Putin Winning In Syria Drives US Zionists Insane

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The graphs above from the NYT warmongering gang shows clearly that US airstrikes all of which were aimed at the government of Syria in support of invaders, peaked last summer and dropped like a rock when Putin entered the fray in support of the government of Syria. The US gives full, total military support to one of the nastiest and evilest regimes on earth, the Saudi royals.  They were installed by the Brits during WWI.  Europe and the US support this repressive, evil regime because of oil.  Syria, on the other hand, was quite liberal and free in comparison to Saudi Arabia where women have zero human rights and everyone is treated like animals by the corrupt owners of Saudi Arabia, the royal clan.


Note the huge number of bombing raids in Iraq!  And these are escalating, not falling off.  And very expensive, too.  Not to mention, useless.  ‘US-led coalition disjointed in fighting ISIS as some members have own plans’ – Iraq’s ex-PM — RT News


The US-led coalition has been “unbelievably” inefficient in fighting the terror group Islamic State, possibly because some members have their plans for the terrorists, Iraq’s former PM told RT.


ISIS wants to impose the very cruel, nasty system that turned Saudi Arabia into a nightmare nation.  The Saudi royals sponsor ISIS.  They ARE ISIS.  It is obvious!  The women who are conquered by ISIS are forced to live in the nasty way women suffer in Saudi Arabia. My mother lived in SA years ago and stormed out of the country when she couldn’t take the horrors anymore.  This, after a woman who was trying to get home from a visit to the US compound, was deliberately run over by the religious police because she wasn’t totally covered by thick veils! No EU or US official protested this murder which infuriated my mother as well as myself.


Assad’s people, on the other hand, have ten times the freedoms that Saudi men or women have in that terror state.  He didn’t hang people strung across highways there!  He didn’t have public stoning of women for being too sexy or flogging people who write editorials criticizing the rulers.  His rule is amazingly liberal for a Muslim state dictator.  As was Gaddafi before he weakened and was murdered by radical Saudi-CIA funded radicals.


Now that Russia which has a leader who supports women’s rights unlike Obama or the Bushes or Congress that kisses up to brutal dictators who have the world’s most anti-women’s rights regime on earth, is entering this war against women’s rights on the side of women being allowed to live free—Russia is gaining while the US/Saudi conspiracy collapses!!!  As U.S. Escalates Air War on ISIS, Allies Slip Away – The New York Times


The Obama administration heralded the Arab air forces flying side by side with American fighter jets in the campaign’s early days as an important show of solidarity against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or Daesh. Top commanders like Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, who oversees operations in Syria and Iraq, still laud the Arab countries’ contributions to the fight. But as the United States enters a critical phase of the war in Syria, ordering Special Operations troops to support rebel forces and sending two dozen attack planes to Turkey, the air campaign has evolved into a largely American effort.


How stupid is this???  The US is backing a very evil regime that hates women and openly enslaves them for all Saudi women are slaves, all because of oil.  And now the Saudi cowards are fleeing the freedom-loving Russians backed by Putin who buys NO Saudi oil thus has no motive to enslave women in the name of Islam.  Putin can take the high road while the US grovels at the feet of the fat rulers of Saudi Arabia.  This utterly disgusts me.  Note that NYT won’t mention any of this information and pretends these evil fat pigs are our allies and buddies.  Well, buddies to the rich and the Zionists who think the Saudis don’t plant to annihilate all Jews in the end (yes, this is their ultimate goal!).


Here is a NYT Zionist attempt to illustrate this insane business whereby the US has been forced via vile propaganda to support the annihilation of women’s rights as well as minority religions protected by Assad:

Screen shot 2015-11-08 at 6.57.48 AM

Look at this picture graph!  Our ‘allies’ are EVIL. Pure, undiluted evil.  Note the Islamic State is also on our ‘side’.  Turkey, which is fighting the Kurds, is our ally, too and is sending over the flood of refugees and others into Europe toppling most of the ‘liberal’ governments there, Merkel is going to be tossed out very soon.


Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter has promised Congress that the air war in Syria will escalate “with a higher and heavier rate of strikes,” including more attacks against top Islamic State leaders and oil fields that remain one of the group’s main financial lifelines. But the revamped effort is already facing challenges.


This plan has a slight flaw:


For the first time since 2007, the United States does not have an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf and will not again until mid-December;


HAHAHA.  Give Obama another Peace Prize!  And here from Germany is a call to arms: Germany on the brink | The Identity Forum




The decision of the Federal Chancellor to open our borders is high treason. A head of government does not have the right to destroy the law, the nation and the state. An appeal by Jürgen Elsässer, Editor-in-Chief of COMPACT Magazine..

(Dear reader, please pass this appeal on to soldiers and distribute it on social networks).

Soldiers of the Bundeswehr!

In your oath you swore:

“I swear serve the Federal Republic of Germany faithfully and to bravely defend the law and the freedom of the German people, so help me God.”

In contrast to the Wehrmacht of the Third Reich, you have not sworn [an oath] to the person occupying the highest position of the state – previously Adolf Hitler, currently Angela Merkel – but rather to the nation as a whole and the peaceful order in which it dwells.


Yes, the Germans will have to figure out how to prevent their nation from being destroyed by neocons who run our government and use us to fund endless wars designed to take over more Muslim lands in the Holy Land so the Jews can evict everyone there and rule alone with zero Muslims allowed.  Something the Saudis will start WWIII to prevent.


Back to the NYT insane article trying to explain everything while never mentioning the Jewish connections to everything:


Rebel groups supported by the United States are focused on toppling the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, not rooting out the Islamic State.


At least they admit this.  But then one paragraph later has this gem:


The United States is focused on defeating the Islamic State. While it has attacked 2,600 Islamic State targets, it has not directly attacked the Syrian government and it is backing rebel groups only with money, arms and some training.


When committing crimes against humanity, one has to be carefully contradictory.  The US has been at this for generations. While yelling about human and even women’s rights, we also backed, protected and supported one of the most repressive regimes on earth that has fewer rights for women than North Korea, for example.


And then there is the business of Palestinian children armed with small rocks:  What Israel Is Up To in Jerusalem – Antiwar.com Original by — Antiwar.com


In coping with the violence – no community can tolerate daily stabbing of innocents on its streets – Netanyahu has very little to offer. After all, he refused to negotiate with the Palestinians in years of relative quite (in 2012, for example, not a single Israeli was killed by Palestinian violence), so he won’t start now. Demolishing terrorists’ homes has been reintroduced as a means of deterrence, a decade after the Israeli army itself under Chief-of-Staff – now Minister of Defense – Ye’elon officially recommended stopping such demolitions. With one nuance, though: now Israel has taken the right not only to demolish the houses, but to confiscate their land as well. And this is significant.


Because while left-wing useful idiots triumphantly claim Netanyahu is now dividing Jerusalem, carrying out what they always wanted, the truth is quite different. The Palestinians constitute 35% of Jerusalem’s population, a “demographic threat” in Israeli eyes. East Jerusalem is not cut off from West Jerusalem; this is hardly feasible, as East Jerusalem is packed with Jewish settlements. Instead, the Palestinian neighborhoods in Jerusalem are further cut off from each other, encircled and besieged by checkpoints and concrete blocks. There are small extremist Jewish settlements even within many Palestinian neighborhood; the land of demolished houses will be given to them to expand. Palestinians in the strangulated Jerusalem neighborhood will have little choice but to leave to the West Bank enclaves; and, to make things even clearer, deportations and retraction of their Israeli citizenship are already considered. What is likely to take place now is not a division of Jerusalem, but rather its ethnic cleansing.


In other words, the Swiss Cheese Solution.  Every invading Jewish radical group seizing Palestinian homes if children throw rocks at Jews, these must then have all the streets shut off around them with the natives forced to use round about ways to get to and from homes.  Slowly, relentlessly, coupled with never prosecuting Jews for crimes against Palestinian natives, all will be driven out.


Meanwhile, Europe will collapse into chaos and where will all the loot come for the Jews to continue their ethnic cleansing?   They certainly have no intention of paying for this, themselves.  Instead, this week they are demanding Congress nearly double the money given to pay for this ethnic cleansing.  Our ‘elected’ people gladly give more while telling us there is no money for us, ourselves.  This is going to end very badly and I, who was once Mrs. Levy via marriage, wonder why Jewish leaders pursue this obviously insane plan which will backfire hideously.  Have they no idea how reality works?


Obviously, not.  Learn nothing from history seems to be the plan of many humans.


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11 responses to “Putin Winning In Syria Drives US Zionists Insane

  1. Damn the people who run this service I use!!!

    Once again with zero warning or feedback they changed the coding here. I wondered why my indentation of quotes was acting so screwy and then I published my story after being very annoyed with quotes acting up and…it is changed! No longer indented!

    Now it is in a grey box. I much prefer indentations.

  2. Christian W

    US Zionists already are insane.

    The problem is that their mentality of ‘the end justifies the means’ ALWAYS will allow them to take the insanity to the next step. Think the implications of that mindset through.

    There is nothing in their mindset that allows them to stop, take a step back and reflect on the situation in a larger, inclusive, context. Whatever they do they will always be trapped by their inner split – us vs. them – where whomever they deem as ‘them’, not ‘me’ or ‘us’, by definition is ‘other’ and thus either ‘inferior’ or outright ‘enemy’.

    It is impossible for them to accept that the ‘other’ has a valid point of view, or worse, might be stronger. That ultimately would mean the annihilation of ‘me’ and ‘us’ because subjugation to the ‘inferior’ is impossible.

    That means that these lunatics are engaged in a winner take it all war (Cultural and or Religious) and losing is not an option. This means that these lunatics will ALWAYS step up the ante, and if they ultimately are defeated then that means God is wrong and everything deserves to burn to the ground. Then nothing has meaning as their entire Egoic construct falls apart.

    It is interesting to see that the people behind the link in Elaine’s post above – Identityforum – suffer from EXACTLY this mental disorder of ‘us’ vs. ‘them’. Or at least the initial steps down the slippery slope.

    This is the mindset behind militant nationalism ie Nazism, Zionism, militant fundamentalism of whatever denomination, be it Christian, Jewish or Islamic ie Al Qaeda, ISIS etc. Same crap, different wrapping.

  3. Christian W

    Birds of a feather, flock together. There is a REASON the Zionists are allied with the Christian and Islamist Fundamentalists. Essentially there is no difference between them.

    So these birds are allied to achieve the first common goal: The destruction of the Liberal world order. THEN they will take on the other, obviously ‘inferior’ and hated, group. But that is for afterwards.

    So why do these groups hate the Liberals? Because genuine Liberalism in inclusive and unity focused and puts the lunatics out on the fringes of society and keep them disarmed. The very last point is crucial. Ideally the fundies should be locked up as a menace to society, but then, Liberalism has a small weakness…. It seeks to be inclusive… lalalaaa.

  4. Jim R

    Is it possible to drive psychopaths insane? Or are they already insane?

  5. Christian W

    I think the very condition of psychopathy is a split that by itself can only be described as insane. That doesn’t mean they have to be a killer or criminal but they lack the capability for empathy. This means they live in a reality based on their own mind construct, that is, they create their own reality in their heads and they play around with this reality according to the situation and according to what they happen to want or need at any given point. This makes them very efficient decision makers. They are cut off from considerations other people make and move straight to their personal goal.

    The game with their own mind construct coupled with the complete lack of empathy is in my view insanity in action.

    This mind construct can quickly, from other people’s perspective, get out of hand, but the psychopath cares only, and can only care, about his own personal perspective.

    Other peoples’ feelings, opinions or perspective has no bearing whatsoever on the psychopaths actions as they are completely decoupled from such considerations (unless the psychopath so choses to incorporate them to achieve some goal). The psychopaths know other people have feelings and emotions and are usually extremely good at both percieving those and manipulating them. It is a game that the psychopath enjoys playing as part of his mind construct. They are fantastic liars and (initially) very good at duping people (who tend to believe everybody function to the same set of morals).

    Usually psychopaths only wreak havoc in smaller settings, marriages, families, work and so on. But when they form into a collective mind construct like Nazism, Stalinism, Maoism or Zionism (and Neocons) they become dangerous on a large scale. You can add predatory Capitalism (Neoliberalism) to this insanity as this system is wrecking the world as we speak.

    And of course they can sink into further delusion and be stricken with other pathologies.

    Psychopaths are driven (of course since they only know power games) into positions of power. Top positions in organizations like corporations, the Military, the Law, Media etc are attractive to psychopaths.

  6. How it is possible an European Doom if Germany is a Creditor with industrial base ?

  7. Melponeme_k

    Insane, the religious fundamentalists are insane.


    I guess children throwing rocks are included in this mass support of shoot to kill.

  8. Petruchio

    @#4Jim R: Well it’s a matter of degrees. The semi-joke in psychology is: a sociopath doesn’t know the difference between right or wrong. A psychopath DOES know the difference between right and wrong; s/he just doesn’t care. Imho, insanity implies a certain level of self destructive behavior that even a psychopath SHOULD realize will destroy him if the behavior continues. Imho the elites are an overindulged, overly inbred clique who are consumed with a deep sense of entitlement and a self-image of supreme arrogance. Combine this with their total incompetence and ther you are.

  9. Seraphim

    The AngloZio created the Muslim Brotherhood and the Hizb ut-Tahrir as well (and the Talibans). Don’t forget that.

  10. Whadda crock. I’m a US Zionist, and I feel fine.

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