Merkel Desperately Tries To Stop The Million Muslim Male March Into Germany

I have been a bit unwell lately and am going to the doctor this morning to have some tests done so today’s story is mostly reading comments by intelligent readers in Britain worried about the latest crazy Imperialist Ventures with the Brits riding the coattails of the US elites who are ripping apart any liberal Muslim dictator while supporting some of the most repressive Muslim regimes on earth which are very backward and extremely vicious.


UK to launch air strikes against Isis in Syria ‘as soon as enough Labour MPs provide backing’, says Philip Hammond | Home News | News | The Independent


Bilbo Baggins.
It’s all well and good bombing IS inside Syria but we haven’t been formally invited in by Assad as always we seem to think we have a God given right to do what the hell we like in the region even though it was this very attitude that helped cause the environment that gave rise to IS in the first flippin place so in a way we should at least try and put right the damage we have caused that said the mainn things we should do is stop supporting lesser Jihadist groups all this is doing is weakening the only IS opposition in Syria i.e. the Syrian army, for now we should accept Assad is part of the solution here we should start working with the Russians and the Syrian military to maximise our assists after all we have a common enemy that has to be destroyed and air power can only do so much unless ground can be cleared and held if it cant IS will simply adapt there is no alternative for such a threat they cannot be reasoned or bargained with if you ignore them they will only become more powerful and toxic the only option is to destroy them to a man.


Isis arose to fill the power vacuum because we invaded Iraq, disposed Gadaffi and are destabalising Syria. More of the same is only going to make things worse.
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein


Andrew Nichols
What a blatant stitch up. and we are all told the British Govt is in debt and needs austerity to balance the books.
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49 minutes ago
Appocalypse Ora
The same government that borrows £12 Billion a year to give away as Foreign Aid to the corrupt, and our enemies. Just half of that would solve the NHS shortages overnight.
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45 minutes ago
Yes – and most of that ‘foreign aid’ goes to several ‘preferred’ British companies who probably don’t pay tax.


This article avoids mentioning (probably the author hopes that people will forget) the fact that one, stunning effect of the Russian intervention in the War in Syria has been that it has provoked the US into revealing, that they are arming, training and supplying ISIS/ISIL (or whatever you like to call it) with munitions and intelligence. That our “NATO Ally” Turkey is doing the same and also helping ISIS to sell its stolen oil on the European market.

It has also exposed the fact that the US has not been effectively bombing ISIS at all but has been either shamming or in some cases attacking Syrian infrastructure such as power stations.

Why the British government, (never mind Labour MPs) would want to involve themselves in such an alliance with decapitating, cannibalistic, mass-murderers is beyond me.


And in Germany, Merkel’s popularity is tanking extremely fast, I don’t see her lasting much longer.  She is about to go to Paris and announce she is going to finish off modern Germany to stop ‘global warming’ and pay reparations to the rest of the world for making it slightly warmer even though the sun was doing this.  Refugee Crisis Leads to New Focus of German Foreign Policy – SPIEGEL ONLINE: her party finally decided to turn off the tap and prevent any more ‘refugees’ entering Germany.


Good luck with that!  This is going to cause Europe to fracture further.  The French who refused to take in this flood are smirking now after Germany lectured them about invasions.  Considering all the times Germany invaded France in the last 100 years, this is astounding. That is, Germany was planning to funnel this time a million angry Muslim males into France which would have wrecked France but the French thwarted this plan so they are now stuck in Germany irritating the Germans no end.


I actually went to school in Germany and speak fluent German and when I had my going away party, all the students were astounded when I talked about when I first arrived.  I was so much a non-existing entity they all thought I came three months later.  It took them all that long to realize I existed!  I fail to see how they will be happy integrating millions of Muslim males. It just isn’t possible.  Only Japan is more closed minded when it comes to immigration.  They do want ‘workers’ they just don’t want to socialize with them.


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13 responses to “Merkel Desperately Tries To Stop The Million Muslim Male March Into Germany

  1. Jim R

    So sad that there aren’t newspapers any more. They have all devolved into tabloids…

    There should have been publicity and coverage, when the US/NATO were carrying on with their ‘humanitarian bombing’ campaigns in Libya, Iraq, Afghan, and similar places in the MENA region. Because they were bombing civilian neighborhoods and infrastructure. If the campaign was not intended to cause mass migrations and chaos, that is what it obviously did.

    This is Dmitry Orlov’s prediction, coming to pass, and how!

  2. Melponeme_k

    The elites never, ever tire of kicking the hornets nests of Germany and Russia. Each time, Germany swarms out for havoc or the elites end up freezing armies in the Russian interior.

    After 3 or 4 or more times of the same result, did they ever learn anything? Nope. They are back at it, hitting those nests with their sticks.

    It will serve them right if Germany completely reorganizes their government and allies with Russia.

  3. Lou

    Britain is totally under the thumb of the “Jew Bankers”.so I guess they would describe Russia as on a par with ISIS. The Jews are in turmoil at this time because their diabolical plan of “Greater Israel” is under threat from Russia.

    The Jews never were going to allow a Palestinian state, in fact, they claim “God”…., their own private “God”, who does not recognize “you” as human, gave them the entire middle east.

    The damage from Jewish bankers “Usury” is going to be inestimable and may end humanity on earth.

  4. Christian W

    @Jim R

    So sad that there aren’t newspapers any more. They have all devolved into tabloids…

    Yes, the media has deteriorated into Zio spam. This is a cunning Shylock plan to brain wash Americans and Europeans of course.

    As Elaine says, read the Israeli news and the real picture is extremely clear, but that is verboten for brainwashed Americans. Got to keep the American tax donkeys happy supporting Israel’s endless crimes against the US itself, against Europe, Russia and the Middle East

  5. emsnews

    Most ruling elites are the same. It is human nature.

    My family, when ruling elites in England, came over there and literally enslaved the population after the Battle of Hastings.

    We then invaded the Holy Land. The nobility of Europe treated the Jews terribly, by the way. The awful lives of the Jews under this rule has turned them nasty which is NORMAL HUMAN RESPONSE to this sort of thing.

    Meanwhile, the Chinese surge forwards!

  6. Christian W

    Yup, the Jews were ‘cooked’ in the ghettos and pogroms in Russia and Europe. Out came the Zionists, much like the Islamists are coming out now in the Middle East.

    When the Wheel of Fortune turns once more, the Jews, now on top, will find themselves in dire straits yet again. Unfortunately the Jews now have nukes, which risks they put an end to everything rather than suffer the fate of Fortune.

  7. The NATO members are going to vote their current leaders out of the office in the next elections. The new leaders who are not blackmailed by USA will be pro-Russian. The sanctions have caused them to lose money. Now their own countries are being destroyed because their leaders are not working for the interests of their own countries.

  8. Petruchio

    First off, Elaine, I hope you are feeling better soon. I think Frau Merkel is deploying a very cynical ploy. Merkel allowed this ‘Muslim tide’ to happen in the first place! What was she thinking?? That the German people wouldn’t mind or notice that there was this flood of immigrants in Germany, who are pissed off at the West and are in prime military service age? I think Merkel is simply trying to do damage control, but the cynical part is this: Merkel KNOWS it is too late to reverse the immigration tide. Yes, I am sure Frau Merkel realizes this reversal in her negative popularity numbers is a long shot, but it seems to be the only play she has.

  9. Henry

    One aspect of the Syrian refugee crisis that I find interesting is their portrayal in the corporate media. Although the vast majority of these people are young adult males, every picture in the media, without fail, is one of cute children or families. It is so obvious that the “presstitutes” are try to manipulate public opinion in this way. I wonder why?

  10. Petruchio

    @#9Henry: I also love the MSM’s spin on the immigration tide being mainly (young) males, that it is because these guys are the trailblazers for the women and children;. According to this corporate media owned lie it is male only immigrants now because it is too dangerous for women and the young ‘uns to with Daddy. So-very bravely I should add- Daddy will leave the loving arms of the wifey-poo and the kids and face immigration dangers all by hisself. Prediction here and NOW from yours truly Petruchio: we in the US and Europe WILL see a movie about this heroic struggle by these immigrating, military age peoples. And BTW: I haven’t seen the script, but you won’t likely see or hear ANY mention for the REASON these folks are leaving their native countries. The focus will be on how evil those foreigner hatin’ WHITE folks are.

  11. Sunger

    Hope you are feeling better!

    Even if you are a nut.

  12. vengeur

    11. Great prediction Petruchio! And as far as Germany is concerned , the whole charade there was to make individual Germans believe they were alone in their opposition to this uncontrolled flood of unintegratable, untrainable , defiantly intolerant people.

  13. Jim R

    Interesting to see this from someone other than the Alex Jones types:

    So there you have it — someone formerly in the ‘deep state’, passing along a little information.

    In my (perhaps slightly cynical) opinion, this whole tide of refugees (or jihadis if you wish) was engineered by the deep state, with the aim of crushing Europe, and perhaps to provide cover for an attack on Russia. Or to try to draw Russia into another long drawn-out asymmetric conflict like Afghanistan in the ’90s. But I don’t think it’s working as well as they hoped.

    The one-world-empire is losing its clout, and it is lashing out.

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