Vast Majority Of Governors Refuse Obama’s Demand They Take In Unwanted Muslim Aliens From Europe

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White house tries to reassure anti-refugee governors over security as 34 plan to block Syrians being accepted into US: supposedly, the US is a ‘democracy’ whereby the voters register their desires and have these carried out by elected representatives.  Since corruption has destroyed this premise with rich people buying politicians and US media forcing events and beliefs, the rulers of the US have decided to put off any pretense of ‘democracy’ and opted for outright dictatorship.  So, we have another political event revealing how our rulers force things along totally against the will of the People.


This catastrophic push to dump a million angry Muslim males into the US like Germany has done, suicidally, is still ongoing.  The Democrats will be slaughtered in the next election thanks to the Obama push to impose these aliens on the rest of us without us getting any say in the matter.  Using legal tricks to impose aliens in the US while the US government across the board, like in Europe, are cutting social services to the lower classes, is going to end in either an ethnic blood bath or a revolution from underneath.


If the Democrats push for eliminating feedback from voters, if the Democrats back the President ignoring the Will of the People, the party will be a flaming mess in the next election, perhaps holding virtually no states at all except maybe three or four?  The GOP sweep will be echoed in Europe.


This coddling of aliens coupled with snarling at citizens who are poor, dispossessed or jobless, is the height of craziness.  In Europe, there is rising rage due to this.  Cities in Europe and the US are being taken over by aliens who are alienated from the surrounding suburbs and states.  This rising social/religious tension will burst into full fury if terrorist attacks here by fundamentalists rise to the levels we already see in Europe.


Russia and France wreak revenge on ISIS with missile strikes in Syria as the alliance between Paris and Moscow gets stronger and stronger.  A major coup, a major win for Putin who is running circles around Obama.  Obama orchestrated an economic attack on Russia because his advisors are Cold War fanatics desperate to revive it and desperate to make Putin ‘the Evil Empire’.  Now, this is a total failure.  Meanwhile, Obama has restated that he wants to be passive and do nothing about the ‘rebels’ he and the CIA created to attack Assad on behalf of Israel and Saudi Arabia who both hated this much more liberal leader.


Plane crash in Sinai a terrorist attack – Russian Security Service announces.  Yes, it was, as it was obvious from the beginning, a terrorist attack engineered in Egypt.  I notice the US isn’t saying much about this.

US intentionally spare ISIS in Syria, want terrorists to weaken Assad – Russian FM tells the press.  This news is NOT published in the US.  Nor is any other useful news, it seems.  This is why I use foreign media so much.  We had the same problem during the Vietnam War.  I would publish leaflets about the real news after reading French and German news from Europe.  When I went to school in Germany in 1968, it was a real eye-opener for me to see daily the difference between US and European news.  Our news media was totally pathetic and worse than useless.


Turkey fans BOO minute’s silence for Paris attacks victims prior to friendly against Greece in Istanbul which has an impact.  Turkey invaded Greece and crushed the culture there and put the Orthodox Christians in chains for hundreds of years and they were not freed until the 19th century.  The Greeks are very upset about this booing and howling during a ‘moment of silence’.


Germany-Netherlands football match in Hannover cancelled, stadium evacuated over bomb threat as tensions in Europe shoot upwards.  Finally, the President of France has decided to stop the kid glove thing and the state police are storming all the Muslim terrorist strongholds and yes, the people inside these places were armed and very dangerous:  Paris shootout: Female suicide bomber dead, several arrested as police, army hunt suspects in suburb.  The woman had a bomb vest on and a sub machine gun and blew herself up.


Bomb threats force 2 Air France flights from US to Paris into emergency landings as, in all similar situations, people are much more vigilant after a violent event.  Then it fades away rapidly.  Party time!  Now though, even in England, there is more vigilance:  Couple were ‘days away’ from carrying out 7/7 anniversary suicide bombing in London, court heard and they won’t be the last.  There will be more doing this.  The Paris attackers, it appears, were NOT ‘devout Muslims’ but rather were party boys who used drugs and drank and goofed off before impulsively deciding to blow away everyone in a suicidal attack.


The German media giants have gone volte face on the issue of the Muslim invasion of Europe.  Up until this week, the editors and reporters as well as German political leaders were hectoring Germans about how they must accept a million Muslim males.  Now, they are totally the opposite!  Why Belgium Has Become a Center of European Terror – SPIEGEL ONLINE


The greater Brussels area has long been considered to be a hotbed for radical Islamists. Troubled neighborhoods like Molenbeek and Anderlecht are known as being homes to secluded communities of immigrants in which radicals can easily go underground. So has Belgium become the center of terror in Europe and a security risk for the entire Continent?


Belgian lawmaker Hans Bonte says he “isn’t surprised at all” that several terror suspects got arrested in Molenbeek. He attributes two factors to the development: the sectionalism of Belgium’s policing and a lack of monitoring and social control of radicalized Muslims.


Brussels is a city of 1.2 million people and it has not one, but six different police agencies. These agencies answer to 19 different municipal mayors who are often political rivals. “It’s unbelievable that something like this exists in Europe’s capital,” says Bonte.


Furthermore, the unresolved conflict between the country’s two largest populations, the Dutch-speaking Flemish and the French-speaking Walloons is casting a shadow over all this. The Belgian government has sought for the past 40 years to defuse the situation through the decentralization of the state.


They changed direction because they face political annihilation as Germans run away from the politics of greeting a million Muslim males with flowers instead of fear:  Far-right party skyrockets to top 3 in German polls amid refugee crisis.  This goes under ‘duh’.  No surprise.  Across Europe and America too, the far right is reaping the riches in voter support as ‘liberal’ leaders do some of the stupidest things on earth.


The Jews in the US, for example, are now very scared of this flood of angry Muslims and don’t want them here, either.  The Israeli plan to shovel Syrians into Europe and thus, allow Israel to seize more West Bank territory is backfiring badly.  They forgot that they need Europe for their own uses, too!  Caught in this trap, the actions displacing Muslims to Europe and the US weakens Israeli power in both areas and so…confusion reigns, big time.


This is how ‘blowback’ operates.  Some forces are traps not easily escaped.  The Holy Lands are infamous for being a nasty bear trap for anyone who tries to rule it.  When the Ottoman Empire ruled it, the place was basically put to sleep and ignored until the 19th century when that empire eroded and collapsed.  Now, it is a classic bone of contention which causes empires to clash again.


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13 responses to “Vast Majority Of Governors Refuse Obama’s Demand They Take In Unwanted Muslim Aliens From Europe

  1. Petruchio

    “Plane crash in Sinai a terrorist attack – Russian Security Service announces. ” Putin has made guarantees that Russia WILL pursue these terrorists WHEREVER they may be. And Putin has further indicated that the punishment will be PAINFUL for those who murdered 224 Russians. Unlike Obama, who can’t open his mouth without lying, Vladimir Putin means what he says so if the trail leads to Israel or the CIA, there will be blood.

  2. Jim R

    And it bears repeating: they people doing all this evil in the MENA are not muslims. Not in any meaningful sense, not any moreso than Hitler was a Lutheran…

  3. e sutton

    @Jim R,

    Correct. The clowns responsible for the terrorist attacks were disowned by their own families, so fond of the party life they were. None even held down jobs. Appears that they might have been funded to carry out their terrorist mission. Wonder where the money trail leads on that one. 🙂

    Paul Craig Roberts has some good articles about it. I won’t like to his site, but he posits some interesting questions. For example, historically, terrorist acts are directed toward people in power; such as Arch Duke Ferdinand, Abraham Lincoln, McKinley, JFK, etc. The interesting twist for our new century is terrorist attacks aimed at the general populace. Governments slaughtering their own people, as was the case for 911, Boston Marathon, and the latest incarnations in Paris. Seems that someone is getting awfully nervous now that Putin has decided to stick his nose into this mess.

  4. Jim R

    … directed toward people in power; …

    I think part of the answer may be that the POTUS doesn’t have that much real power any more.

    But one thing the modern attacks have in common with the 19th century ones is that they are theatrical events…

  5. Christian W

    Lusitania was also an event where lots of US citizens were sent to their deaths by the US government to push the American people into WWI. This is a fact, not opinion.

    Pearl Harbor likewise was allowed to happen, the US government was fully aware the attack was underway, for the same reason – to push the American people into WWII. Again this is a matter of the historical record, not my opinion.

  6. emsnews

    Germany’s sub war did that!!!!

    As they did in WWII. Good lord.

    The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was a sneak attack. They had zero right to do it.

  7. Christian W

    The US government loaded Lusitania up with weapons for the Brits. The Germans knew about it and told the US government that made Lusitania a legitimate military target and they would sink the ship unless the US government removed the weapons. The Germans even published ads in the papers warning everyone they would sink the Lusitania if it shipped with the weapons onboard.

    The US government pretended the weapons didn’t exist and told the American people the Germans were evil for sinking Lusitania. When Lusitania was found a couple of years ago weapons were indeed found inside the wreckage, so the Germans were correct. The US government sent their own citizens to the slaughterhouse to paint the Germans as evil.

    The Japanese attack came after the US had launched a campaign against Japanese interests in the Pacific and in China, including getting involved in the war in China against Japan with figher planes and strangling the vital oil supplies the Japanese needed for their war in China.

    The US new about the attack on Pearl Harbor because they had cracked the Japanese naval codes. In other words, it was no sneak attack because the US government knew about the attack beforehand. In fact the US had already sunk a Japanese submarine off the coast to Hawaii before the attack, so in effect the US and Japan were already at war. The fact that the US government again concealed the truth from it’s citizens highlights how it operates.

  8. Maddie's Mom

    As for me, I don’t believe a word any government says. It’s a safe bet that if their lips are moving, they’re lying.

    Nothing much to do but sit back and watch the shit show play out.

  9. emsnews

    Except we get front row seats. 😦

  10. MadSklz

    Just one question Elaine:

    If taking in refugees is bad for all countries, where would you recommend they go?

    I kind of like Trump’s idea to build a location that can support them if there was ever any chance for the country to rebuild itself(if they even wanted to go back)

  11. Christian W

    Syria, Iraq and Libya can use the $Trillions they will get from the US and NATO in war damages and rebuild and bring the refugees back home. 🙂

  12. emsnews

    The refugee problem is dual: too many births in anti-birth control Muslim territories and US/NATO game playing with Israel to destabilize any socialist style Muslim nation that is fairly liberal while protecting the most evil government on earth, the Saudi royal rule of Saudi Arabia.

  13. CK

    Good old PA elected a SJW prog to be its governor. Not quite a DeBlasio but close.

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