The Cassandra Paradox: The More People Are Warned Of Destruction, The Faster They Run Towards It

Horrible History of Hoch Hall, Kansas University, where I discovered the truth about many things in one horrific and violent night:


In 1967, Hoch Auditorium became the site of a fatal accident when 15-year-old Lorraine Kelvin of Clayton, Missouri fell 64-70 feet from a catwalk while attending the Kansas University Midwestern Music and Arts Camp.[4]
On June 15, 1991, Hoch Auditorium was struck by lightning. The auditorium and stage area were completely destroyed. Only the limestone facade and lobby area were spared.


It was no accident.  I woke up tonight and thought about that day when Lorraine died.  I looked it up online and finally, someone has posted the story so people won’t think I am making things up.  This is the biggest event in my life that utterly changed me forever.  It was my first exorcism.


I won a scholarship to go to Kansas University based on my rising linguistic skills and I was very highly placed, the next year, I came in second in the National German Scholarship program, but was declared the winner when the organization learned the winner who beat me barely, was a native of Germany!


Back to my Kansas scholarship: I arrived very happy and ready to learn.  Believe it or not, the Lutheran Church Synod was sponsoring me and a group of pastors within the organization wanted me to break the ceiling forbidding women preachers, they felt I could persuade the Church to reform.


That is how religious I was.


The first day at the University, I walked with my dad past Hoch Hall, the auditorium built during the Victorian era.  I shuddered in the hot sun and said to my father, ‘I don’t ever want to go into that building’.  But when my dad left, the dorm mother came to me because I told a number of girls, I won’t ever go to the auditorium and she said, when the opening initiation ceremony in the building begins that evening, I better be there or else.


So reluctantly, I went.


I could sense (having been hit by lightning twice at that point in my life) a thunderstorm approaching, muttering softly in the distance.  I was very gloomy due to this approach.  I went inside the doomed building with my roomate, Sue.  It was icy cold in the hot summer evening in that cave of death.  I grit my teeth and sat there until the storm was getting quite loud outside.


Suddenly, simultaneous with a lightning strike nearby, I saw this vision of a young girl falling through the ceiling next to the stage and hitting two chairs in the front row.  I screamed.  Jumping up, I ran out of the building and into the rising storm.


There was general chaos when I did this.  The school nearly threw me out but they forgave me, barely.  Word spread rapidly about my vision after I told four girlfriends.  It became a joke after a while and I bore with this but then…one lovely day, I was standing in line to get my lunch when I heard this happy voice behind me.


It was Lorraine talking to the son of the University President.  My jaw dropped.  I blurted out, ‘Lorraine, please promise me you will never go into Hoch Hall!  Please!’  She and her boyfriend laughed and she promised me she wouldn’t do this.  I sighed with relief and ceased worrying about things.


Until a very hot day at the end of July.


I was in my class that discussed, in German, the philosophers of the 19th century (arggh!!!) and I was talking about Kant and Schopenhauer.  We were discussing FATE.


I heard a scream for Hoch Hall was just up the hill from where I was sitting.  I froze.  Grinding my teeth and sat and listened to another scream. I stood up.  ‘NO,’ a voice said from the distance of my own mind.  I ran from the room, out the door, into the hot sun, ran up the hill as the ambulance showed up the police were already rushing into the dark maw of that murderous building.


‘Let me in!’ I yelled but the police restrained me.  Students rushed up, a number of them recognized me as That Person and there was general horror.  I got to look inside the door and I saw that Lorraine was still alive and I pointed at the inside and said, ‘You can’t get away from ME, I will destroy you!’  The police were startled by this but I ran off to give orders to other students to assist me.


That is, good friends had to go to the hospital and report to me what transpired there and others were to keep anyone from bothering me for the next 12 hours and I went to my room and meditated on what to do.

Official Sikkim Pegasus

My parents went all over the earth doing odd things.  One place they entered when few Westerners dared go was deep in the Himalayan Mountains and in one case, to Sikkim, the Hidden Kingdom.  There, the King heard about how Pegasus rescued me when I was hit by lightning so he gave me his own Pegasus statue, made of bronze.  It is two feet tall.


I had that with me so I set Him up inside a chalk circle I drew thinking, ‘This will keep It out’.  I then took my Torah in Hebrew and my German Bible out and opened up both to Psalms 24 and drew a sun, moon and path between both on the rim of my chalk circle.


I then waited.  At sunset, I heard a voice and looked out the window and saw Lorraine’s essential being depart, safely and untouched.  I then blocked her passage saying, ‘You (It) cannot follow, You must first fight me.’


A minute later, my friends ran in the room, crying about her death at the hospital.  I didn’t cry at all.  Sue said, ‘Your heart is made of stone!’  I said, ‘I have a grave battle to fight, I cannot cry.’


I ordered everyone to stay away from me.  I then began to work on pulling the Entity from Hoch (German for ‘high up/heaven’) Hall.  I instinctively did various things to call It to me and…It came.  The battle we had was interesting since it was entirely about time travel.  Mainly, It knew all about my father’s past in Germany and other interesting things and I went to everywhere my father went during WWII…in this dream-like state.

transformation into pegasus

Only much of this was my own future when I got to Germany the next year thanks to winning, and I did all the things I foresaw at Kansas.  It was a terrible experience, doing this but had to be done and I am the only human on earth who knows exactly what my dad did during Operation Paperclip, aside from a number of Nazis, some of whom I interviewed over the years.


Back to Kansas: I was fairly innocent that night and came out of it, totally changed.  The final battle was waged in The Lost Tomb of Jesus where the Entity gloated that all Christians were fooled, Jesus really died.  I didn’t despair like It expected, I looked at his body lying there so sadly and felt sorrow and pity.


An understanding how it was wonderful news that he was really a human who I could sympathize with after his terrible death, filled me with joy.  This, the creature I was chasing, found this reaction infuriating and It raged at me, but then, I could succeed in my operation and It was banished except for one thing: Hoch Hall was doomed.


Years later when I saw in the news that lightning bolts annihilated it, I was not at all surprised.  1991 was the year I left NYC and moved to my high mountain here in upstate NY.  I had to leave everything and live here, in nature, in the mountains again as I did as a child.  It was sheer survival.

Elaine Supkis Tucson AZ 1969

After I did this exorcism in Kansas, I met a number of famous people who were very interested in this, such as Sybil Leek, for example.  And the founder of the Scientologist scam, Ron.  HAHAHA.  Both wanted to see me do the lightning thing so I did.  I wrecked Sybil’s public game, she was horrified when I sent her own celestial advisor away permanently after she challenged me while at the top story of the Pioneer Hotel in Tucson (which later burned down, too!) but Ron, on the other hand, announced he was (sitting at my kitchen table in Tucson) going to enslave me and win a psychic battle so we did the ‘stare at each other’ game which is fun for me.


Finally, he yelled at me and threw his stupid book at my head, I ducked, and pointed at him and said, being still a very young lady, ‘You will never have sex again!’…and…he couldn’t do it anymore. I didn’t learn this for a number of years but when learning about it, was amused at how literal a curse can be.


His cruel, insane, horrible and evil group still runs riot doing stupid things but now Leah Remini details alleged Scientology plot to recruit her best friend Jennifer Lopez at Tom Cruise’s wedding and reveals the surprising extent of Katie Holmes’ involvement in the Church   As yet another scandal engulfs this utterly evil organization and I hope the guys at the top are put in prison.


Americans love Gothic Horror stories yet know nearly nothing about the Skull and Bones despite our many attempts at exposing this satanic cult which one of my ancestors founded at Yale long ago (Henry Steele).  The Real Gothic runs hard in my own family and we are about as weird as it gets yet we have near total cover.  No one is talking about me, even when I do something huge in public like my Kansas event which everyone talked about, a lot back then.


Not to mention, my family’s history of being hit by lightning.  Not a peep outside of everyone who knows about all this.  Steven Spielberg, I knew in college, for example.  Look at his movies!  HAHAHA.  But he won’t mention me, either.


Ditto, Lucas.  I got around, a lot.  A shocking number of politicians know me personally from Barry Goldwater to the Cuomo family of NY, Nixon, Jimmy Carter, the Clintons…Eisenhower really really knew my dad, a lot…yet I am an official nobody.  I have gone to the UN to chat it up with world leaders and…when I appear on TV in NYC, they would show my hands or you could hear my voice in the background but I was always, ‘Someone says…’ no name.


Well, we are being pushed into WWIII by these same people.  They, I utterly oppose just like back in 1967 to 1974, during the Vietnam War.  And then when Reagan ruled, again, people are pulled into one war after another, blindly, unable to stop the Death Marches, and I can’t stop these anymore than I could rescue Lorraine from death, nay, when I oppose, this gets all these people more determined to walk into Hell.


And then there is Kassandra: that is the curse.  She couldn’t stop a thing.  The more she explained the future, the more everyone insured it would happen, going out of their way to do this deliberately, in her face, poor woman.  At least my tormentors leave me alone on my mountain.


So far.

sunset borger

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20 responses to “The Cassandra Paradox: The More People Are Warned Of Destruction, The Faster They Run Towards It

  1. Duski

    When I was young, I sometimes played around with predicting future. I once made a song named Kosovo Explodes, with no idea if there even existed a place called that. Well, I learned about it later. Also, through series of calculations I made once for NO REASON WHATSOEVER I thought something big would happen in 2001. My mind suddenly just extrapolated on few things and I reached that conclusion through math; of course it could be coincidence, but I have never since or before had such compulsion to do something like the way I did (it started when I analyzed a chess position haha!).

    And other small things later, I purposedly pushed myself when I had a good chance once, I kind of somehow got to knew few minor things – but soon after I felt something to tell me something like this: “If you really want to delve deeper into this, you might go insane / lose your mind / lose yourself”, something like that. I responded in my mind “Sigh, I guess I’d rather not”.

    Now, reflecting things you tell me, I guess I am happier not to know when it is probably hard or impossible to change the outcome anyway. I think I still sometimes kind of feel how things will go, but no longer actively pursue that knowledge. Although knowing human nature alone makes some predictions easy. 🙂

  2. emsnews

    Part of evolution is, all living creatures that can anticipate danger tend to survive better.

    This works with all animals and i use animals as ‘guardians’ because they sense LOTS of stuff before we humans can sense things! This is why I moved to this mountain, surrounded by trees and animals who are my guardians.

    You see, humans can’t do this very well due to our brains being too big and too busy with other stuff. So we ignore these incoming signals. For example, if you have a cat, they sense thunderstorms before they even form!

    Dogs can read distant emotions with ease, for the same evolutionary reasons (pack animals). But humans? Nope. We are blind to much of this information.

  3. e sutton

    Very scary and disturbing story, especially on All Hallows Eve. You managed to freak me out, so congratulations!

    When I was an infant, my mother was so severely disappointed in the fact that I had been born male, she passively wished for my destruction and death. The gods, honoring human wishes as they are wont to do, honored her wishes and I nearly died from a prolonged case of bronchitis.

    She soon regretted her harmful wishes and throwing herself on the mercy of the gods, actively prayed for my recovery. I’m not sure if this is why even as a child I’ve always had a sixth sense about things, but I’ve constantly been aware of a spiritual entity that constantly lurks beneath the surface of all human interaction.

    My experience with religion mimics your own, as I was a devout Catholic growing up. Finally learning to recognize the hypocrisy of my religion and its very false tenets, I became somewhat of an agnostic, while still recognizing that there very much is a spiritual realm, which terrifies me and I know I’ll never understand.

    I can clearly see the path of destruction our “leaders” have set forth before us. And I realize they believe in and love the demons who have tormented your spirit throughout your life. They are evil and unstoppable. I’m glad you have found spiritual refuge on your mountain. For myself, I must remain where I am now, for the time being at least. I’ve found that mentally distancing myself from the horror that these evil spirits perpetuate is my only form of escapism.

  4. Lou

    The pope and now Tibets former king,

    Dalai Lama says strong action on climate change is a ……/dalai-lama-says-strong-action-on...
    The Guardian
    Oct 20, 2015 – The Dalai Lama on Tuesday urged strong global action to limit global warming and to protect fragile environments, including the Himalayan .

  5. Melponeme_k

    I’ve could never claim to any extra powers as a child. Only that as a very young child (toddler age), I had this unshakeable notion I was on the earth again and it pissed me off something terrible. Inside I was an angry baby, angry that I was again a helpless child and at the mercy of all adults. I was also angry that I was female because I knew females had the worse end of the stick on purpose.

    As I grew older I came to terms with these ideas. I quite enjoy being female. Although I’ve lost the belief in reincarnation, the fact that as a baby I believed in it is still something very disturbing to me.

    Other than that I can claim supernatural events. The one time I was taking a trip after 9/11 is the only time I heard the voice. And all it told me was that my plane would not explode. It didn’t, another plane did.

    Another weird occurrence happened on the streets of NYC. I had just finished sitting a Russian mob murder trial and it changed me. That was when I started reading your blog. Anyway, during a walk in the city, a Russian woman grabbed my arm with a strength I never felt before or since. She was tall, blond and extremely beautiful. She told me that she sensed something about me and wanted to speak with me. Well that was all that was needed for me to flip out. I ran away from her like chicken without a head. I wonder every so often what she had to say. I remember looking back as a I ran away, terrified that she was following me. But she wasn’t, she just looked extremely sad.

    I’m very happy not to have “experiences”. Happy Samhain!

  6. JimmyJ

    Elaine, do you have an opinion on “beings” like Seth, as apparently channeled by Jane Roberts, is it a real entity or her scam and is it malevolent or benevolent?

    Why do these entities want our death, is it necessary they are all malevolent?

  7. Sunger

    Melponeme said: “Anyway, during a walk in the city, a Russian woman grabbed my arm with a strength I never felt before or since. She was tall, blond and extremely beautiful. She told me that she sensed something about me and wanted to speak with me.”

    Maybe she wanted to tell you that a pigeon had deposited fresh droppings on your perm.

  8. Jim R

    Sometimes predictions of the future do not need supernatural help, they are made with math. They can be based on the observation that ballistic projectiles follow an approximately parabolic trajectory. Or that spring/fall/etc. arrive about every 360 days. And later refining that number to 365, to 365.25, and then to 365.2475, per the current calendar. Then there was Malthus with his first macro-economic forecast. He wasn’t wrong, but there were a few more variables that needed to be accounted for…

    In the mid-20th century, we had M. King Hubbert, predicting that oil production would peak, and begin to taper off. In the USA, (lower 48) he predicted that it would happen around 1970, and he was correct. For the world, he predicted that it would happen about a decade after 2000. He made these predictions in 1956. The actual peak in oil production has been a bit higher than Hubbert’s rough curve, but there is real evidence of a peak about now.

    For making these predictions (and he worked in the forecasting department at Shell back then), he was relegated to obscurity. Only a few people paid much attention to him. The forecasters who predicted “more! more! more!” were handsomely rewarded by the oil companies despite the fact that they have always been wrong.

    The Club of Rome refined Hubbert’s forecasts, and added some others, in 1972. Of course, these macro forecasts are unable to say on exactly which day an event will happen, but they are very good at predicting overall trends.

    So now, we have the psychopaths in charge, and ready to burn down all of civilization to cover their crimes.

    Humans are one of the very few, or maybe only, species with brains large enough to recognize the inevitability of their own mortality. And that is a heavy burden, indeed, that we each must bear.

  9. Jim R

    And take care of yourself, Elaine. The world is a much better place with brainy eccentric Cassandras, than it would be without.

  10. melponeme_k


    No, she most likely wanted to tell me someone named Sunger on the internet had pigeon droppings on his head.

  11. emsnews

    If you aren’t hit by lightning, you aren’t part of the Weird Gods stuff (ie: animalistic creatures like Pegasus who is, after all, a particularly violent horse).

    This is why, I assure everyone, no one sane would want to be a participant in this sort of reality. It really is painful to be slugged by lightning bolts! Not to mention it burning down stuff, etc.

  12. Christian W

    OT Fukushima:

    Record radiation at Fukushima power plant could kill person in under 1 hour – reports

  13. John

    it doesn’t have to be lightning. I’ve known two people who have very strong and very real psychic abilities, and both suffered extreme trauma as children. They each had a different type of trauma, also, and the one who had the worst of the two is also the most powerful. I can believe that a lightning strike, being an EXTREMELY painful and traumatic experience, probably causes even more ability to manifest, and multiple strikes the moreso, but it doesn’t have to be just lightning.

    I’ve long believed that the reason trauma causes psychic ability to manifest is because it breaks, to some extent, the belief we have in Maya, the illusion of this physical world as the only reality. While we are in the traumatic moment we try, like all creatures, to escape the pain, and part of this involves our Soul actually trying to flee the world itself. This breaks the unquestioning, unconscious belief we have in the physical world being all there is to life. After that, we can perceive things “beyond the curtain,” so to speak. So the bigger and more painful (or the more numerous) the trauma, the bigger the break, and the more ability to see “the beyond.”

    I probably haven’t explained it that well, but I’m fairly certain of the truth of it.

  14. emsnews

    The differences are huge: lightning comes from some very shocking and difficult GODS.

    Pegasus is a god, by the way. And is lightning, too. Then there is my boyfriend, Thor. 🙂

  15. emsnews

    Two bees or not two bees, OUCH. That hurt. 🙂

  16. EC

    Re: “Back to Kansas: I was fairly innocent that night and came out of it, totally changed. The final battle was waged in The Lost Tomb of Jesus where the Entity gloated that all Christians were fooled, Jesus really died.”

    You’re right. You were totally naive, angry, and outwitted by “It,” who easily deceived you and won. What did it win? It drove you away from God by showing you a false vision, and you fell for it. Game over.

  17. emsnews

    And what is this ‘god’?

    Ahem. How on earth can you tell? It is IMPOSSIBLE. You have only other people’s stories to choose from to believe and there are zillions of these stories and zero way of ‘testing’ them for ‘truth’.

  18. pontiff holysh*t

    @# 17

    And. . . what is this “game”?

  19. EC

    The game is the struggle over EMS’s soul, and God is love, and God is light, and God is truth, and God is the creator of all (especially us = our conscious mind/soul, which lives forever). EMS wrote: “we come onto this lovely planet and we live, and love and loving is all there really is that you can carry beyond the Gates of Death. There is nothing else, not anything, just love, and love is all there really is, deep inside, it is what keeps us not only alive but living, not entombed in eternal death but alive, to feel, for feeling love is what our souls are, they can only exist when there is love and love is everything and the end of everything. … Readers of this blog can probably guess that I am not an atheist. …We can’t tell how or why, it just is, this stream of light, this effervesant river of love, always, in eternal embrace, the greatest force of all in the universe.” God is the source and eternal embrace of love for all of his creatures.

    Jesus is also God. Jesus is the one who some children who passed through the gates of death see: Akiane Kramarik painted Jesus as the “Prince of Peace.”

    Colton Burpo sat in the same Jesus’ lap in Heaven. Prince of Peace is the same face as in the Shroud of Turin:

    No, Jesus is not dead Elaine. Your demonic Watchers and the Entity in Hoch Hall have deceived you. Still holding out hope for you. God bless.

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