Israeli Jews May Gun Down Little Girls With Knives But US Puts Police In Prison For Shooting Adults

Kerry in Israel after Turkey shoots down Russian jet

Kerry in Israel after Turkey shoots down Russian jet


Palestinian assailant stabs, wounds Israeli in West Bank – The Washington Post; the assailant was blasted with guns and killed instantly.  It isn’t just adult men and teenage boys being instantly executed in Israel for stabbing, there are the Two teen Palestinian girls shot after stabbing elderly man with SCISSORS in Jerusalem yesterday that wasn’t reported at all in the US.  Gunned down mercilessly, they were little girls!  The shooters even shot a bystander.  This story did make the news in Europe.


In the story above, the Daily Mail calls the dead child, ‘woman’ except she was 12 years old not even a teenager, much less anything near ‘adult’ by any definition except maybe certain cultures where little pre-teens are married off ruthlessly by their fathers (ahem, Afghanistan, for example not to mention a certain Saudi Arabia!).



Eighteen Israelis have been killed, mostly in stabbings, while 88 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire. Of them, 56 are said by Israel to be attackers and the rest were killed in clashes with security forces.


Chicago Awaits More Protests Over Police Shooting and this, after the cop was charged with murder.  Now, in the US, we have howls about how police might kill black males, nearly all of whom are much, much older than the Palestinian girl.  But if a Jewish policeman shoots a little girl with a KNIFE, this is perfectly fine for the US public because we are trained to believe that Jews have the right to butcher anyone they wish in the Holy Land because God loves them and no one else.


Is racism on the rise? More in US say it’s a ‘big problem,’ CNN/KFF poll finds because of ‘police shootings of blacks’.  There is zero mention of the raging black on black murder rate and other issues which are the real problem.  As the US focuses (eventually fatally) on cops shooting criminals in the US, condemning this, all politicians chatter about how evil this is, simultaneously endorsing instant murder of young GIRLS in Israel for attacking Jews (the girl did think she was attacking a Jew, not a Palestinian) with only scissors who could easily be disarmed and arrested…this double standard which our ‘closest ally’ gets is criminal.


It also undermines the US in shocking ways.  Police will retreat from black neighborhoods.  Already, criminals casually kill police in our ‘inner cities’ aka, where black criminals congregate.  Police will retreat from these parts of the community and refuse to enforce any laws there increasing the lawlessness and destroying the lives of the citizens who live there are are not criminals.  I watched this happen in the 1970’s in places like Brooklyn, NY and Newark, NJ, two places where I helped organize street patrols due to the vanishing cops.  Crime will shoot even higher in these communities.


Contrast that to US official endorsement of the brutal rule of Muslims in Israeli-controlled regions!  Kerry is not going to chide Israel for shooting dead a pre-teen who was armed with scissors!  Americans may think it funny that a mere child did this and reading comments to the story, they all chortle about how stupid she was and how they love that she was gunned down ruthlessly, teaching tots lessons in life!  Think not that there may be a reversal of love in the US!  I foresee when this same double standard returns to the US as whites laugh at gunning down barely armed children.  It is already on the burner, if it can be aimed at brown Middle Eastern girls, it will come and roost here.


Racism of the Jewish community is very connected to ‘die Schwartze’ (Yiddish for ‘blacks’ and my relatives in NYC used this term amongst themselves even as they celebrated the Civil Rights Act).  Right now, Jewish owners of our media are fanning the flames of black anger but that can instantly switch gears if necessary.  Teen Islamist who fled Austria to join ISIS in Syria is beaten to death trying to escape…they ran off when only 14 and 16 years old and are now prisoners with one brutally murdered.


The mirror image of Israel and ISIS is most troubling.  One of the huge social changes made by Europe and the US over the last 100 years was to protect children who commit crimes rather than hang them.  Way back in the old days, little children were punished just like adults.  The juvenal law system is due to reformers working hard to put anyone under 18 into a separate system and not executing pre-teens, for example.


George Junius Stinney: Was the youngest person to be executed in US innocent? He was 14 years old, 2 years older than the Palestinian child.  In England, Children & juvenile executions:


14 year old John Any Bird Bell was executed on the 1st of August 1831 at Maidstone in Kent for the murder of 13 year old Richard Taylor. John and his 11 year old brother, James, killed Richard Taylor for the sum of nine shillings (45p) which he was collecting from the Parish on behalf of his disabled father. They were tried on Friday, the 29th of July and because the second day after sentence would have been a Sunday, John was hanged on the Monday using the “New Drop” scaffold, erected outside Maidstone prison. Bell was probably the youngest person to be hanged in the 19th century. In 1833, a boy of nine was sentenced to death at Maidstone Assizes for housebreaking but was reprieved after public agitation.


The double standard the US and Europe have for executing children whereby European/US immigrants to Israel get to do this while it is condemned at home, is infuriating and dangerous.  All double standards show moral turpitude and a potential return to former beliefs eliminating basic human or civil rights.  But then, the US, NATO, Israel and Saudi Arabia all support the elimination of basic human and civil rights of women in the Middle East, too.

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15 responses to “Israeli Jews May Gun Down Little Girls With Knives But US Puts Police In Prison For Shooting Adults

  1. Anonymous

    Despite your outrage over the killing of this Palestinian child, I seem to recall you rationalizing and justifying the gunning down of Black child in the US for waving a toy around in a park.

    Both kids were the same age.

    It’s interesting that you close your post with the mention of double standards. Clearly no one is immune to this sort of thinking.


    ELAINE: Since when is a gun (or a replica of a gun that looks very much like one) the same as a pair of SCISSORS????

  2. Silverado

    We in the US need to put more trigger happy criminal cops behind bars. Right behind the psychopathic war monger neocons.
    Oh wouldn’t that be a…happy place…(and that’s not a question)

  3. Petruchio

    Ever see the “Robocop” movies? It’s like they were predicting the future! Briefly, the ‘RoboCop’ movies are about a city (Detroit!! to be exact) that has succumbed to total lawlessness. Street gangs enforce their wills upon the rest, gangs fighting over turf, etc. And also: human cops are afraid of going into many parts of Detroit, so they have to develop a robot! This condition is eerily similar to what is happening for real now. Of course, in the movie the Private Sector comes in to save the day. They invent a semi-human, semi-robot to patrol the nastiest parts of Detroit. And of course, the Corporation that invent this robot plans on making a profit–by owning EVERYTHING on or in the city of Detroit. Now in the real world, we have the Private-for-profit prison system. I guess they can’t build a robot yet. That said, a society can NOT have police who are above the law! There MUST be avenues to fire corrupt and/or excessive force-type cops. If the cops are lawless the rest of society becomes lawless because if you can’t trust the cops, who can you trust? The real solution here to cure what ails the lawless areas–many of them black neighbor hoods is JOBS. You give people a reason to get up in the morning and play by the rules and norms of civilized society, many if not most of them will. Until then, society becomes lawless, Third World country style living.

  4. Christian W

    Police cannot be criminals living above and outside the law. The Police already have powers that go beyond those of normal citizens, that is why they are called the Police. Nor is the alternative to change the laws so that you live in a police state. That doesn’t mean that you let crooks run free. That is the false dichotomy Elaine is trapped within, in this particular case.

    And, that doesn’t mean the “Blacklivesmatter etc people are correct when they protest police killings in general as a means of oppressing blacks instead of taking a look at the problem in all it’s aspects. What the “Blacklivesmatter people are doing is only making things WORSE because it is such a twisted attempt at fixing a problem.

    #Blacklivesmatter is a built in Red Herring argument to start with (since the base premise of the movement is false it cannot be solved), which is why I think “Blacklivesmatter is is a deliberate US government program to sabotage real discussion and progress and to create more chaos and more problems and solve nothing. Or it could be that the MSM builds #Blacklivesmatter up for that exact reason, that it is a self defeating movement because of it’s inherent contradiction.

  5. emsnews

    I live in the real world.

    I also have had cops disciplined, even gone before a judge to do this. On the other hand, I supported the cops because I wanted a safe neighborhood.

    On the other hand, during times when cops learn it pays to ignore crimes, arrest only ‘safe’ people who won’t fight back, etc. life becomes TOTAL HELL really really fast, I have lived in this hell in the past including a nasty ‘oh boy, NYC lights are out, let’s loot the entire neighborhood and burn it the F down!!!’ mess.

    I really wanted a machine gun nest that night. Luckily for me, the vandals ran up Mermaid Avenue and not down it so the fires and looting were two blocks away.

  6. emsnews

    Worse, we had NO COPS show up for a WEEK. The looting ran along merrily all that time and the only two places not looted were defended by the owners with guns and German Shepard dogs.

  7. vengeur

    Becoming an cop in certain cities in the US is going to be akin to being a correctional officer in a prison. No sane person is going to want the job, and it seems the hiring standards are already being lowered (take a look at the cop in the recent Chicago shooting). Elaine has been warning about what is going to result from all of this, the consequences of it, since she unfortunately had to live an SURVIVE under lawless conditions.

  8. Christian W

    I also live in the real world. In my equally valid real world experience cops don’t need to go armed.

    The lawlessness in the US is a result of US government policies. Ultimately this is a political problem that dates back to at least the days of the founding fathers and the split between slave holding elites pretending at liberal principles.

    The solution has to be somewhat deeper and further looking than machine gun cops and gated communities. Then again the latter is the go to solution in the US since it is the same solution the plantation elites had.

  9. vengeur

    At the peak of black slavery in the South, only 6 percent of Southern whites owned slaves. If you include the white people in the North, it means that only 1.4 percent of white Americans owned black slaves. Just like now, most people don’t own banks, they don’t have stock in major arms manufacturers.

  10. Christian W


    So you are saying bascially nothing has changed since the founding fathers, the top elite still run everything according to their own interests.

  11. Christian W

    And maybe these elites do not want strong, broad middle and working classes with educated people that vote for intelligent, independent people that put the interests of the majority ahead of the limited interests of the elites. In effect meddling with the money making machines, however destructive, to the detriment of the elites but to the betterment for the rest of the nation.

    Maybe these elites prefer machine gun cops keeping the feral masses in check instead of a well balanced society that promotes social, physical and economical health and so on for all it’s citizens rather than the narrow top.

  12. Christian W

    Maybe machine guns cops point to very deep seated problems rather than a stable long term solution, that is unless you consider machine gun cops to be the solution until such a time the government can install some kind of insta death zapper for citizens behaving out of line.

    Remember, citizen, if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear. An obidient citizen is a Good citizen. If you are not with us, citizen, you may be zapped on the spot.

    Policeman/robot in 2025: “Who cares anyhow just zap’em nobody will say anything”
    Policeman/robot #2: What if they do?”
    Policmen/robot #1: “We’ll zap’em! Har Har! (or Beep Beep!)”.

  13. emsnews

    A huge hunk of black city population has been living off of welfare which was made nicer by illegal activities such as drug dealing, etc. Enforcing ‘rules’ within this community means breaking even more laws, for example, drug dealing is enforced via murder.

    The chaos and mayhem afflicting the various dying previously very wealthy MANUFACTURING cities like Detroit is caused by world free trade which decimated jobs for the lower education populations. They have been reduced to this present condition of utter uselessness which means in the long long run, they will be either killed off or will kill off anyone remotely near them as they go on the rampage.

    This stupid business could have been avoided 25 years ago but our rulers opted for free trade and money escaping the system and piling on public debt so we get what we have today: the social deterioration has hit the black community extremely hard and their groping to find rescue from this fatal position has involved doing everything possible to MAKE IT MUCH MUCH WORSE.

    This is infuriating! No one patrolling the wild reaches of our dying industrial cities can do anything sane. This is because the situation is insane and unfixable unless we stop exporting jobs and importing debt!

  14. Lou

    black city population has been living off of welfare which was made nicer by illegal activities such as drug dealing, etc. Enforcing ‘rules’ within this community means breaking even more laws, for example, drug dealing is enforced via murder.——–

    One study of gangs and their cash making activities found their criminal activities to be ‘about minimum wage.’

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