Obama Continues To Demand More Muslim Immigration


The suicidal, insane push to move millions of angry mostly male Muslims into Europe and the US continues with liberals like Obama using draconian force to impose this on voters who are adamant they don’t want this.  Liberals preen themselves on being ‘democratic’ and ‘for the people’ except when, like right wingers, they decide to impose policies opposed by the majority.  Then, they want draconian force to make people obey them.  I am a real liberal who believes in democracy, not dictatorship.


Barack Obama says Republicans rejecting Syrians are ‘potent’ ISIS recruiting tool.



White House reassures governors that Syrians brought to the U.S. aren’t a threat – as Obama says ‘offensive’ rhetoric he’s hearing is a ‘potent’ recruitment tool for ISIS.


President Obama accused them of demonizing ‘widows and orphans’…White House issued veto threat on Wednesday of a House bill scheduled for a vote on Thursday that would increase scrutiny of refugee immigrants.

This was a dirty, underhanded attack on people who are worried about more terrorism.  The ‘increased scrutiny’ of ‘refugees’ is a limp wristed attempt at appearing careful when we know that most ID of these people is highly suspect.  The funniest part of all this is, people pushing these policies also want draconian ethnic cleansing and laws in Israel to keep Muslims oppressed and dispossessed.


And these rules and laws in Israel are all applauded by both liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans so long as it is done by Jews in Israel.  This double standard isn’t unknown or ignored by the rest of the world.  The level of hypocrisy of the US is infamous.


I come from the Arizona desert and did target shooting of guns, arrows, knives and rocks from early childhood and still can nail a moving target so long as I have my glasses on.  Deer hunting season opens this weekend on my mountain!  But look at the advice being given to Europeans if they find themselves under inevitable attack again from well armed terrorists: ‘Run and hide, don’t play dead’: What to do in a Paris-style terror attack – Telegraph


UK’s National Counter Terrorism Security Office publishes new advice on what to do in gun attack in wake of terrorist atrocities in French capital.


I have held criminals at gun point in the past. I have also been shot at by criminals not once but several times.  I once threw a knife at a criminal breaking into my home and missed him by about 2 inches because I had a migraine headache.  I once threw an ax at a criminal to stop him.  I once used a garbage can to bang one on his head in NYC.  One thing is certain: whenever a criminal wanted to interact with me, I would turn rather homicidal, anything in the vicinity was my weapon.


The main weapon I used was, ‘You are under arrest’ spoken in a deep, menacing voice.  It was amazing how many criminals take off, thinking one is an undercover cop.  The last thing I ever did was run and try to hide.  But then, when I lived in Europe, I was known for fighting criminals.


For example, a man assaulted me at a train station staircase in Munich one nice day.  I hauled him over my shoulder and sent him flying down the stairs and then took after him and assailed him with my high heeled shoe.  People were shocked I did this.


Well, I grew up dealing with rattlers and other critters in the desert!  In Germany, every time the police asked me why I fought back so lustfully, I would tell them about the ranch I grew up on and they would be very delighted and want to hear more stories about how we desert people survive with no cops.  Er…we are all very well armed and ready to use our weapons in the desert.  It is simple survival.


Both the male and female terrorists are very heavily armed and more than willing to fight to the death!  Female ISIS Paris bomber screamed at police before blowing herself up | Daily Mail Online


‘Help me, help me!’: Last words of the female suicide bomber who stood at the window of a Paris flat and screamed at police before blowing herself up.


She wanted to fool the cops into trying to rescue her but then kill them all in a big blast but they didn’t fall for this scam.  The paramilitary troops fighting these terrorists are not push-overs like the London police.  They are professional killers and don’t play patty cake with murderous terrorists.


Syrian men detained in Honduras while travelling to US with fake passports: they are infiltrating the US to do the same things as in Paris.  ISIS threatens to attack New York City in new slick Times Square video which is highly likely they will do something big here since this is the Big Apple and 9/11 was a big event which caused our government to attack liberal Muslim dictators who gave women basic human rights and were no menace to anyone.


This is how ISIS was born: in the CIA cook house which created bin Laden in the first place.


Tennessee GOP leader wants National Guard to round up Syrian refugees:


Senior Republican lawmaker says National Guard should stop refugees coming into Tennessee and ‘politely’ round up those who are already there.


In England, they want the outsiders demanding to come in to speak English thinking this will prevent the sort of horrors that happened in Paris even though the killers there were speaking French.  Immigrants’ spouses ‘must speak English before entering UK’ | Law | The Guardian.


Running way behind Putin, the rulers of Europe try to play catch up but it is futile:  G20 vows joint security steps after Paris attacks; no new strategy on Syria | Reuters


U.S. President Barack Obama vowed on Sunday to step up efforts to eliminate Islamic State and prevent more attacks like those in Paris, while urging Russia’s Vladimir Putin to focus on combating the jihadist group in Syria.


How hilarious!  Obama, the guy who passively let his ISIS monster rage out of control in Syria, has the balls to tell Putin to focus on fighting our ISIS allies!  HAHAHA.  This is super stupid funny.  Next, he will order Putin to fight off warmer weather in Russia and get cold again up there on the North Polar regions.


Bill Clinton sits at Hillary’s side as she calls ISIS ‘an internet-fueled terrorism group’ | Daily Mail Online


‘America has to lead it, but we cannot and should not do it alone’: Hillary rows back her claim at debate that US cannot take lead role in fight against ISIS (and Bill’s back too!)


America is leading this fight????  Insane.  And Bill knows this is a blow job.  His wife earlier claimed she didn’t want to fight ISIS.  Naturally, it is our ally!  But she blew it because today’s story is, ISIS isn’t a CIA creation.  Nope.


Even Der Spiegel in Germany has totally dropped its support of millions of angry Muslim males moving in and is now 100% fight the terrorists all the time!  If the Germans figure this out, then so can Hillary Clinton.


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13 responses to “Obama Continues To Demand More Muslim Immigration

  1. Jim R

    Instead of giving religion or language or ethnicity tests to these migrants, perhaps we should just lock up any males between the ages of 15 and 30. When they get to be 30, they can get out. Some females might need to be retained as well.

    When your town is overrun by unemployed 25 year old males, you might as well just have a troop of baboons running around, too. And give out free fireworks and explosives and matches and stuff…

  2. Sunger

    Let’s listen to our great leaders and start another war.

    Just standard procedure- arm the rebel groups w free weapons, bomb civilian facilities such as water treatment plants, electrical generating, hospitals,sewage treatment facilites etc. Then put vicious puppet dictators in power who oppress their citizens.

    Maybe we can get the refugee flow to Europe up to the 20,000/day level.

  3. Melponeme_k


    We are going to see an explosion of these hate crimes as opposing cultures are forced upon secular Europe and the US.

  4. Lou

    all crimes that have victims are hate crimes.
    the term ‘hate crime’ is there to give some more benefit [gays, blacks, jews].


  5. Maddie's Mom

    So Obama thinks playing nicey-nice with ISIS will make them hate us a little less? What is he…a 6-year old?!?! What an idiot!!!

    Much like the father in Paris telling his little boy they were going to fight guns (the terrorists) with flowers and candles. People have truly lost their minds.

  6. Petruchio

    @#5 Maddie: No, Barack Obama is not an idiot. Barack Obama is a sleazy, cynical political operator looking to serve his causes. Like many in the political wh#re class, Obama is morally and ethically bankrupt; he knows he will not be running for another election, so he can more openly cater to his own and his masters wishes. One goal of Obama’s quite clearly is perpetual war–it’s profitable for one thing. Another obvious goal is to flood the US–despite a weak economy–with as many anti-American refugees as possible, especially Muslims. Is Barack Obama himself a devout Muslim? Barack Obama has said as much himself, so the answer seems to be Yes! Barack Obama IS a Muslim in terms of religious faith. You couldn’t script this stuff.

  7. Sunger

    Maybe we can trade the GOP christian idiots for the Syrian refugees.

    A good deal for America.

  8. Maddie's Mom

    No way Obama wants perpetual WAR. He’s got that Nobel PEACE Prize. lol

    If I were him I’d be getting my daughters out of the White House now that ISIS has a bull’s-eye on it. Maybe they already have him living in the bunker or at the very least jetting around from one presidential residence to another.

  9. Jim R

    Ever since LBJ, almost all presidents have declared a war on _____. Some of them were more whimsical, while others were just naked power-grabs. All of them have ignored the Constitution.

    They like war, because it makes them seem relevant. Now it’s becoming more of a real war in Syria and around the Mediterranean. They’ve found that not every place in the world will simply accept it, so it’s either escalate to WW3 or try to patch together some treaties.

  10. vengeur

    It would be funny to see the “oh so tolerant” Muslims live with our “pants around their ankles” liberals. It would make for some interesting interactions. Like they say, be careful what you wish for, liberal friends.

  11. John Doe

    French politicians have pulled citizens of the countries that comprise the European Union into the kinetic activity of world war 3 taking place across the parts of Africa controlled by the French Empire, the Middle East and Ukraine. The French military has been active for several years in the “Meddle East”, so blow back should not be unexpected. The French have not had the resources to run their empire for some time and have relied on other EU countries under the guise of EUFOR to maintain military control for their proxies.

    Due to the interventions of the Russians, the “moderate” rebels in Syria have been exposed as war profiteers who sell the weapons they get to Saddams old army (ISIS) or Al Queda (Al Nusra). The Israeli military have not been able to provide air cover for Al Queda since the Russians became active. The current thrust of military activity sponsored by the ZiWaCon (Zionists, Wahhabis and Neocons) alliance is to partition Syria by getting the Iraqi Kurdish faction (under Barzani) to take Raqqa and create facts on the ground ahead of any future negotiations to end the conflict. This way they hope to achieve several goals, the pipeline from Qatar through Syria being the chief economic dividend to them, the balkanisation of the territories that once formed Syria and Israel hopes to secure more the Golan heights and surrounding territories. Now they have found oil there they announced plans to settle the Golan, in the name of the children of course.

    Reality of course will probably be somewhat different. I reckon the major loser in that region will be the Saudi princes, that country is going bankrupt fast, it is bogged down in an unwinnable war in Yemen and I reckon ISIS and Al Queda will eventually turn on them when they have been pushed back in Syria and see weakness in the regime there.

  12. Christian W

    ISIS was created to wreak havoc across the Middle East and to turn on Russia, China and Iran once it had grown strong enough. As Elaine says, this plan was cooked up by the CIA (with the ample support of the Saudi Prince Bandar Bush and Israel).

    ISIS is more than Saddam’s old army though. It is an organization that spans from the Uygurs in Eastern China to Morocco in Western Africa, that is a big chunk of the world.

    ISIS is well supported by money (probably more problematic now that Russia highlighted the sleaze in Turkey etc and the money flow from Qatar and KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). Tactically ISIS is using US Special Forces tactics on the ground (Ranger tactics so some Green Berets have been busy) and SAS hit and run tactics in the desert regions. ISIS also has French former Special Forces and Foreign Legionnaires deserters and other ex-Western military types in their ranks.

    This old Seymour Hersh article from 2007! is well worth remembering whenever ISIS is mentioned. It was the Dubya Bush White House that laid the foundation of ISIS:

    The redirection


    To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has coöperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda. [These extremist groups are of course what we know as ISIS today. CW]

  13. Floridasandy

    How does that narrative stand up with Obama arming Iran? Or for that matter delivering 50 tons of weapons to an increasingly unstable Mideast? How does a lot of money flowing into shia Iran help the Sunni Saudis?
    I think we just have greedy idiots leading the world now that have an “ideology” but no actual plan. I also think Canada is going to be sorry that they elected Trudeau.

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