Ice Age Megafauna=Low CO2 Meant More Oxygen For Animals

It occurred to me last night in a dream that once upon a time when we had the last long, deep Ice Age, Europe and North America were ruled by giant herds of mega animals such as MastodonsMammoths,Extinct Giant Ground Sloths,Sabre-Toothed Tiger (Smilodon populator),Giant Beavers,  ‘Super sized lions’ which roamed UK in ice age – etc.  Across the board, the era of low CO2 was the same time gigantic animals roamed the earth…incidentally, this was true in the past during the era of gigantic reptiles which grew to towering size and girth exactly like during the Ice Ages.  None of the giant animals of Africa today are the size of many European and American megafauna during the high O2 Ice Ages.


Even in Africa during the Ice Ages, the animals there were bigger than today, too.  During the Ice Ages, humans went from being a small tree dwelling critter to the 6 foot tall animal we see today.  Also, gorillas and chimps evolved to be ten times bigger than they were at the beginning of the Ice Ages.  Horses were tiny forest creatures who grew to be ten times bigger during this same period.  Ditto, elephants and on and on and on: all mammals that existed during the Ice Ages grew vastly in size.  This megafauna growth happened mega fast.


Humans killed off a large number of mega species since the end of the previous Ice Age.  But prior to that, there was an obvious cycle of smaller animals thriving during Interglacials and gigantic animals thriving during Ice Ages, even in places with little to no glaciation like Africa and Australia and the Amazon saw bigger life forms during Ice Ages compared to Interglacials.


One of the most irritating things about the global warmists is their belief that whatever conditions exist today must be pure perfect and all other conditions are pure evil yet we evolved our big, oxygen-loving brains during Ice Ages, not in between Ice Ages.  Look at humans today: when we climb mountains, our IQ drops dramatically as oxygen thins out.  Elephants have big brains and only exist near sea level, mountain gorillas have much smaller brains than humans.


A number of humanoid animals moved into the megafauna landscape of Europe during Ice Ages only to be displaced by humans with very big brains who evolved not in the cold but the warmest part of Ice Age Africa.  These naked apes had this iron rule: the ones living in the warmest parts of Africa at low elevations were the ones who constantly evolve bigger and bigger brains which needed lots of O2 to function at its best.


Human brains have basically ceased evolving during this present Interglacial mainly because human society has changed the way evolution works.  That is, you don’t have to be a genius to survive and multiply like crazy.  Indeed, quite the opposite.  Generally speaking, in modern civilization, the smarter the human, the fewer the children.


The main issue here is the blindness of ‘scientists’ today.  That is, the group-think going on has focused only on CO2 being this evil all-powerful gas while the O2/CO2 ratio balance issue is utterly ignored.  No one is thinking about this issue.  I found zero articles about how oxygen rich worlds create giant mammals but did find this story:  Why Giant Bugs Once Roamed the Earth – National Geographic News


Predatory dragonflies the size of modern seagulls ruled the air 300 million years ago, and it’s long been a mystery how these and other bugs grew so huge.
The leading theory is that ancient bugs got big because they benefited from a surplus of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere. But a new study suggests it’s possible to get too much of a good thing: Young insects had to grow larger to avoid oxygen poisoning.


HAHAHA.  Even as a ‘scientist’ sees the obvious, he has to say this is evil and dangerous and a POISON!  Oh the mercy.  Zero articles online about the benefits of O2 but here is a typical one:  Beware the Dangers of Oxygen • Damn Interesting


There’s a caustic substance common to our environment whose very presence turns iron into brittle rust, dramatically increases the risk of fire and explosion, and sometimes destroys the cells of the very organisms that depend on it for survival. This substance that makes up 21% of our atmosphere is Diatomic oxygen (O2), more widely know as just oxygen.


Of course, oxygen has its good points. Besides being necessary for respiration and the reliable combustion engine, it can be liquefied and used as rocket fuel. Oxygen is also widely used in the world of medicine as a means to imbue the body with a greater amount of the needed gas. But recent studies indicate that administering oxygen might be doing less good than hoped—and in fact be causing harm. No one is immune to the dangers of oxygen, but the people who might most suffer the ill effects are infants newly introduced to breathing, and those who are clinically dead.


So, clinically DEAD people might suffer if we give them O2?  Well, what if we give them nothing?  Oh, they finish dying.  Ahem.  *Cough*cough*.  This is true, of course, but the fact is, O2 levels have changed over geological time going all the way back to when there was nearly no O2 on the earth (thank you, evolution of plants, for doing this service for us O2 breathers!).  CO2 levels changed a lot depending on what happened to plants which varied in quality and quantity over geological time.  We know there were eras when plants died off and when animals died off.  We know that every cycle of plant/animal evolution begins with SMALL animals barely able to eke out an existence which then fairly rapidly evolve into bigger and bigger insects, fish and reptiles and mammals and then they collapse in size again, over and over again.


This basic fact of evolution has been ignored by ‘scientists’ who focus mainly on popular mental itches which is why in the last half century, people studying the evils of CO2 get billions in funds and someone wishing to study how O2 benefits humans gets zero funds, well, this theory of mine is for free for any smart scientist to rethink his or her ideology and begin exciting work proving that O2 rich environments is great for living animals and insects, etc.


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11 responses to “Ice Age Megafauna=Low CO2 Meant More Oxygen For Animals

  1. Jim R

    1. CO2 has never been a limiting nutrient for plants. Even though it is down in the hundred-PPM levels, plants are amazingly good at pulling it from thin air.
    2. Converting all the CO2 to O2 does not have a noticeable effect on O2 levels. 21.0% to 21.4% is not a meaningful rise.
    3. Humans have been killing plants and raising CO2 levels. Moreso since they have developed technology, steel, motorized vehicles, etc, etc. And more since their population is now around 7 billion.
    4. The main reason for the lack of megafauna is humans. Period. End of story. Humans are far more destructive than the largest dinosaurs ever were.
    5. The infrared spectrum of CO2 has not changed. It is still a greenhouse gas. Even at 400 PPM, it will still distort the global climate.

    … With all that said, the proffered solution of financial fraud and global mega-government is not going to help.

  2. emsnews

    So humans killed off all the previous episodes of megafauna? There were a dozen such eras previous to humans, you know. 🙂

  3. JimmyJ

    Ice age mega fauna died out as climatic conditions changed vast areas from savanna to forest. Humans merely finished the remnants off once they could expand into declining areas of savanna.

    Also its worth emphasizing that climate change allowed humans to proliferate, replacing ice age adapted humanoids such neanderthal. Humans are the beneficiaries of a preexisting climate change.

    Whether our demise is cultural or environmental, population dynamics predicts a large decline at some point in human population. Climate change is the set not the plot.

  4. vengeur

    I believe most people are exhausted on the subject of GW, even though they know it is total bullsh*t, which is right where the ruling elites want us. People are worn down and dispirited , too many other preoccupations to worry about something that they know is a fiction. So we can expect Obama and the government and its foot soldiers to double down and start imposing things by decree.

  5. Suusi M-B

    Governments like ‘climate change’ because it makes populations consent to new forms sin taxes.

  6. emsnews

    This is the tax the air we breathe scam.

  7. wellwell

    Human law is artificial, but our legislators and bureaucrats want it to resemble natural, immutable law. What better way to achieve this goal than to link entire legal systems to our planet’s climate – then no reasoned explanation for human law is necessary, nor Is any challenge entertained. All of this could end very badly for most of us.

  8. Well, the dinosaurs think this is hilariously funny. They live in Dinosaur Heaven and watch stuff here with great enthusiasm.

  9. Jim R

    As do Malthus and Darwin.

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