Increasingly German Public In Open, Even Violent Revolt Against Merkel’s Million Muslim Men Invasion

“Go ahead, shoot us!” – Desperate Germans clash with police in protest against migrants – YouTube Videos we won’t see in the news.

The media owners who run the propaganda machines in Europe and the US are chastising the citizens of various sovereign nations demanding they take in a tsunami of ‘refugees’ who are mainly military aged males.  This huge surge in very dangerous unattached males is scaring the citizens of Germany, France and England which all had previous surges of difficult to integrate Muslim males in the past.  The gulf between the media owners’ propaganda and the fury of the citizens shows up in comments to all the articles attacking citizens for being concerned about several million Muslim males invading home territory.  Virtually no one comments in support of these insane policies.  ‘The hate is back’ say German media as migrant crisis sparks the country’s worst spate of political violence since the Nazi era | Daily Mail Online claims, for example.

Screen shot 2015-11-05 at 3.28.49 AM

The liberal media in Germany is very anti-German and self-flagellating:  SPIEGEL Cover Story: The New Germany – SPIEGEL ONLINE


There’s never been as much hate, but also never as much helpfulness — it’s a simple formula that accurately sums up the new Germany. The silent majority falls between these two poles. “Those who have always griped are griping even louder now. And those who always had a positive attitude are now getting active and helping,” says Joachim Eisenkolb, the mayor of Elchingen, a town located along the Danube River near Ulm. The town has become a model for the integration of refugees in Germany. He says the majority of people in the town are “sympathetically neutral” to the refugees.


The majority of the town are ‘neutral’ due to naked fear.  Anyone who protests is labeled ‘Nazi’ so they duck their heads and hope for someone to say something or stop the madness.  But like in all real situations, since there were zero votes about taking in a million plus Muslim males into Germany suddenly, democracy is pointless, it doesn’t exist.  No one has been consulted.  So the only way to stop this illegal invasion is to stop Merkel and her illegal policies by getting rid of her as fast as possible since she is unable to respond to obvious anger about this draconian policy she foisted on the nation.


The major task for German politicians now is to ensure that this sympathetically neutral majority doesn’t defect into the camp of the gripers. But two things are necessary in order to guarantee this happens: boundaries and honesty.

Screen shot 2015-11-05 at 3.28.22 AM

Running into Germany illegally via mob rule.


HAHAHA.  Der Spiegel does love pulling the legs of helpless German ‘voters’ who have zero say in these policies!  An honest government would have asked for permission from the voters before flooding the country with illegal alien males who are going to definitely cause immense problems!


Politicians need to establish boundaries to ensure that Germany isn’t overwhelmed, and that people’s openness and helpfulness isn’t overstrained. And they need to talk openly about the costs that Germans will soon be facing. After all, integration doesn’t happen for free — there are costs, both financially and socially.


These policies will be hideously expensive.  And the social costs are obvious and easy to see.  In the US, to accommodate a flood of illegal aliens from Spanish speaking counties instead of integrating these people, we now have Spanish all over the place and so integration fades rapidly away.  Our rulers don’t care.  It splits the nation in two and thus, to their sick minds, is easier to control.  We see this in elections.


The coexistence of hundreds of thousands of Arab and African Muslims — in addition to the millions of Turks and people of Turkish origin already living here — will test the limits of German tolerance. The country will again debate whether headscarves should be allowed in government workplaces, whether girls should be required to take co-educational swimming classes, whether minarets can be as high as church steeples and how loud the muezzins can conduct their calls to prayer. But this is a test that German society can, indeed must, endure.


Note how the Spiegel editorial demands that Germans give up everything and pay more money so a bunch of aliens can force their culture on Germany.  What a charming idea this is…NOT.  95% of the comments to this editorial are furious about these comments and the idea they not only are to accommodate hostile aliens who hate modern European society, they have to fund these invaders, too.


If, fearing the wrath of voters, politicians duck uncomfortable truths, the hatred will spread and the public will lose faith in politics. Essentially, what Germany is confronted with is a double integration process: that of refugees who are coming to Germany and that of Germans who no longer feel they are a part of their own country. The only way societal cohesion in this new Germany can be guaranteed is if both of these groups are carried along as the country moves forward.


After forcing enraged Germans to seek someone, anyone who has some touch of sanity, to save them from this obvious invasion of aliens who have near zero desire to ‘become Germans’ the ruling elites of Germany think that all will be well in the future.  I know from living in Europe, the only people who sexually harassed me mainly at train stations and other public places were 99% Muslim males.  When I chucked one of these down the staircase at the Munich train station, people applauded me.


It is thus imperative that the government foster their integration. Successful integration policies offer the most successful means of combating racism. At the same time, failed integration can have two consequences: It can provide fertile ground for xenophobia and it can exacerbate security problems. So far at least, Germany has been largely spared from Islamic terrorism, but that may not be the case in the future.


The closing argument of the editors of Der Spiegel show how insane they really are!  The chances of future Islamic terrorism in Germany has shot through the roof and to the moon.  There is a 100% certainty it will be nasty, very nasty.


Here are some comments from the You Tube video at the top of the story:

Screen shot 2015-11-05 at 3.54.30 AM



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37 responses to “Increasingly German Public In Open, Even Violent Revolt Against Merkel’s Million Muslim Men Invasion

  1. Further comment here: at the comments section of the You Tube video of Germans being shoved aside as an army of aliens are forced upon them, as their own government treats citizens as aliens and aliens as protected people deserving great care…we have obvious seeds for real Naziism to rise up rapidly.

    Virtually everyone opposing these insane policies looks back on Hitler’s solutions as a great idea. Jewish leaders and German ‘liberals’ forget why Hitler gained power: the punishment for WWI and its loss caused great distress which led to Nazis getting a great deal of support and appeal when Hitler unilaterally dumped the WWI punishments.

    So it is again: any rise in Naziism is due directly to stupid policies and hectoring by media owners (who evidently are not all that ‘German’ in the liberal side!) to overthrow the present system and replace it with one that will kick out these million+invaders.

    This is INEVITABLE now. Merkel’s popularity is plummeting rapidly and no leaders on the left have any solution only hectoring the public to hand over everything, homes, jobs, money to total aliens. Insane.

  2. Ken

    Two comments, both slightly off topic. But maybe not.

    The real issue with Germany and Europe is that this is happening so fast. Contrast their situation with the US. We are frequently reminded that whites will soon become a minority in this country. In the 1960 cenus whites made up over 90% of the population. Now, within a single lifetime, they will be a minority.

    No one voted to let this happen. No proposition was placed before the public asking if whites were OK being a minority. Policies were implemented by the government and the change has been happening gradually over the course of many years. Basically, the same principal as boiling a frog has been used on America.

    Contrast this with Europe, where the water is immediately boiling. When that happens the frog jumps out. The potential for civil unrest is greater in Europe than the US, even thought the US has a higher minority population, simply because of the speed at which this is happening.

    My second off topic observation involves birth control. Populations which practice it are in decline, and those which do not are becoming increasingly more powerful. In an obvious coorelation, the countries with the least birth control have the least rights for women. In time, rights for women will invariably errode.

    In an ironic twist of fate, freely available birth control gave individual women greater freedom, but may ultimately undermine the rights of women as a group.

  3. Jim R

    Of course, one difference from the 1930s: back then, Germany did not have millions of young male Jews invading from other countries. The Jews were already living there, in established communities. The wrath of the Nazis was because the Jews were a coherent, closed community, and they had lots of money, and there was a depression on.

    These invaders now are poor. They don’t have money, they only have numbers. And they are not really an established community. All they have is the neoliberal “one big happy world” bullshit supporting them. And that will pass. Of course, quite a lot of them are Syrian, trying to get away from the latest US “regime change” operation over there.

    I guess everyone has seen this:
    Muslim Man Warns Germans: “We Will Marry Your Daughters And Conquer You With Births”

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/04/2015 22:30 -0500

  4. Christian W

    With Merkel the Germans thought they had a conservative, careful Hausfrau leading them wisely and prudently. Little did they know she was a neoliberal Trojan agent beneath the political marketing label. She will be at least as cursed and hated as Tony Blair, most likely much more.

  5. vengeur

    Elaine’s take on this is spot on as usual. I read German media daily , and from what I can see , there seems to be a sort of calculated paralysis that has seized the German people. There is an absolute unison of German news media extolling the economic benefits and moral imperative to welcome all and various “refugees” from any MUSLIM country. And of course the media gladly transmitted Merkel’s “no limits on refugees” pledge (and smiling selfies) third-world-wide, and reports about the alien invasion always include pictures of children, with the express goal of eliciting the sympathy of Germans (even though the vast majority of immigrants are young men). Anyone offering the slightest reservation about this un-integratable tsunami of people are derided as “brown(shirted)” or the “mob” racists and of course, Nazis. Which the Rulers of Germany KNOW is the kryptonite of the German people: like the fictional Superman, they are POWERLESS when accused of being NAZI. Powerless to defend themselves. All this and the fact that there is no real opposition party that opposes the open borders madness, no real plan to deport anyone, leads to the inescapable conclusion that the this dilution and destruction of the German people is WELCOMED by the corporate rulers of Germany.

  6. JimmyJ

    Full text of TPP posted at New Zealand foreign ministry website, chapter by chapter or full zip of everything:

  7. Lou

    Jim R, The Jews were practicing usury and were a hostile sub culture. Jews have been kick out of 120? countries.

    ‘The wrath of the Nazis was because the Jews were a coherent, closed community, and they had lots of money,’

    Why does the public know about Holocaust and not know about Stalins jews?

  8. Lou

    Is Soros for TPP?

  9. Lou

    Jim R, its endless incidents that make non jews dislike jews. Big ones –

    and little ones.

  10. Petruchio

    I recall seeing videos of French airline workers, angry at proposed layoffs. What did these French workers do? They hunted these airline executives down and LITERALLY tore the clothing off of these job-chopping executives! Why, oh why does this not happen more often? Wouldn’t it be nice to see this happen to people like Jamie Dimon or Alan Greenspan? But of course, here in the US of A, no one has the energy to get their fat a##es off the couch and do something. And so, the migrant flood will continue AND the persecution of the citizens will get worse and worse. Personally, I think this migrant flood is one final F#ck you! from the political whore class before the financial collapse, but that’s just me.

  11. Christian W

    Anyone remember the German journalist Udo Ulfkotte?

    German journalist and editor Udo Ulfkotte says he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agents under his own name, adding that noncompliance ran the risk of being fired. Ulfkotte made the revelations during interviews with RT and Russia Insider.

    “I ended up publishing articles under my own name written by agents of the CIA and other intelligence services, especially the German secret service,” Ulfkotte told Russia Insider. He made similar comments to RT in an exclusive interview at the beginning of October.

    “One day the BND (German foreign intelligence agency) came to my office at the Frankfurter Allgemeine in Frankfurt. They wanted me to write an article about Libya and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi…They gave me all this secret information and they just wanted me to sign the article with my name,” Ulfkotte told RT.

    “That article was how Gaddafi tried to secretly build a poison gas factory. It was a story that was printed worldwide two days later.”


    The Story Line that we have to accept the Muslim battering ram refugees as our new neighbors is exactly the same here in Norwegian Media. We are ‘evil’ or “small minded’ if we don’t embrace the refugees is the implication.

    But the funny fact that Syria’s neighbor Israel doesn’t even take one single Muslim refugee, but that they have to come all this way into northern Europe, is never mentioned. Nor that the wars of Israel has created this tsunami. Nope, that is completely verboten, even, or especially, for top political national leaders to mention.

    I am 100% positive exactly the same thing that Ulfkotte described above is going on here in Norway and equally obviously in Sweden. The Deep State Big Brother owns the top of the society: Politicians, journalists and media, the military and intelligence services, financial services etc

  12. And…they are target #1 of the millions of angry young Muslim males who hate our rulers more than we hate them, BIG TIME. Especially if they are Jewish!

    This is why I say, people at the top are insane. Literally insane. They cannot grasp the boomerang effects of their own policies.

  13. Christian W

    They are clearly insane. It is crucial to acknowledge that fact fully.

    But, in their multifaceted insanity (one part of which is megalomania) they believe they will be able to manipulate their way out of the messes they create.

    Never mind that they can never control Reality fully, nor defeat it. They will end up like Hitler in his bunker, like him they will rage against Reality to their dying breath.

    The tragedy is that innocent people will have to pay, and millions already are paying (that includes the refugees btw), the bill for the insanity of the elites.

  14. All the current EU leaders will lose their positions in the next elections. The new crop of leaders will stand up against US domination. They see this refugee crisis being foisted upon them by US and they will rebel against it. Naturally, they will turn to Russia.

    USA just shot itself in the foot again.

  15. Petruchio

    “This is why I say, people at the top are insane.” They are also homicidal maniacs. The rulers have no compunctions at all about causing world wars and causing millions of people being killed.

  16. And they plan to tax us all to death by taxing CO2 which…hint..hint…we all exhale. They hate us for existing.

  17. Lou

    They [the zionists and 1%] hate us for existing.
    Europeans see this happening. Make way for the africans and muslims, starve and freeze to death the tax paying White citizens.

  18. Floridasandy

    merkel was an East German communist, and it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

    I knew someone would blame the U.S. For the European Muslim invasion and it didn’t take long. I think Americans are definitely more aggravated with the invasion and will elect a leader to stop it, and it can’t come soon enough for me.

    I’m not bothering to fix autocorrect anymore, so bear with me.

    Our leaders are really insane.

  19. Christian W


    You think the fact that the US has smashed Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc has nothing to do with the Muslim invasion?

    The US has basically herded the Iraqi and Syrian refugees into Europe.

    Round ONE:
    First the US terror bombed Iraq to hell, including most of it’s infrastructure forcing at least 2 million Iraqis to take refuge in SYRIA!

    Round TWO:
    Then ISIS was unleashed on Syria causing further millions of people to flee the terrorist infestation, including the IRAQI refugees already bounced out of Iraq.

    Round THREE:
    Then ISIS was unleashed on Iraq, again creating a new wave of refugees.

    Round FOUR:
    Then the US started to bomb SYRIAN infrastructure, under the guise of bombing ISIS, which only served to create more Syrian refugees as they didn’t have water or electricity or basic sanitation.

    Never mind the craziness going on in Afghanistan and Libya.

    HOW is the US not to blame? Please explain your thinking.

  20. Floridasandy

    Christian, you need to read more.. Muslims have been aggressive and destroying things in their path throughout history., before the U.S. Was even a country. Read creeping sharia blog daily for a start. The media tells you that the immigrants are just victims of our violence and the gullible believe. There are people from everywhere flooding Europe, opportunists mostly. One in 10 women arriving in Germany are pregnant.
    I certainly don’t defend Obama and his idiocy, but to lay all the blame on the U.S. Doorstep is ridiculous.
    Canada , under Trudeau, promises to bring in 25000 refugees by jan 1. This is a left wing movement by world leaders to bring poorer people into the developed countries in massive numbers, and it will not end well. It is already going bad in Germany with doctors getting stabbed and people unsafe to walk into certain areas-again not the fault of the U.S.

    I will be happy when our current president is retired, however :). His bumbling allows the United States to be blamed by the media, and to deflect what is happening around the world. Putin does understand terrorism, but clearly the Russians are starting to pay a price for it with planes being blown up,

  21. Jim R

    Sandy, I can tell you haven’t been paying attention recently. Like in the last couple decades.

    OK, now, here it is again: in 2001, America was viciously attacked by a gang of Saudis, who were so sneaky they managed to completely fool the air defenses of the world’s most powerful military, evarr. They were so dangerous, that whenever one of these gangsters was caught, it was necessary to lock them up on an island stronghold and torture them without a trial or hearing, in complete contradiction to all international human rights standards.

    Now, in the 20-teens, the Pentagon has done a 180, and is dropping pallet-loads of weapons and cash to these jihadi scum, because freedom and democracy.

    And this has resulted in perhaps the largest mass displacement of humans in history. Middle-class people from formerly progressive secular countries have been bombed out of their homes and forced to flee. These were places where people wore normal clothes and women went to college. Where they’d have maybe two or three children in a normal family setting…

    After living in various temporary places, such as gigantic camps in Turkey, they have been forced to continue their journeys, because their homes are still under humanitarian bombardment. And they are heading toward the secular, liberal parts of Europe.

    But now that Russia is plowing the Syrian countryside with bunker-busters, the above-mentioned jihadi scum are tagging along with the displaced locals…

    Meanwhile back in the Saudi homeland, where they have always practiced the cockroach method of family planning, the wise and wonderful government has decided to re-instate crucifixion as a method of punishing dissidents.

  22. Christian W

    The US is not being blamed by the “media”, it is being blamed by the FACTS.

  23. Jim R

    Or to paraphrase Stephen Colbert, “reality does have a Russian bias”.

    Just a short refresher course, here:
    Those were the ‘nice’ terrorists driving by, in cars paid for by the US taxpayer. Neither Islam, nor Buddhism, nor any other religion, has anything to do with it. That is simply WW3 getting underway.

    I doubt that it will slow down Floridasandy’s islamophobic blubbering, though.

  24. Lou

    Jim R does not see an invasion – infiltration when he sees one.
    Talk about dumb. Are you a liberal as well?

    Migration Crisis: “Islam Will Conquer Europe Without Firing ……/migration-crisis-islam-w...
    Gatestone Institute
    Sep 28, 2015 – Migration Crisis: “Islam Will Conquer Europe Without Firing a Shot” … Now the EU and Obama want to bring the catastrophe of Gaza to the West Bank. … Every time the Palestinians have taken steps against the Israelis, we …

  25. Floridasandy

    Lou you can’t reason with a few people here due to anti American sentiment. Americans are not beheading people and not setting people on fire. The Germans are not unsafe to walk in parts of Germany due to America, for crying out loud, but hopefully America will wake up before it is too late for us also. again, I urge everyone to read creeping sharia and other sites for balanced media coverage and draw your own conclusions.

  26. Jim R

    Booga booga. Moooooooooooslums gonna getcha!

    Therefore, better send ’em some more new Toyotas to drive into battle!

    Good news is, the pickups don’t hold up very well against tanks. So, there’s that — fewer jihadis at the end of the process.

    The refugee crisis is very similar to the mortgage-backed banking crisis of the naughts. By the time the public notices there’s a problem, the actual cause of the damage is in years past.

  27. Christian W

    Sandy said: ” Americans are not beheading people and not setting people on fire.

    YES, you are!

    America IS supporting ISIS.
    America IS supporting the creation of Sunni Sharia land in northern Iraq and Northern and Eastern Syria.
    The US IS giving weapons and military training to the Sharia Muslims.
    The US IS bombing the non-Sharia (modern oriented) Muslims in Iraq and Syria and elsewhere.
    The US is giving weapons and support to Saudi Arabia, the very center of the Sharia mentality.

    The US is doing all these things, Sandy.

    Never mind how much you cannot fathom this, or simply refuse to understand this.

    The US IS spreading Sharia Law across the Middle East and now into Europe (Thank You!). Every Syrian that gets killed by Sharia terror is done so with US support.

    And of course this insanity was cooked up by Israeli and American Jews and the Pentagon to start with. They are doing it because it is much cheaper and easier to get the Muslims to fight each other than the use American troops directly to achieve their foreign policy goals. This is EVIL, Sandy, American Evil.

    America OWNS this mess. The Sharia fanatics are a weapon wielded by the US to destroy large parts of the world and to control the US public (that is YOU, Sandy). Therefore, Sharia terror is the AMERICAN government’s terror. You cannot separate the two.

  28. emsnews

    AND this will all backfire big time on Israel and the US. AGAIN.

  29. Floridasandy

    Christian, the term useful idiots applied to those who help the people who would destroy us and our freedom.

    I see clearly what is happening in Europe and wish to prevent it from coming here. Perhaps you are not American?

  30. Christian W

    I am Finnish, yes. But I do not bash America, I bash the policies that create and promote havoc (such as destroying entire nations, pushing millions into refugee status and building and supporting military extremism, including American military extremism, or the MIC business plan.)

    Unfortunately, since I am foreign, I cannot work against the insanity of the US government and vote in the US. It is up to you Americans to change your government.

    A policy of NIMBYism (not in my backyard) against US sponsored Jihadi terrorism isn’t going to cut it is it, when the real problem is the rot in Washington and Tel Aviv.

  31. pontiff holysh*t

    @ #29

    See Ashcroft v. Iqbal, where a 5 member Catholic block of the Supreme Court overturned about 60 years of federal pleading practice to basically hold that Muslims will not be getting any relief in U.S. courts on torture claims. See how easy it is to become a Nazi?

  32. Jim R

    Floridasandy, you don’t seem to have a clue as to what is happening in Europe. The flood of migrants is a cynical tool of the geopolitical engineers. And yes absolutely, if nothing is done to stop it, it will plunge Europe into chaos.

    And it isn’t so much coming here, as it came from here. It started here. Europeans are very slowly coming to understand this.

    Elaine and I and CW are definitely not bashing America. We want America back. Unfortunately it’s looking like it won’t be coming to its senses any time soon.

  33. Christian W

    The flood of migrants into Europe is the same policy, with the added sinister twist of a culture clash, that is under way in the US. Push migrants in, push jobs out, destroy democracy, destroy social cohesion, divide and conquer, destroy education. Drown people in debt, make them afraid of losing their jobs and make them afraid of their neighbors or ‘undesired social element’ always keeping an eye out for some ‘no good low life criminal/muslim/black/xxx to come and attack you.

    Set up BS politicians that work for the Oligarchs and their Looting and Killing Machine and have BS journalists that work for the Oligarchs serve more BS to the masses to keep them confused and impotent to change things. The rot is the same, and the root of the rot is the same.

    We, here in the “Free West”, are being set up to be the serfs again, not citizens with rights and an input in the governance of our nations, but debt donkeys, tax sheep and consumer serfs (and that is the best case scenario). And if we don’t toe the line, or protest, we will lose our job, and if we don’t have a job our social services will be pulled, or we will be put in a jail that charges us per night, making us deep in debt when we come out and we will have no prospect of getting a job so we can pay the debt to Big Brother. Big Brother will rule us all.

  34. emsnews

    Except this will all backfire on the elites, big time. This is what bothers me. Don’t any of these idiots have any idea how history works???

    It is pure insanity. Many a historian going back to ancient Greece, for example, has complained about how no one at the top ever seems to figure out how history operates and how to avoid obvious stupid errors. This seems to be a fixture of all elites, this blindness to the obvious folly of their plans and operations.

  35. Christian W

    They really, truly can’t see it. It’s megalomania and narcissism at work. They can’t see the irony of history because they are above us mere mortals. They always think they are better and smarter (see the megalomania and narcissism at work) than the previous set of megalomaniacs and narcissists… It would be funny as hell if it wasn’t so utterly tragic and idiotic.

    Unfortunately it’s the normal little people that get caught in the meat grinders created by the insane. That is why we are supposed to have systems (like democracy) that only let vetted sane people up to the top. And that is of course why the elites always insist on rigging the systems so the lunatics get to be in charge. Hey ho.

  36. Anon

    France is ruled by Freemasonry and Organized Jewry.
    One is designed to serve the other. The will of French citizens, their vote, the survival of their history, their heritage, their culture and ancestral religion (Catholicism), does not matter to this clique.

    Their aim is to destroy every root, every memory, every link to the past, every vestige of religious meaning, and above all, any shred of patriotism left in the heart of the French people. That’s why they always emphasize the dark side of French history and ask the French people to genuflect in front of Jewry and the holocaust.

    The aim of Organized Jewry is not to exert a benevolent and impartial power for the benefit of mankind and its general well-being. Its aim is to replace God, and to be worshiped the same way.

    For century, France was the bastion of Christianity and stands in the the way of the Jewish globalist agenda. They do not want any nation left standing that could challenge their domination. Organized Jewry’s thirst for power, greed for money, ignorance of moral and religious ideals all are behind our present culture of death and destruction.


    In France, behind every call for “progress” and “social change,” you always find a Jew.

    The removal of death penalty was initiated by the Jewish lawyer Robert Badinter. The abortion law was perpetrated by Jewess Simone Veil.

    The “anti-racist” groups were all set up by Jews. (SOS Racisme was created by the Jew Julien Dray and the Jew Harlem Désir; all chairmen have been Jews since then, up to today with the Jewess Cindy Léoni).

    As in every country they settled, French Jewry has created many groups to exert pressure on the host people to disarm legitimate resistance to their Luciferian agenda.

    The survival of French people as autonomous entity doesn’t matter to them, because they simply don’t regard themselves as any part of it. Their sole allegiance goes to their tribal entity, Freemasonry, and for some, Israel, but not to France and its people.


    jmlp.jpgHence, they made of the Front National and [its founder] Jean-Marie Le Pen (left) their number one enemy. He refused to bow in front of the Jewish power. Therefore, he had to face this occult power that control everything and hold the destiny of France and of its people in its hand, just as they control the fate of the American people (leading them to bankruptcy)…

    History is stubborn; that’s why they are suppressing the young generation. (Jewish Freemason Minister for Education Peillon removed Louis XIV, Napoleon, and François 1er from school books last year…).

    Only the colours of events appear to change, but in fact the meaning of history remains the same.

    But let’s make one thing very clear. We are obviously not talking about individuals here. We are talking of Jewish Money Power and all its proxies, mainly Freemasonry (B’nai Brith, Bilderberg, Skulls and Bones, CFR, Trilateral Commission, etc.) We are talking about a centuries-long agenda of subversion that is now close to fruition.

    The two most important Jewish populations – outside of Israel – are to be found in France and in the U.S. That alone explains the recent policy of war carried out by the French government.

    Hollande1.jpgThe current President of France is the Marrano Crypto-Jew Hollande

    The current minister for Foreign Affair is the Jew Fabius

    The current minister for Education is the Jew Peillon

    The current minister for Economy is the Jew Moscovici

    Obviously they are all Freemasons…

    I could draw the same list about people on the media (press, TV, etc) university and so on. French people are getting more and more aware of it. But they cannot yet understand how Jews can be so evil toward them when they hold the best positions in most sectors of economy (particularly in media, culture and of course banking). They enjoy much higher status than the average French citizen. But it’s surely not enough for them…

    Jean-Marie Le Pen was told by a high ranking B’nai Brith member that they feared that their “thought control” will fail to prevent him from being elected in 2002; and thus for years, the Front National was the main subject of concern of organized Jewry. That is the reason behind the media campaign of slander on the party and its President.

    The “Republican Front” (Front Républicain) was put in place by the other opponent parties (Socialist and UMP) during an assembly of B’nai Brith (Masonry exclusively for Jews). It was an agreement among political parties to combine their vote whenever they were facing a Front National member during an election… (That’s the democratic ethic of the political elite in France, to bypass the vote of citizen in order to maintain their grip on all positions of power…)

    This is how the Socialist party and the Leftists ensured their election.

    Source: – Admin 2

  37. emsnews

    Look, Jewish people joined many organizations. But also NON JEWISH people did the same.

    The battle for birth controls, for example, was fought by many women of all sorts of backgrounds INCLUDING ME. Anti-semitics focus on this Jewish person or that and ignore all the other people in the room which is stupid.

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