Mainstream US Media Angry Trump Still Leads, They Push Rubio

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The push to put Rubio up as the GOP candidate which is a media giant owners of US information systems…top candidate.  Yes, son of recent immigrants is the best choice for our nation.  My mother’s side of the family has lived here for a mere 450 years.  My dad’s, only 150 years.  Donald Trump’s family came when my dad’s family came.  So he is the one the US media giants do not want for President.  They want Rubio.


Here are the headlines this morning:

Rubio, Cruz, Christie Improve Their Standing In Third GOP Debate

Here’s Why Marco Rubio Might Just Save the GOP in 2016 – Roll Call

Rubio, Cruz dominate rowdy Republican presidential debate | Reuters

Marco Rubio won the CNBC debate: The Florida senator’s third GOP …

Donald Trump rules Twitter during GOP debate. Rand Paul barely registers.

These headlines are just a sample of the consensus of our Real Rulers that Rubio is ‘da man’.  They don’t like Trump.  He is independently rich and has no need to beg for favors or money from our rulers so they can’t control him.  He is ‘da Boss man’.  Erk.  If he continues to be a menace to their rule, they may arrange a Kennedy solution.


Not so fast, Ben! Latest national poll has Trump still in the lead by a whopping 14 points after fluke survey had put Carson on top.


Like my dad’s side of the family, Trump is Deutsche.  Ich bin halp Deutsch. Ja, und lebt einmal im Tübingen, Deutschland.  My father was a Lutheran but Trump is Presbyterian.  Many US Presidents were Presbytarians in the past.  But now our media owners focus on the Catholic votes so long as it is also Zionist.


Trump Slams Casino Magnate Sheldon Adelson for Favoring Rubio: this is the Real Rulers stuff.  Adelson is a Zionist Jewish lobbyist who is pushing for WWIII with Muslims and stealing stuff in the Middle East.


No wonder Hillary thinks she is inevitable: She ALREADY has the votes of 500 Democratic establishment ‘superdelegates’ locked up which is a trick pulled by the elites who hated some of the candidates the Democratic primary voters chose in the past.  This is why only one person, a Socialist, is running against this despicable woman.


Lalalala, Hillary sings as she screws everyone and gives us no choice.  The fact that the barely visible before today Saunders has managed to be amazingly popular even with near zero media help shows how unhappy Democrats really are with Hillary.


Our elections are basically frauds.  There should never, ever be ‘super delegates’ in the first place. It stinks to high heaven.  But then, we see people we vote for eliminated in rather violent ways, too.


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28 responses to “Mainstream US Media Angry Trump Still Leads, They Push Rubio

  1. Christian W

    If Hillary manages to get elected it will be a triumph for the Diebold voting machines.

    That said, the leading Norwegian newspaper was preparing the ground by publishing a pro-Hillary piece the other day.

  2. Christian W

    Elaine, here is a review on a new book on Allen Dulles and the CIA that should interest you as it touches directly on some of the major threads of your life, many of which you have talked about recently.

    You really need to write a book of what you have been telling us lately about your father’s life and your attempts at finding the truth. It’s time the American people really woke up to what happened, and is happening, to their nation.

    Psychopaths love chaos and hate rules. This is why we see the world in increasing chaos today and the rules and law and international law of the Liberal world order is under siege. This is why Putin is so hated by the elites. This is why no alternative to the US unipolar world is tolerated. This is why we find Syrians in the dark forests of northern Scandinavia all of a sudden.

    There are very, very insane people in charge of the US right now.

  3. nclaughlin

    GOP establishment’s Rick Wilson: Donor class must put a bullet in Donald Trump.

    There are all kinds of psychos walking around out there. The danger is that this may be the signal they are waiting for.

  4. Melponeme_k

    The elites are smelling hints of Roosevelt with Trump. Although he is rich, he is not working in tandem with them. They can’t gauge where he is going with all of it.

    If he is serious about what he is saying than he could be in real danger. However if he is just pulling that old trick of talking about things that the people want than pull out of the race leaving everyone high and dry….he will not be touched.

  5. “If Hillary manages to get elected it will be a triumph for the Diebold voting machines.”

    I predict the machines will do their work in the Republican primaries now that Jeb! has no chance of clinching the nomination. Hillary will probably be able to defeat Rubio in the general election even if we only have transparent ballot boxes, pens, and ballot papers. And honest counting of the ballots, and no stuffing the boxes.

  6. Sunger

    Rubio is a religious extremist. He started out as an evangelical Catholic- a really freaky bunch. Then he went and converted to MORMONISM as an adult. Then he converted back to evangelical catholicism.

    Mormonism has the craziest belieifs outside of Scientology. Flesh and blood gods, Israeli invasion of N. America thousands of years ago, baptizing the dead as Mormons, the Mormon president personally talks to god, humans become gods in another world at death, etc, etc, etc. All extremely crazy.

    Rubio and his wife allegedly have 17 or more reckless driving tickets between them. How’d you like this dude to have his finger on the nuclear button?

    Another GOP clown puppet.

  7. kenogami

    Here is a headline that we may expect to see in the future:

    Trump murdered by “Mexican drug lord El Chapo”.

    Just like JF Kennedy was “murdered by loner Lee H Ostwald”.

  8. CK

    Rubio’s family emigrated from Cuba 2 years before Castro came into power.
    Rubio’s big money supporter is Norman Braman ex-owner of the Philadelphia Eagles and used car salesman supreme.
    Braman is a level or two below Adelson and Saban on the seriously rich scale.
    Rubio’s wife was a Miami Dolphins cheerleader for two years and has held her attractiveness
    ¡Jeb!’s not so much.
    It is only a crime to talk about murder of a politician after his or her successful ascendency.

  9. Moe

    My prediction: Only in a different universe would Trump be elected president. Not because he wouldn’t be dynamic, effectual, and (perhaps) even honest, but because he is an outsider. Hillary is the ‘Anointed One’ and she will be the next US president, whether US voters want her or not: the Elite Unelected have decided, and spoken, and the serfs will be obliged to accommodate them.

  10. Nani



    Your posts are so well written and articulated, so i think you could have written a book or a blog yourself. Just saying..

    And yes, more people need to know what is really going on in the world.

  11. I vote Trump but if he falters then it will be John Mcafee unless Jim Webb decides to run as an independent…pretty depressing.

  12. emsnews

    Thanks for the comments today.

    My well pump broke and so I had to work all yesterday afternoon and today’s morning to get ready for the well guys who then pulled the 200 foot deep well system and replace it.

    THEN I had to get a pellet stove for my 92 year old father in law who is too old for a regular, crummy stove and install it and remove the old one and we ran out of time and have to finish it tomorrow.

    I am TIRED. Long, hard day, this.

    The news: Obama is going to ‘fight ISIS’ in Syria…um…why not stop paying them??? Ain’t they US CIA creatures???

  13. emsnews

    Oh, and Black Lives Matter squads of squawkers shouted down Hillary, the choice of the elites and powerful. They didn’t want to hear a word she said and I don’t blame them.

  14. Jim R

    The news: Obama is going to ‘fight ISIS’ in Syria…um…why not stop paying them??? Ain’t they US CIA creatures???

    I have the same thought every time the topic comes up. But if I say it out loud I am accused of shilling for the Kremlin. Or “they are selling oil”… well, now, how do they do that with all the financial regulations now in place? You can’t move US$10,000 anywhere on the planet without it showing up in a report someplace in Washington.

  15. Jim R

    Looks like it’ll be Special Ops vs Spetsnaz.

    We shall see who has the bigger cojones. After watching Slavs fight in the Donbass, I would be reluctant to bet against them…

  16. Petruchio

    “The news: Obama is going to ‘fight ISIS’ in Syria…um…why not stop paying them??? Ain’t they US CIA creatures???” Why yes, ISIS is on the CIA payroll. Behind closed doors, Putin is having loads of laughs over the sight of the US “fighting” ISIS. If Obama doesn’t put up a front of fighting ISIS, the fraud is exposed for all the world to see! The world will know-as if it doesn’t already-that the US has been nurturing and protecting ISIS (ISIL) from its inception. Putin has put Puppet Obama and his owners between a rock and a hard place: the US has no desire to fight their puppets in Syria, but the US can’t afford to admit the truth: that they are using ISIS as proxies. My guess is the US will conduct a fake “war” against ISS, giving their Puppets ISIS intel about what the Russians are going to do to them.

  17. emsnews


    ISRAEL is scared of this monster they wanted to create. It is on their borders and glaring at THEM now. Ditto, the corrupt evil Saudi royals. They are all scared to death of ISIS.

    Little did they know this would happen despite all of history and fairy tales explaining how Frankenstein monsters always turn on their masters.

  18. Christian W

    Thanks for the kind words, Nani 🙂


    Nope. The fact is the US is actively supporting ISIS. Look at this data:

    from this interesting article at Moon of Alabama:

    US strikes:

    ~4 strikes per day up to Oct 20
    4 – Oct 20 Tuesday
    8 – Oct 21 Wednesday
    1 – Oct 22 Thursday
    0 – Oct 23 Friday
    0 – Oct 24 Saturday
    0 – Oct 26 Sunday
    1 – Oct 27 Monday
    0 – Oct 28 Tuesday
    0 – Oct 29 Wednesday

    The US stopped bombing ISIS in October. This deliberate lull in the bombings allowed ISIS a window to regroup and send tanks and jihad-mobiles, from northern Syria and Iraq, to attack the Syrian Army’s supply lines in Syria on the road to Aleppo.

    At the same time the US bombed the spear head of the Shiite/Iranian forces mopping up ISIS units in Iraq to stop the advance on ISIS (as I showed in a link the other day) again create breathing space for ISIS so they could regroup.

    No wonder Iraq set up a new intelligence center (with Russia and Iran) bypassing the US one in Iraq. This allowed Iraq to have significant military success when the US didn’t have direct information on their every move, which they could pass on to ISIS and prepare against every single move by the Iraqi forces. The new intelligence center infuriated the US no end of course.

    The current US move to ‘send’ Special Forces to Syria is simply a maneuver to make already existing US forces visible and make it harder for Russia to bomb ISIS and Al Nusra/Qaeda forces, without *officially* killing American soldiers. My bet is that at least around 50 US special forces and contractor field agents have been killed by the Russian bombing campaign so far.

    If the US really wanted to fight ISIS they would make sure Turkey closed the border to Syria and impose sanctions on everyone buying cheap oil from ISIS (ie Israel and Turkey). ISIS would be starved out in a few months at most, especially in Idlib in the north of Syria south of Turkey. Instead Turkey is allowed to bomb the Kurds..

    See? The US is undermining and backstabbing EVERYONE in the region while pumping billions of dollars and military supplies into Israel and to some extent Saudi Arabia. The US figures it can keep chopping off the head of ISIS while letting the zombie body wreak havoc in Syria and Iraq and direct it against Russia and Iran in time.

    The US really is a double faced monster.

  19. Petruchio

    “The current US move to ‘send’ Special Forces to Syria is simply a maneuver to make already existing US forces visible and make it harder for Russia to bomb ISIS and Al Nusra/Qaeda forces, without *officially* killing American soldiers.” That’s what I was thinking too. US ‘boots on the ground’, serving as human shields for ISIS. US warmongers, I am sure, have no qualms about putting US troops in harm’s way; troops are just cannon fodder. Remember the 26 Navy SEALS that hit the bin Laden compound, supposedly killing Osama himself? All killed when a rocket brought down the chopper they were in. (Lesson here: as soon as you are no longer useful to the elites-or know too much information-they KILL you). This is going to be fun to watch! US ‘boots on the ground’! Vlad Putin made them do it. Putin has put the US War Machine between a rock and a hard place. And Vlad has his heel on one of those rocks!

  20. emsnews

    The problem is the Golem problem: the Zionists in the US and Israel wanted this monster to destroy Putin, Assad, Libya, Iraq, etc. And it tries and tries only IT WILL DESTROY ITS CREATOR.

    No ifs ands or buts! Insane, isn’t it? The story of the Golem is Jewish and at least 400 years old.

  21. Christian W

    I agree with that one. As you say history loves to repeat itself. ISIS is modeled on the old Hashishin – the word that became assassin in English.

    Hashishin were young male suicide attackers who were fanatical muslims (brain washed), drug fueled (hashish then, captagon (amphetamine) now) and denied sex (sex was instead used as a carrot ie a future reward in heaven).

    If ISIS manages to take full control it will create an army of extremely motivated, expertly trained and battle hardened (far more so than the Israeli army) fanatics. The Israeli plan is of course never to let ISIS, or any Arab or Persian army, grow strong. If it fails Israel will have an army of Arab Samurai warriors surrounding it. If at that point Israel has lost control over it’s American gorilla (yeah, not likely is it) then Israel will indeed be in trouble.

  22. emsnews

    Well, they already created this and moved half of it into Europe. How the Zionists will survive this is impossible. They can’t nuke their way out of this.

  23. Petruchio

    Elaine: So…you are telling me that ISIS was created based on some 400 year old fairy tale called a Golem that even a reasonably well adjusted 10 year old would find ridiculous? Insane hardly covers it.

  24. Jim R

    Petruchio, I don’t think Elaine meant that they were literally trying to create a gigantic clay beast to do their bidding. It’s just that there is a theme that runs through Jewish mythology … nuclear energy could be described as a Golem, for example …

    If people would just read those old stories to the ending, it’s always the same: the sorcerer’s apprentice wreaks havoc with his clumsy magic, Frankenstein’s monster goes on a rampage, and etc.

    There are similar monsters in other mythologies. I think it is a human thing.

    The “Islamic Caliphpate” or “Daesh” or whatver you like to call it, is a Golem. And it could follow the same course as Golems from the ancient mythologies.

  25. Petruchio

    @#24 Jim R: No I figured Elaine meant that ISIS was their representation of a ‘Golem’.

  26. Jim R

    By the way, changing the name of the monster is an old old ploy in propaganda and ancient magic. The beast is much more scary if you don’t have a name for it.

    Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of ‘roided-up criminals with guns.

  27. emsnews

    All children’s fairy tales tell deep truths about humans. And magic.

  28. Petruchio

    @#27Elaine: Grimm indeed, Elaine. HaHa!!

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