Massive Co-ordinated Murderous Terror Attacks All Over Paris

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Just after I digested the news that I, born in October, 1950 and anyone else born after May that year will get Social Security cuts.  I knew this would happen since I was at the beginning of the baby boom and everything I touched was overloaded with fellow baby boomers.  Now we have TOTAL WAR in Europe as the millions of angry young Muslim males let into Europe are now a possible sheltered mass hiding obvious terrorists seeking to destroy Europe.  Nearly a hundred dead in Paris with many more under siege in a theater.


A series of coordinated terror attacks in the heart of Paris have left at least 60 dead and paralysed the French capital with fear.

At least 11 were killed in a restaurant shootout and another 15 at the Bataclan concert hall where terrorists are said to be holding 100 people hostage.

Five bomb blasts and machine gun fire were heard from outside the concert hall, following reports that police had raided the theatre.

Just five miles away, two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the Stade de France sports stadium where the French football team was playing a friendly match against Germany.

French President Francoise Hollande declared a national state of emergency following what he called ‘unprecedented terror attacks’ and shut its borders with immediate effect.


Running French news in English:

These co-ordinated attacks are not over at all.  And I bet they will be echoed in Germany and Sweden, two places that stupidly and foolishly encourages this flood of refugees where terrorists could blend in easily.


Merkel was warned about this but didn’t listen.  The wars in the Middle East will come to roost across Europe and England in London has a huge nest of such mixes where terrorists can easily blend in before attacking.

Screen shot 2015-11-13 at 6.46.00 PM

There will be lots more of this.  We already saw the Russian tourist jet blown up by Islamic terrorists and now that they are losing the fight on the ground, they are expanding their attacks.


Just 16 hours ago, Lebanon Mourns Victims of Bomb Attack in Hizbullah Stronghold amid Wave of International Condemnations — Naharnet.  This is a coordinated series of attacks that will get much worse as we head into a major religious war with Jerusalem dead center.  Europe has basically disarmed much of its police which will be helpless as heavily armed terrorists attack randomly.


They did target places of past events which involved previous terror attempts and they are relentless in this matter since it is all about ‘god’ and not anything easily shifted.  Europe has to face reality now.  They let the wolves in with the sheep and the wolves will devour everyone.


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63 responses to “Massive Co-ordinated Murderous Terror Attacks All Over Paris

  1. Melponeme_k

    Europe didn’t have Vlad Tepes this time around, they had Putin. And they spit in his eye, thinking that the muslims would run to Russia. Nope.

    This is a fundamentalist, religious invasion with a delusional sight of turning all of Europe into a Caliphate.

    Negotiation will not work. Only armed military action with mass deportations.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Our spooks have given ISIS missiles. This is how deranged they are now. I fear war between the US and Russia is inevitable. The elites don’t want to pay China and have accepted the Hitler bunker option.

  3. Seraphim

    This is also a result of coddling the “peaceful Muslims” and fighting “Islamophobia” by the lefties, for decades already. Now that their number reached critical mass they start to show their true face.
    “The more Muslims grow in numbers, the more Islamic phenomena intrinsic to the Muslim world—in this case, brazen violence against “infidels”—appear” (Raymond Ibrahim).

  4. Nani

    This is shocking and awful! I have no words for this.. this was a very vicious act!

  5. Lou

    Gore said ‘AGW is worse than terrorism’ and guess who is in France talking AGW??? Al Gore.

  6. Ken

    My Social Security benefits are being cut? I totally missed that news, since it was overshadowed by the Paris attacks. Probably a coincidence, but good timing from the government’s part.

  7. vengeur

    Perfect timing on the SS cuts! Just a coincidence I’m sure!

  8. emsnews

    Yup, Friday the 13th too!

  9. Lou

    Merkel was warned about this but didn’t listen.
    Her job is to weaken Germany and bring in anti Whites, she is only doing her job.

  10. vengeur

    From the German press this morning: “Die Bundeskanzlerin hat die Lage im Griff” . Merkel has got control of the “refugee” crisis in Germany. Not to worry. LOL

  11. emsnews

    Many politicians in Europe are going down in flames after this in the next elections. Meanwhile, Paris prepares to hold the ‘we are roasting to death’ meetings which will be a total farce, too.

  12. Christian W

    I see Charlie Hebdo is back to Zio spamming and mocking the Russians killed when the plane went down in Egypt. Wonder if Charlie will mock the poor French victims too…

    It will be interesting to find out more about these attacks in France. I wonder how ISIS or Al Qaeda thinks these acts will help them in their war in the Middle East. These random acts of murder make little sense to me, especially in a NATO nation that officially supports the overthrow of Assad which would open up the way for the Jihadists in Syria.

    Still, ISIS-Al Qaeda will lose the war in Syria now that Russia is making the difference with military hardware, air power, satellite and radio intelligence and leadership. This means the smart ISIS jihadis are already on their way to Mutti Merkel’s All Inclusive Retirement Home for Tired Jihadis in Germany.

    Even if less than a percent of the Muslim refugees into Europe are sympathetic to ISIS that is still more than enough for a solid network of uncompromising hard core fanatics. So, shooting yourself in the foot when you already are losing a war and, presumably, trying to set up a new environment, doesn’t seem like a smart idea. Western/Israeli intelligence services have been far too involved with Al Qaeda and ISIS, for far too long, for me to be completely without suspicion of foul play in cases like this.

  13. vengeur

    Just as an example as to how the German Press does every conceivable contortion to sell the immigrant tsunami as quite innocuous if not beneficial , this article in Die Zeit : Flüchtlinge sind nicht krimineller als Deutsche (Refugees are not any more lawbreaking than Germans)

  14. vengeur

    I honestly hope the German people will tell the US (and Israel) to f*ck off. I say that as an American. They would do a lot better with Putin and Russia.

  15. emsnews

    Welllll….they just announced they are going to close the Olympics to Russian athletes of various sorts….

  16. vengeur

    You always spoil it. Anyway you must be feeling better, which is good news.

  17. Seraphim

    @Christian W

    I thought of that possibility.

    “EU to ban West Bank companies labelling their products ‘made in Israel’
    Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is furious about the change, claiming the plan will pave the way for the boycotting of all Israeli goods.”


  18. emsnews

    I just ate some food and…not very good…but didn’t throw up. Lost a lot of weight this last week.

    Yes, the tangled web of Israel’s ethnic cleansing, that is, the New Crusades, coupled with a gigantic birth surplus in Muslim nations that forbid women’s rights and contraceptives, the drop in the value of oil hammering Saudi Arabia, Russia’s successful actions on behalf of liberal Muslim rulers…all of this is all mixed up in the events in France.

    Will France back RUSSIA now? Or will they goof around pretending there is nothing really going on? Sanity versus insanity: guess which is best.

  19. Christian W

    There’s at least a mini horde of French ISIS running around in Syria. I bet the French authorities have a pretty good idea exactly who these people are too.

  20. Christian W

    Get better asap, Elaine.

  21. Seraphim

    Following the news and different comments, I noticed the emerging (oh, so subtle) spin of blaming it on the Russians!

  22. Christian W

    Well, an US senator wannabe, Everett A. Stern, officially supported the ISIS suicide bombing in Lebanon that killed a lot of civilians yesterday. Wonder if he does so when ISIS kills French people? Or is it different then somehow?

  23. Petruchio

    “Just after I digested the news that I, born in October, 1950 and anyone else born after May that year will get Social Security cuts. ” Aw, c’mon, Elaine. Quit yur bellyachin’! So what if the elites are giving all us peasant the finger by cutting Social Security? What’s important is that Israel is getting more and more money from the US-courtesy of the taxpayer-every year. And as everyone knows, there are WAY too many 12 year old, rock-throwing Palestinian kids in the world. Kill them all!! Isn’t it amazing how our honorable members Congress and The White House have absolutely NO compunctions about exploding the deficit-they just passed a budget busting, record setting :budget bill-when it comes to foreign aid or Defense spending. There is NEVER any mention of whether the US can afford something.Then these “honorable” members of the government slam on the budget brakes hard when it comes to Domestic spending. Instead of a “Budget be damned!!!” attitude the words vomiting out of their mouths is ALL about cutting benefits and other kinds of cost reductions. Very revealing as to where our Member of Congress and The White House loyalties truly lie. What I wanna know is two things. One, when is this war going to pay a visit to the Khazarian Empire, Israel? And two, when /if will this jihad show its face in the good ol’ USA? You know it’s coming.

  24. Floridasandy

    If America elects Hillary it is over for USA with her full speed ahead pro illegal stance. I wouldn’t trust Rubio on the republican side. This is a tragedy for Europe but a true warning shot for all of us here.

    No doubt some jackasses will still find a way to blame the U.S. for the attacks. While our leaders are wrong for continually sending weapons over , It is insane for Americans to be training and arming people who may be psychopaths, and giving weapons to poor people who often sell them to anyone. Time to come home and let an intelligent leader handle Isis evil. May Putin and his intelligence gathering find the Isis monsters and send them to their destiny.
    Merkel is a communist socialist idiot, and says that Germany cries for the victims. Could you be any more clueless about what you have brought to your own doorstep!!! Obama shouldn’t talk either, because he is trying to bring as many Muslims as he can to the U.S.

  25. Floridasandy

    Tonight’s democratic primary should be interesting.

    I saw that the French response to terrorism has been great, as with he do. They have to turn away blood donors because there are too many.

    God bless France.

  26. BA

    This will not be the end of Europe. It is rather the beginning of a change into not quite fascist reaction caused by fear and primal survival instinct. The death throes of left wing post WWII post Nazism colonial guilt complex, so skilfully used by those who hate and wish to see the Western civilization collapse. Merkel will be first to pay.
    I’ve been hearing from “moderate Muslims” for twenty years now, that the European Caliphate is around the corner. Moderate meaning they use primarily demographics, not bombs.
    The Muslim mind cannot wrap its head around European liberalism and tolerance. They only see weakness.It is in their DNA. Their founder was a typical highly intelligent and ambitious but illiterate man, full of resentment to those more learned than himself and the lack of respect he commanded from them. With an angry impulse to show them that the sword is mightier that the pen. Muslim resentment is as alive as at its inception, 14 centuries ago,The centuries long Islamic decline against a West they once had almost defeated, must be unbearable.They know their history.
    And to think that all this is only happening because the secular dictators keeping their own Muslim under control, the way Muslims understand and respect, with the unlimited brutality of a “strong” leader, have been systematically toppled by NATO to better suit Israeli interests and the sale of weapons to all.

  27. Jim R

  28. Christian W

    Big Brother will descend over Europe. The European citizens will be hammered between the Russian bogeyman and Jihadi terrorism until they fall in line and accept the hegemony of Israel and the US Deep State.

  29. Jim R

    The ‘more information’ referenced above:
    is here and here and here and here.

  30. Christian W

    Remember that ISIS was created specifically as a weapon against Assad in Syria. Then ISIS spread out to the Sunni areas of Syria, and deep into Shiite areas as well. Many generals of the Iraqi army were simply bought off and left their soldiers to be defenselessly slaughtered by ISIS. In some cases the generals ordered the troops to disarm and get on trucks to be transported elsewhere. These trucks then drove the disarmed troops straight into the hands of ISIS killing squads. Whole companies of Iraqi troops were slaughtered without a fight. No wonder the Iraqi army collapsed so quickly, eh?

    ISIS would be nothing whatsoever without US/Israeli training, arms and intelligence and Saudi and Qatari money (who pay the wages of the troops) and Turkish and Jordanian logistics and hospital care (Israel is also known to fix injured ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists injured in Syria). Follow the money, military equipment and training, even ideology, and it always goes back to the US, Israel, NATO and allies.

    Then ask yourself, why would ISIS strike in France in this manner? What possible motive could they have that strengthens their *supposed* cause of a Caliphate in Syria/Iraq?

    Again, Israel and the US Deep State benefits, the NATO military build up fanatics benefit, and the shadowy figures in the background who want to create a Deep State system across the EU benefit.

    But where is the benefit for “ISIS”? They don’t need more publicity because they get all the publicity they need from the Western MSM already.

    Cui bono? Who benefits?

  31. Christian W

    Just to add, ISIS was also created as a platform for future operations against Russia, which is why Putin got involved in Syria. Now why did the US and friends go ballistic when Russia started to kill off ISIS?

  32. Our stupid elites didn’t make friends with Russia and invite her into NATO when they had the chance. This assuredly would have resulted in a Long Peace with the US, Russia and China cooperating in all matters. Of course, that meant the elites wouldn’t be able to go to war with whomever and whatever they please, wherever they please.

  33. e sutton


    Exactly, Christian W,

    All the usual hallmarks of a false flag. Cue, Boston Marathon, cue Charlie Hepdo, cue 911. Paul Craig Roberts has a couple of good reads on it. Just food for thought. It’s wise to remember who funded ISIS in the first place.

    My first realization about how these false flags have one thing in common; that is, exactly WHO benefits, was when Merkel “discovered” her phone lines were being tapped. I expected outrage. What did we hear? Crickets. And that worthless Hollande follows here around Europe like a lost puppy dog. It’s just amazing more people don’t see through this. The narrative about ISIS being responsible was lambasted across the airwaves immediately after the first bombings and shootings.

    A One World government, controlled by the elites, with no borders, has been the plan for over 50 years. Kennedy paid the ultimate price for going against them. Others have duly taken note.

    I just got done reading Jimmy Carter’s autobiography, “A Full Life”. I’m just not stupid enough to believe he’s as naïve about Israel and the Deep State as he comes off in his book. That being said, he was probably the last truly compassionate Christian we had leading our country.

    I weep not for myself so much, for my life is about 2/3rds over. Rather, I weep for today’s children, who will grow up in a world run by oligarchs who have nothing but contempt for them. And that’s assuming the whole thing doesn’t end in a nuclear cloud of dust.

  34. Christian W

    Exactly Ed-M. The elites wanted to loot Russia (via the Jewish Oligarchs) and loot the rest of the world instead. And of course Israel wouldn’t be able to stomp out the last Palestinians, and crush the Middle East, if the US, Russia and China cooperated. And the Pentagon Multi Trillion dollar scamming apparatus would have had to be downsized considerably. Etc.

  35. Christian W

    @35 Indeed, e

    The elites really are nuts:

    From 2012:

    “France has emerged as the most prominent backer of Syria’s armed opposition and is now directly funding rebel groups around Aleppo as part of a new push to oust the embattled Assad regime.

    Large sums of cash have been delivered by French government proxies across the Turkish border to rebel commanders [that is ISIS and Al Qaeda. CW] in the past month, diplomatic sources have confirmed. The money has been used to buy weapons inside Syria and to fund armed operations against loyalist forces.


    I’m sure President Hollande will be the first to invite President Assad as an honorary guest to the funerals of the Paris victims. After all, nobody knows more about the suffering caused at the hands of ISIS than the Syrian people, who have lost tens of thousands of people killed, millions of citizens fled and the nation in ruins. President Assad can give President Hollande a firm handshake and thank him for his staunch support in the fight against Western sponsored terrorism.

    What will happen instead is that the US/NATO will push for more bloodshed of course.

  36. Christian W

    Oops, that didn’t come out right. It is a map over Baghdad with the red dots marking the bombings there since 2003.

  37. Meagain

    Social Security is going to be subjected to a surprise BONUS payment of $581 in 2016. TY Eliz. Warren, 1st female U.S. president. (2020)

    No cuts. for individual recipients.

    Elaine, For scores of years Pundits have ben fear-mongering about SS not being able to pay retirees. It’s all BS, at least for those who really need SS to live. The Fed we saw can wave it’s hand and magically make $-trillions to pay to irresponsible bankers. They will do the same for SS payments, if need be.

  38. CK

    So the end of the second world war was 1945. The American govt. not having a socialist plan just brought the troops back home and dumped them back into civilian life. And those boys and men started marrying their high school sweethearts and their Rosie the Riveters and the first of the baby boomers were born in 1946. Because it took 9 months to grow a bairn to birthing size. The first BOOMERS were born in mid-late 1946. The baby boom was done finished over in 1964. One generation, 18 years from child birth to first child. Today is 2015, the first boomers are 69 and have been collecting since 2012. Social security says that the last of the boomers will start collecting in 2029 ( because the early collection thing will be gone ).
    Of course the progressives that are the govt. will find some way to screw you late-boomers out of your forced contributions. Maybe you lovely immigrants and third world sub-morons will earn more than they steal and you will get a whiff of the money you were forced to tithe. More likely you will work till you drop and the govt. will tax the pennies on your eyes.
    Bomb Langley and bomb Tel Aviv and bomb Riyadh. Then bomb then again and again until their is nothing left but salt and tears.
    The Semite is not your friend. The Semite has never created anything like a civilization, nothing like a culture and definitely nothing that corresponds to freedom of though or word.

  39. Christian W


    What is the html to post twitter pics here in comments, please?

  40. emsnews

    No, the solution is not to bomb anyone.

    That is insane. Telling things as it is doesn’t mean one goes crazy and decides that death is what fixes things. It does not.

    I wish to avoid WWIII. I think it is a stupid idea. Our rulers think they will win it, alas. So we will probably get it. It just won’t go the way our rulers hope.

    Anti-semitism, anti-various ethnic/religious groups also is wrong. There has been ‘liberal’ Islam in the past, for example. It has a rich history. The Christian Europe has had its very real ‘dark age’ behavior.

    Not to mention bloody business…the nature of humans is to ride to extremes which is why civilizations rise and ALL of them eventually fall, all.

    This is inevitable. We monkeys are all too clever and dig our own graves for some reason. Peering into the future is very fey for humans, we can’t see our own reflections and so we have hopes and fears that aren’t reality.

    Hating various groups over events is dangerous and leads to huge mistakes which is why I try to avoid this but at the same time, I note reality and for example, Jewish fears of anti-semitism has created conditions whereby Jews have turned into Nazis, for example, insuring they will be destroyed by the people they alienate and oppress, for example.

    Far from hating Jewish people for this, I deeply pity them for falling into this obvious trap and hate seeing it happen! I do NOT want it to happen at all.

    Europe brutally ruled the planet for 100 years and over a fifty year span fighting each other over this extensive empire, blew it all away. We still are seeing the collapse of the European imperium with the latest incarnation, the EU, falling flat on its face this week. It won’t exist too much longer after it tries to strangle Europe with the global warming scam business.

    It is interesting to watch all this and totally sad! I wish things were much better. But this is history in the making.

  41. Christian W

    All this madness is infuriating. This really annoys me since I want to be calm, but nothing really triggers me as this kind of murderous deliberate madness. Of course there is a fair bit of shadow projecting involved when I lash out at the crazy elites, but when they are being crazy and murderous they are being crazy and murderous.

    Still, I believe it is important not to be angry. These demonic people feed on anger, fear, despair, hate and so on and they want people to react emotionally rather than rationally.

    I agree with Elaine. The answer is not more violence as it only strengthens the loop of insanity. Yes, in some cases like in Syria the insane need to be bombed back into their box, but after the fire fighting is done the deeper reasons need to be addressed and they are not addressed through more violence, but through diplomacy and the rule of law.

    Look at how Putin and Lavrov are trying to deal with this situation. They understand two crucial things, the power of Truth and the need for a genuine International Rule of Law (lest there be endless wars). They know, all smart Russians learned this lesson during the Soviet times, that eventually the truth will out never mind the endless lies and spin the rulers try to impose to cover reality. Just like in the Soviet Union people in the US and elsewhere are increasingly aware of the machinations and lies of the Western elites. Just compare the level of awareness now in the US compared to the times around 9/11.

    Btw. CIA’s Brennan, his French counter part, an MI6 Mandarin and a Moussad Big Wig held a meeting in Paris on Oct. 27th. Weird things started to happen after that meeting, like Russian planes dropping out of the sky and so on.

  42. Silverado

    I just did a Google News search for “SSI cuts” and there’s something there about “spousal benefits changing till age 66 costing some boomer couples thousands of dollars over the long term. But real cuts to SSI (I would support means testing, how about that?) are just like the Sasquatch – it’s something you’ll hear a lot about but you’ll never actually see it (or a cut in SSI) either…

  43. emsnews

    I know. It is CONFUSING AS HELL.

  44. Jim R

    I think your picture did not appear because it has additional text after the dot-jpg extension. WordPress apparently uses fairly simple algorithms to parse any html in your posts.

  45. Christian W

    aha ok thank you Jim 🙂

  46. CK

    Death solves everything. No Man No Problem. One death is a tragedy, 100 deaths is a statistic, 1,000,000 deaths is the start of a long term solution. ( Apologies to Uncle Joe B. Stalin for modifying his Captain Obvious understanding of reality).
    I am also partial to his understanding of democracy: It’s not who votes that decides, it’s who counts the votes.
    The objective is to win WWIII not to let the other win. Win it before they have a chance to win. You EMS used to love and admire Loie Fuller. Do you think that she or anyone with her talents will be allowed to survive if the “others” win this war? The SJW’s in the USA have already pushed us into a Harrison Bergeron world, It is not a world you would have loved. That you lean towards it now is sad beyond words.

  47. Lou

    Magazine cover decoded,

  48. emsnews

    I want a free, liberal world. But THAT AIN’T HAPPENING.

    As we rush pell mell into WWIII, all such nice things are dropped. We are not in a happy place right now and it won’t get better soon. I report what is happening and not la la land fun and games stuff.

    Looking forward in time is a dangerous business. No one believed Cassandra or anyone who sees reality. Just because I explain this reality doesn’t mean I want this to happen.

    And pretending that WARMER WEATHER is our main danger is EFFING INSANE right now. And this is what ‘liberals’ are obsessed over right now. Lunacy. Pure lunacy.

    They are still going to have their ‘tax everyone for exhaling’ meeting in Paris of all places, in two weeks. Sheesh.

  49. Christian W

    The ‘liberals’ have been brain washed just like the right wing have been brain washed. The brainwashers are expert at tailoring the brainwashing for the target group. No point in whining about it, go for the root of the problem instead.

    Wake me up when the American people clean out the Zionazi’s from the US government and environs plus the financial sector plus clean up the corrupt mess that is the Pentagon (which isn’t Zionist but American as apple pie). Ain’t gonna happen anytime soon is it.

  50. Lou

    The right wing has been brain washed.–How so?

  51. Christian W

    Fox news, American Sniper, Jesus, the Flag, the Military, Israel, Muslims, Blacks, Liberals, Commies etc there are any number of triggers to short circuit the brains of the right. Or how do you explain that the right has allowed their country to be taken over by foreign interests and their hallowed constitution trashed?

    Everybody in the US is just griping, but nobody is doing anything. I presume it’s because you are split in a million factions every which way. And if you try to do something you are led into the warm embrace of the GOP or Democratic party which are the gatekeepers to prevent real change.

    Let’s face it, somewhere along the line you became the Soviet Union, with a tiny elite sucking up all the wealth and the majority sinking into deeper and deeper poverty, and the right did nothing to stop it. In fact the right waved the flag every single step of the way. That is brain washing.

  52. emsnews

    Reagan began the ‘tax cuts for the rich will fix everything’ game, after all. Not to mention the Vietnam war which Democrats and Republicans both created, supported and pushed forwards despite all signs it was ridiculous.

  53. Lou

    Ray gun also did the first am nasty. The am nasties really are the end of USA. No border, no nation.

    CW- ‘Blacks’–haha. no you are the brainwashed one. Most murders in USA are done by who? YBMs who are 3% of total population.

    found this online,

    TV advertisements today fall into one of these groups:

    1) Intact black family living in a large suburban house engaging in stereotypical white behavior (grilling in their backyard, watching a family movie on DVD, playing with labrador retriever, etc)

    2) There is a group of couples at a party or going out to a restaurant. The black man is the leader or the driver and is shown to be funny and knowledgeable. A white man in the group, either balding/fat or excessively geekish, is portrayed as a bumbling fool whose errors or misconceptions are corrected by the wise black man.

    3) Mixed race couple consisting of a strong handsome black man being fawned upon by an attractive white woman.

    4) Montage commercials sure to feature images of black doctors, black architects, black students eagerly raising their hands in class, or blacks in some position of power explaining something to a group of smiling and nodding whites and/or Asians.

    5) Famous white actor/celebrity pitching some product whereby he is seen to hang out with a group of friends at a swanky party or club, at least half of the “friends” being played by black actors (think Matthew McConaughey in the recent Lincoln commercial where he is literally crying tears of joy driving home from a night of playing poker at his black friend’s mansion).

    the average net worth of a black family with hyperlinks to the stats, yet all of the examples where they are shown living in white neighborhoods with huge homes, etc….

    I link to stats where 72% of black children grow up with no father, yet black men are shown as competent, involved, high wage earners, etc….


  54. Lou

    Last week Google did the brainwash–no White Vets in graphic,

    Tech monster Google—whose home page frequently features cartoon images called “Google Doodles” to celebrate holidays and notable events—faced criticism from bigots and hatemongers and evil people last week after its Veterans Day Doodle showed only one white male amid a cartoon of seven veterans. Never mind the fact that probably at least 90% of American war veterans throughout history have been white males—we now live in a world where it is racist merely to state the truth.

    Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.

  55. Lou

    No Whites in that. The ‘White appearing’ are not White.

  56. Mr Bill

    On the topic of Social Security: as a reminder of what is slowly happening to the
    current and future retirees.

    1. Social Security (employment) taxes are legally required to be deposited into the “Social Security Trust Fund”. The trustees presumably had mechanisms in place to invest this trust fund.
    2. Congress passed a law (I believe during the Clinton years) that required all of the the incoming SS tax receipts basically must be used to invest in “special” Treasury notes at rates specified by the Treasury. The Treasury notes are redeemed at maturity. I think these redeemed funds is the cash that goes to pay retirees. But, this law basically meant that all of the trillions of dollars reserved in the trust fund are to be loaned to the Federal government.
    3. So, the Clinton administration forced the depleted SS Trust fund to be to be paid back by Treasury, as long as Treasury does not default on its obligation. Then, along comes the QE, Tarp, Bailouts, etc under the Bush and Obama administrations, and interest payments on the “special” Treasury notes are near zero. This translates into a case of the Federal government and the Federal Reserve forcing nearly zero return on the loaned out funds.
    4. The media talking heads and government shills can parse their words until hell freezes over. But the social security system in this country IS NOT an entitlement program! It is more like a poorly .managed investment fund. The SS Trust Fund is, in fact, one of this countries largest debt holders. Social Security shows up on the ledger for the government annual budget. SS tax receipts are considered income while SS retiree payments are expenses. Each employee is a forced lifetime investor in the system. Annual investments are made annually into the fund and there is a stated return upon retirement (except politicians like to tweak expected payouts). So, it might not be a good investment, but I can’t see it any other way – it is a forced investment plan.

  57. emsnews

    Yes, but this began with Reagan. It is bipartisan: when the baby boomers (myself being born at the very height of the baby boom) began flooding SS with money, the looters savored this and began systematically changing things so they could use the money via running the government in the red.

    Jimmy Carter was savaged for balancing the budget as much as possible.

  58. CK

    So many black doctors and dentists on TV, none of them resemble Kermit Gosnell for some obscure reason. ( Ben Carson does but he is the current magic negro )

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