedy was shot in Dallas, he was so unnerved by all that business.  This increased my curiosity and desire to aggressively spy on my dad which eventually led to me knowing all about the dark history of the US/German rocket program, all of which was top secret back when I dug up all the dirt (I managed to track down and talk to two of the French slaves who worked in the secret rocket caves).  All these ‘secrets’ are designed to make pretty pictures and grand illusions for the US public to keep them supporting war crimes and dark deeds because it ‘makes America strong’.


And it made me very highly cynical by age 14 years.  Here is a description of how the top players in this game of musical missiles continued to struggle with their secrets over the years while writing memoirs about it with the Kennedy memoirs the saddest cases due to these being released years after being murdered.  None of the players in Russia or the US saw this information published while still alive.


With Dobrynin obviously unable to publish his own version—he remained Moscow’s ambassador in Washington until 1986, and Soviet diplomats were not in the habit of publishing tell-all exposés prior to glasnost—the first important Soviet account of the event to emerge was contained in the tape-recorded memoirs of deposed Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, which were smuggled to the West and published in 1970 (after Khrushchev’s death, additional installments saw print in the West in 1974 and 1990). The account of the RFK-Dobrynin meeting in Khrushchev Remembers, in the form of a paraphrase from memory of Dobrynin’s report, did not directly touch upon the secret discussions concerning the Jupiters, but did raise eyebrows with its claim that Robert F. Kennedy had fretted to Dobrynin that if his brother did not approve an attack on Cuba soon, the American military might overthrow him and seize power.” The second volume of Khrushchev’s memoirs (Khrushchev Remembers: The Last Testament), published posthumously in 1974, touched only briefly on the Robert Kennedy-Dobrynin meeting, but included the flat statement (on p. 512) that “President Kennedy said that in exchange for the withdrawl of our missiles, he would remove American missiles from Turkey and Italy,” although he described this “pledge” as “symbolic” since the rockets “were already obsolete.”


Over the years, many scholars of the Cuban Missile Crisis came strongly to suspect that Robert Kennedy had, in fact, relayed a pledge from his brother to take out the Jupiters from Turkey in exchange for the Soviet removal of nuclear missiles from Cuba, so long as Moscow kept the swap secret; yet senior former Kennedy Administration officials, such as then-National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy and then-Secretary of State Dean Rusk, continued to insist that RFK had passed on no more than an informal assurance rather than an explicit promise or agreement.


The ‘obsolete rocket’ excuse is insane.  It was insane back then and insane today and all the rocket scientists know it was always insane and stupid but then stupid lies are told every day to the public because the only way to keep many secrets is to make up stupid lies and have stupid ‘public opinion leaders’ and ‘politicians’ and ‘military generals’ all lying openly and stupidly to the general public with any truth-tellers accused of making things up, lying, etc.  Getting the real story is then confused and murky due to all the crazy stuff put out by crazy people who know nothing for real but want to fan flames via making up stuff so nothing really is done about the real problem of our real rulers.


Every year I get rather agitated about our real rulers and this is the time of year for it all, between October 24th and November 24th. The saddest part of the Cuban Missile Crisis is how the ‘leaders’ of both the US and Soviet Union were terrified of…their own spooks and military staff. The propagandists of both sides were run by very evil people who specialized in lying and Kennedy and Khrushchev were both boxed in by these people who ran the state machinery. ‘Leadership’ is often an illusion and if the ‘leader’ is inconvenient, that meddlesome person can be removed one way or another.


Khrushchev’s Description

The climax came after five or six days, when our ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Dobrynin, reported that the President’s brother, Robert Kennedy, had come to see him on an unofficial visit. Dobrynin’s report went something like this:


“Robert Kennedy looked exhausted. One could see from his eyes that he had not slept for days. He himself said that he had not been home for six days and nights. ‘The President is in a grave situation,’ Robert Kennedy said, ‘and does not know how to get out of it. We are under very severe stress. In fact we are under pressure from our military to use force against Cuba. Probably at this very moment the President is sitting down to write a message to Chairman Khrushchev. We want to ask you, Mr. Dobrynin, to pass President Kennedy’s message to Chairman Khrushchev through unofficial channels. President Kennedy implores Chairman Khrushchev to accept his offer and to take into consideration the peculiarities of the American system. Even though the President himself is very much against starting a war over Cuba, an irreversible chain of events could occur against his will. That is why the President is appealing directly to Chairman Khrushchev for his help in liquidating this conflict. If the situation continues much longer, the President is not sure that the military will not overthrow him and seize power. The American army could get out of control.”‘


[Khrushchev Remembers, intro., commentary, and notes by Edward Crankshaw, trans. and ed. by Strobe Talbott (Boston: Little, Brown, 1970; citation from paperback edition, New York: Bantam, 1971), pp. 551-52]


Here is the story on the BBC ON THIS DAY | 15 | 1964: Khrushchev ‘retires’ as head of USSR from back then:


1964: Khrushchev ‘retires’ as head of USSR
Nikita Khrushchev has unexpectedly stepped down as leader of the Soviet Union.
The official Soviet news agency, Tass, announced that a plenary meeting of the Communist Party Central Committee had accepted Mr Khrushchev’s request to depart “in view of his advanced age and the deterioration of his health”.


He was forced out nearly exactly a year after Kennedy was assassinated by an assassin who lived for a while in the USSR and was married to a lady from there.  The Kremlin coup that took down Khrushchev was led by the spooks.  All the things going on back in the early 1960’s involved a huge number of spook activities, deep in the Cold War which then became a very hot war in poor Vietnam and Cambodia.  We are in another ‘Cold War becomes Hot War’ event again, confronting Russia!  And soon enough, China.


Here we are, in a full circle. Last year, I wrote a very similar anniversary article talking about all this and predicting that we would run in a circle.  Humans are like dogs chasing tails.  Can’t stop doing this.  Historians for the last 3,000 years have written histories in a vain attempt at stopping this circle jerk running but it is all futile.  The more we learn about history, the more we repeat mistakes of the past.  It can’t stop.  It is a highest-level compulsion due to the nature of being Rulers.  That is, one must be terminally stupid.  Examples abound this month.  US, Russia sign MoU to avoid unwanted incidents over Syria – YouTube: news the US public won’t see shouted from the rooftops by our media giants.


Jihadists Slaughter Each Other As Russia Cuts Supply Lines – YouTube and these are our ‘jihadists’ who are supposed to be ‘good guys’ compared to identical ‘bad guys’ who we are fighting except the ‘bad guys’ get CIA funding just like the ‘good guys’ which is how we did things back during the Cold War in Vietnam, for example.  Sheesh.  China envoy blasts Japan at U.N. for ‘evading’ history ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion: note how China considers history to be of highest importance.


Japan is running in a circle and a most dangerous circle indeed, worshipping at the war criminal shrine openly slapping the US in the face over all this, the US allowing this in the name of ‘let’s screw with the Chinese and torment them’ game and this stupid business is going to cause WWIII which seems to be the goal of a shocking number of lunatics in DC.  I remember my childhood with all the WWIII preps going on with my dad dead center in the business of dealing with a possible WWIII and why I decided at a very young age to spy on him and pry out some very deep, dangerous State Secrets which caused the CIA and SS to list me as ‘a young person to watch’ and why I had so many encounters, some very amusing since I was a hippie chick by age 16 and lithesome and somewhat cute flaunting sex…ahem…HAHAHA.


Back to today which is so much like last year: Israeli soldier kills Jewish civilian in ‘identity mishap’ – BBC News…no news in the US which has the biggest number of Zionist supporters on earth…JUST LIKE LAST YEAR on my blog, nearly identical news for the identical reasons…I feel trapped in a TARDIS that keeps coming back to the same situation but each time it is a different time and different cast of characters who helplessly repeat history DELIBERATELY yet  mindlessly.  Nothing learned from the past but then Cassandra knows all about this and the CIA, when they tried to use ‘psychics’ to see into the future couldn’t understand that they were mentally and emotionally totally incapable of listening to any Cassandras because they hate Cassandra’s messages and all this makes the gods laugh to death which is why they all die off and have to be replaced with new gods who then laugh to death…funny, that.


So today, right after my 65th birthday on October 14th, I get to celebrate my long life of running in circles by collecting my first SS check!  Hooray!  About time!  Happy times.


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21 responses to “My Dad Was At The Center Of The Cuban Missile Crisis

  1. csurge

    🙂 Congratulations! You’ve certainly earned your payout. And I can’t thank you enough for all your insights. Strangely enough, they give me hope that someday the cycle will be broken by someone with the determination, knowledge, and strength to reshape the human timeline

  2. e sutton

    Happy birthday! And don’t spend that check all in one place! 😀

  3. Christian W

    Happy birthday Elaine! 🙂

  4. Christian W

    To continue the discussion I had with Jim R about Russian electronics warfare superiority. I just saw new info and it does indeed look like the Russians are a decade ahead of the US in this arena.

    That would explain the weird fact that the US military ‘Big Stick’ looks mightily shrunken all of a sudden in the ME. The USS Donald Cook story was most likely 100% correct, just hushed down as too embarrassing.

    I remember when the insurgents took out some US M1 Abrams tanks with RPGs in Iraq quite early into the US invasion. That too was hushed down as too embarrassing. The propaganda at the time was that the armor of the M1 Abrams tank was impervious to Russian made RPGs. Later it turned out that they were in fact tanks that were destroyed.

    Part I:

    “WASHINGTON — The US military has for weeks been training Ukrainian forces in US tactics, but the commander of US Army Europe says Ukrainian forces, who are fighting Russian-backed separatists, have much to teach their US trainers.

    Ukrainian forces have grappled with formidable Russian electronic warfare capabilities that analysts say would prove withering even to the US ground forces. The US Army has also jammed insurgent communications from the air and ground on a limited basis, and it is developing a powerful arsenal of jamming systems, but these are not expected until 2023.

    “Our soldiers are doing the training with the Ukrainians and we’ve learned a lot from the Ukrainians,” said Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges. “A third of the [Ukrainian] soldiers have served in the … combat zone, and no Americans have been under Russian artillery or rocket fire, or significant Russian electronic warfare, jamming or collecting — and these Ukrainians have. It’s interesting to hear what they have learned.”

    Hodges acknowledged that US troops are learning from Ukrainians about Russia’s jamming capability, its ranges, types and the ways it has been employed. He has previously described the quality and sophistication of Russian electronic warfare as “eye-watering.”

    “Our biggest problem is we have not fought in a comms-degraded environment for decades, so we don’t know how to do it,” Buckhout said. “We lack not only tactics, techniques and procedures but the training to fight in a comms-degraded environment.”

    It’s not hard to see why EW is an attractive option for Russia while the eyes of the world are on it. Not only is it highly effective, but as a non-kinetic form of attack, it is harder to trace and less likely to be viewed as overt aggression, and as such, less likely to incite the ire of the international community, Buckhout said.

    In a fight, Russia’s forces can hinder a target’s ability to respond to, say, an artillery attack, allowing them to fire on an enemy with impunity. Ukrainian forces would be unable to coordinate a defense against incoming rockets and missiles, or release counter battery fire.

    “If your radars don’t see incoming fire, you can’t coordinate counterfire,” Buckhout said.

    The US, Buckhout said, lacks a significant electronic attack capability.

    “We have great signals intelligence, and we can listen all day long, but we can’t shut them down one-tenth to the degree they can us,” she said. “We are very unprotected from their attacks on our network.”

    Note that the link is from an American site.

  5. Christian W

    Part II:

    This is an interesting Russian propaganda video that doesn’t hide the Russia electronics systems. About 7:20 into the video:

    Another notable fact about this video is that it to me seems as if the Russian forces have cleared out most of the hopelessly old school (and corrupt) officers that infested the Red Army up until the war with Georgia. These new generals look intelligent and focused on the job and they are, with Putin, kicking the Red Army into shape.

    Also notable from the video is that the Russians are preparing, in their own style, for pretty much exactly the same scenario the US forces are preparing with their mega training exercise Jade Helm.

  6. tono

    Feliz cumpleaños , saludos desde Mexico.
    Enjoy with your significant ones , relatives , and receive a distant warm hug ,
    I wish you keep writting for a couple decades more!!!


    ELAINE: Gracias! 🙂

  7. Petruchio

    Elaine: you ever encounter those two psychopaths extraordinaire, the Dulles brothers?

  8. Petruchio

    Elaine: Happy Birthday and remember age is just a number! lol. Best wishes, Petruchio.

  9. Petruchio

    The Corbettreport has done a video, posted on YouTube about Allen Dulles. Here’s the link: I’d post the video here, but I don’t know how. It’s a long video and worth watching all of it, but of particular note starts at around 24;30 of the video.

  10. Jim R

    Christian W,
    I didn’t say the Donald Cook incident never happened, I just said I had doubts about it. There was only that one article on Voltaire net, and every other thing that mentioned it referenced that article.

    But, it’s looking like it is true. The article speculated about an EMP weapon, one that would physically damage radio receivers. But now I’m thinking it was something more sophisticated. EMP is kinda crude.

    The US military used to brag about their CDMA radio technology — it couldn’t be jammed or intercepted. Well, eventually the secret technology was made commercial (if you have a cell phone). Turns out it isn’t that hard to jam. The only advantage they had, back in the ’70s and ’80s, was that it was a highly-classified secret. It’s as if they had invented FM radio, and everyone else was on AM. Well, no, you can’t normally get reception of an FM signal with an AM receiver.

    Back in the ’90s, I was working for a company in the Dallas are that was designing cell phones. Company was out of the Far East, but they were planning to enter the US market. OK … their radio engineers had built a CDMA prototype and they decided to do a live test. They loaded it into a plain unmarked white van, and drove down to Austin where GTE had a system of CDMA cell towers. Fine.

    Within 24 hours, the FCC in Dallas was passing some angry messages from the engineers at GTE to management at my company. It seems the engineers didn’t quite have their power control loop working, and as they drove the truck around, they were knocking all the towers into ‘test mode’. That was what a CDMA base station would do if it didn’t know how to cope. Test mode. In other words, the towers quit working and engineers had to go around and restart them. Lots of angry cellphone customers.

    It turns out you can knock out CDMA service with a handheld thing that runs on flashlight batteries. Of course, if you do that in a nice suburban neighborhood, they WILL track you down and make you stop.

    All it takes to jam a signal is to make the right sort of noise in the radio band being used. And apparently the Russians now have stuff that does that thing, automatically, over essentially the whole radio spectrum from ELF to millimeter waves. Makes fake rubbish show up on radar screens and WiFi quit working and portable radios non-funcional.

    Between that and MANPADS, they have reduced the “civil war” in the Ukraine to a ground war, with foot soldiers and WWII-era artillery the only thing in use. Fancy wiz-bang electronic gadgets all useless. And they are in the process of doing the same to ‘Daesh’ in Syria.

  11. Jim R

    It would be funny if it weren’t verging on WWIII.

    US/EU/NATO: “We’re gonna set up a no-fly zone…”
    Russia: “Pfft, OK, so don’t fly, then.”

    US/EU/NATO: “We will listen in on your communications…”
    Russia: “Oh, OK. Listen to this, then: PHPHPTHPTPTPTPTP <raspberry sound>”

    And they can do that all day long. All year. As long as it takes.

  12. Christian W

    It’s probably a very, very good thing the Russians got this technology just in time. Otherwise they would have had to rely on their last line of defence, the Tsar Bomba, the bomb of bombs.

  13. emsnews

    Yes, the Tsar bomb was gigantic.

  14. Jim R

    I don’t understand why those idiots in Washington want to start this war. Unless they are suicidal.

    Russia has been working on their technology for quite a while. We have discussed it here. The US buys rocket engines from Russia. And many of the best computer virus scanners come from either Russia or other former USSR countries. They got really good at it when they had a lot of unemployed computer programmers, back when the USSR collapsed and their economy was broken. If they want to, I’m sure they can mess up your computer as well as, or better than any of the US spook agencies can.

    The Russians have made scientific discoveries that are at the foundation of modern science. A Russian guy worked out the periodic table that hangs on the wall in every chemistry classroom.

    Why try to start a war with them? It’s stupid.

    Oh, and they didn’t make any more Tsar Bomba’s after the one and only. It was so large as to have no military purpose at all. It was like an asteroid collision, a couple of those things here and there and you’re looking at an extinction-level nuclear winter. Their weapons designers had proved the point.

    However, the Russians DO have the smaller nukes, for use in the battlefield or against aircraft carriers. And they’ve now demonstrated modern electronics and propulsion and navigation, with those cruise missiles the other day.

    I am also glad that they have the EW hardware. It gives hope that they may never need to use the nukes. But, sheesh! The stupidity in the “free world”!

  15. emsnews

    Yes, starting with the huge 19th century changes in Russia, they have been part of the Science and Technology Revolution which the US has been also a part. This revolution led to WWI. Which began with an assassination in the wilder, untechnical parts of Serbia/Yugoslavia…

    History loves irony.

  16. Codenamed Griffin

    Paul Rosbaud, was a metallurgist and scientific adviser for Springer Verlag in Germany before and during World War II. Rosbaud had access to Germany’s leading physicists, including those attempting to build an atomic bomb.
    Secret Intelligence Service, London connected the student Sverre Bergh, XU, and Rosebud. Bergh upon Griffin request, visited Wernher von Brauns rocket project Peenemünde, fall 1941 and reported to London, warning that Nazi V1 soon would rain down on London.
    Recommended bombing of Peenemünde immediately.
    Answer from SIS was hilarious – stop sending childish science fiction fantasies, do some real intelligence work. Rockets doesn’t exist – .

    A biography of Jewish Rosbaud was published in 1986 but it raised fresh questions. How, for example, could he have escaped the attentions of the Gestapo for so long? And why did the British apparently not inform the Americans that the Nazis’ nuclear programme had failed?
    Spy left out in the cold: how MI6 buried heroic exploits of agent ‘Griffin’

  17. emsnews

    Well, every single thing my DAD did was buried all my life classified up the yin yang.

    I dug up everything by raiding his home files, then tracking down and getting some fine Rhenish wine to a whole bunch of Nazi rocket scientists and grilling them nicely until they answered my main question, ‘When did you meet my dad and what did he do to you?’

    Then there was a former concentration camp Jewish guy my dad rescued from Dachau…who I met totally accidentally at the anniversary off the camp’s liberation and two French Jews who worked in the caves outside Jena who told me about my dad coming in suddenly and shooting his gun and yelling in German, ‘Do you want to come with me NOW or go with Uncle Stalin?’

    They both thought it was immensely funny, what he did.

  18. Sunger

    “This led to me getting a scholarship to study in Germany when I was 16 years old and tracking down various Germans there and going first into Dachau and then my vain attempt to enter East Germany so I could go to the rocket caves outside of Jena and probe what happened there.”

    Come on now Elaine-

    This is so totally crazy. You are saying that as a teenager in the early 60s the Pentagon sent you over to East Germany to find out what could have happened with the rocket production in Nazi Germany?

    There was no lack of understanding among western allies about what happened with the nazi rocket program. Everybody knew what was happening as thousands of V1 Buzzbombs and then V2 rockets rained down on the UK.

    Did you know that thousands of slave laborers worked at the rocket production sites and many survived to tell all about it? And if they were not able to tell about it, the “liberated” rocket scientists like Werner Von Braun and his engineer were quite ready to provide a comprehensive explanation to the OSS.

    No way, the Pentagon needed to send a 16 year old girl to find out what all the rockets were about.

  19. Jim R

    Sunger, she didn’t say the pentagon sent her.
    She said she went on her own.

    And it was the late 60s. You had to be there to understand it. Had I been less of an introverted nerd, I might have even met her in person in Germany, it was a ‘happening’ place in the late 60s. I had an opportunity, but passed on it.

  20. Jim R

    By “opportunity” I mean, as a civilian.

    A couple years later Nixon wanted to send my skinny ass to Vietnam, and I could have been rotated through the gigantic military base in Germany, as so many others were.

  21. Jim R

    On the other hand, I probably wouldn’t have met her, as I’d have been there with my class for a taste of Hochschule and some full immersion language learning. Staying with a nice German family.

    She would have been busy starting riots and interviewing rocket scientists.

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