Students Protest For And Against Halloween Plus Football Players Remove University President In Missouri

Back in the 1960’s to early 1970’s I was at several universities in Europe and the US.  We mainly demonstrated against the wars going on and then there were other issues.  I was a strong supporter of real women’s rights (not the PC stuff going on today) and was very much against the Vietnam War and wanted to do action about the Cold War, too.  This included my attempt at infiltrating East Germany to give a speech in Jena which was thwarted by the West German state police who deported me.  Today, students can protest anything and everything so long as it is fairly useless which is why we have so much ‘activism’ that is futile or even destructive.  Protesting high tuition prices?  Nope.  That would make a huge difference.  Protest the futility of many ‘liberal’ degrees that guarantee a lifetime of high debt and little employment use?  Heaven forfend!  Protest the exploitation of black athletes who bring in billions in TV revenue while getting nothing except four years lost wages in the NFL?  Heaven forfend!


This news shows us how coaches and ‘students’ who are actually gladiators hoping to earn permission to be farmed out to professional sports leagues have removed a president of a southern university because some unknown smart alecks did some racist things that harmed no one but were rather irritating.  This is different from sports heroes on campuses raping women students there!  No, annoying or irritating these same athletes is highly dangerous for anyone since they are money makers for these ‘schools’.  University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe’s very telling resignation speech – The Washington Post explains the people they went to to explain why football players who are mainly black kids, were able to eliminate a college president:


Lopez is the author of the much-talked about 2014 book, “Dog Whistle Politics.” It explores the sometimes-hidden or even unconscious meaning of public speech. He is also constitutional law and race specialist at the University of California-Berkeley Law School. Baker wrote the 2010 book, “Anthropology and the Racial Politics of Culture.” He also brings another perspective, that of a large university administrator. He’s dean of academic affairs for Trinity College of Arts and Sciences and associate vice provost for undergraduate education at Duke.

But neither man gave the speech a glowing review (of the sad resignation speech of the former University president).

#ConcernedStudent1950 vs the media – YouTube


Things are getting rapidly out of hand as students figure they have the upper hand.  This video shows them attacking a STUDENT NEWSPAPER REPORTER who happens to be Asian.  The main attacker is…a media professor! Who teaches courses on ‘free speech’ no less!  She is egging on students to attack this fellow student for daring to ask them any questions or photograph their very, very public ‘protest’.  This is insane!  When I was doing campus protests, we loved reporters and especially student reporters. I used to volunteer to be the ‘media person’ for this sort of thing and actively cultivated even hostile reporters!  This works great.  But the mob rule on this campus is to shut things down and ironically, shut down reporting of open, public protest.


Here is a quote from the professor who led the attack on the student reporter:


“Help me get this reporter out of here,” bellowed Melissa Click, a Mass Communications assistant professor, after journalist Mark Schierbecker began recording demonstrators at the protest. Days earlier, Click had called for national exposure for the student movement on her Twitter page before making it private on Monday. “I need some muscle.”…Click, who can be seen grabbing photographer Tim Tai in the video, boasts a PhD in Communication and has studied “popular culture texts and audiences, particularly texts and audiences disdained in mainstream culture,” according to a bio online.


HUH??? The entire point of protesting in public is…to have PUBLICITY!!! This goes under ‘duh’ which means the professor and her select gang are insane or unbelievably stupid or both. Most likely, both.


Then there is this protest at what is supposed to be one of the top elite schools, one which was founded centuries ago and where my ancestor, Henry Steele, founded the odious and evil Skull and Bones cult…yikes.  My grandfather went there, for example.  I nearly went there due to ‘legacy’ allowances.  So, home of the ‘Devil Is Death’ Skull and Bones is being cleaned up by one of the professors!  HAHAHA.  I am going to collapse due to laughing here!  Yale University Students Protest Halloween Costume Email (VIDEO 3) – YouTube. In this case, the students are protesting the PC announcement about costumes from one of the professors in charge of Halloween:


Here is the list of demands that students not do anything at all on Halloween:  Yale Student Body Has PC Meltdown After One Email About Halloween Costumes | The Last Resistance


1. Wearing a funny costume? Is the humor based on “making fun” of real people, human traits, or cultures?

2. Wearing a historical costume? If this costume is meant to be historical, does it further misinformation or historical and cultural inaccuracies?

3. Wearing a “cultural” costume? Does this costume reduce cultural differences to jokes or stereotypes?

4. Wearing a “religious” costume? Does this costume mock or belittle someone’s deeply held faith tradition?

5. Could someone take offense with your costume and why?

Erika Christakis, Associate Master of Silliman College, wrote a public reply to the email.


760 students protested this list.  They, in turn, want the writer of this list to resign and in addition, her husband lose his job, too, even though he had nothing to do with this.  What is funny is how this is the exact opposite of the Missouri protests and demands.  Now on to other campus news:  Video: Tuscaloosa officers use stun gun, batons to break up Alabama post-game party |


Officers were called on the noise complaint about 3:20 a.m. Sunday. Discarded beer cans, bottles and a pair of underwear still littered the building’s walkways Monday afternoon.  Residents of the apartment building said partiers were out late celebrating Alabama’s win when police arrived.

“We were downstairs when the first officer rolled up, and then they cut the music and everyone’s like ‘Oh, looks like they’re about to tell us to shut it down,'” said Devin McDade, 22.


They were up all night being very out of control, wild, drunk students. Kind of reminds me of my youth here.  We expected cops to come by and if you were really really drunk, you could do battle or you could run and hide but you did NOT argue with them.  No way in hell.  The result would be disaster and everyone knew this. Now, the cops are automatically put on leave and even punished but then, this has a bad ending for everyone since already it was near dawn and the students refused to can it and go to bed like good children but chose to argue with the cops thinking this was Mom and Daddy.  Nope, they are cops.


Soon, cops will refuse to stop this sort of thing forcing people who live nearby to stop it in far more brutal fashion like pulling guns on the celebrants and snarling, ‘Go to bed or I will put you in a six by two foot sealed bed, buddy.’  I have lived in out of control slums where the cops refuse to do anything and this is pretty much how we took control of things.


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10 responses to “Students Protest For And Against Halloween Plus Football Players Remove University President In Missouri

  1. Petruchio

    ” Protest the exploitation of black athletes…” You could argue that the Big Football colleges and Universities exploit their athletes more than the pros (NFL) do; at least the pros pay market rates for their black athletes. Black College players have to settle for free books and tuition and then maybe some under-the-table money, but usually not much. Throw in some hookers now and then and you have the “compensation” package college players get. They get free schooling, but they are taking classes with titles like “Rocks for Jocks”. I read a book by James Michener called “Sports in America”. Michener called for dropping the pretenses and just out and out PAY college athletes a salary. Everyone knows NFL football is profitable, but so is Big Time College Football-and the profit margin is bigger because Colleges right now don’t have to pay their labor force, the players. ###Elaine, of course the students are not allowed to protest anything meaningful; slaves never are given the right to complain. In the con artist “game” the students are known as the mark, meaning they are the sheep who exist mainly to be fleeced. Give me a wakeup call when students, someone, ANYONE start attacking the Numbskulls and Boneheads-the Numbskulls “frat” house and/or Numbskull members. THEN that will be a real and genuine protest.

  2. LOU

    This video shows them attacking a STUDENT NEWSPAPER REPORTER who happens to be Asian. The main attacker is…a media professor! Who teaches courses on ‘free speech’ no less! She is egging on students to attack this fellow student for daring to ask them any questions or photograph etc.
    Yes, that shows what femiNazis are really like.
    Thanks for pointing this out.

  3. Henry

    The woman throwing the temper tantrum at Yale is the perfect poster child for what is wrong with this generation of coddled and spoiled young adults. The expect to be kept in a “safe space” where they won’t have hear or see anything that challenges their world view. They are very sensitive to their own rights, but not to those of others. Add in the toxic blend of perceived racial victim-hood and you end up with this nonsense. After all this was about Halloween costumes for god sakes.

  4. Christian W

    Hm, looks like some kind of collective insanity is starting to brew in the US, this narcissistic, thin skinned attitude that personal opinions and feelings somehow override anything else, including, or most of all, sane rational thinking.

  5. emsnews

    Black football and basketball players are all ‘slaves’ on a plantation where the top 3% rise to House Servant status and get to live in the Big House while the others are tossed into the cotton fields.

    Most black athletes who make the Big House transition end up very poor afterwards.

  6. Lou

    athletes who make the Big House transition end up very poor afterwards.

    As do Lotto Winners. Who is to blame? The ones who spend.

  7. For some reason the Missouri protesters made a strategic decision not to engage with the media. They interviewed one football player who said the team decided collectively not to talk to the press. As you say, that’s the opposite approach to most protests. Very curious

  8. emsnews

    Seemed pretty public to me.

    It wouldn’t have worked so well if there was zero coverage. But then, in these regional especially Southern schools, the football coaches have much more power than the presidents of universities. Football trumps everything.

  9. Lou

    Complaining about blacks murdering us and our children is now racism.

    Off topic, but was over at Salon to sift through their garbage and see how they will support black extortionists no matter what, and I came across this comment

    I’d rather get the opinion of Communists than Salon writers.

    Salon is the worst of liberalism. It’s emotionally hysterical and centered around bitterness against White society. As with Huffpo they have embraced pop culture and try to mix it with their politics to drive hits. It’s a crass mix of Cosmopolitan and Mother Jones that ends up being no more intellectual than reality tv.

    In fact I wish we were dealing with hardline Communists. I can’t stand these pop-socialist writers that churn out low quality hit pieces on Whites.

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