Why The Democratic Party Is Collapsing: Hillary Clinton Collects Millions In Bribes From Foreign Agents

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The bribery machine is working overtime for Hillary Clinton.  She utterly destroyed the Democratic Party’s ability to run any primaries by flooding it with foreign and US corporate/government funds making it impossible for anyone else to run except the independent candidate, Sanders of Vermont.  He is daring to challenge her but the US media giants are pushing Hillary along hoping no one will notice this destroys any appearance of ‘democracy’ and is more like a dictatorship state where we get rigged ‘elections’.  And Hillary, along with the other rulers here, wants us to hate Assad who has rigged elections in the past!  We burn down the world pretending to support ‘democracy ‘when we are supporting an elite super state that rules with utter brutality and which hates Putin for challenging them in the public arena and winning.


Our stupid elites are so befuddled and self-centered, they have no shame and have to beg Putin to run programs we used to create and run (with the help of a considerable number of Nazi rocket scientists) called ‘NASA’ which has degenerated into this stupid ‘global warming’ scam system that funds ‘studies’ telling us we are going to roast to death sometime in the future.  But our space program would cease to exist if it wasn’t for Putin.  No Space Without Moscow: US Buying Once Sanctioned Russian Rocket Engines:


 In the late 1990s, the Russian Energomash company won a contract with United Launch Alliance to supply RD-180 engines for the Atlas rockets. This contract, valued at about $1 billion, remains in place.  The West, led by Washington, has been imposing sanctions on Russia since 2014, when a military and political crisis in Ukraine escalated, with the US and the EU alleging Russia’s involvement.


And in the Middle East, Russia hits ISIS with airstrikes as Moscow aims to cut off jihadists’ income:  Russia hits more than 200 targets in 24 hours  taking out refinery and oil trucks.  This is infuriating the US Zionists who want desperately for Assad to be overthrown and replaced with jihadists.  Here at home, in defiance of Obama, the Majority of Americans do not want Syrian refugees let in after Paris and the majority in Congress is against this, too.



Back to our darling Hillary:  41 years. $3 billion. Inside the Clinton donor network. – Washington Post


 The Post identified donations from roughly 336,000 individuals, corporations, unions and foreign governments in support of their political or philanthropic endeavors — a list that includes top patrons such as Steven Spielberg and George Soros…The majority of the money — $2 billion — has gone to the Clinton Foundation, one of the world’s fastest-growing charities, which supports health, education and economic development initiatives around the globe. A handful of elite givers have contributed more than $25 million to the foundation, including Canadian mining magnate Frank Giustra, who is among the wealthy foreign donors who have given tens of millions…In some cases, companies connected to their donors hired the Clintons as paid speakers, helping them collect more than $150 million on the lecture circuit in the past 15 years.


She pretends these ‘charities’ which are making her very rich, are all kindness and light and not BRIBES.  The fact that she is owned by foreigners should scare everyone.  I am furious that the Democratic leadership (sic) thinks this is OK.  I want her impeached if she wins.  She is corrupt.  This ‘paid speaker’ scam is pure bribery and I have been 100% against this business from day one.  Legalizing bribery was supported by Jewish leaders who wanted to buy influence and other groups like the Saudi royals think this corruption is splendid, too.  Various groups seeking power and money are very happy with the changes that allow open bribes.


It used to be, this sort of loot was under the table.  NO speech is worth $500,000.  Ever.  This is lunacy and is destroying our democracy.  Hillary might have been a real person if this bribery was still illegal. But she isn’t a good person, she is a pig with a snout buried in the trough.


The owners of the NYT who are Jewish, have an editorial that is equally insane as the Clinton program to ‘fix’ Syria forever:  Mrs. Clinton’s Syria Strategy – The New York Times


 Unlike President Obama, Mrs. Clinton supports a no-fly zone over northern Syria, close to the Turkish border. This also offers the clearest contrast with her rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination. Senator Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley both say a no-fly zone would be unworkable and deepen American involvement. Mrs. Clinton argues that in addition to providing a safe haven for Syrians fleeing the bombs of President Bashar al-Assad and severing Islamic State supply lines, it would give the United States leverage in negotiations with Russia and others over a political settlement to Syria’s civil war…


These ‘safe havens’ from Assad fighting to protect his country from jihadists is a ‘free zone’ for…these very same jihadists!  Now that Russia is hammering these vandals, the US plan is to prevent Russia from stopping these same jihadists!  Who are attacking Paris and which the US said we are going to stop!  The insanity of US elite programs to deal with the jihadists is in full view here at the Jewish-owned NYT that thinks crushing barely armed Palestinians is wonderful and trapping them in ghettos with no services, to starve to death is great Nazi fun.  The fact that the US Jewish media thinks that overthrowing liberal Muslim dictators and replacing them with violent Saudi-sponsored jihadists, that this is a good thing for Israel, is pure insanity.


The contradictions involved in all this are enormous, big as an elephant and will lead to WWIII which Israel won’t win, that ‘religious heritage site’ will be annihilated as will most of Europe’s great capitals.  The US and Russia are both very immense in size so annihilating either is not realistic.  The vast range of backward Muslim states are also not going to be eliminated.  But key areas will vanish in WWIII and they are easy to tag.  NYC is one of them, by the way.


Since the war began in 2011, the Obama administration has rejected proposals for a no-fly zone because they would require a significant military commitment: knocking out Mr. Assad’s air defenses, mounting an extended American air patrol and stationing ground troops to protect the zone and the refugees…


Whoever cooked up this ridiculous scenario should be parachuted into Syria with a gun.  Let this pig fight his way back out.


In the past, American officials have said there is no legal basis for such action. Mrs. Clinton said a no-fly zone would have to be imposed by a multicountry coalition. She expressed optimism that Russia, whose intervention has complicated the airspace in Syria, would cooperate. But it is unclear whether Russia would do that, and there are many other unanswered questions…


And this is why Hillary should be put in a hospital to have her head examined.  Putin has zero reason to agree with her plot to chop up Syria permanently.  And this, on top of Hillary and her hysterical gang screaming the Russia had no right to chop up Ukraine after the Ukraine right wing anti-Russian coup there split the country in two!  I recall the stupid boycott of Russia was due to this.  Now, the Valkyrie wants to chop up Syria forever based on…a bunch of radical Muslim fighters who were mostly non-Syrian attacking Assad?


She pulled no punches in insisting that to defeat the extremists, Sunni states, notably Saudi Arabia, must finally stop their citizens from financing extremists and address the conditions extremists exploit, namely poverty, repression and corruption.


So, she wants the Saudi royals to stop financing ‘extremists’.  The Saudi royals ARE ‘extremists’ themselves!  Very much so!!!  Totally!!!!!!  And who runs the most corrupt regime on earth?  The Saudi royals!!!!!!!  Good grief.  Let’s declare war on them.


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19 responses to “Why The Democratic Party Is Collapsing: Hillary Clinton Collects Millions In Bribes From Foreign Agents

  1. Ken

    This may be slightly off topic, but this site is known for wide ranging adn thought provoking topics. So here goes.

    The news coverage of the Muslim woman who blew herself up when the French anti-terror police attacked her apartment was apparently very westernized until quite recently. In fact, she was somewhat of a party girl and would have been considered to have loose morals even by western standards.

    Yet, in just a couple of months’ time she came to realize that the Koran and other Muslim holy scripture required her to kill as many innocent non-Muslims as possible. The press is quick to emphasize that radical Islam perverts the religion, and that it is really a language of peace. However, no specific evidence of this is ever reported.

    Does anyone on this website know which provisions of the Koran or other Islamic holy scripture is being relied upon by the terrorists? Also, how is their interpretation perverting the proper interpretation of this scripture?

    These would seem to be key questions in alleviating the public’s concerns about Islam, and in fighting the conversion of “party girls” into violent terrorists. Yet no one seems to ask these very basic questions.

    I am interested to know everyone’s thoughts, and especially those of Elaine.

  2. JimmyJ

    @Ken: Here’s some English translations of the Koran, take your pick and see for yourself-


  3. emsnews

    Crusading religions are all violent at various times in history. Look at Christianity which was founded by a non-fighter called ‘Jesus’. The worse thing he did was tip over the tables of money changers in the Temple.

    Yet within a few centuries, it was a violent religion spread by the sword!

    Let’s look now at Japan: Buddhism. Didn’t stop bloody regimes, either. They even had ‘fighting priests’ just like Christianity…

  4. Christian W

    The terrorists, ISIS etc, are considered “takfiris” by Muslims in general. Takfiris are excommunicated Muslims that have gone against the teachings of Islam. In other words they are not Muslims but followers of the extremist Saudi Wahhabi sect.

    ISIS represents a War on Islam, just look at the comments on this blog, people are already conflating the victims of ISIS with terrorism, as long as those victims are Muslims. This is crazy. By many magnitudes the the largest number of victims to Takfiri terror are Muslims.

    The House of Bush, that opened the Pandora’s box to hell by setting up ISIS, has a lot of blood on it’s hands.

    ISIS is a creation of the US Zionists, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel – all of whom basically own the financial system of the West, which is why the poodle politicians in the West just prance to their command.

  5. emsnews

    As I point out periodically: the Saudis are RADICAL Islamists that are very violent. I know this FIRST HAND not via the news media.

  6. Petruchio

    “The bribery machine is working overtime for Hillary Clinton.” Well, Mrs. Clinton IS a political whore, so what do you expect? I’m thinking that since Mrs. Clinton’s ( I ALWAYS refer to her as Mrs. Clinton. She HATES that!!!) polling numbers are tanking, the elites are willing to tear the whole Democratic Party down. They are going to ram Mrs. Clinton down our throats and they don’t give a sh#t if we like it or not.

  7. Christian W

    What Democratic Party exactly is being torn down? The US doesn’t have a representative political system anymore, unless you count a lot of sock puppets squeeking on command as a political system.

    I agree the elites will show Hillary down “our” throats. A year or so later they will attack Iran.

  8. vengeur

    Well, just to be fair, the Republican GOP machine works the exact same way, which is why nouveau riche Bill Clinton was so warmly adopted into the “Bush Family”. Because their religion is MONEY and the influence that money can buy. . Which is also why the GOP is apoplectic about Trump, since he laughs at any “grab your ankles” offers of “donations”.

  9. pontiff holysh*t

    Well, it depends on what one means by “annihilation”.

    WWIII will be an extinction level destructive event, although it is easy to envision some people surviving initially. But the overall damage will be too severe for humans to overcome, even if it takes a few hundred thousand years for the last human to actually die.

    In the meantime, the dead will be the lucky ones.

  10. emsnews

    Nope, 80% of the planet like during WWI and WWII will barely feel the breeze. Europe, on the other hand, will again, like the two other times, be destroyed.

  11. Sunger

    The Russian Federation stretches 12 time zones from east to west. A nuclear war with Russia means the entire northern hemisphere is going to get contaminated- especially in the case of targeted missile silos, strikes on command & control facilities, strikes on war-critical manufacturing operations, and nuclear power plants or destroyed electrical generation capacity. Also so in regards to cooling operations at spent nuke fuel storage facilities- which will overheat and burn with radioactive fire for centuries. Russia has 31 of these- planned to increase to 59 in a few decades if the cooling systems are shut-down by damaged electrical grids.

    This war will be much different than WW1 or WW2.

    For one thing, the production times will be very different. We could produce a P-51 Mustang fighter in a single day during WW2. To produce a high performance jet fighter like an F-16 or F35(haha) might take years. So every jet fighter lost in modern war is a major almost irreplaceable loss. Any damage or kinks in the supply or manufacturing lines would make competion impossible ie China makes many of our military microchips.

    For another, information was still being telegraphed around in many cases in the 40s. Actually couriers were used to communicate on the Russian front in WW2. Today, the entire battlefield is like a mass of military smart phone weapons. And new vulnerabilites ie the hacking of the information of EVERY USA high security clearance holders last year shows just how fast all of this can go bad.

    And yes, Hillary is a dangerous candidate. It’s a sad choice between her and the brain-stunted GOP Presidential line-up.

  12. DM

    @Ken (who is trying to understand what is going on).

    My only suggestion is the careful study of these two books by
    Lewis Carroll. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass.

    Keep in mind that that we all fell down a very deep rabbit hole in 2001.

  13. Christian W

    @12 DM

    Yeah, I have that exact feeling too… Our poor earth wobbled into some weird alternative timeline tanks to Dubya Bush and gang (maybe the Skull & Boneheads really do have some black magicks that work). Time to wobble back into saner times.

  14. vengeur

    And on top of all that we have the Negro-Nazi Black Lies Matter group running around libraries screaming invectives at white folks. That is probably Bush’s fault too.

  15. vengeur

    Some facts and figures about the refugee insanity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3VN3k8F_Ns

  16. Christian W

    The real insanity is creating the refugees in the first place. The rest is just part of the first crime. Thank the neocons with their #Arabspring insanity that, we were told, was going to bring “democracy” to Libya, Egypt and Syria (but not to Qatar and KSA etc). We know how that went, it went according to plan is what and one of the result is the refugee insanity.

    #blacklives matter is, in a similar vein, just more more nonsense intended to sabotage rather than solve anything, which is why it gets so much MSM exposure.

  17. Christian W

    We are served Bullshit on a platter, and in the meantime the elites loot everybody blind and rejoice in the death, mutilation and suffering their policies cause.

    I see Trump wants special ID’s for Muslims. Why not simply tag them with a Muslim half moon? That should do the trick. Would probably go down well with the GOP base, too. I can feel the outrage of the Zionists too.

  18. Ken, ISIS has a propaganda magazine that they publish. This review of it may help explain things. http://www.cracked.com/blog/isis-wants-us-to-invade-7-facts-revealed-by-their-magazine/

  19. Donna

    This is why Americans are voting for #Trump2016 . There are sick and tired of the corruption with politicians!
    None of them listen to the patriots. Legitimate chronic pain patients are being blamed for a heroin epidemic when its the governments fault for having open borders. Veterans and many suffering real pain are going to have to suffer because of addicts who most have never been prescribed opioid medication in the first place. This isn’t innocent pain patients who are using street drugs but its them who are being blamed for ALL the drug problems.
    This country is so screwed up. Washington has zero common sense. Donald Trump will win because he can’t bought. All the rest are greedy and do anything,.. Even against their morals to obtain millions!

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