GOP Leader Of House Now Guilty Of Boy/Man Sex!!!

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North American Man/Boy Love Association has been condemned by every GOP creep on earth for years and years and years and then we have this startling news (hahaha) yesterday: Ex-House Speaker Dennis Hastert pleads GUILTY to hiding underage gay sex plot | Daily Mail Online


Ex-House Speaker Dennis Hastert pleads GUILTY to hiding underage gay sex plot:  Dennis Hastert, 73, was indicted in May for breaking federal banking laws while paying hush money to someone blackmailing him.


That unnamed individual, a male, was allegedly molested by Hastert during the politician’s days as a high school wrestling coach
Appearing in court in Chicago Wednesday, he said: ‘I didn’t want them to know how I intended to spend the money’.


Hastert admitted to one count of ‘structuring’ – taking money out in amounts below $10,000 to evade bank reporting rules on large withdrawals
He could face up to five years prison, but sources say he will serve a year.


THIS IS NOT NEWS IN THE US!!!  Here is a screen shot of NYT news about the change in leadership in the House due to this arrest:

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Chaos??? HAHAHA.  Now go look up information about this arrest and huge scandal and it is all over the news, eh?  NOT!!!!  It is only on the fringe, the barest fringe.  Here is the search engine finding only obscure sites like my own news site:

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It is a well known psychological fact that people who hate something way too much usually are doing that very same thing.  Trotskyist David Thorstad is someone I knew when I was very politically active in NYC politics way back when I moved there in 1974 after the city of Tucson forced me out of my house and then the air force dropped a jet on it and blew everything up after it was turned into a parking lot.  Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi – YouTube: a song I loved back in 1970 little knowing that it would be my fate.  That is, to have my garden and little house turned into a parking lot which forced me to move to NYC where I got to know various people on the left who were politically active against the Vietnam War and the CIA.


Thorstad became the founder of the North American Man/Boy Love Association after he was inspired by people like myself who were organizing various front groups fighting for sexual rights, in my case, women’s rights especially concerning birth control and other sexual issues.  The GOP has been totally against and still pretends to be totally against all sexual rights and wants Saudi-style sex suppression except they are all sex fiends!  I knew this way back in 1966 when I first began organizing at age 16 to fight for sexual rights.  I was put on birth control pills when only 13 years old in 1964 because of medical reasons, my first period was spent in the hospital and emergency surgery for I nearly bled to death and had serious problems.


I was the youngest person in the US to be put on birth control pills and the surgeons didn’t tell me this was birth control pills until I showed them to Linda Ronstadt who at this time was my oldest sister’s roommate and she told me what they were.  I was so shocked, I called my doctor and yelled at him and he yelled at me and I never trusted a doctor again after that.  Sexual rights became a huge issue for me and I was very much involved in the Women’s Rights Movement after that.


The GOP hates us to this day and hates gays above all people and want to persecute them.  It has been a running joke for us all that all the gay haters are actually gay.  When mayor Koch of NYC was fighting me tooth and nail, I had a meeting with the local gay rights men about him and we decided to confront him about his hidden sex life.  We set up a meeting where we had one of the cuter gay men sit near Koch and I then observed how Koch acted, namely Koch would glare at me and the pretty lady sitting next to me but would smile at our gay friend sitting next to her.  We found this immensely funny.


Anyways, the fight for the simplest courtesies such as forcing cops to treat crimes against gays as crimes and not funny times, for example, was a huge battle.  To stop them from gay baiting and arresting gays for adult gay men seeking each other for sex was a gigantic ugly hard battle that lasted YEARS.  It was horrible, like sexually free women in the past, gay men have been burned at the stake, tortured, persecuted and abused for centuries.


My grandmother, Hannah Pettit, was a women’s right activist who defied Victorian restrictions on women and fought for the right to vote and I felt very strongly about sexual rights since when I could first remember doing anything political at a very young age and I appreciate the battles my grandmother waged, the dangers she defied, I did this, too and gay men were in particular danger fighting openly for their civil rights as were black men (more so than black women who were ignored mostly by the ruling class) who defied racist laws.  We are in the same battle and one of the saddest things for me was how black civil rights leaders, in meetings we had in the past, would not support sexual rights back in the 1960’s.


The GOP hates all of this and fights this tooth and nail and then…are a bunch of sex fiends.  We knew this!  We made fun of this!  Gay rights men had to threaten more than one GOP politician that they would reveal their sex lives if they didn’t stop attacking gays.  Well, Hastert isn’t from New York or we would have unveiled his sex stuff years ago.  He is from Illinois.  His man/boy sex stuff isn’t in Wikipedia yet.  Will probably be added by tomorrow.


This news doesn’t shock me at all: this is NORMAL for fascist right wing bastards!  From Hitler to Hastert.


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15 responses to “GOP Leader Of House Now Guilty Of Boy/Man Sex!!!

  1. Melponeme_k

    I’m not surprised at all that these power mongers are criminals and prey on children. This is the only type of person that the elite are willing to allow to survive in politics. People they can control and throw away easily. Anyone who is honest and civic minded would suddenly meet up with an “accident”.

    OT news

    RT news claims that Austrians are buying out all available shotguns now that their country is being over run with illegal aliens.

  2. Lou

    This news doesn’t shock me at all: this is NORMAL for fascist right wing bastards! From Hitler to Hastert.
    Yawn. Hastert is in the news. I even heard that story on am radio.

    EMS does not want to look at the ‘Larry Birkin story’ or all the gay men who bugger or would like to bugger pre teen boys.

    Convicted sex offender pleads not guilty to boy’s killing in 1986
    Veronica Rocha and Cindy Chang

    Kenneth Rasmuson, previously convicted of abducting and sexually assaulting a 3-year-old boy, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges that he molested and killed a boy in 1986. Rasmuson, 53, is charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of two 6-year-old boys, Jeffrey Vargo and Miguel Antero,…

    Leader of Gay Rights Movement jailed, had porn of 2 year old being buggered. SF has or had a ‘Larry Birkin Day or week’,

  3. emsnews

    THe entire sex issue is a problem for humans. We are after all, wild sex monkeys. Have been for several million years.

  4. JimmyJ

    Bi-partisan paranoia at work in House as Reps ponder the immense threat of the border with Canada.

    I’m going to bet there’ll be a wall here before the border with Mexico because drug trafficking and cheap labour are worth more to the US economy than Middle East immigrants.

  5. vengeur

    Just like the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal at Purdue, people had to know about the perverted behavior of Hastert, but looked the other way.

  6. Petruchio

    Here’s a partial list of GOP House Speaker “achievement”:
    Bob Livingston: resigned in disgrace. Newt Gingrich: resigned in disgrace. Tom Delay: resigned in disgrace. Lastly, Denny Hastert: resigned in disgrace. Gingrich had over 300(!!) ethics violations. Our ‘honorable members of Congress plea bargained him down to only 2 or 3 charges. (Mighty generous of them, I think). Tom “The Hammer” Delay had voting fraud and embezzlement charges. DeLay got sentenced to prison, but he’s from Texas so DeLay may walk scot-free Who knows if he served any time. Denny Hastert is a former high school chemistry teacher turned political whore. Now, in ANY legitimate political process, one that isn’t thoroughly corrupted, this track record should have sunk the GOP a long, long time ago. Sad but true fact: the elites do NOT let you into politics unless they have leverage over you, usually meaning some form of scandal which would allow the elites to destroy you at any time. This system isn’t gonna change on its own; people are gonna have to mobilize at the grassroots level and FORCE change.

  7. Christian W

    Rush Limbaugh is another right winger typical of this particular brand. Must be quite a lot of them around since the GOP message of hate and intolerance resonates so deeply with a large part of the US.

    Not that it is confined just to the US. Male pedophilia for boys is a huge problem in Afghanistan now too. A US soldier (a Green Beret no less) was kicked out of the US Army recently because he tried to save a boy sex slave, who was kept on a chain tied to the bed of an Afghani leader. I bet this type of pedophilia is rampant within the Wahhabi sect too (and ISIS). Never mind the Catholic church. Or the British elite… etc.

    Obviously there is something in the mindset behind Patriarchalism that links to homosexuality (and corruption).

  8. vengeur

    Sure CW, and every Democrat is a pervert like Barney Frank or a Anthony Wiener.

  9. Jim R

    It seems pedophiles and sociopaths are attracted to positions of power. Not really surprising when you think about it. Pedophile priests have been sort of a running joke in the Catholic Church for centuries.

    It is more about power, and domination, and the master/slave thing than it is about sex.

    On the geopolitical scale, this urge to dominate must be behind the destruction of progressive Middle Eastern countries. They didn’t submit to the ministrations of the psychopaths of the world hegemon, so they had to be destroyed.

    I didn’t catch the beginning of the story, but just now on the BBC they were talking about someone who has been caught in a refugee center in Germany. Someone who has molested and killed several children.

  10. Michael

    … and the blackmailer goes free

  11. Jim R

    Here is the story I was talking about. They didn’t release the name, but apparently it was just a schmuck who liked to kill children. Front page BBC is a story about Roman Polansky.

    Apparently they are working to distract attention from all the pedophile Lords and MPs and other high flying muckety-mucks in the news recently.

  12. @Elaine: “Anyways, the fight for the simplest courtesies such as forcing cops to treat crimes against gays as crimes and not funny times, for example, was a huge battle. To stop them from gay baiting and arresting gays for adult gay men seeking each other for sex was a gigantic ugly hard battle that lasted YEARS.”

    And is still going on in countries such as Russia, where, after asking for and receiving advice from US GOP “Christian” NGOs like the Family Research Council and the American Family Association, the Russian State Duma passed a bill prohibiting “Homosexual Propaganda”, meaning, anything positive or even neutral about lesbians and gays, including the free speech and expression rights of the Russian lesbians and gays themselves.

    And Putin signed it! Not that he’s one of those creeps, of course. But after he leaves office, I bet there will be scandals coming out of the government bureaucracy and the Orthodox Church hierarchy there of widespread man/boy sex escapades. Already there have been for quite a few years now right-wing groups like Occupy Pedofilya and Occupy Gerontofilya whose business is to find, entrap and sexually torture unfortunate gay and bisexual men, even teenage boys. And you all know they get their sexual kicks and jollies from this!

  13. Link for Occupy Gerontofilya.

  14. Second link for Occupy Gerontofilya. The one in my post (#13) above is actually for both groups.

  15. Petruchio

    On a related matter, is everyone here familiar with the name Jacob Wetterling? He is the young boy who was abducted and has been missing for something like the last 18 years. His story has made national headlines. For these past 18 years, police DID have a prime suspect. they just didn’t have enough proof to arrest. Up until now. Finally, investigators DO have enough evidence for an arrest AND their prime suspect was finally arrested.

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