Isis Rejoices As Flood Of Young Muslim Males Pour Into Europe

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News from Europe: Is this proof ISIS shot down Russian plane killing all 224 on board? Terror group releases chilling video as experts say jet did NOT lodge SOS call or have ‘any faults’ that would have caused crash?  I get very little news from American ‘services and regular readers will notice the vast majority of my links are from foreign news.  As we descend into more US international madness, using foreign news is very important.  For example, during the Vietnam War, ever since I went to university in Germany in 1968, I would either get delivered or go into the city to buy EU and British news publications once a week just so I could have basic information.  I then would go out and write leaflets about this hidden news and we would spread them around Arizona and California, my home base back then.


When I moved to NYC, I would go to the UN area to buy Pravda and other services, and Americans would tell me I was stupid doing this but they were stupid: you need all views to see reality, after all.  I broke stories here merely by reading Pravda, visiting news reporters I knew in Manhattan and showing them the news which would turn out to be accurate.  The North Vietnamese delegation at the UN were amused by this (yes, I did visit their embassy to chat, just like I chatted with other people).


Nixon hated all this and he put my poor dad, advisor to 5 Presidents by the end of his long life, on his ‘enemies list’.  This meant the IRS investigated him and all sorts of unpleasant things happened and I warned my father that his phone was now tapped and I would amuse myself by, instead of talking to someone else on the phone, I would talk to the phone tappers who would remain silent but would have to listen to me talk about the Constitution and how Soviets did this and aren’t they ashamed, spying on my war hero father who has done nothing wrong unlike the President.


With great joy I watched the Watergate hearings and desperately wanted Nixon put on trial so I could testify against him and…THEY LET HIM GO!!! No war trials, no crime trials, ‘This will heal America’ they claimed, the bastards.  I was royally pissed off.  It gave all our leaders a bright green light to commit war crimes, crimes against the Constitution and crimes against humanity.  Since then, our Constitution has been shredded by our rulers and we have precious little left.


And thanks to Zionism, Muslim fanaticism is shooting through the roof and all the overthrowing and assassination of strong Muslim leaders has led to a paradoxical situation whereby Muslim radical violence is spreading like wildfire and is engulfing all of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia: Female NYPD officer ‘converted’ to Islam in order to go undercover and spy on Brooklyn College students who were ‘building a bomb’.


These students should be sent to the White House and petted just like when Obama praised Muslim boy detained for bringing homemade clock …note now, with virtually no news in the US (I get most of my news about the US from European sources) that this ‘Clock kid’ Ahmed Mohamed and his family will move to Qatar for obvious reasons.  It was really sad watching the propaganda about this kid.  Here in the US, they dared not show close-ups of his science project.  I took one look at the EU photos and it clearly was a clock bomb set up minus just one key element…THE BOMB.


Now here is some news from the Zionist media in NY and it is because the Jews in NYC have noticed that this insane plan to flood Germany with angry Muslim males between the ages of 16 and 30 is doing to have a very nasty blow up in the future:  German Village of 102 Braces for 750 Asylum Seekers – The New York Times:


Mr. Niemann said he rejected violence, but a far-right coalition he represents on the district council includes two of Germany’s most belligerent groups, the National Democratic Party, better known by its German acronym N.P.D., and Die Rechte, which was last week linked by authorities in Bavaria to a cache of weapons assembled in an alleged plot to attack refugees.


“There are individuals who cannot be controlled at all times,” said Mr. Niemann, a car washer.


Asked whether he considered himself a neo-Nazi, he said, “No, I am National Socialist” — in other words, a real Nazi. “We are not extremists, but people have become so soft that we seem extreme,” he added.


Mr. Fabel, the mayor, insisted that Sumte, despite its unease, was open-minded and hospitable, and was now focused on making the refugee holding camp work.


I have known and even for a year, lived with former WWII Nazis.  I got to know an amazing number of these guys due to tracking down witnesses of what my dad did during WWII.  All of them would, if still alive, be saying, ‘I told you so…’  The far right in Germany will take off like a rocket.  Even the most liberal ‘reformed’ German will change their minds when this flood of ‘refugees’ pour in and are left aimless, unsupervised to roam the neighborhoods robbing people. breaking into houses, assaulting women, etc.


When I lived in Germany in 1968, the Turkish ‘Gastarbeiter’ foreign workers would hang out at the train stations and such and assault young women and I would amuse myself by tossing them down stairs or flipping them over etc. because I am a trained fighter.  I was not assaulted once by a German male.  These guys were all employed and did this stupid stuff only on weekends.  But the flood of young, angry, stateless, unemployed Muslim males are going to be a serious problem.


He said he realized that there was no point in trying to block the plan when, at the initial meeting, he asked Mr. Götz, the regional official in charge of finding places for migrants, whether Sumte had any choice. “You have two options,” he said he was told. “Yes, or yes.” Mr. Götz declined to be interviewed.


Yeah, democracy!  Note the votes for all this…NOT.  Note that the people are being told they have zero say, the mayor of the town doesn’t even live there, he lives in a nearby village!  Nazis didn’t exist before WWI.  It was the stupid things done after the war that caused the Nazi ideology to grow like weeds in a summer monsoon.  After WWII, the Allies decided to not copy the WWI model so the Germans were assisted and forgiven.


Now, it is back to doing punishing, stupid, insane things and it will drive, there is 100% certainty of this, the majority of Germans into the Nazi party again.  And we cannot blame them, after all, the majority of Jews in the US and Israel are Nazis, too.  They follow the exact Nazi ideology, totally and with all their hearts and souls.  This is one of history’s usual ironies: you become what you hate.


A Mass Migration Crisis, and It May Yet Get Worse Iran Accepts Invitation to Join U.S. and Russia in Talks on Syria’s Future notes the Jewish owners and reporters at the New York Times.  Duh.  They also have this: Go to video World Violence in the West Bank where you can see young, angry Muslim males fighting with virtually no weapons the heavily armed, cruel and vicious Jewish rulers who have made some of the biggest historical mistakes, ever.


They revived Naziism and justified it totally.  I wrote years ago that the people who put the Nazis on trial need to apologize to Germany for doing this since they won’t arrest themselves for identical crimes.


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23 responses to “Isis Rejoices As Flood Of Young Muslim Males Pour Into Europe

  1. Melponeme_k

    The Jewish elite must know they have set up time bombs in every first world country. That was the insane plan. Once they had Israel, they wanted to destroy every country that did them wrong. Hence the past support of Christian Fundamentalists in the US to destabilize the political system. Before zionism, (and I meant crazy zionists not all Jewish citizens), the Christian fundamentalists were just tent preachers.

    Now they are destroying Germany, France and the UK with crazed muslim illegal aliens. Oh and they just wish Russia would fall into that flood.

    All of this will release hard right fanatics who are against Jewish citizens and every other minority.

  2. Kev

    It was really sad watching the propaganda about this kid.
    I agree. And Obama turning the teen into a ‘hero thru victimhood’ is very disgusting.

    EMS, do you know about his sister?

  3. Kev

    Mel, who or what caused it?

  4. Melponeme_k


    Who or what caused what?

    The current situation? A Fundamentalist jewish sect that believes in the end of times. They are no different than the Dominionist Christian crazies that have a stranglehold on the US political machine now.

    As far as the past? The present. The clash of cultures is entirely due to people not wanting to explore other ways of thinking because they don’t want to be blood/mind corrupted. I know people would like to tar everyone here and Elaine with racism. But that isn’t what we are saying. We are saying a fundamentalist, motivated religious sect has had a hold on the jewish populace for quite some time. They actively sabotage anywhere Jewish citizens set down roots. They are always screaming that the jewish people aren’t pure enough and that they intermarry too much. These crazies weren’t always in power. WWII gave them their ascendancy. Now they are driving the bus….straight into the wall. And their mind set like all religious mindsets is if they can’t get what they want…no one gets anything at all. They would love to lob nuclear bombs. That is the goal. Except in their crazy heads, they will somehow come out of it free and easy.

  5. Christian W

    The flood of Muslim refugees into Europe is just more Zionist ‘Fucking of the EU’. The Zionists are not afraid of a European right wing surge at all, they want it and they will use it.

    The Zionists know the extreme right wing mindset perfectly. Never mind what label the this mindset has (Zionist, Nazi, ISIS, Al Qaeda, religious fundamentalist whatever) they know that this mindset loves Power and hates Weakness. This mindset will always kick down as hard as it can. This is the mindset of psychopaths, bed wetters hiding behind a macho facade, violent religious fanatics, ultra nationalists etc.

    These people WILL line up behind a flag or religious symbol and they will take up arms to murder those they deem ‘other’ or ‘inferior’. And they will do so with great relish.

    Look at Ukraine. The Nazis in Ukraine are supporting ISIS and Al Nusra because they hate Russia more than they hate Jews. They know the Jews are giving them Power so they will follow the Power that is, so they can attack whomever they project their hate upon.

    And guess who will be the target for hate projection in Europe? Not Jews… (that is already Verboten after decades of hard work by the Zionists) The Battle Cry will be Moslemrein rather than Judenrein (and of course this mindset will be amply supported by the Jewish owned/controlled MSM and timely false flag operations in Europe).

    Then, with a large part of Europe supporting any sort of oppression of Muslims, Israel will finally be free to clean the Palestinians out once and for all and mop up the remains of Syria and Iraq. And, the Zionists will have a willing Army of right wing nutters (like the Azov battalion in Ukraine) to take on Russia and the Muslim world. And, what a sweet bonus, Europe will be a trash heap of misery ruled by Jewish overlord oligarchs or their lackeys (again look at Ukraine).

  6. Kev

    Mel, what caused the explosion?

    Explosion at Belgium Nuclear Power Plant.

  7. Jim R

    Apparently it was a transformer that blew up on the electrical side of the plant.

    Still, anything that happens to a nuclear plant … those things are inherently unstable and extremely dangerous. Fukushima still spewing 5½ years later. Hopefully the Pacific Ocean is big enough to dilute it all, the Japs certainly aren’t doing anything.

  8. Jim R

    5½ years? What is the HTML for that?

  9. Jim R

    Oops, nevermind. It was 4½ years of spew. Fuku blew up in spring 2011. But I am sure it will continue to spew for decades.

  10. vengeur

    The real reason for Obama to put 50 US Special Forces troops in Syria : To shield US “assets” , better known as anti-Assad terrorists :

  11. vengeur

    I suppose now we just have to sit back and wait for the headline “US soldier killed in Russian airstrike.” I wonder how it feels to be a pawn on a chessboard?

  12. Petruchio

    @#1Melponeme_k: Now can you understand why there have been POGROMS in virtually every country in Europe-and Russia-with a large jewish population? Sooner or later, people seem to identify a culprit.

  13. The European countries are on their way to becoming Third World countries.

  14. emsnews

    As China moves towards first world status, we are revving our engines in reverse.

  15. Jim R

    The prediction coming true:

    Swedes have had enough ‘diversity’ it seems.

  16. Lou

    Google searching for Facebook, this ‘swill’ is what I get — he is unhappy with anti mussi backlash and wants–predictably–censorship— typical lib

  17. Lou

    Swedes have had enough ‘diversity’ it seems

    –lets hope so, but it may be too late. face the facts, Jim.

  18. Lou

    Remember, 1in 3 or 4 Mexicans is now ‘el norte’.

  19. Christian W

    Norway has a population of about 5 million people, just for comparison.
    Sweden 9.5 million
    Finland 5.5 (almost) million
    Hungary 9.5 million
    Germany 80 million (soon to be 120, 160, 210, 440 etc million apparently)

  20. Lou

    Germany 80 million (soon to be 120, 160, 210, 440 etc million apparently)

    Check USA population growth, since 1965 immigration act. [Jews, Javits and Cellar + Kennedy and LBJ].

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