US Ruling Elites Hate GOP Voters Choosing Candidates Unlike Hillary And Her Gang=Zero DNC Choices

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Washington Post’s stable of snarling pit bulls barking and snapping about our ‘election’.


The rich rulers who own our major media are going nuts because the GOP has a huge choice of Presidential candidates whereas the Democrats have North Korean leadership choices: Hillary Clinton whose main claim to fame is her marriage to her husband.    Aside from her obvious war crimes, of course.  The rich rulers are hammering the Republicans for daring to have multiple choices and are endorsing the GOP electing only Hispanic candidates who don’t represent the majority of the party’s base and they are howling about how polls show voters want a GOP Hispanic as their leader or lacking that, a black leader.  Meanwhile, the Democrats have zero choice with only the cunning Vermont INDEPENDENT candidate daring to challenge our Pol Pot Hillary Dear Leader.


Here are the Jewish guys who own the NYT in a special editorial about how we Americans are supposed to elect our puppet leaders who are owned by lobbyists except for Trump who owns politicians himself:  G.O.P.: Save Your Candidates From Themselves – The New York Times


 In a 97-page report, they concluded: “The Republican Party needs to stop talking to itself. We have become expert in how to provide ideological reinforcement to like-minded people, but devastatingly we have lost the ability to be persuasive with, or welcoming to, those who do not agree with us on every issue.” Here’s what the study said about presidential debates: “No debate will be meaningful if it is not challenging, vigorous and fair.”

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Snow White- Evil Queen “The heart of a pig” – YouTube

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the best Democratic candidate of all,’ says the Evil Witch sneering at her reflection.  Note how our horrible media owners never mention the Soviet-style choice of Democratic candidates.  No one is fiercely fighting this witch.  She sewed up her fake election long before anyone could even discuss her situation, being a war criminal should mean she stands trial, not gets to control our nuclear arsenal.


No discussion at all.  The Democrats who run the party and who exist thanks to ‘reforms’ to prevent people like Jimmy Carter winning, has led to several huge GOP victories in the polls even with the sluggard Bush Jr. leading the party.  Anything to prevent the voters in primaries choosing who to run, the elites have put a noose around the neck of Democracy and now stuffs nasty, horrible people down our throats.


I am so not keyed up to voting anymore and this is exactly what they want.  Only special interests voting.  This will backfire, of course. History is clear.  The uprising will surprise her as the welling of rage in Germany is about to overthrow the crazy loons running that country.  The Tories slammed the door shut on foreign invaders so they will remain in power.


CARSON’S TURN crows the Huffington Post.  You see, the polls ask anyone who they support.  Democrats of course, want to push Carson but then, if he runs, won’t vote for him.  When the first real poll happens (we call this ‘voting’ too) that is, the first primary, we shall see who really leads.  Obama Slams GOP Candidates Who ‘Can’t Handle A Bunch Of CNBC Moderators’ is also a favorite headline for liberals.


Talk about stupid.  CNBC is a very liberal station that never sends even soft balls to Obama or Clinton.  Nope. Lets’ have Obama and Clinton sit under a grilling from say, Fox TV.  Fox TV is also a Zionist operation so no real questions relevant to the Middle East mess will be forthcoming from any US media or candidates.  This is how we get stuck in illegal, illicit, destructive, multi-decade ‘wars’ like Vietnam.  No real discussion of these vital issues.


The CNBC ‘moderators’ were stupid, annoying, snide and destructive. They asked few real questions the US public wanted aired and the GOP candidates were totally correct in criticizing the gang interviewing them so noxiously and obviously partisan fashion.  Liberals don’t realize how stupid they look, preening themselves for this annoying, Soviet-style stunt.  Good grief, I have been on stages and podiums for debates and when run by either political party, the participants want me removed or taken off TV (yes, they went that far to invite me on stage on national TV to debate…and then locked me out at the studio in Manhattan!!!).


I have warned the parties that locking people out of debates leads to future disasters but no one listens to me.  The Presidential debates will also be very stupid and biased and useless like some of the previous ones.  Only worse, Mrs. Clinton will be there and she fears debating Trump in public, he has some savvy about how to present himself whereas she likes to make demands and sneer at everyone who has no power to stop her.  I wish I were debating her.  Ha.


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11 responses to “US Ruling Elites Hate GOP Voters Choosing Candidates Unlike Hillary And Her Gang=Zero DNC Choices

  1. I admire Elaine’s brain, but she’s drifting away these last couple of years. Sad.

    Hillary is the candidate because the Democratic party has suddenly become disciplined, and there is no legitimate alternative. Jim Webb was intriguing, but had no shot. I think Clinton has the experience, toughness & judgement to be a fine president. It’s irritating that bloggers expect politicians to be shiny and clean when they exist in a sewer. Grow up.

  2. charlottemom

    Sorry Tim but HrC is the queen bee of cronyism and the Deep State nominee. Period.

    The latest “help” from Republican superlawyer Ginsberg (counsel to Romney, repub party) to negotiate revised repub debate formats shows the establishment in overdrive to sabotage Trump. Trump refuses to sign this stupid agreement of stupid demands demanding that ALL republican candidates participate (hello 0% lindsey graham who moves to big stage from undercard) and reducing number of debates (Hello Dr carson who’s terrible in debates)!!! New format would consist of basically presentations from each = boring and stupid. Who would watch that! No one..that’s the point. What a cluster! Oh but studio temperatures would be regulated..what is that!?

  3. Petruchio

    @#! Tim: Do you work for the DNC? The Party became disciplined?? Corrupted is more accurate. Telling us to “grow up” is too full of self-justification to deserve ANY serious response. It’s kind of like the Nazis saying they were just following orders, so don’t blame them for anything.

  4. Christian

    So, Tim. In your first post here you
    * insult and discredit the hostess
    * embrace a known war criminal as an acceptable choice of leader for the US (which says a lot about you right there)
    * try to push the debate into the ridiculous false dilemma of the Dems somehow being better than the GOP
    * etc etc bla bla bla

    Congrats Elaine, it looks like some paid trolls have been dispatched to your site so you must have made someone’s hit list 🙂


    ELAINE; I have been on the Elite Hit List since 1968. Big time! This is why no one sees me on TV except by accident, once they were forced to show my hands as I was dealing with a top politician right in front of the UN. But all the elites know me very very well and hate my guts. HAHAHA.

  5. e sutton

    Hey kids,

    I believe we have a troll among us. Ain’t nothin’ Elaine hasn’t seen before, nor nuthin she caint handle. Too bad she can’t shoot the f*cker with her shot gun from her keyboard, though.

  6. vengeur

    Oh , how sad that people are drifting away from Big Media’s approved candidates, like Jeb Bush. Have you EVER heard a candidate talk about China and Japan’s currency manipulation? Or the fact that Americans foot the bill for 28,000 American troops to defend prosperous South Korea? Or that North Korea is alive only because of economic support from China? Or that we should focus on problems here in America instead of meddling in Ukraine? Or that invading Iraq was a monumental mistake? Or that Bush Jr. “kept us safe’? Only a candidate who is not dependent on Big Business Donors could even dream of asking those questions. And it just so happens Elaine asks these same questions all the time. And then people like Tim chide us because we don’t want to live in a political sewer ruled by insatiably greedy, warmongering sociopaths.

  7. Call it ‘The 1001 Unanswered Questions’.

  8. tio

    It’s a game theory world eh? Tim. Why have the bottom of the barrel when one can have the barrel itself? Indeed, I find myself wondering, as the bigger fool, whether it is better to have a carpet munching harridan or poodle who stuffs his junk into a pigs head as a projection of our future. Alas. Speaking from a purely negative liberty perspective & from RAND with Love .. Fuck You Buddy.

  9. tio

    Hooverville ..

  10. Shawntoh

    Look, so Elaine said a few “un-words” here and there. This I will admit.

    Why, I have the latest “Newspeak” translator installed in my web browser that automatically corrects my defective logical fallacies stuck deep inside my brains. Besides…

    Other than that stray “un-word” here and there, she speaks the truth –as in, the morning I wake up and I see Elaine debating Hillary Clinton on “Meet the Press” is the day that late Soviet Premiere Nikita Khrushchev will make a very special live appearance on Broadway in NYC from “beyond the grave” featuring him starring in his very own song and dance vaudeville, show biz comeback, and revival review, with all your favorite Hollywood stars doing their hilarious and classic comedy bits, stage whisper asides, and just plain ole slapstick routines, showcasing his specially trained tap dancing and whistling shrimp backing him up with a full orchestra and ballet company and it’s coming soon to your neighborhood, and so on, –so please stay tuned here to CULTURE OF LIFE. I can hardly wait! Just in time for the holidays, too!

    Yup, I can see it right up there in big, huge lights, right over there on the old Broadway on 42nd St. in Manhattan, NYC in Times Square –right next door to Andy’s old silver factory and nearby Max’s Kansas City –just in time so we can all get a late night bite to eat at the Andy Automat later, –well after all tomorrow’s parties are over with, for the “after hours” activities, when the bars close for the night and everybody’s gone home for the morning.

    Please, you can wait to check your messages on your latest “i” or “e-gadget” later, then, at that time, please! Just wait until we get there. Is it a deal? Whadda ya say? In a NYC micro-sec?

    How much would you pay to see that? Would YOU pay this much? Oh really? Is that so? Ha!

  11. Shawntoh

    Hey Elaine, I know, why don’t they call his revival on Broadway, “The Khrush’ Groove”? –featuring old school and the latest hip-hop rappers and dapper ones for the kids? We gotta appeal to the kids, right? We won’t have Nikita baby do the rap live but to keep it fresh for the people, I say we dub somebody else doing his rap part in the studio, like say, Snoop Doggie? Yeah, that’ll work. Trust me.

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