Students Attack 9/11 Memorial Attempts, A Black Female Professor And ‘White Student Union’

Political correctness is blind to its own contradictions.  For example, hurting feelings is a terrible thing but destroying people’s lives and rendering them poor due to perception of ‘being mean’ is OK.  In this recent case, a group of people (we have no idea if they are attending any schools!) put on Facebook a site named the NYU White Student Union.  This Facebook page horrifies social media – NY Daily News and the students go nuts while screaming that it is OK for ‘minorities’ to have race exclusive on-campus facilities but not white students.


 A Facebook group for the “NYU White Student Union” is calling for unity among the largest ethnic group at the city’s largest private college — and apparently freaking out a lot of people.


The group started Friday, in the midst of several similar supposed student groups springing up at colleges nationwide.Since then, it has accumulated about 250 followers on Facebook, and probably many more horrified reactions online.


Instead of learning lessons about freedom of association, the need of minorities to integrate, not exclude, instead, there is wild pearl-clutching fainting hysteria from the exclusionists who want segregation in the name of being ‘liberal’ and ‘good’.  Now we have this story which is really scary:  College Students Say Remembering 9/11 Is Offensive to Muslims – The Daily Beast


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Then there is this story this week:  Students petition to remove conservative Christian professor | Fox News Video because she said scary things to them and they want her eliminated.  SHE IS ALSO A BLACK WOMAN!  But then, racism on the left is OK so long as the black person doesn’t toe the ideology limits.

I remember 9/11.  I recall we all agreed no one would ever forget 9/11.  True, our rulers did the stupidest things possible after 9/11, attacking totally innocent countries and destroying their homes, society and freedoms and left these innocent bystanders in ruins.  We never attacked the true attackers, namely, the Wahabbists of Saudi Arabia, for example.  The ONLY people allowed to fly anywhere in the US after 9/11 were…the Saudi royal family members who were the supporters of the 9/11 attacks.


To this day, US citizens are lied about all this.  Anyways, now we are not supposed to mention who attacked us on 9/11 and we are to be utterly ignorant about this topic???  It is like remembering Pearl Harbor’s destruction by the Japanese while never mentioning the Japanese!  D-Day will now be all about lounging on the beach!  Let’s remember the Alamo…not!



Forget everything and everyone will be safe and happy which is insane. Talking about insane: Obama Orders Inquiry Into Intelligence on ISIS – he wants to know if the Pentagon lied to him about this whole business.  So…the Pentagon Expands Inquiry Into Intelligence on ISIS Surge to see if our ‘airstrikes’ worked in Syria.  I would suggest we let Putin do this investigation for us.  He seems to have a functioning military system there.

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14 responses to “Students Attack 9/11 Memorial Attempts, A Black Female Professor And ‘White Student Union’

  1. Lou

    Off topic—remember the Texas clock brat? heres part of the real reason for his actions—

  2. Petruchio

    “Political correctness is blind to its own contradictions.” No, I don’t think they are blind, they don’t give a sh#t. The people running the “PC” movement are an arrogant bunch; they think they are right, facts be damned! Also, the PC crowd are fascists. It’s their way or the highway Here’s an example of their inconsistency: Reverse Discrimination. Reverse Discrimination is clearly wrong, but the PC crowd has decided that discrimination against whites, especially white males is…oh well, that’s just the price that has to be paid. Personally I think the PC crowd has a debt to pay and it’s time for them to pay up. Of course, as always with the elites (oh yes!! the PC crowd ARE part of the elites.), destroying the American Middle Class IS the #1 priority.

  3. Christian W

    Testing. Testing.

    This is weird I have tried to post an answer to this thread 3 times. I wonder if the link I included, or something else I wrote, is censored. The second time I copied the text I wrote and will try again from my home computer.


    ELAINE: What? Something must have interfered here. I don’t censor anyone except in extreme cussing cases.

  4. Christian W

    Hm, this harmless reply got through. It will be interesting to see if the whole text of what I wrote will go through from my home comp.

  5. Christian W

    This is a highly interesting article from an unusual perspective. The author is an American who currently lives in Sevastopol, Crimea! He had to go back to the US (Florida) to renew his passport. While there he talked to a lot of Americans and took a look at contemporary America. From his description you get the idea that the US is quickly becoming… yes Brazil, with a small, wealthy, highly educated upper middle class living in gated communitites cut off from the rest of the society and with the middle and lower middle class more and more cut off and sinking. The young, “college” educated women, live as single mothers and apparently have to have a child (for child support money) to go with their low paid job to make ends meet.

    I agree with Pet there is a war against the Middle class, this same war is happening here in Europe (Merkel and Cameron, for example, are doing their part waging it). I don’t think this situation is an accident, but part of the Neoliberal/conservative cultural war. Phenomena like #blacklivesmatter and the “PC” brigades are daggers, hiding beneath the cloak of liberalism, aimed squarely at the liberal world order . It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there were agitprop people pulling the strings. Fear and Chaos are the favorite tools of the Neocons.

    The Cultural Revolution under Mao in China didn’t happen by itself, it was a policy chosen and driven from above. I think the situation is similar in todays US.

  6. Christian W

    Ok the Saker site thesaker(dot)is clearly under a censorship filter somewhere. I tried to link the answer above (#4) with Auslander’s article pointing to the Saker’s site but that didn’t go through. When I posted the same article linked from the whole post showed up. This seems to be more censorship bullshit in the land of the “free”.

  7. Christian W

    Ok, things start to get far too hot if you ask me 😦

    Turkey apparently shot down a Russian Su-24 (ground attack plane) on the Syrian border to Turkey. The Russians are saying someone shot it down from the ground, but the Turks are saying Turkish F16 shot the Russian plane down after it “violated Turkish air space”.

    I think someone got fed up watching Russian planes bomb ISIS/Turkmen, and destroying Erdogan’s sweet oil deal with ISIS, and pulled the trigger. How Russia answer now will be really interesting. Russia must have considered this scenario before it committed to it’s campaign in Syria.

  8. Christian W

    The US really has started WWIII against Russia now. Way too many weird coincidences have been going against Russia over the last few weeks. “Someone” is provoking Russia non stop and this shooting down is definitely part of that pattern. Turkey is already running to Big Daddy US and NATO for cover.

    The US will let lose the Ukrainian idiots to attack Donbass again within the next week or so. Things will just escalate from here on in I fear.

  9. Christian W

    Really sorry for spamming the comments but – Erdogan must have gotten really pissed off when Russia bombed his beautiful old oil trucks in Iraq and destroyed his sweet oil deal with ISIS.

  10. Christian W

    This stinks of a pre planned operation against Russia. The Turks are far too quick with all the films of what happened (in HD) and all the information pushed out into the media world, to get the narrative control out there.

    There is already a youtube video where “moderate rebels” (Afghans?) are mocking the corpse of one of the Russian pilots they most likely killed.

  11. Christian W

    Putin, on the other hand, in usual style says no conclusions until a full assessment.

  12. Christian W

    Second pilot apparently landed in territory held by the Syrian Army.

  13. emsnews

    This means the plane was probably shot down over SYRIAN airspace.

  14. Christian W

    That’s what I am thinking too, if it crossed into Turkish space even for a few seconds the Turks used that as an alibi to open fire. The missiles then hit the Russian plane over Syrian airspace and brought it down.

    But time will give us the details hopefully. I’m sure NATO is ready to bleat about Russian aggression never mind the truth. There was no need to shoot down that plane and any sane person can see that.

    The Turks are screaming about the sanctity of their own airspace but they are violating the airspace of Greece on a daily basis. I’m sure NATO won’t say a peep about that fact though.

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