Unlimited Illegal Aliens: Obama Demands Supreme Court Override Congress

Obama wants to override Congress and unilaterally force the US to accept uncontrolled number of aliens.  Reagan did this, too.  He promised there would be no more floods of aliens into the US and voila: it continued and worsened with aliens now demanding entry or else.  This is plaguing Europe now which teeters on the verge of dissolution, violence and social collapse.  The low native European birth rate is losing out to anti-birth control belief systems and is changing Europe forever.


Obama takes immigration leniency plan to the Supreme Court – The Washington Post


The Obama administration asked the Supreme Court on Friday to overturn lower courts and declare that the president has the authority to allow millions of illegal immigrants to remain and work in the United States without fear of deportation.


But we can possibly get really rich!  The same guy, Obama, today has placed a $5 million bounty on head of key ISIS terrorist in charge of drafting recruits from the US and Europe. Happy hunting, everyone!  The news from Europe is, most of the Paris terrorists were already on a ‘watch list’ and were watched and even examined as they crossed back and forth and…nothing was done until it was too late.


No sane society can tolerate endless terrorism.  The 9/11 event is typical: a bunch of Saudis plotted and carried out this attack and bin Laden is a Saudi, by the way, and then the US attacked…Iraq’s leader and people who had absolutely, totally, completely nothing to do with any of this attack!  It, in turn, became the breeding ground of ISIS thanks to US war crimes.


Yes, the attack on Iraq was and continues to be a total war crime, Nuremberg level of war crimes.  Instead, the Bush clan totters on totally oblivious.  They also probably removed bin Laden’s head and parked it inside the Skull and Bones crypt at Yale.  These international criminals are feted and feasted today.


Obama wants us to believe that letting in millions of aliens from destabilized countries and who practice no birth controls, is going to make our nation ‘stronger’.  It won’t.  The left, which still thinks Obama is their hero, is screaming that we are going to roast to death and humans have to stop using energy or reproducing like mad or we will all die…and then their leader wants to flood the country with aliens who believe in mass reproduction and mass consuming of energy and earth stuff…this is insanity!


Many dying industrial giant cities in Europe and the US, displaced by the rise of Chinese industries, are now filling with these excess Muslim and Hispanic populations.  Evidently, we are not supposed to notice this or worry about what happens next.  Fox News corrects, apologizes for ‘no-go zone’ remarks – The Washington Post story from last January:


If Fox News anchors hadn’t gotten the message before, they will now: The network isn’t going to sanction loose and utterly unsupported chatter about Muslim “no-go zones” in Europe. In its programming last night, Fox News issued two corrections on the matter, one of which acknowledged that “we have made some regrettable errors on air regarding the Muslim population in Europe, particularly with regard to England and France.” That came from Julie Banderas during the Saturday night program “Fox Report.”


She continued: “To be clear, there is no formal designation of these zones in either country and no credible information to support the assertion there are specific areas in these countries that exclude individuals based solely on their religion.”


HAHAHA.  No ‘FORMAL’ designation, just that no cops dare enter unless they go in force and even then, very rarely.  I know what American cities do when things go bad.  I used to do business in Newark, New Jersey and actually had relations with the local Immans there and yes, they are there.  They liked me because I got guys out of prison if they worked with me.


I could go fearlessly deep into the inner city parts of Newark even at night…because I was protected by these guys even if they were  not with me, people knew and kept their cool.  This was over 20 years ago, I have no idea how it is today.  I do know that aggression in Muslim areas in the inner cities are getting less and less tolerant and more and more aggressive today.


News just in from Russia (this news will never ever appear in US media!):  Palestinian poet gets death sentence for ‘abandoning Islam’ in Saudi Arabia – HRW — RT News


Poet Ashraf Fayadh was detained in Abha, southwest Saudi Arabia, in 2013 due to allegations by a prosecution witness, who claimed he heard Fayadh cursing God, the Prophet Mohammed and Saudi Arabia. Also, the prosecution alleged offenses based on a book of poems Fayadh had written several years prior to that.
The poet’s friends, however, believe he was being punished for posting a video showing Saudi Arabia’s religious police (mutaween) lashing a man in public.


Is Obama demanding our lovely allies in the Middle East practice something called ‘mercy’?  And don’t imagine this isn’t our future if jihadists take over Europe and the US.  Saudi Arabia is pictured as our wonderful ally even after it was painfully obvious on 9/11 that this is false.  On nearly every possible level, the abuse of this poet should infuriate Americans and the President should use his influence to protect this poor poet.  Instead, we have a conspiracy of silence.


In further news this week, is this insane story from Rome:  Pope Francis says Christmas is a charade after atrocities like Paris massacre | Daily Mail Online


Pope Francis: ‘Christmas is approaching: there will be lights, parties, Christmas trees and nativity scenes… it’s all a charade’…because…He referred to Paris attacks which left 129 dead and bombing of Russian airline over Egypt, which killed all 224 on board.


Pontiff added: ‘God weeps. Jesus weeps’


He has gone mad.  Or maybe uttering the truth while not knowing it.  Christmas is a ‘charade’ because it is all made up.  All the magical stuff about this time is made up and from day one has been plastering the face of the baby Jesus all over what is essentially a long history of pagan winter cult activities designed to beg the sun to come back and not dump us into another Ice Age.


But then, the global warmists fear warm weather and want us to be dumped into another Ice Age!  Will contradictory wonders never cease?


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29 responses to “Unlimited Illegal Aliens: Obama Demands Supreme Court Override Congress

  1. e sutton

    Great post, Elaine! I wake up each day, wondering if that day will be the day when events in the world and people’s reaction to them will make sense. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened and it’s only gotten worse.

    Speaking of insanity, a new poll shows that the 40% of the Millennial generation believe the government should have the power to restrict “hate speech”….sigh………and before the boomers feel too high and mighty, around 20% of that demographic group also believes the government should have such powers. The recent trade agreement Obama has been working tirelessly to get passed, (cause, gee, we have to pass it to know what’s in it – sound familiar???) will include restrictions on what types of sites can be accessed on the internet. As we let in millions of new “refugees” who have no intention of assimilating into our society and every intention of milking it dry and destroying it, the population cheers on relentlessly. Insanity? You betcha!

  2. Petruchio

    “Obama wants us to believe that letting in millions of aliens from destabilized countries and who practice no birth controls, is going to make our nation ‘stronger’. It won’t.” Oh, Obama knows FULL WELL it won’t make the USA stronger. Barack Obama is just the lead con artist infesting Washington DC. People like Obama are in Washington DC–they are put in place there by their owners–because they can effectively sell whatever lies the ruling class wants to foist on the American people. Remember when the invasion of Iraq was being sold to the American people as going to cost the US only $50 million? I guess inflation is worse than our honorable members of the Washington Establishment thought! The interesting thing about all these wars and all this unlimited immigration has been the same the WHOLE time: Destroy the American Middle Class, This was the objective under Reagan, it was and still is the #1 objective now.

  3. csurge

    It would be so easy to kill of those ghettos if the Bilderbergers were swept from power, and proper war was declared on the riffraff

  4. csurge

    And do you really think the Germans will be allowed to go on a rampage? Their own neighbors are so deep in multi-cultural insanity that they may beat down the German people when they attempt to fight back.

    I see it all the time. The Western whites have been brainwashed into accepting their own demise. The faux liberal parasite has set its roots very deep into what’s left of Western culture. The common Western folk I interact with online are still very clueless about what is being done to them

  5. e sutton


    The last time Germans knew and understood exactly who was behind the shenanigans that rocked their world was eighty years ago. It didn’t end well then and it won’t end well now. The engineered crisis in Europe and America has fingerprints all over it, and it ain’t the Irish Catholics. Gnome sane? …..oh, and it ain’t the Amish, either.

  6. Ken

    Yesterday I posed a question to the readers of this site regarding Islam and the interpretation of Holy Scripture by some terrorists. I was particularly intrigued by the Muslim woman who blew herself up in Paris during the terrorist shootout. According to the media, she was very, very secularized and acclimated into western society. She would have passed any and all screening tests being proposed by Europe and America for admitting Muslim immigrants/refugees.

    Yet, in spite of being genuinely westernized she converted to radical Islam within the space of only 2 months. She then concluded (along with her fellow terrorists) that Holy Scripture in the Islamic faith required her to kill as many innocent non-Muslims as possible.

    I was puzzled by this series of events, and queried my fellow readers for suggestions as to (1) exactly what alleged Holy Scripture in Islam could have swayed the woman so quickly and so violently, and (2) where can it be shown that the alleged Holy Scripture being relied upon by terrorists is wrong and in obvious conflict with the “religion of peace” Islam being proclaimed by the media and our politicians. I was also puzzled by why the media has not jumped on these questions, since wide publication of the theological basis behind Islam being a “religion of peace” would go a long way toward thwarting the terrorists.

    Elaine pointed out that members of all religions have behaved badly throughout history. While this is true, it did not answer my questions. In fact, no one provided specific citations to religious authority that the terrorists might be misinterpreting for their non-peaceful goals. I was/am hoping to enter into a scholarly discourse on this very important topic, since I have come to respect the analytical abilities of many of the people on this site

    So I did some research. The most helpful book for quotes and insight into Islam was Sharia Law for the Non-Muslim. The book was also very distressing. The terrorists are relying upon actual Islamic Holy Scripture to justify their acts, including the Koran, and the Sunnah (consisting of the Sira and the Hadith, the written account of actions taken by Mohammed while he was alive).

    The results of this research show that Islamic Holy Scripture does in fact advocate violence against non-Muslims. And also against Muslims who are deemed to have deviated from the true faith (which could be almost anyone depending upon one’s views). Here is a small sample of Islamic Holy Scripture, with citations:

    When a person who has reached puberty and is sane voluntarily apostatizes from Islam, he deserves to be killed. (Hadith, Bukhari 9,83,17, citing Mohammed himself)

    You are commanded to fight although you dislike it. You may hate something that is good for you, and love something that is bad for you. Allah knows and you do not. Koran 2:216

    Mohammed: “To battle Kafirs [nonbelievers] in jihad for even one day is greater than the entire earth and everything on it. A spot in paradise smaller than your riding crop is greater than the entire earth and everything on it. A day or a night’s travel in jihad is greater than the entire world and everything on it.” (Hadith, Bukhari, 4,52,142)

    Make war on those who have received the Scriptures [Jews and Christians] but do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day. They do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden. The Christians and Jews do not follow the religion of truth until they submit and pay the poll tax [jizya] and they are humiliated. Shiria 9:29

    Mohammed said, “The man who joins jihad compelled by nothing except sincere belief in Allah and his prophets, and survives, will be rewarded by Allah either in the afterlife or with spoils of war. If he is killed in battle and dies a martyr, he will be admitted into paradise.” (Hadith, Bukhari, 1,2,35)

    Then your Lord spoke to his angels and said, “I will be with you. Give strength to the believers. I will send terror into the kafirs’ [nonbelievers’] hearts. Cut off their heads and even the tips of their fingers.” Koran 8:12

    Some people came to Medina and became Muslims. They became ill, so Mohammed sent them to the place where the camels were sheltered and told them to drink camel urine and milk as a remedy. They followed his advice, but when they recovered they killed the shepherd guarding the camels and stole the herd. In the morning Mohammed heard what the men had done and ordered their capture. Before noon the men were captured and brought before Mohammed. He ordered that their hands and feet be cut off and their eyes gouged out with hot pokers. They were then thrown on jagged rocks, their pleas for water ignored and they died of thirst. Abu said, “They were thieves and murders who abandoned Islam and reverted to paganism, thus attacking Allah and Mohammed.” (Hadith, Bukhari, 8,82,797).

    As Holy Scripture goes this was unlike anything I had seen from Jesus or Buddha, so I cross checked these items. These quotes are legitimately part of Islamic Holy Scripture. They’re all true. Basically, if a person looked only at these and similar teachings of the Islamic faith, they would come to the same conclusion as the woman who blew herself up. A Muslim reading only these parts of Islam would have no choice but to become a terrorist. They would have to conclude that Muslims are under a religious imperative to subjugate the entire world, and kill those who will not be subdued.

    Obviously, this cannot be the whole story. If it is then we are all royally screwed because there are 1 billion Muslims in this world.

    Which brings up my second question, which remains unanswered: Where are the Islamic Holy Scriptures which specifically refute the violent ones, and which establish Islam as a religion of peace? And why do they still apply in spite of the policy of abrogation in favor of later teachings? And why are we not shouting these scriptures from the rooftops?

  7. vengeur

    Great work Elaine and posters!

  8. emsnews

    Um, one word: The Apocalypse.

    Look, the belief that the sword is a great way to 1. convert and 2. enslave is in nearly all major religions.

    THIS IS HOW THEY GROW! There are peaceful, nonviolent cults and religions and they are all with no real exceptions, tiny. Once a religion takes over a government, it rules with an iron fist and persecutes or denies basic civil rights of other small religious groups.

    Jews, for example, were considered to be a small, weak cult but once they got their own country to rule, they turned into violent despots! Who marginalized and persecuted and denied basic civil rights to other religions.

    This is a common human trait that can’t be wiped out but has to be recognized and dealt with realistically.

  9. Ken, a translation of the hadith collection called Sahih al-Bukhari is at http://sunnah.com/bukhari It’s thousands of little stories, most of them perfectly reasonable.

    I can’t look up the one cited in your source there because it uses a different numbering system, but google finds this translation of Bukhari 9,83,17:
    “Allah’s Apostle said, “The blood of a Muslim who confesses that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that I am His Apostle, cannot be shed except in three cases: In Qisas for murder, a married person who commits illegal sexual intercourse and the one who reverts from Islam (apostate) and leaves the Muslims.”

    Your source interprets that as `apostates deserve to be killed,’ but this translation says death is a valid punishment for an apostate who leaves the muslims. It may have been intended to apply to situations of treason – I’ve run across that explanation – one who renounces Islam and `leaves the Muslims’ at a time of war being seen as a spy/traitor. I’m hardly a religious scholar though.

    Having read a bunch of hadith from that link, I don’t wind up with the impression that it’s all about screaming for blood. (If you judged America by the most offensive parts of its legal code and newspaper reporting, what impression would you get?) Cartoonish oversimplifications like “Religion of Peace” and “Religion of Violence” are both wrong, but the important thing is that the west/Christendom has coexisted with Islam for a very long time.

  10. Melponeme_k

    Every “bible” of every major religion contains ambiguous messages telling their rabid followers to kill non-believers. That is simple fact.

    Another fact is, the age of enlightenment is over. Our old age and the age of our children will see horrific religious war. For Europe it will be the same old, same old. But there has never been religious war in the United States. But we will see it. Fundamentalist muslims vs. christians vs. Jews. That is how the elites rule.

    Always keep in mind Brazil. The elites don’t mind if the rest of the country is ins state of dissolution or if some of them get taken by kidnappers now and then. What matters is that they live in palaces and hoard natural resources without having to share them with the rest of humanity. And when it comes to sharing between them? Well they assassinate one another. It is sick thinking but that is how they are and ever will be.

    I hope nuclear war never happens. But if it does, I don’t want to survive it. It would mean our race has failed and with good reason. I will go down with my city.

  11. Ken

    Elaine once again makes the point that Christians have committed atrocities in the past. True. However, I am looking at the basic, underlying tenets of the religion. In short, “What would Jesus do?” and “What would Buddha do?” Their followers may have distorted the faith, but the original founders would have never condoned the behavior of these followers.

    Islam and Mohammad seem to be cut from a different cloth. The founder of Islam actually engaged in the atrocities. If someone were to ask “What would Mohammad do?” and use that as their moral compass, they could justify doing all sorts of stuff that Jesus and Buddha would have condemned.

    In my mind, that is the difference I am focusing upon. The religion’s founder. Not the crazy people who came later.

    I am concerned that Muslims can legitimately be convinced that their religion requires anti-social behavior.

  12. emsnews

    It doesn’t matter what anyone in the past has done, all religions when given power use it violently or in other ways (ahem! like TAXES) to oppress and exploit ‘non believers’ who are punished in various ways.

    The US experiment was to abolish this sort of oppression. Thus, the Statue of Liberty.

    Won’t last forever if we dive into the Apocalypse.

  13. wellwell

    Elaine, it isn’t just Europe – this video from Dearborn MI three years ago shows that stoning of Christians by Muslims has come to North America:

  14. John

    Ken is correct. Islam is in fact very different in that Muhammad explicitly commands Muslims to convert, subjugate or kill every person in the world. And the doctrine of abrogation does specify that the later, bloodthirsty words of Muhammad override the earlier, peaceful words. Political Islam is deadly. Fact.

  15. DM


    You are not really inquiring about anything, are you? You are simply another petty demagogue.

    Perhaps some of you people could start by reading the bloodthirsty Bible, or the Talmud, before turning your great intellect and incisive analysis to the Koran.

    Alongside the stupids in the Muslim community, you are all so predictably malleable. Fact.

  16. Ken


    I am seeking logical discourse and analysis of a very serious issue. You are reduced to name calling. Which of us is not serious about having an adult conversation.

  17. DM

    Then you are seriously out of your depth if what you have to offer is “I am concerned that Muslims can legitimately be convinced that their religion requires anti-social behavior.” This sort of graffiti does not convince me that you are an adult. Perhaps instead of grandiosely looking at the basic underlying tenets of the religion, you could start by examining who put this in your head. if you have been reading and absorbing much of anything from just this blog, you might not be so concerned about Muslims in comparison with either of the other two ‘desert god’ religions. This is ‘the clash of civilizations’ brought to you by your friendly neocon nutcase. You are looking in all the wrong places. Start your education with Lewis Carroll.

  18. vengeur

    “I am concerned that Muslims can legitimately be convinced that their religion CONDONES anti-social behavior.” Ken, don’t be put off by haters . You have legitimate questions and are seeking answers. But do note, among liberal true believers, it is it is streng verboten to view Islam as anything but tolerant and peaceful. Have you EVER heard a liberal (other than E S) offer the slightest criticism of Islam?

  19. Ken


    I indicated in my earlier post where I obtained my information while researching this issue – Sharia Law For the Non-Muslim. If you would care to read the book (it’s only 50 pages long) and provide your critique I would be happy to listen.

  20. emsnews

    All three of these religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, arose from the same place, the same culture, the same impulse. All are convinced their god is the only god and hates all other gods.

    Pegasus begs to differ, of course. When I was only 5 years old, I was hit by a big lightning bolt. When I came back to life, it was due to Pegasus flying in and merging with me and flying back out of the Outer Darkness (ie: death).

    I still had to go to church and pray to the other god but two lightning hits later, I decided to defy my parents and declare who MY personal god was and this was a gigantic rift with them, they never forgave me.

    Yes, Jesus forgives but his followers seldom if ever forgive people who refuse to believe.

    This is true of all the people who follow this suit of desert gods who are very intolerant.

  21. Petruchio

    I just want to mention here as I have elsewhere about how striking it is to me the deep sense of entitlement immigrants have , at least the ones in the US. What I find interesting about this is that almost all of them come from countries whose government could not care less if they starve to death, but once they arrive in the US their expectation is that they will be catered to as if they are royalty. I have seen too much of this attitude first hand to have any doubts that this arrogant attitude exists. The second point to mention here is this: a majority of these immigrants are smart enough to know they should act politely in the present. I do believe though, that theur basic hostility towards Americans will surface–once their population numbers are big enough.

  22. Ken, you’ve cited one book written by a critic of Islam, Bill Warner. If you’re interested in a sympathetic portrayal of it you could try Islam: A Short History, by Karen Armstrong. An accurate picture may be somewhere in the middle.

  23. emsnews

    Everything is relative. During the Dark Ages in Europe Islam was sane, civilized and flourished and much of what we got from the dead Roman Empire was via the Islamic scholars in Spain, for example. My ancestors came howling out of the North in the most savage way possible and were universally feared due to their bloody, nasty ways.

  24. Christian W

    @24 Steve M

    “Oversimplistic thinking”, exactly. That is why the elites use their control of the MSM (control of the Narrative) to hammer home the most banal, simplistic messages possible. That is the brain washing at work.

    No discussion or narrative that looks at things in a larger context, that includes the negative side of ‘us’ and ‘them’, is allowed. On the contrary, contrary information is devalued and strictly kept outside not to disturb the simplistic They are Bad, They are the Enemy, They are Stupid, They are Feral, They are a Threat stories.

  25. emsnews

    The minute the elites want the tough guys to be violent they will unleash them. Right now, they want the tough guys to be pussy cats.

    This will backfire, history shows us how this works. But none of the powerful ever bother pondering the truths about history. Nor do they understand how empires collapse.

  26. Ken

    Steve @#22,

    Thank you for the reference. I had limited time to do research on the issue, and you are the first one to cite a source that may effectively argue that Islam is indeed a religion of peace.

  27. Lou

    Ken, ‘argue’, mussies are more into beheading, stoning, molesting.

  28. Christian W

    @ Ken

    You cannot say that a religion is “one” thing. Islam is huge with a lot of cultural differences within it. The Middle East has a very, very tribal set up, that includes the Jewish tribe btw. The Jews just happened to invent their own religion, but Islam is a very close cousin to Judaism since both are Abrahamic. I’ve even seen some say that Islam is Christianity (also Abrahamic) in an Arabic cultural context.

    Read Rumi or Hafez for a feel of Shia/Persian take on Islam. It is deeply heartfelt in a very different way from the Sunni Wahhabi sect.

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