WAR CRIMES! US Continues To Deliberately Bomb Medecins Sans Frontier Hospitals!!!

Religious practice: Chanting the Lotus Sutra at Peace Pagoda of Grafton, NY – YouTube

When I get upset, I go to the Pagoda which is on another little mountain near mine and chant for a while.  It soothes the soul.  Today’s news is beastly.  It is the sort of thing normal people use as propaganda to illustrate Evil.  The US did lots of evil, evil things during the Vietnam War and now are doing lots of evil, evil things to Muslims in this religious war being waged on behalf of Netanyahu and his ugly little gang of thugs.  Since AIPAC controls Congress, they get to commit war crimes because it is OK to do this if you are a Zionist.  But in the Universe of Reality, these are all war crimes.  And the bombing, the DELIBERATE REPEATED bombings of obvious hospitals are all war crimes of the worst sort and all who participate in planning and ordering this and I mean YOU, Obama, and your gang, should be executed since we executed Nazis.  And my daddy testified at the Nüremberg War Trials.  He was a witness about the slaves in the rocket caves, he rescued them, and Dachau.


I represented my dad at the ceremonies about the liberation of Dachau back in 1968.  I was there to give a speech only I ended up on the floor of the gas chamber#1 wailing and clawing at the tiles, my head on the floor, I couldn’t stand up and a sweet man who was once one of the orderlies who was a Jewish slave who cleaned out the death chamber after each killing, was there to represent Jews and he picked me up and took me out and when learning my name, told me all about how my dad appeared out of nowhere and began giving orders about what to do there.


Which seared him badly, every anniversary of this event would see him collapse and my probing of this collapse business led to me learning exactly what happened that terrible day he supervised the liberation of the camp and sorted through the mess.  I found out via detective work on my part how he sat down at the Kommandant’s desk and weeping, read the German paperwork only to find a piece of music by Bach where the murderous Kommandant wrote down in  German,  ‘So very beautiful, so peaceful!’


I didn’t know this sheet of music came from Dachau and when I was only 14 years old, I found it hidden in a file and took it out and while my father was in the living room, I sat at the harpsichord and began playing it and heard a scream and my father crashed to the floor and I had no idea why.  This began my serious search of his past and why I tracked down over a dozen Nazis and interviewed them about his past dealings with hauling them out of the secret rocket caves where were and STILL ARE classified information: Operation Paperclip.

Screen shot 2015-10-27 at 2.06.13 PM

I fought hard with dad to have him go to our Presidents starting with LBJ to stop the Vietnam War crimes.  This led to a huge rift between us because he didn’t understand how easy it is to become a Nazi.  I badgered several other proud Presidents about war crimes.  We, the US, made these War Crimes and had War Crime Trials and killed the Nazis, executed them for War Crimes and I was part of the Vietnam War Crimes Committee to Indite US Criminals at Berkeley and this was shut down by the police, hahaha.  EEERG.  I had the right to sit in judgement because of my dad being part of the prosecution of Nazis at the Nüremberg Trials.


Above is a WWI poster of Hun executing a real nurse.  Miss Cavell was a real person.  They killed her for passing information.  They didn’t care much but it was 1,000 times nastier during WWII when the sons of these bastards decided to be really, really criminal.  Here is another WWI poster.  When I pointed out, during our ‘hearings’ about US war crimes in Vietnam, I said, this poster is exactly what we were doing daily in Vietnam.  To any young people, we had TV news stories EVERY DAY listing the people we killed…leaving out the children and innocent bystanders and elderly, etc.  When I was only 15 years old, I refused to watch the news because it made me throw up.  Finally, I declared this must end and I had to leave my parent’s home and live on my own at 16 and they gave me my majority so I wouldn’t have to sue them so I was a legal adult at a young age (which irritated the cops no end!).

Screen shot 2015-10-27 at 2.07.03 PM

So after all this introduction, on to today’s war crime news: Yemen hospital hit by Saudi-led air strike: Medecins Sans Frontieres | Reuters


A hospital in north Yemen run by medical aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) was bombed in a Saudi-led air strike, wrecking the facility and lightly wounding two staff members, the group said on Tuesday.


A Saudi-led Arab coalition intervened in Yemen’s civil war in March to try to restore its government after its toppling by Iran-allied Houthi forces, but a mounting civilian death toll has alarmed human rights groups.


“Our hospital in the Heedan district of Saada governorate was hit several times. Fortunately, the first hit damaged the operations theater while it was empty and the staff were busy with people in the emergency room. They just had time to run off as another missile hit the maternity ward,” MSF country director Hassan Boucenine told Reuters by telephone from Yemen.


The Saudis are copying us.  The US isn’t angry about this, far from it.  Seeing how the US could evade responsibility for obvious war crimes, why not do the same???  Since there really is no such thing as ‘war crimes’ all the Nazis and Japanese generals etc. who were executed should be pardoned.  I even pointed this out during the Vietnam War.  The real crime was the Nüremberg War Trials.  This was a totally illegal prosecution since the prosecutors thought nothing about committing vast war crimes for years and years and years.  Indeed, the US Indian population pointed this out…at least to me when I was politically active in Arizona, for example.


The US has been doing horrible, horrible things while excusing these as ‘rescuing victims’ even as we crush unarmed (except for ROCKS) children in the misnamed ‘Holy Lands’ or blowing up shepherds in the mountains who are trying to protect their lambies, blowing up peasants working in rice paddies, etc. etc.  Ridiculous.  We boast about our ability to target people and thing and then blow up…HOSPITALS…repeatedly!  Over the course of hours!!!  How insane is this?


It isn’t insanity, it is evil.  Pure evil.  War crimes.  Nazi war crimes.  I am ashamed of this.  I hate this but can’t stop this.  Obama promised to stop doing this and…he is doing this.  Note how he went from being a gentle looking, naive man to the seared, ugly, strained, evil creature we see today.  He is a war criminal.  He deserved to be punished along with the Bush brothers and any others like the ultimate criminal, Kissinger.  Hauled into court.


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9 responses to “WAR CRIMES! US Continues To Deliberately Bomb Medecins Sans Frontier Hospitals!!!

  1. vengeur

    I have to applaud Trump for calling out the Iraq and Libya fiascos, which meant he had to put blame on GW Bush (for Iraq) , which as can be imagined, is sacrilege in the GOP. Then Trump mocked the “Bush kept us safe” BS (promoted by his brother Jeb), which conveniently forgets about 9-11 happened eight months after Bush took office. And now, as if those US war-crime disasters never happened, Our President and congress are doing it all over again in Syria! And as for Jeb Bush, it is obvious to me he does not want to be president, but has been given the task of (trying ) to rehabilitate the Bush family name after having been totally trashed by his simple minded brother. It really has become a disgrace to be American under this junta of evil warmongers.

  2. Christian W

    The US will suck $18 billion out of Volkswagen reports bloomberg


    and shook Deutsche Bank down earlier this year for $2.5 billion


    and is aiming for Deutsche Bank again


    Mustn’t displease Master or Master will slap you around.

  3. Nani


    A vile and evil master indeed.

  4. Christian W

    It really is WWIII brewing isn’t it. The Middle East and much of North Africa put to the torch and sword. Europe is about to be asset stripped. Russia will get a new round of the looting treatment if they can’t hold the gates against the gnomes/orchs. Same for China. Africa is a basket case but the US is still encroaching and building up it’s military presence there. Japan, increasingly a basket case too, is back in the hands of war mongering lunatics.

    I’m just waiting for the Russian reaction to when the US/Saudi crazies manage to put some manpads into the hands of Al Qaeda in Syria. If Russian planes start to get shot down in Syria Russia will have to answer extremely firmly once and for all or the whole thing will just keep escalating gradually.

  5. emsnews

    Where is Gandalf???

    The plans for WWIII are insane and were insane when I first learned of the plans back during the Cuban Missile Crisis when my dad was flown by helicopter from our ranch to Davis Monthan Air Base and then flown to the White House to confirm the satellite photos taken by his own camera he designed.

    While he was gone, I snuck into his office and raided his files and began to figure out how the real government worked. This began my lifelong spying on my dad.

    Even the files he hid in various odd places inside walls, for example, I managed to find and read or copy whenever he left the country with my mom so no one could see me poking around in his bedroom or office.

    I wish more CIA kids did this and tried my best to urge them to do this. But then, this has a downside (ahem). I was more than willing to pay.

  6. Petruchio

    Why are the War machine bombing hospitals? Because there aren’t enough electrical and water purification plants to bomb, that’s why. And if the bombing campaign expands US warmongers will add orphanges to the bombing list.

  7. Petruchio

    “And the bombing, the DELIBERATE REPEATED bombings of obvious hospitals are all war crimes of the worst sort and all who participate in planning and ordering this and I mean YOU, Obama, and your gang, should be executed since we executed Nazis.” And Barack Obama received a Nobel Peace prize, how ’bout that, huh? Gives new meaning to the term ‘Peace Prize’. Oh well, Kissinger got one too, so Obama is in likeminded company. (At least Le Duc Tho had the good grace to decline his Nobel when named at the same time as the bloodthirsty war criminal Kissinger.)

  8. Christian W

    The Zionists are deliberately targeting the cultural heritage of Iraq, Syria and Yemen as well.

  9. emsnews

    And the breaking news: Hastert, head of the GOP in Congress, has been arrested for MAN BOY SEX!!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…funniest news, ever.

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