France Finally Joins Russia In Fighting Terrorists, Obama Talks To Putin Too

France drops bombs on ISIS stronghold of Raqqa including jihadi recruitment centre and training camp after Paris attacks as things finally heat up.  And unlike last week, these attacks are now doing what Russia has been doing, the French no longer support various ‘rebel groups’ of unknown origins but are backing the leader of Syria and of course, working with Putin.


Why did they let him go? On-the-run Paris terrorist at centre of international manhunt was stopped and QUESTIONED by French police at the border as he fled to Belgium and he got away.  Europe thought they didn’t need borders anymore.  In the US we still have state borders, for example, you can’t take any fruits or veggies from Arizona to California!  The movement to have no borders is now ended in Europe, border controls are springing up very fast now, a bit too late, of course.


‘This isn’t America’s fight’: Rivals pounce on Hillary’s claim that US cannot take lead role in defeating ISIS as she struggles to project ‘power woman’ vibes.  Big failure.  Trump’s harsh words which the liberal media attacked has caused his popularity with GOP voters to shoot way past all the other candidates.


Obama and Putin’s power huddle: The two most powerful men in the world hold 30 minute meeting hunched over a coffee table at G20 after the president’s vow to ‘redouble’ fight against ISIS which is a total surrender to Putin.  Better late than never.


Far-right demonstrators storm candlelit vigil being held for Paris victims chanting ‘Out the Muslims’ and ‘Throw out Islamists’ as National Front leader declares the French are ‘no longer safe’ as the backlash builds.  Many Muslims in Europe moved into ‘Muslim only’ neighborhoods that are openly hostile to outsiders.  These self-made ghettoes will have a bad ending if this war picks up more speed.


Michigan governor puts refugee acceptance efforts on hold in the wake of Paris terror attacks as any sane elected official must do.  This is highly dangerous, taking in unvetted, unknown aliens who have terrorists buried within these groups.


A city on the edge: Frantic stampede breaks out at vigil in Paris as firecrackers are mistaken for gunfire as everyone is now scared to death again.  Paris Attacks: Police questioned, released fugitive suspect after attacks – San Jose Mercury News has some interesting tidbits in their newsfeed:


Ursula von der Leyen said Sunday that linking Europe’s migrant crisis to the threat of terrorism would be wrong.

She says that “terrorism is so well organized that it doesn’t have to risk the arduous refugee routes, and the sometimes life-threatening crossings at sea.”


In Norway, high Mass was led in Oslo Cathedral by the priest, Elisabeth Thorsen, who called on Christians and Muslims to condemn extremism, which she said had nothing to do with religion, adding that “Islam means peace and Jesus is a prince of peace.”


Ban told reporters that any response that was illegal or failed to respect human rights would simply fan the fire and perpetuate a cycle of violence. He spoke at a news conference Sunday at the G-20 summit in Antalya, Turkey.


Ban says “at this time of heightened tension, I caution against action that would only perpetuate the cycle of hatred and violence.”


Israel’s prime minister is calling on the world to “wake up” to the threat of Islamic extremism after Friday’s deadly attacks in Paris.


Delusional world leaders lecturing everyone.  About violent religions: there is no real such thing as a major power religion being ‘nice’.  They all go on the rampage periodically and they all impose themselves on those they conquer.  This is human nature.  Meanwhile, Israel takes more Palestinian homes as it does its own ethnic religious cleansing which is a very bad problem that few ‘we should love everyone’ politicians ever bother to mention much less, stop.


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24 responses to “France Finally Joins Russia In Fighting Terrorists, Obama Talks To Putin Too

  1. Jim R

    The links from the post are here and here and here and here. The ‘text’ is an image, so the embedded links don’t work.

    I think this needs to be repeated. If the spook agencies and pentagon (with help from Saudi and Qatar and Turkey and etc.) would quit supplying weapons and support to these goons, they would be forced to go home. Ever notice how none of these massive attacks ever happened in Tel Aviv?

  2. Jim R

    I think this needs to be repeated. If the spook agencies and pentagon (with help from Saudi and Qatar and Turkey and etc.) would quit supplying weapons and support to these goons, they would be forced to go home. Please note where those ‘Massive Attacks’ never happen.

  3. Jim R

    The links from the post are here and here and here and here. The ‘text’ is an image, so the embedded links don’t work.

  4. Lou

    off topic but related, Bilderberger connection,


    ELAINE: Not that idiot again. He is stupid. Not connected.

  5. Christian W

    That is entirely correct, Jim. Let’s see what France actually is bombing, ISIS fighters directly, or will the (illegal if the Syrian government didn’t give permission) airstrikes only add to the chaos and misery in Syria? My bet is on the latter option.

    If France was serious about stopping ISIS they would have a serious talk with Tel Aviv and kick the rest of the EU into shape with sanctions against the Gulf Kingdoms and Israel etc but that is not really an option is it. Hollande would last maybe two hours if he tried that.

  6. John S

    French Rafale jets have dropped, all in all, 20 bombs in Raqqa. In places probably already bombed and leveled by the Russians with cluster bombs. That’s the extend of it. Its just a small upgrade from dropping bombs on sand dunes and killing scorpions, like the Axis of Kindness (aka FUKUS) did during all of 2015 campaign and called it “fighting terrorists”. In Libya, FUKUS have purged the place, yet lately they seem to miss their targets, while designating the 9/11 liver eating, head chopping cannibals of Al Qaeda as “good terrorists” and ISIS as “bad – but not all of them” and dropping supplies and ammo to their “super moderate” shop windows, while kissing Saudi b*h1nd$ and shouting “Assad must go” at the same time! This bombing campaign is more likely a one off PR event to show how “strong” the “might” of the Hollande is and that no one should mess with this new stronger version of Bonaparte. The terrorists will be smiling below their heavy beards all the way to their next attack, probably in Christmas. And yes, Hollande was their primary target in the stadium attack and they failed. Not an easy target like the heavy metal kids in the theater.

  7. emsnews

    EXCEPT the news: Holland has met with Putin to beg for help. The old way of screwing up everything is now ending to the great rage of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

  8. Nani

    Keeping the outer borders of Europe wide open is insane, and it has to stop. Merkel bears a lot of responsibility for this scourge.

  9. Lou

    EMS, this is only a minute long. Can you have a listen?

  10. Christian W

    From Huffington Post, you kow the (Soros owned) ‘liberal’ media that Elaine loves to trash, the same one that also drives the Global Warming meme, now has this fantastic gem. They really must think Americans are idiots.

    “Syrian Dictator Who Helped ISIS Rise Now Exploiting Paris Attacks

    President Bashar Assad’s regime empowered the Islamic State in Syria.”

  11. Jim R

    If you read the comments, you’ll note that not all the Huffians (HuffiPuffians?) agree with the article. I think the real information is starting to leak out…

  12. Christian W

    I hope so Jim, the truth will out after all. Honestly I thought that article was some kind of joke straight out of The Onion. I had to check twice to actually confirm to myself that nope, this is the US main stream press at work.

    When the official media is this full of pathological manure you know you are in for a rough ride.

  13. Christian W

    There is a War on America just as much as there is a War on Europe. And nope, it isn’t the Islamist bogeymen waging it, they are just the cat’s paw.

  14. Christian W

    And, btw, there is a War on Arab culture too (see the bombings of Syria, Iraq, Yemen etc) often deliberately targeting historically valuable sites.

    And, a War on Russia and shin kicking on China. Someone is a really busy little bee.

  15. tio

    We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men. – George Orwell

  16. Floridasandy

    Florida won’t accept Syrian “refugees” so I picked the right state. Obama is full speed ahead on bringing in more immigrants, proving once again that he is dogmatic -with zero common sense.

  17. emsnews

    At the latest count, half of the states refuse to take in a flood of possibly dangerous aliens from Europe which doesn’t want them, either, anymore.

  18. Jim R

    I saw an article this morning from Russian media, saying that hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees are now returning to towns secured by the Russian military campaign there.

    Of course, that means the tide of ‘refugees’ will consist of a LARGER proportion of jihadi scum, which weren’t really Syrians in the first place. Some of them were probably more from SyraCUSE. … haha.

    That is, a lot of these jihadi bums were young men from the first world, unemployed, unmarried, uneducated, and with no prospects. The sort of young men who might have signed up for the French Foreign Legion fifty or a hundred years ago. Now they go off and join various jihadi groups.

    Those are the people you really don’t want around, of course…

  19. Suusi M-B

    I thought that this might amuse you from Al jazeera English news. Which paints a rather different picture to that of the daily mail.

  20. Jim R

    Things you always wondered about:
    Whatever do brazilian wax places do with all that hair?

  21. Christian W

    Suusi, how unsurprising that the French planes bombed the water and electricity in Raqqa… Exactly as predicted. Sputnik reports France will also adopt Patriot Act style legislation following the 11/13/15 attacks. Also exactly as predicted.

    Putin has ordered the Russian forces to coordinate with the French forces and the Charle de Gaulle, the French . Putin is smart, he knows the French would start bombing Hezbollah and the Syrian Arab Army at least as much as ISIS and the FSA and the assorted Jihadi terrorist gangs. This way he can make public any French urges to ‘miss’ the bad guys and bomb the good guys.

  22. Christian W

    “Charles de Gaulle, the French aircraft carrier”, that should read.

  23. Lou

    ‘Half of the states refuse to take in a flood of possibly dangerous aliens from Europe which doesn’t want them, either, anymore.’

    Would Romney have pushed ‘all these terrorists’, oops, refugees, on USA?”

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