Washington Post Illustrates Marvelous New Russian Caspian Sea Cruise Missiles


07.10.2015 Russian cruise missile 3M14E «Sizzler» over Iraqi Kurdistan – YouTube: All world leaders are watching the aerial gymnastics of the new Russian missile systems that are creaming the US/NATO supplied terrorists who were set out to overthrow any LIBERAL Muslim government that Israel hates.  Assad wised up quicker than the other victims and is holding the US at bay due 100% to Assad’s allies, mainly Russia.  The US has a very ruinous military equipment system.  It is tremendously expensive and designed to loot the voters and drive us all deep into debt whereas the Russian equipment is not a money losing operation.  Simple, isn’t it?  So the US is screaming bloody murder, of course, with hands dripping with blood.  This isn’t the first demonstration of Russian naval power!


On my own blog last May:  Britain Launches Gigantic Aircraft Carrier: The Sitting Duckie—Naval Power Dies In In Britain | Culture of Life News.  Well, now it is the mighty US that is in the same sinking flotilla.  Big is not better.  Big is a bigger target as my title suggests.  Yet the US and Britain cling to the notion that big ships slogging around the big oceans is the way to go.  Well, Russia is a huge, LONG country with borders protected by OTHER countries and therefore, including the polar cap, is less vulnerable than say, Africa or Southeast Asia or…the US.  The US has one fantastic border: Canada.  But it has another very non-fantastic border that is troublesome: Mexico.


In today’s news the media is bellyaching about the Middle Eastern warfare which was launched by NATO years ago when the US decided to overthrow all the Muslim leaders who gave women their civil rights (yes, all of these Muslim dictators are actually LIBERAL ones granting women things the Saudis and others hate, that is basic rights!).  Now, Airlines warned Russian missiles pose a danger to flights over Middle East …I recall the US shooting down civilian planes in the Middle East:Iran Air Flight 655 is one tragic example the US loves to ignore.


“I Will Never Apologize”. Iran Flight 665 Shot Down, 290 Dead. No one in the US really apologized.  The forgotten story of Iran Air Flight 655 – The Washington Post noticed this story which everyone else in our ruling elites pretend never happened. So on to today’s story about How Russia fired missiles at Syria from 1,000 miles away – Washington Post:


Screen shot 2015-10-25 at 3.43.06 PM


Moment of Russian missiles impact in Syria recorded on video. – YouTube.


The Washington Post has a list of stories that amuse us all today:


Ukrainian president mocks Putin in front of United Nations

Assad blames West for refugee crisis in Europe

The West dismissed Russian offer to help remove Assad in 2012, says top diplomat

Russia condemns U.S. airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria

So, our Ukrainian ‘ally’ who is a war criminal and is awful in 100 ways, is poking fun of Putin at the UN in NYC and this impresses who?  Desperate people in Europe being flooded with a million angry Muslim males are in a panic…and Merkel is doing this to everyone!  Not to mention ‘liberals’ who will run the other way when right wing, furious Muslim males attack them at home…erk.  All this leads to an obvious conclusion.  Europe is going to collapse due to all this chaos, borders are already shutting down, the English people talk openly of leaving the EU entirely, the liberals of Europe are seeing their public support evaporate rapidly, there is a gigantic backlash building and even in the US and Canada, people are anxious that this flood will flow here, too.  And it will.

And all this was done by a bunch of lunatic Zionists who thought overthrowing liberal Muslim governments that gave women their basic rights, would lead to allowing Jews to butcher all the Palestinians, abuse them and starve them on concentration camp sites with sneering Jews laughing all the way to the bank!!! Insane, utterly and dangerously insane, war crimes abound, stupid choices leading to the exact opposite conclusion being pursued with mindless dogged obstinacy.  The gods are laughing.


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4 responses to “Washington Post Illustrates Marvelous New Russian Caspian Sea Cruise Missiles

  1. Henry

    Although it’s totally insane, I think if you really get down to the heart of the matter, all the chaos in the in the Middle East can be reduced to Israeli desire to steal more olive groves from the Palestinians and create a “Greater Israel” (Eretz Israel). The fact that Israel and the Israeli lobby was able to take complete control of United States Middle East foreign policy is truly amazing!! They are less than three percent of the U.S. population, yet through control of Hollywood and the MSM (not to mention Wall Street) they dominate American society. Truly amazing!!

  2. Petruchio

    Meanwhile, the United States is launching Special Op missions to release their buddies locked up in prison! VERY revealing. As the cliché says, “You can’t make this stuff up!”

  3. John Doe

    Since the internal collapse of the Soviet empire the Russians have not had the resources to play “lets burn a trillion tax dollars on a toy plane that barely flies” and have concentrated on electronic counter measures that nullify any advance the the Pentagons toys may have thus rendering the Pentagons desk jockey generals blind, deaf and dumb as to battle field conditions.


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