US To Attack Syria Openly While English Voters Want Out Of EU Due To Flood Of Refugees

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Death Penalty News: Saudi Arabia executes Burmese woman; secret filming reveals medieval, barbaric punishment


I was so distraught yesterday, I went to the local Buddhist temple to beat the drum and chant for the transit of the souls of the poor people who are being tormented by war and insane policies of the top 500 ruling elites of the people of this planet, earth.  They have gone mad, this elite gang.  They hurtle us towards WWIII mindlessly and stupidly unless we consider the strong possibility that eliminating around 80% or more of the human population is their goal and they imagine they will get to exploit the remainder of what the Earth provides.  They certainly consider the retiring population of Europe and North America a burden to be tossed to the wolves.  And killing most of the youths in Muslim lands is necessity, too.  Then there are the Chinese: too many of them, for certain.  Do not underestimate the lusts and madness of our rulers.


With zero debate in the US public and only tons and tons of lies and propaganda from our mostly-Zionist media giants, we are going to war where there is nothing but chaos except for Russia’s sane plan to support the government of Syria and not various ethnic/religious/radical/crazy terrorist groups:  Pentagon: More ground raids possible.


 The U.S. has done special operations raids in Syria and participated in a ground operation to rescue hostages last week in northern Iraq that resulted in the first U.S. combat death in Iraq since 2011. Carter did not say under what circumstances the U.S. might conduct more ground action, but said, “Once we locate them, no target is beyond our reach.”


“We won’t hold back from supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against ISIL, or conducting such missions directly, whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground,” Carter said, using an acronym for the militant group…


With little recent progress in defeating the militant group, the defense secretary’s testimony outlined a changing U.S. approach to the fight against the Islamic State. The changes point toward the prospect of deeper U.S. military involvement, although President Obama has said he would not authorize a major commitment of ground combat forces.


At the same time, Iran will be invited to take part in a multinational conference seeking a resolution to the civil war in Syria, in what would be the first instance of Tehran and Washington working together since the Iran nuclear deal was clinched.


THIS IS INFURIATING.  What ‘groups’ are we ‘supporting’?  This creature from the dark night of Stygian Darkness won’t unwrap his leathery wings and hiss to us who we ‘support’.  This is insane, this is ten times worse than the Vietnam War!  There, we supported the military coup government of Saigon.  Here, it is some shadowy nothingness which no name!  Shades of Sauron!  This lunacy is thanks to Israel which wants Syria destroyed as a nation.  Syria always scared Israel for it was bigger in size and had an organized military.


Now it lies in ruins to the immense happiness of the brutal rulers of Israel and the Palestinian people.  The evil rulers of Israel have chosen to ape Hitler and the Nazis and I see zero difference between the two ideologies except for their self-identification methodologies.  The Jews decided after WWII to become Nazis for they saw how the Final Solution works and simply think it was directed at the wrong people but in whole, it is a fantastic idea to be copied slavishly.


US ground ops in Syria ‘illegal’, may lead to ‘unpredictable’ consequences warns Putin.  The US is not coordinating anything with Russia.  Our rulers are going into this with stupid obstinacy which is going to lead to disaster.  The question ‘who are we supporting’ is totally ignored since I believe the Zionists who run the Pentagon support NO humans in Syria, they want everyone there driven out or dead and then Israel can expand or expel Muslims in that direction or both.  Land für Blut.


Meanwhile, all of Europe and now the British Imperial Alliance is shutting down borders and the EU is rapidly disintegrating thanks to these insane wars against Muslims: Australian ex-PM urges EU to drop ‘misguided altruism’ & close borders to refugees.  The ‘alturism’ was fake from day one.  It was a display put on by our Real Rulers who didn’t want the world to know about the real plans to eliminate all Muslims from Israel’s borders.  Moving these victims to Europe and the US seemed like a nice little plan to look less Nazi except the explosion in numbers took the Zionists by surprise.


Way too many!  What to do?  The simple solution is to up the war ante so anyone fleeing can be bombed and thus, blown to smithereens and then the true process of killing them all off could be called ‘fighting terrorists’.  The bombing of neutral hospitals repeatedly and for hours is proof the Nazis making war on Muslims intend to murder the populations and kill anyone giving them aid and healthcare. The US has still not even apologized for the sustained attack on the hospital in Afghanistan nor has Saudi Arabia, one of the evilest dictatorships on earth, apologized for bombing the same group’s hospital in Yemen.


Anger after Saudi Arabia ‘chosen to head key UN human rights panel’ is like electing Hitler head of religious freedom and peace initiatives.  It is insane, insulting, evil and disgusting.  How dare European and US rulers do this right in our faces?  The country that gives women the fewest human and civil rights (that is, NONE) is now in charge of this???  The barbaric, medieval ‘justice’ system is the cruelest on earth!  Saudi Arabia makes North Korea look sane.  There is zero civil rights freedoms in Saudi Arabia, zero right of any sort of free speech, my parents once were invited by the evil previous king there to do consultation work way back in the 1970’s.


It was a diplomatic disaster because my beloved mom witnessed Saudi ‘justice’: a Dutch lady whose husband worked for Shell Oil decided to take a short cut from her enclosed neighborhood which was fenced off from the US enclave across the street, so she got on her bike and decided to pedal across…and the religious police saw her and raced over going around 100 mph and SMASHED her DEAD.  My mother become hysterical, told my dad who went to the King and protested and the Saudi king said any woman going about without totally covering her body from top to bottom deserved to die so my father stormed out of the country and President Carter apologized to…the evil King!  Naturally.


ALL our President do this.  All of them.

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The EU is now collapsing.  It will cease to exist in ten years unless we have WWIII then there will be no more humans in Europe at all.  Except a rag tag few with many birth defects.  Cameron tells anti-EU campaigners: ‘Norway option’ won’t work for Britain | Politics | The Guardian.  For more interesting than the article, the comments of British people are most revealing.  Nearly all of them want out of the EU due to the disaster of the flood of refugees and the wars in the Middle East:


ennerdale 15m ago

The notion that we can flounce out of the EU and ask for a “sweet heart agreement” and some other form of favoured relationship does not bear a moment’s thought.
Far more likely to have tariff and other barriers raised against us.
THose of us who lost in 1974 always warned that the EU (asit is now) is bureaucratic, anti democratic and a vehicle for monopoly capitalism.
I hate to say “We told you so” BUT we told you so.
WE now face a stark choice – to paraphrase President Johnson – either to be in the tent pissing out or to be out of the tent being pissed on.
We could survive even prosper outside the EU, but abrogating 40 ) years of Treaties (regardless of their wisdom) damages our International credibility.
I think we should lerave but don’t expect there to be no hard feelings from the rEU because there will be – don’t doubt that there will be reprisals

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weejonnie ennerdale 10m ago

There won’t be tariffs! – The EU trades profitably with the UK and them imposing tariffs would result in retaliation in kind – causing even more job losses in the EU. So forget it. Despite appearances diplomatic staff are not children and don’t start screaming and shouting when they reach a difficult situation – they usually try and find a win-win solution.

Treflesg 16m ago

So, are we going to have any intelligent comparison of how Norway, Iceland, Leichtenstein and Switzerland have done economically, socially and politically since they decided to not join the EU and so not have a political union, but to join the free trade and free movement parts in their own ways?
They all did so accepting they would have no seat at the big table for their politicians and bureacrats, and in all of them the elite wished to be in the EU. It was the people that did not want to, as they decided they would rather have no MEP but in return keep total control of their right to hire and fire the people who decide on all those areas the EU takes over that are not about free trade and free movement e.g. all the Common Policies that have already extended to VAT on tampons, foreign policy, arrest warrants, foreign aid, energy policy and are expanding each year as the EU moves into new areas.
The PM and the pro-EU side want us to think that the UK has done better by being in the EU than Norway, Switzerland, Iceland or Leichtenstein have done by not being. But, any look at league tables for just about any measure says that actually, they have done better than we have…SmartestRs 21m ago

The fact of the matter is that we have to comply with the regulation of each and every country with whom we trade – USA, Japan, Australia, India etc. Britain is a net importer from the EU nations. It makes economic sense for all 28 EU nations to retain the trading relationship. It is the drive towards a single European super-state which leaves us (and other states) cold. We want to retain our sovereignty, the supremacy of our laws, the control of our borders and our democracy. We want to retain our nationhood rather than be subsumed into some ideologue’s vision of an integrated but suffocating European melange.

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Ndaa75 21m ago

The way I see it, we either vote yes and stay in an undemocratic political union costing us billions every year whilst being used by other large foreign governments to prop up their foreign policies and agendas, or we can go it alone, tell them all to f off and get on with life, I prefer the latter.

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babyboomer1957 Ndaa75 12m ago

Me too, Cameron and the EU can foxtrot oscar….Val Martin 24m ago

Canada, Norway and Iceland only comply with EU directives on the production of their products. Nothing else. They do not comply with Directives on the environment, labour, company law etc.. They completely control their own borders and their highest courts are their courts enforce their law. The EU has banned many products needed for innovation and production to the detriment of business. The EU operates a system of soft law, which are enforced at the option of the state, such as the Strategic Environmental Impact Directive which is by passed for its renewable energy directive. The EU strongly believes in covering the landscape with electric cables and wind turbines to the point of obsession. It can’t be fixed, it#s obsolete, thine the leave.


Here is a news story in Britain which will never see the light of day here in the US media:  Saudi Teenager Ali Mohammed al-Nimr Has Been Sentenced to Death by Crucifixion, an event that has already happened back in September this year:


A Saudi teenager is facing death by crucifixion in his home country of Saudi Arabia on charges activists say are politically motivated.


In 2012, Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, then 17, was arrested in the country’s Qatif province on reportedly shaky charges of illegal protesting and gun possession, the International Business Times reported Wednesday. There was never any evidence to support the guns charge.


After being arrested, al-Nimr was held in jail and not allowed to speak to a lawyer. According to the British legal aid group Reprieve, al-Nimr was subject to torture to extract a forced confession. A closed appeals process — which he was not invited to and occurred without his knowledge — dismissed any remaining possibility that the nation’s legal system would prevent his biblical execution.


“No one should have to go through the ordeal Ali has suffered — torture, forced ‘confession’ and an unfair, secret trial process, resulting in a sentence of death by ‘crucifixion,'” Maya Foa, director of Reprieve, said in a statement.  Al-Nimr was reportedly targeted because his uncle, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, is a noted critic of the kingdom, and is scheduled to be executed Thursday.


This is typical justice in that evil place.  Where have all the liberals gone?  I see no protests against the outrage of having one of the cruelest criminal families on earth, the Saudi royals, being in charge of this planet’s human rights!  I am so pissed off, I feel I should go…once again!…to the UN to protest.  Only I am too old, can’t take what I used to do easily 2o or 50 years ago.  But where is everyone else?  The silence today is deafening and our rulers think this means we are OK with all these outrages but then, how can people be outraged when they don’t even hear about this news in the first place?


So our Real Rulers can do as they please.  Just like here, in elections they will focus on stupid things that don’t matter and won’t discuss reality.  Look at our pre-election cycle here.  Not a peep about the vital life/death…war/mega-war issues.  The people are distracted by silly differentials of gasping actors on the public state and not a whiff is allowed of the real issues.  But the grip on power is slippery.  The far right is rising rapidly since they really are focused on the real issues.  The liberals are focused on it being slightly warmer ignoring the fact that our sun is finished with the previous 30 year warming cycle and is now entering a 30 year cooling cycle.  They want to make us colder!


So popular!  NOT.  The liberal agenda is to cut energy to the EU and US and then make it much colder.  Wow. A real winning plan.  Everyone gets to freeze to death.  While being bombed, of course.  Nuclear winter would stop any possible warm cycle in the future.  My father’s dying message to me was a warning that the sun was going into a cooling cycle and that global warming was ending and his last paper about this was censored by all the major science publications which previously published him with no problem.


“The Sun Is A Variable Star’ outraged the warmists who told him, ‘This is impossible.’  Well, it ain’t impossible, you can’t fight Mother Nature, when she does what she does, humans h


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ave zero say.  But then, we are a mad ape species.  Ask any chimpanzee.



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13 responses to “US To Attack Syria Openly While English Voters Want Out Of EU Due To Flood Of Refugees

  1. Melponeme_k

    Saudia Arabia religious police arrest Middle Eastern movie star for attracting a mob female fans who only wanted pictures and autographs.

    Protesting is that much harder now Elaine. A peaceful protester must be cognizant of the fact that they could be beaten by the police and have a file of themselves created with the FBI/CIA/Mossad and any other spook group out there. They have to be aware that they could lose their jobs and never be able to enter the workforce again. Even flying in country or out would become a nightmare. This isn’t even getting into being arrested and then rotting in prison. THAT is a lot of blowback for protesting. Especially when most people are making do with any job they can get and they have families to feed. The young people now have grown up in a bubble of propaganda, you won’t hear peeps from them. My generation (what they call X) is so small that we practically don’t exist.

    As I’ve said before, change only happens when food disappears from the table. That was the single biggest factor of ALL revolutions from beginning of time until now.

  2. emsnews

    The two swarms are at the upper end of the San Andreas near SF and Oakland and at the bottom end near LA to San Diego. The MIDDLE part is totally silent and this is the part that is going to blow, big time.

    I have been expecting this for the last three years. Predicting the year of the blowout is nearly impossible but the probability of it happening in the nearer future is rising rapidly.

  3. Sunger

    elaine said ” The liberal agenda is to cut energy to the EU and US and then make it much colder. Wow. A real winning plan. Everyone gets to freeze to death. While being bombed, of course. Nuclear winter would stop any possible warm cycle in the future.”

    Apparently you are not aware that nuclear winter is a short-term phenomenon- not a long-term permanent state.

    Why would “liberals” want everyone to freeze to death? It’s the liberals that are always pushing the winter heating assistance measures.

    Oh and so the “conservatives” will make sure everyone is warm and happy? What planet is this? Oil and other fuels are not produced by political orientation.

  4. Sunger

    Elaine said “My father’s dying message to me was a warning that the sun was going into a cooling cycle and that global warming was ending and his last paper about this was censored by all the major science publications which previously published him with no problem.”

    If you dad was such a great scientist, he would have been deeply interested in all the climate research that has gone on since the 1980s.

    A legitimate scientist would never proclaims that he/she knows ALL there is to know about a particular field ie especially about a field that is as complicated as earth’s climate.

    And a legitimate scientist would NEVER proclaim that their personal scientific conclusions or opinions were perfect and that no further research was needed in that field. Never would be done by a legitimate scientist.

    Maybe your dad was wrong on this? Scientists all know that their own conclusions are probably only temporary and will suceeded by future research findings.

    Science has no mechanism to censor individual scientists other than peer review.Just because the scientific community did not accept your dad’s personal conclusions does not mean that he was censored by the scientific community or the victim of a conspiracy.

  5. emsnews

    He was predicting the FUTURE.

    Scientists do this, you know. When the future arrives, we get to see who was right and who was wrong.

    The ‘future’ in this case is 2030.

  6. Lou

    What will the weather for 2015-16 for the lower 48 be like?

    California had a hot summer and it is still very hot here.

  7. Ken

    I think the doom and gloom is overblown. I’m only a couple of years younger than Elaine, so I’m surprised that she doesn’t remember the predictions of imminent destruction from our youth. I heard an “oldie” on the radio the other day titled Eve of Destruction. It helped to bring back how certain everyone was that we were all on the edge of doom. Just like today. Same old, same old.

  8. Christian W


    I dunno. This time the cold war is hotter. The Russian bombs in Syria are killing American Special Forces and Blackwater types (read Al Qaeda and ISIS), which is why the Americans are going apoplectic. My bet is that the Russian cruise missiles that hit Syria weren’t aimed at some random ISIS dudes but were a very specific point to the US.

    And the US almost launched nukes during the Cuban missile crisis. Someone, by the looks of it, tried to start WWIII but a sane American captain waited for verification of the launch order.

  9. pontiff holysh*t

    Well, if Captain Bassett was prepared to launch nukes based on “. . .verbal authorization from the ‘senior officer in the field’ or the upgrade to DEFCON 1 by Missile Operations Center” I am not sure he qualifies as being sane, but whatever I guess.

    Death 1- Humans 0 as always.

  10. emsnews

    Good lord!

    Most people sailed through several near-nuclear war events blissfully unaware. The Cuban Missile Crisis: We were TERRIFIED. We fled to the hidey hole in the mountains during that event while all our neighbors sat at home, possible dead ducks.

    We were prepared for WWIII whereas everyone else just sat there.

    The Kennedy assassination: this was mid-day on a Friday. I was in school. All the military jets took off one after another from Davis Monthan Air Base. I began counting them.

    I was diagraming sentences and ceased doing this and counted in a whisper when I came to 30 jets, I told my teacher I had to leave. She said, ‘What?’ And I BOLTED. Out the door, grabbed my bike and tore off towards Mt. Lemmon Highway heading to the Rincon pass.

    I expected nuclear bombs to fall any minute. But then I stopped near a car which had the radio on and the driver was crying and on the radio, Khruschev was announcing he was NOT dropping bombs and was very sincere about this assassin who came out of Russia…by the time I came home, my dad was already there and he told me we were not going to war.

    I threw up.

    Well, when Oswald was assassinated, I saw it live on TV because I was still sick and at home when it was live on TV. I got sick again. I knew we would be at war in Asia because of this…grrr.

    My dad expected to be assassinated himself but guess what?

    I WAS the one who assassins attacked! Three times! One guy shot at me four times and missed! Ha.

    Luck, pure luck. Assassins pop up out of nowhere, it is very disconcerting. The one who did this in LA, I was ringing a doorbell and had a suitcase which I threw at him. Eventually the cops caught him. There was no trial, he was found insane not that I felt any better about this.

  11. Christian W

    The US bombs Iraqi troops fighting ISIS.

    Oops. But this isn’t the first time. It’s a pattern that the US Air Force is the ISIS Air Force too killing both (some very few) ISIS and Iraqi troops whenever the Iraqis get too uppity and successful. Bloody murderers.

  12. Quoting the phrase that ennerdale at the Guardian used: “monopoly capitalism.” THAT is US-style ‘democracy’. ‘Nuff said.

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