EU and Japan Pursue Suicidal International Policies While US Expected To Pay For This Insanity

Our lovely ‘allies’ continue to not support our global empire.  Actually, they don’t want to pay for it while expecting the US to continue charging this very high cost of global empire to the US public who will have to pay trillions of dollars in debts over the next century or more or go bankrupt.  This stupidity is featured in today’s news as in-debt Europe and in-debt Japan try to weasel out of paying for our ‘protection’ while doing really, really dangerous, stupid, confrontational stuff all over the place such as Japan threatening China with WWIII—at OUR expense!


Here is the latest scheme of the nationalist right wing Japanese Imperialist war criminals who run the government there once again:  Japan MOF seeks cuts in host-nation spending for U.S. military | Reuters


The move comes after passage of bills last month that aim to tighten the alliance and give Japanese military the biggest global role since the World War Two, with Washington seeking greater Asia-Pacific security in the face of rising China.


Japan’s contribution, or the “sympathy budget”, to cover salaries for workers at U.S. bases, utilities and training expenses, hit 189.9 billion yen ($1.56 billion) for the current fiscal year, versus a 4.98 trillion yen overall defense outlay…


“Taking into account the expansion of Japan’s role through the new security legislation, the yen weakening and the severe fiscal situation, such expenses need to be reviewed and reduced,” the ministry said.


HAHAHA.  They are going to ‘tighten’ the alliance by…cutting their share of the costs???  This is insulting.  The US, after being insulted, should unilaterally ‘tighten’ the alliance by closing down our bases in Japan and leaving the Japanese imperialists to protect themselves from an increasingly angry Russia and China.


This ridiculous scheme I approve of only if the US responds correctly.  Increasing our spending at our own expense is insane and stupid and very, very irresponsible.  If Japan wants to be annihilated by China, let them go after all, they earned this fate due to WWII crimes which they still refuse to totally apologize for properly.  Hubris is when the Gods punish humans for their pride.  The Japanese warmongering rulers are full to the top in hubris.


Meanwhile, the deep in debt and hideously overextended US military machine grinds stupidly onwards doing nothing useful:  China denounces U.S. for sailing warship near South China Sea island


The U.S. said its action was intended to underscore that Washington did not accept China’s claim to territorial waters around artificially built islands.


Yes, we claim these waters for our Japanese ‘allies’ who are stabbing us in the back and stiffing us for military support which they now expect to have for free thanks to being a bunch of imperialist jerks.  Bonsai! Our own rulers are so stupid, they can’t add or subtract or project finances in the future or collect debts from ‘allies’ and instead, rush wildly forwards deeper into debt and then tell the US public there is no more money to keep us alive and well and fix our nation at home, but there is infinite money for foreign warmongering lunatics who want us to protect them while they do very stupid international things.


Which reminds us of our insane, stupid, reckless European allies especially suicidal Germans:  Most of Russia’s military still ‘rubbish’ despite Ukraine, Syria deployments


The annexation of Crimea, the war in eastern Ukraine and the military intervention in Syria present the image of a confident Putin willing to expend military power for political gain. The truth, according to Dr. Mark Galeotti of New York University, is far more complex.


The Russian president faces political and economic difficulties at home and Russia’s military is not as powerful as it seems. “Putin does not have significant numbers of the kind of troops you can deploy in this kind of environment,” Galeotti explained to War College.


HAHAHAHA.  This passes for ‘analysis’ which is stupid, insane and childish.  The entire EU is deep in debt and runs on red ink and the US is…deep in debt and running on red ink…ditto, Japan.  Wow.  I see a pattern here.  NONE of these allies who are rushing into WWIII are solvent.  They are all running on red ink, big time.  So this makes China and Russia which both run government SURPLUSES…about to collapse economically???


This is the height of insanity.  No one in the NATO ally nations are consulting with me even though world leaders in the past knew me personally and tangled with me at the UN and other venues over the years and the secret services of Europe and the US (AND ASIA) know me personally over the years…none of them consult with me or listen to my advice.


In the past, I used to force them to listen to me by doing various actions like when I created and ran Little Tiananmin Square in front of the UN in NYC years go.  Or when I helped organize many anti-war demonstrations in the US and some in Europe…all these efforts didn’t stop stupid things from happening because our rulers, due to too much power, can ignore reality for amazingly long periods of time before the Grim Reaper collects their skulls.


The Grim Reaper loves stupid rulers.  Syria’s Rebels Are Ready to Fight Russia | War Is Boring


Russia’s air campaign is straightforward in a way the Western coalition is not. The Kremlin supports the Syrian government against its enemies, which includes weakened FSA units trying to fight on three fronts against the regime, Islamic State and Jabhat Al Nusra. Further, Russia has attacked rebel groups backed by the CIA, according to the Wall Street Journal.


I wanted to know what Syrian rebels thought about this situation, so I contacted the Homs Liberation Movement, an Islamist brigade affiliated with the Free Syrian Army.


The rebels promised revenge.


“The goal of the airstrikes was to expand Iranian influence in Syria,” Capt. Rashid Al Hourani said. “Russia began military strikes against the rebels and the Syrian people to weaken the moderate opposition and strengthen extremist groups.”


HAHAHA.  These lunatics are going to fight Russia and Iran in Syria but the real ruler of Syria is siding with the Russians and the Iranians and the rival groups are all vile lunatics who want a Medieval society that severely oppresses women and exploits children and is amazingly cruel and look at its model, Saudi Arabia, a barbaric, nasty, violent dictatorship!  Horrible place, so bad, my CIA father and mother stormed out of the country after a Saudi prince deliberately murdered a Dutch woman by running her over, right in front of my poor mother who freaked out and told the US ambassador to protest and demand the driver be arrested.


Instead, she was told to shut up and this led to my dad boycotting Saudi Arabia.  And we had Saudi princes live with us before this happened!  I am very proud of my father standing up to not just the King of Saudi Arabia but the President of the US and the State Department.  Bravo to him and he did it again.  He was supposed to be doing stuff in Beijing right at the same time Tiananmin Square began and I told him not to go because it is too dangerous.


When the massacre happened, he gave me a strong letter condemning it to hand deliver to the consulate in Manhattan and the Chinese locked the doors and yelled at me through the windows while I yelled the contents of my dad’s letter to the ambassador inside, from the street.   Yes, this is one of many ways diplomacy is done in this world, some very odd ways indeed.


Iran has just as much right to ‘expand influence’ in its own neighborhood. The intruders here are the Europeans and Americans. They are the OUTSIDERS not the INSIDERS.  They are the real invaders whereas all the others are very interested parties sharing a thing called ‘borders’ and on top of all this, the aliens who invaded Palestine are a huge problem in all this and they get their money and arms to do this invasion from Europe and the US and are colonizing Palestine with people who have lived in either Europe or the US for dozens of generations or more.  I.e.: aliens.


While the US goes very deeply into debt colonizing or controlling very distant lands filled with natives who hate our guts and will fight to the death to stop us, just like during the Vietnam War, US citizens are told there is no money and no jobs and no help at home due to us being deep in debt due to these distant, useless wars:  Living with a surge in violence — and the fear that comes with it


In a city where shootings are on the rise, residents of D.C.’s Park View neighborhood calculate how to stay safe.


HAHAHA…the Gods entertain themselves daily by reading the news from the US.  This is insane, silly, stupid, futile, ridiculous and why are we bothering with this news when the US has been ignoring reality at home for the last 65 years, namely, my entire life span.  Meanwhile, in Europe which has been telling citizens there is no money for them, a flood of a million angry Muslim males is invading and the leftists in Europe are supporting this because they hate Israel, actually…and they are hoping to overthrow their own governments which are mostly ‘conservative’ but being also US-Zionist operations, have been tricked into letting a flood of angry Muslim males into Europe to keep the Syrian collapse going…insane programs, these!


Doomed to backfire spectacularly.  So, these Pro-Refugee Protesters Clash With Police At St Albans Square…

And Riot police clash with pro-refugee activists at King’s Cross – video | World news | The Guardian.


Interesting side news to these riots: Pink Floyd star’s son boasts as No Borders try to storm St Pancras’ Eurostar platforms.  Suicidal Europeans are nothing new, Europe has this deep urge to disintegrate violently every 50 years or so.  Right on schedule.  I promise to not laugh to death watching all of this but it is hard, very hard.  It makes me sardonic.  I wish people would stop doing these incredibly stupid things which have obvious outcomes.


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5 responses to “EU and Japan Pursue Suicidal International Policies While US Expected To Pay For This Insanity

  1. Jim R

    I think the grand strategy is to repeat the triumph of WWII, where the rest of the world is left in ruins, while the US is protected by the Atlantic and Pacific, and nothing much happens here. The US can then be the industrial powerhouse of the planet.

    The Russians keep spoiling that strategy by straightening out stuff that was messed up by the Empire of Chaos.

    Of course, if it works, the news media will ignore Russia, and Obama (or Hillary) will be thumping the lectern and boasting about how they have brought peace and democracy and freedom to the world …….

  2. Jim R

    I mean if the Russian effort works. If the Empire of Chaos strategy works, they will still be boasting about the freedom and democracy they have wrought, but it won’t be available in most places.

  3. Nani

    I am not even slightly amused by any of these dreadful developments created by the ’empire of chaos’, and it’s vassals. I honestly believe that most people in the world would just like to live in peace and harmony with each other, but there’s always a tiny minority who wish otherwise.

    One of those are definitely the US defence chief and his staff who constantly threatens to throw the world into WWlll with their dangerous and provocative maneuvers. They have absolute no diplomatic skills; something their arrogant, boastful and disgusting war rhetoric is a testimony to.

    The old Chinese curse: ‘May all your dreams come true’, seems more fitting than ever.

  4. Jim R

    I wasn’t expressing approval, simply making a prediction: the professional liar class that is our ‘political leadership’ will continue to talk about freedom as Orwellian darkness closes in.

    I prefer Irish blessings to Chinese curses.
    May the wind be always at your back, and the road rise up to meet ye.

  5. emsnews

    All my long life I have been horrified by our ‘diplomacy’. It stinks. My dad did many diplomatic efforts and every one of these were HIGHLY successful because…he was sincere and wasn’t trying to be evil. Evil is when you pretend something but really want nasty things to happen whereas my dad always wanted good things to come of cooperation in diplomacy which is why so many communist leaders trusted my dad…greatly…and why Nixon hated him so much, he put my dad on his stupid ‘enemies list’.

    Eisenhower trusted my dad and SO DID KENNEDY and my father was one of Kennedy’s top advisors in the top secret meeting in the White House, my dad identified the missiles from the photos and…he advised Kennedy how to talk to the Kremlin and the Russians trusted my dad due to his actions during WWII, this is why both communist China and Russia asked several presidents to send my father on diplomatic missions.

    When Nixon went to China, Kissinger asked the Chinese who they wanted to visit next and was stunned when they said, ‘Dr. Aden Meinel!’ All due to one Chinese top science official remembering my dad during the McCarthy persecutions twenty years earlier, my dad protested about this and protected the scientist who ended up being deported, not put in prison.

    He loved my father and I even managed to get him to be allowed to visit the US when Jimmy Carter, a family friend, was President.

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