Britain Boasts Of Unarmed Cops Protecting Them From Terrorists

Terrifying Video Shows Shootout Between Police & Terrorists Outside Bataclan, Paris – YouTube

This video shows how the standard police in a shoot-out with terrorists armed with semi-automatic weapons and lots of ammo are grossly out-gunned.  One or two pops of the police guns followed by vast blasts in return as it took forever for the police to get control of the auditorium while the terrorists butchered over a hundred people.  At least the police in Paris had pop guns!  In London, they have nearly NOTHING.  And we can expect a repeat of Paris in London sometime soon.


Why British police don’t have guns – BBC News explains that having two or three cops shot dead a year is OK so long as they don’t kill anyone, any time.  How they manage to hire people for this job baffles me.  I suppose, it is a last resort employment.  Certainly, being satisfied that the kill ratio between cops and robbers is 100% chance of death for cops and 0% for robbers won’t backfire.


But it does.  Police are reluctant to take action if it means a heavily armed criminal can kill at leisure while the police can do nothing.  What a ridiculous situation.


5 countries where police officers do not carry firearms — and it works well -Britain, Ireland, Norway, Iceland and New Zealand 


Are Icelanders simply more peaceful than Americans? “Iceland’s low crime rates are rooted in the country’s small, homogenous, egalitarian and tightly knit society,” sociologist Oddsson said.


Britain stands out as the only country that has huge influxes of aliens.  Iceland is all ‘one family’ like Switzerland.  Also, Iceland, like Switzerland, is self-armed.


After showing how vulnerable and delusional Britain is, David Cameron met with Putin to try to sway Putin over Syria bombing at G20 summit.  This is pure insanity.  Putin looks at Cameron in the photo like he is insane which is true: Cameron is crazy.  This came after Cameron told Putin that the jet that was blown up leaving Egypt was a victim of radical Muslim terrorists attacking Russians!


There is now physical proof that the ISIS’s Paris attack jihadis sneaked into Europe as Syrian refugees.  Average Germans are now freaking out over this news.  They have a huge, huge number of these angry Muslim males right at home, ready to do whatever they want. Questions for French security after intelligence failures may have let killers through because some of them were in France quite a while and were caught at other crimes in France.


ISIS’s Paris attack jihadis sneaked into Europe as Syrian refugees | Daily Mail Online:  Face of a Paris suicide bomber: First picture of ISIS killer as it’s revealed two of the Jihadis sneaked into Europe via Greece by posing as refugees – and survivors say one of the attackers was a WOMAN. Germany’s push to move these Muslim males into neighboring countries is being actively resisted now.  Poland’s new government rejects migrant quotas after Paris attacks — RT News.


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8 responses to “Britain Boasts Of Unarmed Cops Protecting Them From Terrorists

  1. John Doe

    Prior to Irish independence the police in Ireland were armed. Police in the Irish republic do not generally carry guns as a legacy of the civil war when the winning side did not have enough power to assert its authority without further bloodshed so they needed a neutral force. The police force in Ireland is referred to as “na gardaí siochana” literally translated as “the peace corp” and compared with the United States is very low per head of population. In Northern Ireland governed by Britain the police are generally armed or can be at short notice. Gun crime in the Irish republic tends to be drug gang members shooting each other or someone else due to mistaken identity, they do not tend to target police because being a small country the police tend to have a good idea who they are and they tend to get a lot of co-operation from the public so in such an event all available police resources are focused on the crime gang who shoots them. It is much cheaper for successful drug gangs in Ireland to pay the police to look the other way on their activities or provide intelligence of rival competition. Another historic note since the foundation of the Irish state most police activity has been directed to monitoring groups that threaten state power, the civil war petered out due to the horrific consequences for communities, collectively the atrocities were buried and never spoken about. Most scandals involving the Irish police tend to revolve around political favours granted where they bend the law to suit a political client and get exposed, most Irish people are happy with that arrangement as long as the law (e.g. traffic fines) is bent in their favour, also because the police force is small there is no way for them to rigidly enforce all laws and retain the support of the communities they serve.

  2. emsnews

    Another example of a very small, isolated country that is nearly totally uniform. Note that Protestant dominated Ireland is separate and there is a huge amount of tension between the two and considerable past violence in British-run Ireland!

    Move in a million Muslim males and watch that change, fast.

  3. Suusi M-B

    One suspects that it will be found that the terrorists had previously been shipped to Syria by the French government to fight Assad. Only they came back. Much like the Charlie Hebdo attackers.

    Elaine funnily enough I had thought that the UK should have invited the population of Hong Kong to live in Northern Ireland. Then watch the communities come together against the new enemy.

    As for armed police in the UK, they can be if they need to be. We have tactical firearm units to tackle armed offenders.

  4. Christian W

    This is an interesting 10 minute interview where an author/analyst explains why the Muslim flood was moved into Europe , how France is under Zionist attack and other things. We have touched upon these themes before here with Elaine, but this is quite concise and well worth your time imo. I haven’t heard about this guy before but he pretty much nails it.

  5. Christian W

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the 11/13/15 attacks isn’t used as a pretext to launch an invasion into Syria by the US/Turkey/NATO. They want to get in on the action before the newly organized Syrian Arab Army with allies clean out Syria from the US/Israeli terrorist systems and Assad wins a decisive victory.

    The US, that is Israel, wants to partition/balkanize Syria, preferably breaking Hezbollah in Lebanon off from direct support routs to Iran and make rump states of everything.

  6. emsnews

    These are SAUDI fighters. Wahabbists.

  7. Jim R

    Saudis, Schmaudis.
    They will cut and run when their supply lines are shut down and they run out of ammo. Doesn’t matter what sort of Wobblies they are.

    In fact, they lack the ‘home court advantage’ that will get soldiers to stand their ground. They are from somewhere else, and some other organization is funding, arming, and training them. The Russians have begun to plow up the ground under ISIS with their air campaign. A few more weeks and the ‘caliphate’ will wither on the vine.

    One thing that’s a little bit annoying is the rampant islamophobia, and simultaneous russophobia that accompanies this anti-Syria campaign. Before all the ‘humanitarian bombing’ and ‘moderate rebels’ and ‘nice terrorists’, Syria was a very multi-cultural place. It had (and still has some) Christians and Jews and Kurds and Druze and so on and so forth. Some iron-age and earlier religions none of us have ever heard of. Armenians, left over from the genocide attempt by Turkey 100 years ago. I had never heard of the Yazidis before they were in the headlines recently.

    Unfortunately all the diversity made it easier for TEOC to engineer this ‘rebellion’.

  8. John Doe

    @Suusi M-B

    There is a large Chinese population resident in Ireland mainly originating from Hong Kong in Northern Ireland, or else the poorer provinces of China in the South, so much so that almost every small town has a Chinese takeaway or restaurant something that was quite rare 20 years ago in the South, but, common in Northern Ireland due to the Chinese takeaway being a neutral zone for all sides. During the active phase of the troubles in the North it was not unusual for the police or army to organise a major security operation and seal off the street to collect a Chinese takeaway order for the squad back at the barracks.

    NOw if you want a common enemy, the religious leaders on both sides do not like Muslims and there are active incidents where mosques have been attacked, long predating the current crisis.

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