Bavarian Politician Calls For End Of German Unity Over Issue Of Illegal Aliens

The flood of male refugees into Germany after Merkel invited all and sundry to come, has caused immense problems and quick changes.  Bavarian politicians are very upset since many of this mob has entered Germany along its borders.  So now there is open talk about leaving the Bundes union and going on their own again just like before Bismark.


Free State of Bavaria? CSU Politician Calls For Secession From Germany


“Why shouldn’t we strive for independence?” he asked on his Facebook page referring to the case of Scotland.


Recently, there often have been disagreements between Bavarian CSU politicians and the CDU members in the central German government. The reason for this were mostly their different stances towards the current refugee crisis affecting the country.


Yes, various internal unions more than 100 years old, inside of countries that share a common culture and language are now rapidly falling asunder even as the EU operation ignores border/language/culture/religious differences between all the EU countries.  As odious or even suicidal policies put in place by detached politicians who ignore various realities are piled on top of Europe, the entire structure is in full collapse  now.


Look at this pathetic response of the EU central politicians:  Refugee summit chaos as African countries REFUSE to take back failed asylum seekers | Daily Mail Online


The ‘laissez passer’ travel documents issued to Africans without identification are aimed at easing their return back to countries they left or travelled through.  Under the proposal, EU countries would decide where a person without a passport has come from in Africa and issue the papers in lieu of a passport.


Many people arrive in Europe without identity papers with some falsely claiming to be Syrians or Iraqis in order to increase their chances of being granted asylum.


Draft conclusions for the summit of EU and African leaders written earlier this week showed it was planned they would agree to ‘enhance recognition of the EU laissez passer for return purposes’.


That is, they will do practically nothing about this flood of illegal aliens most of whom have no identity papers and no intention of going home again.  So they will issue papers for these people that are not real ID.  Thus enabling this to continue and encouraging more to join in just like when the US ceased seriously deporting illegal aliens here so we end up with millions of these.  I remember the ‘we will legalize the present illegal aliens but keep further ones out’ plan that ended up not working at all, not even slightly.


Surprisingly, the E.U. Did Move to Label Israeli Settlement Goods Strains Ties – The New York Times Zionist staff is freaking out about this:


In a stinging rebuke to Israel, the European Union insisted on Wednesday that some goods produced on land seized in the 1967 war must be labeled “made in settlements,” a mandate that added to Israel’s deep unease over a growing international boycott.


European officials tried to play down the decision, saying the guidelines merely clarified existing rules. But the move exacerbated already simmering tensions between Israel and Europe as Israeli politicians condemned it as an echo of the Holocaust-era branding of European Jews and their storefronts with yellow stars.


So, this isn’t a ‘boycott’ like the ones the EU impose on say, Russia.  It is a fake boycott and they will be punished for even talking about doing this and howls of rage from Zionists in the US media will hound everyone in Europe.  Zionists have been, as usual, fatally ignorant of cause and effect.  Even as bombings and overthrowing of leaders of Muslim nations Israel wants destroyed are destroyed, Europe is being turned over to the refugees and others who will cause a boomerang disaster for Jewish interests which are huge in Europe.  This push to make Israel ‘safer’ is going to be one of the biggest historical jokes of this century.  It is quite sad.


Obama and Netanyahu Seek to Move Past Rift Over Iran Nuclear Deal – The New York Times


In a two-and-a-half-hour session that was more pragmatic than warm, Mr. Obama and Mr. Netanyahu chose to highlight their shared goals of confronting Iranian misbehavior, countering terrorism, bolstering Israel’s security and strategizing over the crisis in Syria.


Mr. Obama said it was time to put aside their “strong disagreement” over the Iran deal, which he described as a “narrow” one that had been allowed to eclipse areas of common interest. He said the two sides should push forward to renegotiate a 10-year, multibillion-dollar package of military aid for Israel and to find ways to calm tensions that have set off a recent wave of violence between Israelis and Palestinians.


More and more billions for Israel while US citizens are told, there is no money for us.  European poor are complaining, too, for the same reasons.  Why don’t we matter?  Well, we don’t own our government.  The billions spent by rich Jewish billionaires to control our government could support Israel if they simply handed this over but then they would not control the White House and Pentagon, too.  That is key.  Our ‘defense forces’ don’t protect America.  It is used far away in the most useless way possible.


Meanwhile, World energy watchdog fears 1970s oil crunch as Mid-East regains stranglehold – The Mid-East share of global oil exports will rise to 75pc if oil prices stay low and investment collapses, risking a strategic crisis in the future.  De ja vu all over again.


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6 responses to “Bavarian Politician Calls For End Of German Unity Over Issue Of Illegal Aliens

  1. Seraphim

    Could it be that Jews are not listened to any longer?

    “Obama rejects Netanyahu’s plea to recognize Israeli rule over occupied Golan Heights: White House
    News | 13.11.2015 | 00:44

    PressTV – US President Barack Obama has rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s suggestion to discuss Washington’s recognition of Israeli rule over the occupied Golan Heights, according to the white House.
    A senior White House official said the US position, which objects to Israel annexing the Golan Heights, remains unchanged, the Haaretz reported on Thursday.”
    Oy vey!

  2. Petruchio

    I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I DID watch snippets of the last GOP “debate”. I was channel surfing and I just so happened to watch the immigration topic being discussed. Trump had it right. Build a wall to keep illegals out. I loved Trump’s example of a wall that works: Israel! LOL! Of course, listening to Lehman Brothers favorite political whore, John Kasich response to this topic made me want to vomit. (Just looking at Kasich makes me want to spew chunks–full disclosure). So Lehman’s bitch Kasich responds by saying that oh, No! we can’t send 11 million illegals home, that would be cruel. My response. WHY CAN’T WE??!! I know if Wall Street wanted it, it would be a top priority in Washington DC. Aslo: since WHEN does Washington DC give a shit about being seen as cruel??? This is the warmongering city that thinks bombing water purification plants and electrical plants in Iraq, killing 500,000 women and children as “collateral damage”. Ted Cruz had a great response to that topic as well. Didn’t think I would EVER agree with anything Cruz would say. But I did.

  3. emsnews

    Huge series of ongoing attacks, already nearly 100 dead and a possible 100 more tonight.

    NO SURPRISE to me.

  4. CK

    He has been relieved of his governmental sinecure and will face charges for saying truthful things about Islam.

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