Hillary Is Killing The Democratic Base And Rich Foreign Puppeteers Are Destroying The Republican Base

The Democratic Party has zero chance of gaining power if the rulers of it don’t wake up and stop screwing around.  They managed to hang onto the White House using Obama but the stories being peddled now such as the one that violent blacks are being oppressed by cops even as they cause the vast majority of murders and other chaos, well beyond the rates of any other social groups or the global warming scam which is seeing a last breath with an el Nino event which spins off previous heat, we have an election which has a much greater chance a Republican will win but desperate elites on the ‘liberal’ (barely) side fear this so the ‘liberal’ (sic) media giants are pushing this story at the New York Times:  Small Donors Are Clicking More With Democrats Than Republicans:


President Obama produced record numbers of small donors in 2008 and 2012, largely through a system built by his campaign and Blue State Digital, a Democratic-leaning technology firm. Mrs. Clinton hopes to replicate that model and is working with a start-up called The Groundwork, funded by Eric Schmidt, the former Google chief executive, but she has fallen well behind Mr. Sanders in attracting small-dollar donors. Only about 20 percent of the $77 million she raised through Sept. 30 came from people giving $200 or less. Her campaign has cited administrative issues and delays as one reason she has been less successful than Mr. Sanders in this area.


Except the headline and the bulk of the story is all a big fat lie!  SANDERS is raising the money from the little people.  Hillary is peddling her sexual wares to rich men who hire prostitutes to kiss their butts.  She is now scrambling to pretend to be raising money like Sanders but this is a fake front effort, she is all about peddling her wares in private hotel rooms to the same crew of rich bastards the GOP whores are cultivating.


In the 2014 election cycle, the group — a registered political action committee — collected $326.4 million for more than 5,000 Democratic committees, including nearly all House and Senate candidates, and it is well ahead of that pace now. (The organization takes about a 4 percent cut on all donations, which covers credit card and processing fees. It relies on donations for the bulk of its funding, administrators say.) In all, it has raised more than $834 million since 2004.


Sanders is the upstart candidate.  The only reason he runs is due to the total cowardice of all the other possible candidates who saw Hillary sew up 100% of the insider elite votes and all the super duper rich donors.  Then Sanders revealed the true nature of voting: those pesky tiny poor people, looking for anyone who isn’t appealing to the very rich!!!  How surprising…HAHAHA.  This peasant’s revolt won’t go far because the Zionist media giants are all freaking out so…they do what they did to me most of my long life: eliminate all news about this pesky upstart.


I ain’t alone in being cast out like this.  There are many such people.  This is deliberate on the part of the media giants.  I will never forget how I was to be featured on a major talk show for an entire hour and then, when I arrived at the front doors of NBC, the guards were there to shove me out again.  The Chinese students who marched up there with me nearly rioted they were so pissed off.  ‘Go away,’ the executive there shouted at me.  Funny as all hell.


Phil Donohue came out to me and said he couldn’t host me because someone called and scared him.  I told him that was cowardly.  Eventually he did cross the Invisible Line and he was dumped and became another Invisible Person who can’t appear on TV anymore.


Here is how wildly successful the Democrats have been since Obama won his last election:  Have Democrats lost 900 seats in state legislatures since Obama has been president? Well, they lost control of both the House and the Senate.  Eh?  The fretting about the weather is also destroying the Democrats.  They are still secure in parts of the West Coast thanks to the warm water that still exists in the Pacific which will flip into a la Nina in a year.  Here is what Obama is working on this week:  White House prepares for catastrophic solar flares which could wipe out power around the world for months -that could end civilization.


Xerxes commanding the ocean tides would be proud of this initiative.  In 2013, that Current Solar Activity Cycle Was The Weakest in a Century.  And last spring, The sun is now virtually blank during the weakest solar cycle in more than over a century.  The Weakest Solar Cycle in 100 Years means NO SUN SPOTS which means NO SOLAR FLARES.  U.K. Scientists: Weak Solar Cycle Could Lower Global Temps by 2050 which my poor top solar scientist father predicted years ago before he died.  So why is the White House and its critters howling at the moon about a possible event that has a near-100% chance of not happening in anyone’s lifetime?


The Democratic Party will cease to exist, even poor people won’t vote for it if it means they must consume less energy when it is ten times colder.  All the ‘we are going to roast to death’ initiatives will die on the vine, fast, but will kill off many poor people first which is why so many Republicans are salivating with anticipation knowing this information which the Democrats are ignoring.  I was forced into being a poor student (supporting myself while in university) in the freezing cold Little Ice Age 1970’s when my field of study was annihilated when all the schools eliminated their foreign language departments except for Spanish.  No future there for me, I was supposed to become a professor!  I had to change gears fast to survive and instead ended up learning construction skills.


But during all this, we had precious little money for heating in New York City and it was bitter, terrible cold with many blizzards in winter and I made money shoveling snow, removing ice, going on flat roofs to shove huge ice sheets off, etc.  Brutal work.  Life is a harsh mistress when you live on the edge and don’t have a huge pile of money stashed away.


This stupid clinging to global warming in the teeth of another mini-ice age is both insane and stupid.  I used to know some of the explorers/writers for National Geographic way back in the 1950’s and 60’s due to my parents and grandparents work.  Now, that magazine is run by stupid people who have no idea how astronomy or science works and this week their featured story is this childish, lunatic melodrama piece:  Science Guy Bill Nye Explores How We Mourn a Changing Climate. This is a story about how the warmists are so freaked out, they are now mourning the earth because we are all going to roast to death during the coming cold solar cycle which is going to be COLDER than the one of the 1970s.


For Preston, who counts Running as one of her inspirations, it’s a “matter of the head and the heart,” as laid out in a 2013 article she wrote on climate grief:


Have we ignored our emotional and spiritual connections to the planet? Could the noise swirling around climate change—science, politics, media blitzes, as well as the weather disasters themselves—drown out the voice of a loss so profound that it rests unnamed in our souls? Could our breaking hearts be part of the reason we are immobilized?


…As for Nye, he remains eager to get to work on climate change. He has to.


“You have to be optimistic, but you don’t have to look at the world through rose-colored glasses,” he says. “You can be discouraged. But you have to believe the problem is solvable, or you won’t do anything.”


Antarctica is GAINING more ice than it’s losing – but the 10,000-year-old trend could reverse, Nasa warns while the Incoming El Nino brings California storms, rain, snow and highway pileups as Snow falls in California during first wintery blast of the season as experts warn of record storms on the West Coast this winter. All droughts end with floods.


Undaunted, the warmists are screaming about the West Antarctic ice sheet which could collapse as Amundsen Sea is on knife edge due to future warming which won’t happen since the sun and only the sun controls all of this, namely, if the sun goes quiet, it gets really, really and insanely cold very fast, all Ice Ages began swiftly and all ended swiftly and this is due to the hot yellow thing in the sky changing the amount of warmth it sheds on us all here on this planet.  It has been kind of unstable the last two million years.


This is such scary news that when my poor dad tried to publish a paper in the major science media, it was loudly rejected and I got to see the rejection letters.  One said, ‘This cannot be!  I can’t believe this!’  So much for ‘science’.


In other news, China calls for new global currency and yesterday,  China-Britain “global” partnership sealed with declaration, personal bonds.  Onwards and upwards for China and since they are the #1 industrial power and trade power today, their belief in strong borders is appealing to many Europeans.  There is a revolt brewing from the streets to the politicians who fear for their lives now with the Eastern Europeans complain about the new migrants  as demonstrators in Warsaw chanted ‘Islam will be the death of Europe’ as many as 5,000 protesters attended the anti-migrant rally in Warsaw. Prague saw several hundred people protesting outside the government headquarters, angry over the arrival of migrants in Eastern Europe while Slovakia set to veto immigration quotas at EU emergency meeting.


There is now Chaos in Cyprus as migrants threaten suicide, burn tents and clash with police while in Germany, Angela Merkel’s ‘open door refugee policy will lead to civil war’ as Pegida marches and her popularity rating has plunged off the cliff.  She will be dumped rather soon now.  The New World Order which Bush Senior boasted about years ago is being shattered by humans at the very bottom of the economic ladder.  No surprise to anyone who has any idea how history works.  This happens periodically.  The super rich should review the French Revolution history.


Meanwhile, in the GOP, Rubio scores major endorsement from billionaire GOP donor Paul Singer who is a very rich Zionist Jew who buys political power so he can rape the voters for money for Israel.  As I point out, we have no choices.  So far, Trump has not appealed to the rich Zionists which is why they are all attacking him so violently and pushing hard for this guy.  I wonder if GOP voters have figured this out yet?  Way too many of them want WWIII with Islam and China.


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12 responses to “Hillary Is Killing The Democratic Base And Rich Foreign Puppeteers Are Destroying The Republican Base

  1. Two stories that came in while I was writing:https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/businessman-who-has-been-likened-to-trump-wins-kentucky-governors-race/2015/11/03/8693d97e-8274-11e5-9afb-0c971f713d0c_story.html

    Another major GOP victory which shows where the Democrats will end up in the next major election.


    In Virginia, the DNC is in retreat, too.

    The people who run the Washington Post are whining about the Republicans taking control of events:


    The owners want this to STOP NOW. How dare they do this!

    Then there is this WP editorial from the stable of unstable lunatics there:


    Who, pray tell, are these ‘Cassandras’ who are screaming…we will roast to death, all sinners! Um…the Democrats, right? But no, this is another editorial attacking basically Mr. Trump who is not pliant to these screaming hysterics.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Sanders is good on being truthful about free trade and opposes NAFTA etc. But he also supports naturalizing all illegal aliens and signing the Dream act.

    So he is a rather Hobson’s choice, isn’t he? Trump is the only realist. As insane as that is to say.

    More proof that political winds are changing.


  3. Petruchio

    “Small Donors Are Clicking More With Democrats Than Republicans:” I find that headline curious on its face. Who ARE these ‘small’ donors? Are these the same donors who are NOT spending money during the Christmas season? Are these the same small donors who have seen huge inflation spikes in “luxuries” like groceries? Also, is this the same group of “donors” that have been staying away from the polls in ever greater numbers? I’d like to get some answers here; I don’t want to have to tune in to Fox Propaganda and hear the lies from the horses (ass) mouth.

  4. e sutton


    Exactly, Pet!

    If it smells like horsesh*t, looks like horsesh*t, feels like horsesh*t, chances are pretty damn good it’s horsesh*t! “Small donors” my lily white ass! The usual suspects, I imagine. Bringing in huge amounts of foreigners who hate you will be culturally enriching….no, really!!!! Look at how well it turned out with the blacks.

  5. Christian W

    Hillary isn’t killing the Democratic Party. Might as well blame the hammer for hitting you on the thumb. You can’t kill something dead. She is just a tool for the Zionist political, financial and military machine. The Zionists are the current owners of the machine. The previous domestic owners sold you all out for cash money and part ownership.

    The Dem vs GOP charade is gobbledygook designed to mask the inner machine. Lots of pomp and circumstance, tailored suits with flags on the lapel, wigs and botox, flag waving, pom poms, fawning admirers and the MSM set up to keep the whole charade going with an enormous amount of hot air and a mix of hatchet jobs and expert marketing.

    18th to 19th century: US takes over the US continent.
    19th-20th century: US dominates North and Latin America
    Turn of the 19th-20th century: US and others loot China
    Early 20th century: US profits massively from WWI
    Mid 20th century: US profits massively from WWII
    1950’s: War in Korea
    1960’s-70’s: JFK murdered, Deep State takes over. War in Vietnam.
    1980s: US military retools, the Soviet Union rots and implodes.
    1990s: US invadeds Iraq, loots Russia
    2000s: US invades and destroys Iraq and Afghanistan
    2010s: US destroys Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen etc
    Current: US soon to be $20 Trillion in debt. US military retooling before attack on Russia

    You think the current owners, even more virulent than the previous ones, are going to let the US population vote in a sane person into the White House to mess up their sinister plans of world domination?

    Besides, the voters live in an expertly socially engineered nightmare where half (the Hating Half) are either Christian Domionists hating life to the point they pray for the Rapture, or tranquilized on Fox News propaganda and wrapped up in the flag. The other half of the voters is equally so lost in a fog of neoliberal propaganda they believe the sky is about to fall. The rest of the population is tranked out on ‘entertainment’ – games, music or ‘popular’ culture. Drugs that dull and/or destroy the mind are everywhere (drugs that expand the mind and encourage social cohesion are banned, even if other drugs kill far more people and are at least as dangerous).

    Everyone is a Spectator, whether they prefer Religion, Sports or Militarism. Only the elite are the Players. Then again 70% of Americans barely have a dollar to spare, while the Players are all millionaires or increasingly billionaires.

    How do you change this system?

    People have to wake up to what is happening and to what is being done to them. And what is being done to them is being done in their name, no less.

  6. CK

    These are deaths greatly to be hoped for; unfortunately I believe these are Twainish deaths

  7. Lou

    I agree with EMS, AIPAC and Israel are our present rulers.
    I sense the Chinese ‘slave drivers’ will take the jews place as our real rulers.

  8. Silverado

    Another reason I forgo the vote on this cult of personality BS and instead vote only on “pocketbook issues”. Especially the ones that effect MY pocketbook. Otherwise this criminal neocon political stuff could drive a sane person crazy and make one wind up like them…deranged and prone to psychotic behavior constantly.

  9. Sunger

    Elaine said: “But during all this, we had precious little money for heating in New York City and it was bitter, terrible cold with many blizzards in winter and I made money shoveling snow, removing ice, going on flat roofs to shove huge ice sheets off, etc. Brutal work. Life is a harsh mistress when you live on the edge and don’t have a huge pile of money stashed away.”

    I thought your family was the go-to bunch for high-level diplomacy. They were pow-wowing with the Al Sauds. How is it that you were living like bowery residents in NY?

    And I thought you as a young teen were being infiltrated into East Germany in that time period so that the US could find out what happened with the Nazi rockets from Peenemunde. Of course there never was any confusion about the German rocket program that Werner Von Braun could not explain LOL.
    Of course you all were busy inventing the internet……..

    ELAINE: I was disowned by my parents repeatedly and then they would call on me to assist them again…and…I caused a HUGE ruckus in Europe in 1968-1969 and then went off to Berkeley and did huge amounts of antiwar work. LBJ and Nixon hated my guts and no one was giving me money to defy the Machine. Still won’t. Maybe you could donate some money? 🙂

    And I didn’t invent the internet, DARPA did this I only got to use it behind my father’s back.

  10. Sunger

    elaine said: “This is such scary news that when my poor dad tried to publish a paper in the major science media, it was loudly rejected and I got to see the rejection letters. One said, ‘This cannot be! I can’t believe this!’ So much for ‘science’.”

    Oh come on! Your dad was an astrononomer or so you say. How is it that he was claiming all time knowledge about climate science in th 70s when that was not even his field?????

    No scientist would ever make some claims that they alone had all pertinent knowledge about a certain field ie climate science.

    And they would NEVER proclaim that all future studies of this climate science would be forever be corrupt or lying or the product of conspiracy.

    I think your dad would have LOVED to see all the new climate science and he would give you a lecture about how science works ie peer review etc.

  11. UM the planet Earth is part of the UNIVERSE as well as the SOLAR SYSTEM. DUH. Studying Mars and studying the earth are the same thing, Sheesh, what on earth or mars has gotten into readers here?

    Brain time!

  12. I am royally pissed.

    You know, the SUN is also a STAR and follows the same natural rules of other stars of its class. So. Studying the stars and the sun is THE SAME THING. Done by astronomers.

    Good lord, Galileo’s very first big paper was about observing SUN SPOTS on our Local Star, the Sun. Duh. That was nearly 400 years ago and he used this thing called a telescope which is what scientists use to this day to do the same ASTRONOMY.

    When I was a mere child, I would give this lecture even to adults which annoyed them endlessly about how the Earth is just another planet and alien beings are probably watching it revolve on its axis, far far away. This would cause some anxiety and anger in the audience. HAHAHA. Yes, even our little planet is part of astronomy, note also who studied the MOON: also, those dang ‘astronomers’ going way back in time to ancient Sumeria and earlier. They worried endlessly about the moon that shifted and changed so frequently.

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