Russian Fighter Jets Out Perform, Cheaper Than US Jets

All about Russia’s Newest Advanced Stealth Fighter – Documentary – YouTube

Russian TV has a series of great documentaries detailing the history of Soviet and now Putin’s aerodynamic jets.  All of these are worth watching.  The US has prided itself of being technologically smart and today this is falling apart, the F-35 mess is typical: expensive and not as efficient or proficient as the much cheaper Russian versions.  And the Russians are not copying us, our guys have to copy Russia and now Russia is running circles around the US in the field of selling equipment.


China buying Russian SU-35s ‘response’ to US moves in Asia — RT Op-Edge


RT: We also know that China is developing its own fifth-generation fighter jet, the Chengdu J-20. Do you expect the country to continue to buy Russian military hardware in the future, or they will go with their own?


Dr. CH: I think it is actually in the interest of the Chinese to do so. In other words, the Chinese are developing their own aircraft, but the SU-35 is a relatively inexpensive airplane – it is only something like $63-65 million apiece. You compare that to something like the F-35 which is between $98 million and about $110 million apiece. It is a pretty good deal for China. Also China is putting a lot of their resources at this point into their maritime forces and they are expensive. So if you can get an airplane that is a solid airplane, easy to maintain, has good capabilities for pretty much bargain basement prices it’d be silly not to take it.

And then there is another major buyer that used to buy from the US:  Pakistan Orders Su-35 fighter jets from Russia – YouTube


Russia may deliver to Pakistan a few units Su-35 fighter jets, reported This was announced by the Assistant Russian President Vladimir Kozhin, RIA Novosti reported

And the superiority of Russian jets is freaking out Israel which uses US jets that are inferior:  Syria War – Russia Rolls Out Its Super Fighter


 The Russians have released a number of very interesting videos showing their bombers engaged in an early morning strike apparently on 19th November 2015…This is the most powerful interceptor aircraft in the world.


It has a crew of two, has an exceptionally long range, can fly at three times the speed of sound (faster than any other fighter aircraft in the world today) and can also fly supersonically for long distances (“supercruise”).


It also has exceptionally advanced and powerful radar and electronics, and carries extremely powerful missiles that are able to engage enemy aircraft at very long distances.


Its radar has a detection range against airborne targets of – it is believed – 320 kms and can track 24 targets simultaneously, allowing the aircraft to engage 10 targets with its missiles simultaneously.

Video: Unique Sukhoi Su-35 ‘UFO’ fighter rocks Paris Air Show – YouTube


Ignoring all this, the U.S. Seals $30 Billion Deal to Sell Fighter Jets to Saudi Arabia – WSJ but these jets are utterly inferior.  F 15s are old.  US fans of this jet love to imagine that Russia, that gave as good or better than we dished in the Vietnam War, is easily stopped by these dinosaur jets.  World leaders who saw the Paris air show only want to buy US jets if the US pays for them.


F-35 Fighter Jet: These Are The Countries Expected To Buy It!  That is, Israel which already negotiated the deal whereby the US TAXPAYERS pay for these F-35 jets.  Then there are the NATO nations stuck with it.  Buying a couple just so the US would not get pissed off too much.  Japan is buying some, too.  But China is laughing about this deal.  Japan should realize, these expensive and not all that good operational machines will be fighting superior Russian jets!


The guys in the Pentagon who forgot all about how they were smashed to smithereens by Saudi terrorists with ZERO reaction as it happened (maybe Cheney burped while watching it happen on TV while the head of the Pentagon said, ‘What? What?) the US air force isn’t so amazing.  It still irritates me greatly that a Saudi pilot crashed his American jet right into where my home used to stand before I fled it back in 1974.

Screen shot 2015-11-21 at 7.25.17 PM

A news story that has not been seen by US citizens:  Barack Obama criticised for ‘bowing’ to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia – Telegraph in England.  He is kissing ass here, this is disgusting and stupid.  And the GOP operatives do the same, Bush Jr. held hands and did so much kissy-kissy with the authors of 9/11 and ISIS it was embarrassing.


The US always pretended that we were and still are #1 in this technology as well as the space race.  We ‘won’ the race to the moon only to drop the ball and fall flat on our face with NASA devolving into a propaganda machine howling about ‘climate change’ instead of doing science and technology.  This is just like the collapse of the Soviet Union in so many ways, it hurts to count them all.


From the American Enterprise Institute which refuses to understand how US executives looting our government to make themselves rich has also lead to the US being a really crummy provider of good fighting aircraft.  NATO air power: A self-reliant Europe? – AEI


Key points in this Outlook:

With a decreasing US Air Force presence in Europe and increasing pressure to address security concerns in Asia and the Middle East, non-US NATO air forces must shoulder more of the burden in Europe and its periphery.
The strength of non-US NATO air forces lies in their personnel, tactical-fighter strength, and basing infrastructures.
These air forces have plans to address key shortfalls in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; transport; air refueling; and stealth aircraft, but successful implementation will depend on Smart Defence initiatives and stable budgets.
More broadly, two issues continue to hamstring NATO planning and execution: the fact that the alliance lacks a common understanding of the threats it faces and the trend of NATO members placing caveats on the types of missions they will fly.


Europe is mirroring the collapse of the Soviet Union. There is zero linguistic, social, political, religious or nearly anything that brings Europe together as one entity.  It began totally and irreparably fractured with a long, long history of many wars including some of the biggest and nastiest wars in the last 1,000 years.  The US right wing is desperate to drive Europe into confrontation with Russia and to please the US, Europe joined in that ridiculous boycott of Russia after the right wing Catholic coup in Ukraine.


But under Putin, Russia is strong even after all these goofy actions by Europe and now France is talking very heavily with Putin and embracing Russia and Germany is standing there, a total wasted goofball country that still is proclaiming that we are going to roast to death except in Russia, it being quite polar, and flooded with a million angry Muslim males who will turn on Germany in the near future.


Meanwhile, the US and EU both rely on Russia to…GO INTO SPACE for example.  And the high level of Russian jet technology has terrified the people who saw this display in Paris.  The bluster from the US is childish since our nation is going bankrupt on top of producing lemons instead of jets.


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4 responses to “Russian Fighter Jets Out Perform, Cheaper Than US Jets

  1. Jim R

    I hope Russia’s MIC does not get out of control after they conclude the current conflict. Like the USA’s MIC did after WWII.

    It sort of sucks to live in a country with an out-of-control MIC.

  2. Ken

    I just don’t see Russia as a military threat to the US. In fact, I like the idea that a militarily strong, no nonsense country is opposing the terrorists.

  3. emsnews

    More and more people in Europe think Putin is going to save them from Merkel. Germany has definitely entered yet another death march suicide push. Note how they no longer give birth to babies, are PC Green all the way and are planning to terminate all their modern energy systems and are inviting in millions of angry young Muslim males who hate the German people and their culture.

    Suicidal yet again. Argh.

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