Campus Culture Warriors Kill Free Yoga Classes: PC Runs Wild

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Right at the end of the Cultural Revolution, my father was invited to China to talk to Mao.  While there, he got in a fight with Madame Mao over her dictate that he and my mom sleep in separate beds.   He refused and demanded a double bed.  She said, ‘Nixon didn’t complain last week when he slept here!’ And my wonderful dad said, ‘But I happen to love MY wife!’  He got his double bed when Chou Enlai intervened.  Now, this sexual PC harassment in China is happening in the US over specific issues: sex and race.  Students are on the march and are firing and intimidating professors and others.  It is getting rapidly out of hand.


Free yoga class suspended by University of Ottawa students over its ‘cultural appropriation’  | Daily Mail Online


Jennifer Scharf, who has been offering the weekly yoga class at the University of Ottawa campus for seven years, said she was notified in September that the program was being ended.


In an email from the Center for Students with Disabilities, staff wrote that while yoga is ‘accessible and great for students’, there are ‘cultural issues of implication involved in the practice’, the Ottawa Sun reported.


This is from Canada.  The spread of this insane PC garbage is destroying internationalism.  No one can dare say or do anything in fear of PC police screaming bloody murder over the most innocent remarks or actions.  Meanwhile, others will up the ante and deliberately provoke the PC police by painting swastikas, yelling racist stuff.


The professors are trapped.  Students want to ‘discuss’ stuff but don’t want anyone to really talk about anything anymore.  They fly off the handle instead of having a rational discussion.  This is called ‘bullying’ and it is killing our educational system.


I was in the middle of my generation doing this.  In the sixties, I was fairly prominent in the student movements in both Europe and the US and gave speeches.  But beginning in  1969, the far far leftists decided to silence me.  At a huge meeting in Oakland that year, when it was my turn to speak, a bunch of these Maoists rioted and yelled to shut me down while others yelled back and the rally fell apart.


After that, I was disinvited to these events.  The Maoists hated me because I made fun of them.  They were all nuts and committed grave terrorist crimes in the end.  I was friends with some of the founders of the Black Panthers in Oakland until then when their leadership went south with the Mao stuff and members were punished if they talked to me.


All these people ended up either dead or in prison or fleeing the country (to Cuba in two cases).  Well, the same stuff is happening on campuses today minus the Mao stuff thanks to Chinese people throwing out Madame Mao after her monster husband died!


These new ‘baby Maoists’ are hard at work now censoring everyone over the tiniest infractions:  Two in five millennials think the US government should censor ‘offensive’ public statements | Daily Mail Online  (see the graphs below):

Kansas professor Andrea Quenette on leave after using racial slur in class |Daily Mail Online

Quenette, who is 33 and has been teaching at the university for two years, said that diversity in the classroom was on the syllabus, and a student asked how they could talk about race issues in their own classes. The conversation then shifted to how the university should address racial problems.


She said she pointed out that racist incidents on other campuses, including the University of Missouri’s Columbia campus, have been very visible, and used the slur when comparing the University of Kansas to the other incidents…


Quenette said she could have apologized ‘in the moment’ if anyone had responded, but no one did, so she continued the discussion.


‘I didn’t intend to offend anyone, I didn’t intend to hurt anyone. I didn’t direct my words at any individual or group of people,’ she said on Friday.


‘It was an open conversation about a serious issue that is affecting our campus, and it will affect our teachers. In that regard, I consider it within my purview … to talk about those issues.’


But Amy Schumacher, a first-year doctoral student who was in the class of nine white students and one black student, said most ‘just shut down’ after Quenette’s using the slur.


The poor professor wasn’t cussing, she was using the word as an EXAMPLE.  Note how these junior Maoists sat SILENT after she used the magic word and didn’t say a peep to her but left the room quietly and then yelled at the administration!  Who chickened out.


This is because these pathetic students are being milked for massive amounts of debt money and will be enslaved by this debt for the rest of their lives and they are racking up this massive debt taking classes in subjects where the number of jobs are vanishing or being severely restricted, pay wise.


Foolish kids think they will have jobs as PROFESSORS after taking these loopy classes and terrorizing their own professors into being sheepishly delicate and frightened of students.


The exaggerated blow up in Missouri which punished professors and removed Presidents has led to the Maoist faction into full steam ahead attacks on free speech, modern education, simple civility and is rapidly turning our already dangerously devouring campuses into battle zones where nothing will be learned and nothing works.


That is, we get a fine repeat of the late 1960’s.  But back then, we were protesting the Vietnam War and it exploded when student deferments were ended.  And we were still adjusting to the Civil Rights Act changes but again, it all went way, way overboard and like in China, ended up attacking perfectly fine people and smearing them, etc.


I was attacked by these Maoists hammer and sickle.  They hated my speeches and hated my guts because I made fun of them.  They were vicious people who hated humans and this reminds me of global warmists who want to freeze us all to death because of their belief system, ouch.  Very Maoist.  Nasty form of puritanism.

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22 responses to “Campus Culture Warriors Kill Free Yoga Classes: PC Runs Wild

  1. Melponeme_k

    I see my generation by majority still believes in free speech. Unfortunately we are minuscule compared to the Boomers and Millenials. We are among the professors being hounded by the cultural warriors.

    I’ve debated these people on many sites before all the newspapers shut down free speech. They are unable to see that where their impulses come from are inherently racist, sexist and religious. I especially hate that they use MY people to justify illegal alien invasion. It’s a common argument among them. That since my people were invaded by the pilgrims then destroyed, we now should let ourselves be invaded and destroyed by 3rd world ignorants.

    I also used to debate a person online at journal site who proclaimed that she was a fan of Mao. By all evidence she was intelligent (even claimed Mensa status) but she was incapable of free debate on her own belief systems. Which interestingly included Catholicism. Needless to say she cut me off totally. That was the first time I was aware that true intelligence is not IQ but the ability to listen to arguments that do not support your world view and ultimately admit wrong then CHANGE your mind.

    You’ve changed my mind about many subjects Elaine. And I’m thankful that I can read you, debate you and learn without shutting down my brain.

  2. emsnews

    I try to have an open mind without going insane.

    The world changes over time, events happen and new things appear on the horizon and one has to tack to the wind, not plow ahead mindlessly. We also change as we grow older.

  3. ziff

    world gone mad, i guess the rationale is if you can’t move the TPTB change things from the bottom up. Or when theres nothing to fight about get riled about trivia.
    ART” doesn’t matter, but notice how this coincides with a now really chaotic and trivial ‘art world’. or maybe that stuff was always trivial.

  4. e sutton



    I have two neighbors in my condo complex who are Mensa. I’ve had disagreements with them over the years over the way we run things in the building. Over all, they’re nice folks, professorial types, ultra lib leaning – as I USED to be (cough, cough) – the negro shenanigans have further pushed me to the far right on social issues these past few years.

    At any rate, you’re correct that Mensa doesn’t measure actual intelligence, but CAPACITY for intelligence. I’ve seen and heard far, far, FAR too many members of the intelligentsia proclaim global warning to be our nemesis, morality to be relative, and to speak and write in correct English is to be micro-aggressive in nature, and other such vapid nonsense. Which leads me to believe that such persons are perfect entities to be run and ultimately over run by the globalists’ NWO agenda.

    Elaine has also changed my opinion on various subjects, although clearly not all. She is one of the few, lone voices of reasons out there, a voice of reason in a wilderness of absolute insanity and misdirection. Her blog is the first I log onto each morning after I pour my first cup of coffee.

  5. Lou

    Meanwhile Blacks kill, rape and maim but media is mostly silent.
    Check ‘Stuff Black People Dont Like’ blog for gruesome news.

  6. Christian W

    Isn’t it the Christian fundies that hate Yoga, because it is based on Hindu and Vedantic principles, and therefore it goes against the Christian dogma?

  7. Christian W

    Lou, buddy, there are a lot of things the elites keep out of sight. Without doubt the Black suffering is a major trauma in contemporary US, but it is not the only one and it will not be solved until the American people take care of the Shadow government and Deep State.

    In that sense the problem is a collective problem one. The current troubles Elaine talks about in the article today is part of the same problem only the expression is different.

  8. Petruchio

    The PC crowd are obviously intolerant fascists. This type ALWAYS tries to cloak their hateful agenda behind a façade of sensitivity and concern for people’s feelings. The PC crowd are a very cynical bunch; they allegedly preach against hate and intolerance, but NO ONE has more hate or intolerance than they do.

  9. Christian W

    @ Pet

    What you see in the “PC crowd” is what Jung called the Shadow, that is the denied parts that are incompatible with the conscious ego values, and therefore have been pushed deeply into the unconscious. But even if they are unconscious that doesn’t mean they are not active, on the contrary the real story is always the Shadow story. The Shadow never lies.

    This is true for individuals as well as groups.

  10. Ken

    Mensa membership is based solely on the ability to take standardized IQ tests. As a result, there is a huge range of differing political, economic and religious beliefs among the members. Their monthly magazine always contains conflicting views on a wide range of topics. On the whole, Mensa members have less in common with each other than members of any other group I know.

  11. Ed-

    The Jews’ media, Lou? Actually the news media are owned by six multinational corporations, Disney being the worst with their godawful (US private broadcaster) ABC channel. Ownership is probably more WASP than Jewish.

    Otherwise I agree with you 100%.

  12. emsnews

    The Shadowlands: aka, our subconscious minds.

    We don’t control this. We are captured by this force when we sleep and we are troubled by it when awake. It runs our lives in so many ways both on the surface but very much in the deep darker parts.

    I will note that Dr. Freud’s attempt at understanding and explaining this Shadowland stuff has been totally annihilated.

    People forget, he wasn’t talking about sane or insane, he was talking about things we can’t control but which control us which is why he used mythology to explain it all and why I do the same thing.

    Thus, my queer relationship with the lightning horse god, Pegasus, for example.

    About black people: I have worked heavily in the black community over the years and had many a black friend, and advised more than one group and it saddens me every time this falls apart when they go radical on blaming others for their agony.

    That is, IF YOU ALWAYS BLAME OTHERS YOU NEVER CAN FIX IT YOURSELF! This defiant message is hard to learn. We have to envision the thing we want and then make it happen in various small but tedious ways and over time, it happens.

    Watching the black community fall down the Black Panther’s deep dark endless hole is upsetting to me for I knew the Panthers before they fell down that hole and I can see the consequences of this.

  13. Christian W

    That is, IF YOU ALWAYS BLAME OTHERS YOU NEVER CAN FIX IT YOURSELF! This defiant message is hard to learn.

    This is the root engine of the Limbic Dance I was talking about the other day. The Limbic system is the survivial instinctual system. This part of the brain is always scanning it’s surrounding for dangers and threats to the organisms survival. The threat is Other, the Organism is ‘me’ ie This organism, not That organism, or Us (my group, tribe, organization, nation etc) vs. Them (their evil group, tribe, organization, nation etc.)

    The Limbic system is of course completely natural and a necessary part of our set up. But we human beings fall into a great trap when we extrapolate this system as a solution to our internal struggle between the Ego and what it can accept and the unacceptable qualities of ourselves and project qualites we deny onto other people/groups (them – They are Evil, not me, us. I/we are Good (according to the Ego values)).

    This is the primitive split we see in the world religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) when they proclaim that only Our religion is the Truth and the one Truth and all other religions are delusional. Us vs Them again. We are good (Ego) they are bad (Shadow). It is noteworthy that all of them also are large enough to see beyond the Limbic split, but they also have the Limbic split sewn into them which allows the identified people to use the dogma as an alibi for aggressive behaviour (ISIS, Zionism etc).

    The religions that look deeper than this is eg Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism (in their mature incarnations, not when they become dogmatic institutions, dogma is again the Limbic system at work). In fact the liberation from the suffering of the Limbic Dance is what the Buddha talked about when he said Suffering or Ill-being (Samsara) is part of the human experience but that there is also a way out of the Wheel of Samsara (that is to go deeper and embrace the Limbic system as part of you and so step out of the eternal internal splits from judgements of others (thereby judging yourself) and the extremely contorted and narrow Ego dominatied existence this creates for yourself.

    So, when you see (truly SEE for yourself, through Self examination, not accept as religious Dogma) that Being (Buddha Nature, Tao, God) is all there is, you are no longer caught in the Wheel of Samsara (judging others as others, you see through the paradoxes). It takes mature souls to see this truth and unfortunately the less mature people (ie people strongly self identified with the Limbic Dance) hate this vision because it threatens their ego structure of identification with This or That.

    That is why people like Yitzak Rabin, who wanted Peace with the Other Group (Palestians) was murdered by extremists from his own Group (the Jews) and so today we have strongly identified Jews (Zionists) wreaking havoc on the Palestinian people (Them), who then react with more identification as Them (the Jews) as Evil, so the Limbic Dance feeds itself. You could change the name of Rabin to Martin Luther King, or JFK or Gandhi etc etc.

    Out of Being comes Desire (Ego) says the very first poem in the Tao Te Ching. Also the Bible starts with the Creation Story (how Being came into Being) and then the Fall (Fall out of Being into Ego – Desire). So the Abrahamic Myth of the Fall of Adam and Eve points to this basic Split. Desire for Knowledge, Wisdom, Survival, Sex etc. It is appropriate that the Symbol for the Fall is the Snake (the Lizard Brain).

  14. pontiff holysh*t

    @ #13

    Well, us Snake people might take exception to that last one.

  15. Christian W

    We are all Snake people 🙂

  16. emsnews


  17. ziff

    OT , i know this will be coming up shortly , i see GW is hitting the central states already Out west here the news folk were all a twitter about how ‘el nino ‘ was going to give us a warm warm warm ! and WET! winter, well its always wet , but the first cold hits Tues. LOL

  18. Christian W

    OT Syria:

    According to Syrian press reports the Russians are now actively involved with Russian infantry units on the ground attacking “rebel” units between Latakia and Idlib. That is in the Turkmen mountains close to the Turkish border in the Northwest of Syria.

    My guess is that the Russians are moving in to prevent a Turkish/NATO incursion into Syria to “protect the Turkmen” in Latakia/Idlib. Many Turkmen (militant Islamists) joined up with ISIS when ISIS poured out of Turkey with NATO support last spring and overwhelmed the Syrian defenses with the help of new US weapon systems and with the Turkish Army jamming of the Syrian Army’s communications.

    This will drive Ankara apoplectic, but they have been helping ISIS and Al-Qaeda so they have it coming.

  19. Lou

    Ed, Walt Disney was pro Hitler – or was he. In any case Jews have ruined his company. Check a site called ‘Vigilant’ –here,

    ix Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media
    Facts of Jewish Media Control … What about the other big media companies? Number four on the list is Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, …
    [Search domain] Jewish Companies Control 96% of…
    Seven Jewish Americans Control Most US Media
    Those seven Jewish men collectively control … mogul Edgar Bronfman Jr. for $2.6 billion, in a move to trim the media group’s debts and signaling …
    [Search domain]
    The Jews Who Dominate Media
    To further illustrate the breadth of Jewish media control, … under the big thumbs of the Jewish Zionist elite. Our educational establishment, Wall …
    [Search domain]
    Do Jews Control the Media? | Alan Dershowitz
    Let’s stop all this nonsense about Jewish control over the media and praise those individual Jews who, … The “Jews” who control the media?
    [Search domain]…
    Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media
    Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media. … The big three in television … These are the facts of Jewish media control in America.
    [Search domain]
    How Jews Control The American Media | Real Jew News

  20. Lou

    Ed – Elaine has gone into this at length. AIPAC not mentioned in NY Times, silence in media over Bilderbergers, Kissinger or what and who ever.

    Check ‘Occidental’ and VC site. Feel free to disagree.

  21. Lou

    Funny article at Breitbart about problem groids scaring off visiting students with disabilities as they bust into the room shrieking obscenities: Sudent Inclusion Protesters Scare Off Disabled Students at Lebanon Valley College

    I think we know exactly “who” has the actual disability here.

  22. Lou

    Two black people of each gender as attorney general and other black led offices primarily based on skin color. Obama was sending a message- the top cops of the nation are like you. The law is on your side, we will back you up and make sure you are not oppressed and downtrodden by others.

    So of course blacks just take it as a chance to “push boundaries” in every level of society when these people were barely tolerable to begin with.

    Obama could not build a legacy- he went in reading Team of Rivals and thought he would be the next senator for Illinois to change the nation for the better. He hit constant obstructionism in congress despite all his watered down/compromised initiatives. A consensus man who led from behind and see where it got us? The only thing that he led was the placating of BLM- the talented tenth is effectively governed by the lowest common denominator now. There is NOTHING that BLM and any other affiliated grievance groups have done that has been unacceptable to mainstream blacks and mainstream media.

    You could say the guys who went to film the BLM hijacking of the city police department were playing with fire and shouldn’t have been there, but then again they are just showing these thugs how uncomfortable it is to have someone follow you around with a cell phone in your face. Whenever you see a group of blacks being recorded by a non-black in public they get hostile and say that “you don’t have a right to film me”. You’re in a public place you fucking moron, of course I can. And we all should, because after all you guys are the best teachers for helping deluded whites finally learn how to see.

    It sucks realizing that you have been scammed all these years and when you look back you realize that had you not been constantly making up excuses for them and giving them the benefit of the doubt, they were ALWAYS awful and terrible to be around. Thinking back is like one of those flashback type movies where you have to watch it a second time to understand it all- TNB has always been, and will always be. Even the mulatto types have the white side of their DNA dominated and minimized just like they nappinate the hair and produce wide nostrils that would make John Boyega jealous.

    There is a lesson here for all liberals still clinging onto hope: the more you give black people, the less you get. Feed the beast everything you have until it finally comes for you- what a wise plan.

    The funny part is that you guys really deserve everything that is coming to you.

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