Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet Near Border

Turkish map showing Russian fighter jet path

Turkey ‘shoots down Russian Su-24 jet at Syria border’ – BBC News

Turkish map showing ‘violation of air space’ also shows in the green box that the plane was actually shot down when over Syria.

NATO warns that this new ‘no fly zone’ means war with Russia and Syria.  This is now a shooting war between NATO and Russia and the Turks are angry that Russia is keeping Assad in  power whereas Turkey supports rebels who want to join Turkey and not be part of Syria.  So, the Kurdish war which is separate from the ISIS uprising out of Iraq, is going to cause WWIII which doesn’t surprise me since WWI began in former Turkish controlled Serbia and the assassins were Muslims back then.

This madness is gripping Europe and NATO countries are running in circles.  Starting another war with Russia means WWIII and Europe will end up annihilated.  So why are the Europeans doing this yet again???
Obama to Hollande: Stay the Course Against Russia: Obama admits this is really a war against Russia.  The sanctions garbage over the Ukraine coup mess continues unabated even though this is harming Europe greatly since doing business with Russia means more money for Europe and Europe’s internal economy is collapsing rapidly thanks to terror by Muslims and a million angry Muslim males flooding into Europe totally uncontrolled by any borders or systems.
Meanwhile, the economy of Belgium is taking a gigantic hit this month:  Brussels to Stay in Lockdown ‘For at Least Another Week’ as fearful authorities desperately try to hunt down all the terrorists that have infiltrated their country.
History is alike a dog chasing its own tail.  It goes around and around in circles.  The rise and fall of empires is like a clock works that ticks away relentlessly.  We learned nothing from WWI nor WWII.  The harsh, obvious lessons were chucked out the door and replaced with replication of previous events.  Mindlessly, people run in circles because this is easy to do.  Changing direction means hard work.
The medieval jihads and crusades are being repeated only with nuclear weapons and other tools of the Apocalypse.  The high birth rate of the Muslim world means they don’t mind endless deaths since replacing these is very simple since the women have near zero civil rights and no control over their own bodies.  Meanwhile, the US and EU leader still continue to plan to meet in Paris and demand we all cease using energy because we are all going to roast to death is warmer weather, not die in nuclear war blasts.
Interestingly, the definition of full nuclear warfare is…NUCLEAR WINTER.  So is this NATO’s plan, to start WWIII with Russia and China…for the US and Japan are both pushing China right now, expanding military actions in the Pacific offshore China!  Why the US neocons think that having a war with nuclear China AND nuclear Russia is a great idea baffles me. It is suicidal.

This is why Turkey and NATO wants to stop Putin:  Russian airstrikes destroy 472 terrorist targets in Syria in 48 hours, 1,000 oil tankers in 5 days.  ISIS was supported by NATO world leaders because they wanted to destroy Assad and this is because Israel wants Assad dead so they can crush the Palestinians and expand Israel’s borders to inside Syria’s borders.

  • 11:48 GMT

    The Kremlin recommended not jumping to conclusions after the downing of a Russian warplane in Syria, saying it was too early to say how the incident could affect Russia’s relations with Turkey.

    “What we should do is be patient. This incident is very serious, but until we see a complete picture, making any statements is impossible and wrong,” spokesman for the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov told the media.

Note how Russia is being cautious.  Turkey releases graphic showing ‘flight path’ of Russian jet it downed over Syria which still doesn’t excuse the shooting down of the jet. An escort and warning is what normally is done.  The success of the Russian/Syrian alliance is irritating NATO leaders no end:  Syrian Troops Oust ISIS, Reclaim Towns Near Homs.
And this has given Israel and excuse to toss more rockets into Gaza: Israeli jets strike Gaza in response to rocket fire.


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11 responses to “Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet Near Border

  1. emsnews

    I am glad the map has finally come out showing clearly what I figured out: the plane was definitely shot down over Syrian airspace, not Turkey. I do not expect the US media to mention this detail.

  2. Christian W

    That is the Turkish version of the flight path of the Russian Su-24, which is a ground attack plane and not even armed for air to air combat normally. If that map is correct the Russian plane was over Turkey for only a few seconds, yet the Turkish F16s (if it was them and not a ground missile that some Russian sources are saying) launched air to air missiles to take down the Russian plane, which then most likely was hit over Syrian territory.

    I think the Russians have even kept Turkey and NATO up to date with their flight paths, and cruise missile launches (even if it risks NATO tipping off their crooks in Syria), in order to avoid exactly this scenario.

  3. Christian W

    Putin is not best pleased. If he has been translated correctly he effectively just called Turkey’s attack on the Russian plane a “stab in the back from the supporters of terrorism”. That means Turkey went from friend status to target status, but NATO is ok with that of course.

    This stinks of yet another NATO needle into Russia to go with the many previous ones.

  4. This is tit for tat stuff. The son of the Turkish prime minister a Bilal Erdogan was running the ISIS oil racket. The Russians must have seriously eaten into his profits.

  5. Jim R

    When the sky becomes uranious, we will all go simultaneous

  6. ali_w

    Elaine you failed to mention the zionist part in all this. Do you really believe with all that is going on right on their doorstep Israel has NO part to play? They’ve been AWFULLY quiet.

    It makes NO sense. Why are we going to war with Russia??

    Israel has basically set the trap.
    1)Demonize the muslims around the world
    2)Support and create Arab civil war
    3)Tempt the nuclear powers into a war of resources

    They are preparing to expand their borders to include the ENTIRE middle east. ALL of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Aman, Qatar, most of Iraq and Egypt up to the Nile. ALL the Arabs are to be butchered so that the zionists from the USA can come and live in the new and only economic and military superpower of the world.

    In the middle of all the confusion (and possibly after another few terrorist attacks), the will attack with full ferocity of weapons not even the U.S has.

    What you are witnessing is the re-creation of the end-times as described in Islam. This is the end of Islam. Did you know that Islam predicts it’s own demise? Are fairy tales still just fairy tales when they actually come true?

  7. Melponeme_k

    I’m relieved to see that none of the readers at the Daily Mail believe Turkey or its insane story about Russia invading its space for 2 seconds.

    Not that this will stop our elite. They will just shut down comments and proceed with WW3.

    Such a shame that no one in power in the US has the finesse for true diplomacy or intellectual parity with Putin.

  8. emsnews

    I am thinking of going down to the UN and snooping around again. Have done this in the past.

  9. Nani

    Erdogan is no friend of Europe. He is an islamist who is actively collaborating with IS and other radical Groups in Syria.

  10. pontiff holysh*t

    Yeah, if the plane was shot down over Syria it seems pretty far-fetched to claim that Russia was the aggressor.

  11. pontiff holysh*t

    Yeah, if the plane was shot down over Syria it seems pretty far fetched to claim that Russia was the aggressor.

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