Sheltered College Students At Dartmouth Scream Obscenities At Other Students While Marching Around Campus Screaming ‘Black Lives Matter’

Black Lives Matter protesters storm Dartmouth College’s library – YouTube

Young college kids want to relive the Civil Rights Era which I was part of back in the 1960’s.  Except this new incarnation is insane.  Ignoring the scourge of black on black crime as well as black on white crime and how inner city black youths are destroying themselves rapidly and wrecking entire cities in the process, the naive young sheltered college kids whose friends are the few black students who manage to make it in one piece to school, are pretending that whites are destroying blacks, not self-destruction raging in black cities, destroying black youths at an appalling rate.  So bravely invading libraries in liberal schools screaming ‘black lives matter’ perhaps these kids should do what I used to do: to deep into say, Newark NJ, and actually interact with black criminals! And reform them!


Black Lives Matter protesters scream at white students at Dartmouth library. ‘F*** you, you filthy white f****!’

Their demonstration was apparently due to a Black Lives Matter display of shirts being torn down at the school’s Collis Center last week.  And the protest, which started peacefully, soon turned hostile and aggressive.


This protest was not peaceful at all.  They were chanting at the top of their lungs which is aggressive, the slogan, ‘Black Lives Matter’.  They were not marching in downtown Newark, NJ.  They were in one of the safest havens in the US, on a heavily guarded campus where, if any black criminals were to prowl about looking for easy hits, would be arrested just for showing their faces!  The demonstrators then accosted fellow students trying to study.  This hostile action interfering with learning should lead to some sort of punishment but these demonstrators won’t be punished.  They will still probably whine about being oppressed.


Black crime statistics are scary.  They show clearly that the rate of murder in particular is extremely high per capita for blacks.  FBI — Expanded Homicide Data Table 6

Screen shot 2015-11-17 at 8.08.10 AM

New DOJ Statistics on Race and Violent Crime | American Renaissance

Screen shot 2015-11-17 at 8.09.32 AM

Political Calculations: Who Kills Who

Screen shot 2015-11-17 at 8.12.07 AM

It has been painfully obvious that black males kill black males nearly all the time.  The very few exceptions are astonishing in its rarity.  This massive mess has to be totally ignored by liberals who believe that this is still 1964 when black males were generally disarmed and mercilessly crushed by white racists.  Now, it is the exact opposite.


Futile attempts like NY Republican mayors at disarming black males shows the determination to kill each other no matter what.  The murder rate of black males killing mainly each other has shot up in major cities like Chicago and NYC after howls about disarming black males is wrong even as liberal push for gun control laws that…disarm black city males!  Most white on white murders are family affairs whereby someone has to kill those that are closest.


Here is a typical example: ‘Love you more than life’: Teen step-cousins tweeted heartfelt messages to each other just weeks before one was arrested for ‘stabbing the other to death on her front lawn’.  Two white teens going basically insane.  More common are men killing girlfriends or wives.  But in the black community, murder is how you do ‘business’ as well as personal murders like in the white community.  The breakdown of law and order in predominantly black cities is painfully obvious and ernest college students ignore this at their own peril.


I used to belong to the Fortune Society as an advisor way back in the 1980’s and my base of operation was Newark, New Jersey and I took black males out of prison after interviewing them and giving them work while they were on probation.  This program of ours meant we interfered a great deal in the private lives of the people we were rehabilitating. In my case, being one of the very few women doing this, I had one deal with the prisoners: they had to marry the woman who bore them their children.  And their wives had to have permission to call me even in the dead of night if the husbands were not home.


It was hilarious how many men thought they could break the rules and get away with it.  They were always shocked when I showed up in the dead of night to fetch them home with the warning, ‘Next time, I come with the cops and you go back to prison!’  Only one man failed the program and was returned to prison.  The others figured out after a while, doing stupid things means bad endings.  And they had to protect their own children.


Ever go inside a major urban black prison?  It is literally bedlam.  The noise level is ferocious sometimes.  The wardens have all sorts of odd solutions to this.  In the case of the prison (which no longer exists, they changed the system since then) in Rahway, NJ, the warden had a ‘retirement home’ for quiet prisoners who wanted to read books and talk in normal voices.


President Obama has not faced up to the issue of why black communities are falling apart socially and psychologically.  Instead, he lets things slide along with all the bad interactions young black males have with EVERYONE, blaming all the people around them while saying nothing about what these black youths are doing to themselves and everyone around themselves and how they are actively driving away anyone sane or desiring peace and quiet.


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27 responses to “Sheltered College Students At Dartmouth Scream Obscenities At Other Students While Marching Around Campus Screaming ‘Black Lives Matter’

  1. CK

    Noticing such things is not socially acceptable.
    Importing more of the peoples that cause these sorts of things to become noticeable is policy.

  2. What I found out from the Dartmouth Review’s article is that two of the BLM protestors had internships over the summer with Boston Consulting and Merrill Lynch. These are elite corporations! I guess this sort of acting out will come to big finance business near you….

  3. e sutton

    Seems a shame that you liberals have let your pets off the leash, only to discover that they’ll bite you, too. How unsurprising. Yet allowing more Third World people into the country to suckle off the gubmint tit will do wonders for our society. Yeah, that’ll work. Let me see, what did Einstein say was the definition of insanity?

  4. Petruchio

    Hey e-Sutton #3: It was Ronald Reagan REPUBLICAN!!!! who granted AMNESTY to millions of illegals. Republicans have ALWAYS been HUGE supporters of unrestricted immigration!! The main reason is it floods the Labor Market, keeping wages low. And with Republicans it is also partly about Class Warfare. Both Parties do it. The factual record is pretty clear on that.

  5. e sutton

    True enough, Pet. Both sides of the fence are courting the angry negro as well as the deliciously violent Muslims. I knew even at the time Reagan made his “one time Amnesty pledge” that it was all horse manure. The borders were unequivocally left open and anybody wanting “citizenship” merely had to cross the “border”.

    Republicans love to see us fight over the table scraps even more so than the Dems. It’s all one big dog and pony show. The laff riot won’t end until there is no more YT to do all the heavy lifting. Then all of the pampered pets will see their precious little EBT cards coming up empty.

    The American negro knows how to work the welfare system for all its worth. In my little slice of Heaven, a 28 year old mother of five (!?) was recently shot dead at a house party “goan roan”. Lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth, of course, surrounded by the prerequisite “Stop the violence” signs, right next to the “Black Lives Matter” posters. Pardon me if I manage to hold back the tears as these worthless parasites kill each other at a rather swift rate. Godspeed, say I.

  6. vengeur

    This Canadian dude REALLY takes apart the Missou mess:

  7. Christian W

    The #blacklivesmatter is just more misdirection. Anything the MSM officially builds up should be considered bs. Bullshit baffles brains remember? The brainrot seems deep in the US universities now and the reasons for this brainrot can be traced back to the usual suspects that so love disunity and strife and control of the narrative. France has the same problem, unsurprisingly.

    Elaine’s point is simple but accurate. If #blacklivesmatter were genuine they would look at the problem in ALL it’s aspects, that is use their brains, rather than cherry pick their targets and use emotional accusations instead of rational discussion of the problems and the deeper complexities of the problems.

  8. Lou

    this is from a site –SBPDL—–If you are White and you live in Indianapolis, and you wondered what your life is worth, consider this list of rewards offered recently to help solve some crimes:
    $5,000 – Arson of IMPD officer’s home
    $5,000 – Murdered whooping crane (it was endangered)
    $1,100 – Cat shot with arrow (cat survived)
    $1,000 – Robbery of news crew
    $1,000 – Robbery of gas station
    $1,000 – Murder of White man Max Levine, by negro Avory Johnson
    $1,000 – Murder of White woman Amanda Blackburn, by a negro to be named later
    That’s how much White Lives Matter in Indianapolis — less than a cat, less than a bird, and far less than some cop’s house.

  9. Lou



    ELAINE: racist rants are ugly. Being rude and angry doesn’t fix anything. Racism is REAL and making fun of people this way is toxic.

  10. Lou

    Christian W,
    If #blacklivesmatter were genuine they would look at the problem in ALL it’s aspects, that is use their brains,
    Blacks are using their brains, average IQ, 85. Check ‘Bell Curve.’

  11. Christian W

    This is “Us vs Them” split (white/black, Christian/Muslim/Jew/whatever, GOP/Dem etc etc etc) is part of what psychologists call the “limbic dance”. It is also a huge part of the brain washing techniques used by the US (and other governments, organizations etc) to brain wash it’s citizens. I’ll expand on this later when I get a chance to sit down and write it down properly (to continue the discussion I had with Lou/Luc).

  12. emsnews

    Lordy…HUMANS do this all by themselves. We have been, as a species, doing this since the last Ice Age if not longer.

    Not everything is a conspiracy. Not everything is an ‘agent’ at work. Humans form groups and then attack each other. Who killed off the Neandertals?

    This is our basic nature, we are the Killer Monkeys.

  13. Christian W

    Yes, the limbic system is part of our brain. It is the lizard/instinctual part of our brain, that is the primitive part. That doesn’t mean we have to let that part be our boss. When we do things get fucked up because we are not really operating from our full human capacity.

  14. Christian W

    We are actually so infinitely much more than killer monkeys, we are human beings, but the crazy elites love to push us into primitive patterns. Why? Because they get to get the profits and the power. When we are reacting to primitive predictable patterns (fear, hatred, anger etc) the elites can control our behaviour and direct us to do their bidding.

  15. Christian W

    So the elites use schemes like the sinking of the Lusitania, the Pearl Harbor attack, 9/11 etc etc etc to create a monster image to hate and be afraid of, thus legitimizing violence against the appointed enemy. They use Fear as a tool to control the narrative – We are good, they are monsters/nazis/terrorists/red skins/niggers/commies what have you.

    Then they do the same on a small scale to control the social environment. Fear of losing your job, fear of losing your pension, fear of your neighbor, fear of Global Warming (not global warming that is not scary enough but Global Warming), fear of immigrants, fear of Muslims/blacks/criminals/police and so on.

    Then they put reward systems in place. Promotions, status, more money, bigger pension, medical insurance, Power (oh yes!), climbing the hierarchial ladder (hierarchies are the monkey brain, the middle brain a step up from the limbic system). And to go with the reward system they still have the fear system beneath it, this creates the hamster wheel of success and career and status and image and destitution and homelessness on the other.

    Then they take all the profits for themselves, but let just enough trickle down to feed the hamster wheel of success and fear. This way they can loot the entire system and scam the vast majority out of anything close to a fair share (if the system was not a criminal looting operation to begin with). In this fashion the vast majority of the citizens in the easily most affluent nation in the world live on scraps from the elites table while a tiny handful of elites have fortunes beyond counting.

    And the elites cloak this theft with devices such as pomp and circumstance, nationalism, salutation of the flag, cheap tin medals for the soldiers blown to bits on the battle field, handmade suits of the finest materials with flags on the lapel and plastic surgery and botox and dental surgery make the mask of the elites look flawless. They smile immaculate smiles while they shake your hand with one hand and backstab with the other.

    Merrily these creatures push the world beyond limit after limit in their insatiable greed until one day there is a limit too many crossed and the entire system collapses, yet until their dying day these elites will fight tooth and nail and manipulate their guts out to remain top of whatever heap they are standing on.

    And as part of the mask of having a fully functioning neocortex with empathy they create aid foundations that are nothing but fronts for tax scams.

    But the little people are far too caught up in the Limbic Fear stories their heads cook up to notice, and if they notice they fear doing something about the situation because fear has been made habitual and ground into their very reflexes and bones and reactive pattern from years and years of indoctrination.

  16. Christian W

    That is what annoys me with the black bashing going on here. They are also living in a context of fear, they are also living within a historical and social context. Yes clearly the black community is deeply troubled and problematic and needs a lot of sorting out. The same thing goes for the White community that wages, fear based, primitive war against most of the planet, not just against themselves on the domestic scene.

    I wonder if the US citizens (in this case of discussion; Europeans are getting the same elite fear based treatment now more and more) can go against their programming of fear, become larger than their primitive brains, and actually do something about their situation that includes rather than excludes the made up ‘enemy’ figures.

  17. Christian W

    And now you should see why the enemy figures like ISIS are so ludicrously over blown, why ISIS gets so much media time and media space. ISIS beheadings and mutilaitions and destruction of cultural heritage gets prime time and space in the MSM precisely to underscore how hopelessly primitive and beyond reform they are so they can never be included in a larger, non Limbic system, solution.

    This is a deliberate slur on the Muslim world itself, because by far the largest victims of ISIS are Muslims, including the Syrian refugees that are not allowed to come to the US becuase the Syrians are ISIS terrorists of course, not victims of ISIS. Yet the US created ISIS, controls ISIS and has used this proxy device to destroy Syria and Iraq. So there you have more brain washing by the elites at work.

  18. Christian W

    Look at the White community. They are afraid of EVERYBODY. The elite, the blacks, the “illegal aliens”, Muslims, Commies and on and on and on.

    And to keep them in place and to give them the illusion of ‘freedom’ the elites dangle the “second amendment” in front of their noses and let the White community cling to their guns. Then the fearful Whites feel safe clasping their guns and holler about how they live in the bestest and most freest nation in the entire world because, you know, they have the “Second Amendment” and get to play with their guns that will protect them against the elites, the blacks, the commies, the Moslems, the criminals etc etc etc.

    They live in a little limbic loop of fear while their ego tells them they are proud, free and corageous to make them feel better about themselves; which is why they desperately cling to the nationalist image presented to them by the elites that tell them they are number 1. USA Booyah!

    Yet if we lift our gaze we are so much more than our limbic brain. There is also compassion, love and understanding.

  19. pontiff holysh*t

    Compassion, love, and understanding are just the other side of the evolutionary coin.

    I once saw a video of a Crocodile take a baby turtle in its mouth, . . .

    and give it a lift to the sea. So even reptiles have the potential for “compassion, love, and understanding”.

    David Crosby noted “That love, peace and granola shit went over real big, didn’t it?”

    Jerry Garcia said there were something like 3 days during the “summer of love” where they got a glimpse of a better way.

    No, humans are far too selfish too survive. Paradoxically, we will be the only species in history to be driven extinct, at least in part, by our evolutionary success. Gotta love that bitch, Mother Nature. If we are lucky, she will go extinct too! Serves her right, after all.


    ELAINE: Whoa, I knew Jerry and the Dead back when I used to hang out at the old Fillmore in SF. Which ‘three days’ is he talking about? He was stoned nearly nonstop back then! HAHAHA.

  20. Lou

    what annoys me with the black bashing going on here.

    Was Scandinavia nicer before the invasion?
    Black bashing? You must be kidding [and ignorant of who does most of the killings on this side of the pond].

  21. Lou

    Commies — who have killed 100? Million.

  22. vengeur

    CW sez: “Look at the White community. They are afraid of EVERYBODY.” You apparently have a very short time frame in your views on “white people ” in America. Once upon a time (not too long ago) people in america didn’t lock their doors. They were NOT “afraid of everybody”. I am sixty years old, and as a child it was STILL that way. Please don’t assume things in America were always as they are now. For example , even a city like Detroit was a nice place to live until the 60’s. Please don’t assume America was always what it has become today.

  23. Christian W

    @22 vengeur

    No, I don’t assume America always was like this. I think the elites decided to smash America, and the world, into a gazillion pieces so they could rule over all of it. Every now and then their machine breaks down, and every time they react with more cruelty, more cunning and more deviousness.

    There have been many turning points, from the 60/70’s with the murder of JFK, the loss of the war in Vietnam and the switch from the Gold standard, the Club of Rome highlighting limits, to the ushering in of the neoliberalcons at the end of the millenium and 9/11 (the new Pearl Harbor) to give them the mandate to smash up the world.

    I have a feeling they are building up to the next truly dirty trick once Obama is out of the White House and they have Hillary or some other tool inside. It is far too quiet at the moment from the US crazies.

  24. emsnews

    REALITY: my high school in Tucson Arizona back in the 1960’s was 90% white and mostly middle class.

    In 1965, some of my classmates were murdered and buried in the desert next to my high school. Our school had double sessions and there was constant chaos there and fighting in the hallways.

    I used these facts when I went to Judge Castro to demand early majority so I could leave high school at 16 and go to the university instead and I won based on how dangerous my school was.

    Now…my bus driver carried a gun and he and I killed stuff on the way to school since I had to go to the bus stop BEFORE 5 am to go to school and we had to deal with critters, he and I.

    I must say, inner city schools are the most heavily armed places on earth which is why they have to have metal detectors there. The critters in the city aren’t just the wharf rats but six feet tall and suicidally violent.

    Disarming students haven’t stopped them from killing each other just outside of the school just like the white mass killer who haunted my high school way back in my rather violent childhood (note, he didn’t tackle me! I always fought back).

  25. Graywolf

    Mix a good drink, sit back and enjoy the mutual tearing apart.
    The Vietnam draft dodger faculties have “taught” hatred of America for 40 years.
    They have produced several generations of America haters, but this newest product – little Maoist Red Guards – is a low for them.
    And, as usual, the administrators are spineless and cowardly.
    Think about it:
    What kind of personalities go into college administration?

  26. pontiff holysh*t

    @ #25,

    Yeah, that must be it.

    *Rolls eyes*

  27. Lou

    UM Feminist shouts–this is priceless—-

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