Black Lives Don’t Matter If Blacks Kill Each Other And Anyone Else

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This event happened in Chicago this week.  The black criminal shot at the cop and then took off and hit a school bus which erupted in flames.  Luckily, no children were murdered.  They are to go to school to learn all about police shooting blacks who either run from the cops or resist arrest in some way.  The storyline being, the cops are evil and will be punished and if you run away and they fight back, you might get away so long as the teen doesn’t slam into a school bus, that is.


Chicago schools prepare to discuss Laquan McDonald shooting video | Daily Mail Online


A six-page ‘tool kit’ was distributed to teachers with exercises designed to help them and their students deal with McDonald’s death and the murder charges filed against Officer Jason Van Dyke.


Teachers union official Jesse Sharkey criticizes the kid for not including a ‘lesson about the lack of political courage’ and ‘political corruption.’


Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said on Tuesday she’d hoped to make a joint announcement with federal authorities about charges against Van Dyke but decided to charge him earlier in the hopes of calming what she knew would be an angry response to the video.


The group held banners showing photos of other black people fatally shot by police in Chicago and elsewhere. Several protesters said they were parents of black men killed by Chicago officers.



Relentlessly, black civil rights people are taking up arms with dangerous, uncooperative young males and are asserting that the police should back off and let them run wild.  Heaven forfend that any of these guys who nearly uniformly have police records and often rather violent crimes against themselves before age 30, be hurt in any way when interacting with cops.


I used to run a street patrol that was very integrated, half of our team were black males who were sick and tired of black teen criminals in particular.  We didn’t carry guns but we were also not pussy footing things, we used considerable force when taking down criminals intent on harming our neighborhood.  We even stuck dogs on them to stop them.


When mayhem rages in a community and a large number of young males refuse to be considerate or careful or respectful of property and one’s own body but rather bully the neighborhood and stealing whatever they can lay their hands on, etc. you get what we call, ‘a slum’ and ‘a dying city’ unless they are stopped.


Society has a desperate need to prevent terrorism.  Violent teens with zero respect for any authority and who are preying on their neighbors are not good people, they are the definition of ‘evil’.  Respect is a two way street!  The black males some of whom were teens, who were part of our street patrol were all careful people who had firm belief in society being important, protecting instead of destroying the neighborhood was their social obligation and these young black men were wonderful to work with and were very firm with the gangsta types we arrested.

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PAYING FOR HIS FATHER’S SINS: Chicago man arrested for luring boy, 9, into alley and killing him as revenge to settle gang beef with dad: this sort of ugly and RACIST crime was common where I lived once.  In one case, two black 19 year old drug dealers came to the corner of Prospect Place and 5th Ave and tossed fire bombs in a brownstone where a black mom with a baby and toddler lived upstairs.  The blast caused me to jump out of my bed and I ran down the block along with two of my black neighbors who were adults and we helped rescue the mother and children but she lost her home.


Anger in the community was very high and thanks to our patrol, we got informants to spill who did it and we had them arrested.  People who were black were angry enough to hang them both, we all were very tired of the nonstop warfare of these young criminals.  So, here, from Chicago, is the story of a black male who thought murdering a child for revenge over drug deals was a smart idea:


Police previously said Tyshawn’s death stemmed from a gang rivalry between the Killa Ward faction of the Gangster Disciples and the Terror Dome faction of the Black P Stones. The boy’s dad, Pierre Stokes, allegedly belongs to the Killa Ward group.


Black lives DO matter!!! But the protestors who yell about this ignore these black lives.  Murder children is OK with them so long as it is black on black murder.  I fought this attitude years ago and am dismayed that things are getting worse, not better.  All the black politicians are climbing aboard the ‘punish all cops who kill blacks’ bandwagon while ignoring who is causing 98% of black murders: young black males.


This police officer survived his encounter with an armed and asocial black criminal teen:  Patrick Casey leaves hospital as Giovanny Cotto charged in Philadelphia chase | Daily Mail Online


A 17-year-old who shot state trooper during a high speed car chase which ended when he smashed into a school bus, has been charged with attempted murder.


Giovanny Cotto fled from officers after he was stopped for an expired tag leading to a lengthy police pursuit during which he opened fire on state trooper Patrick Casey, 31.


It is not known how many shots were fired, but the trooper’s cruiser had at least nine bullet holes in the windshield.


The chase ended when the teen crashed into a school bus on a downtown Philadelphia highway which erupted into flames.


We are most happy that no children died because the bus was returning to the depot and didn’t have children on board.  Normally, a community would be furious that wild teens are causing this sort of gross mayhem.  Instead, not a peep will be spoken, no leaders will demand teens stop doing this and demand cops crack down on armed, violent teens.  Nope.  Hardly anyone will mention this news story this week.


Disgraced ex-cop charged with staging a fake police shootout has been found dead as he committed suicide.  Yes, there are bad cops.  But that doesn’t excuse black teen mayhem, murder and reckless driving in public.  The long arm of the law can snag bad cops.  But only cops can snag these teens who are highly dangerous to society and themselves.


On the other hand THIS IS A CRIME ON MANY LEVELS:  On-Job Deaths Surge Amid a Building Boom with most of the dead being illegal aliens taking away jobs once were for union workers.  Yes, the bosses hire illegal aliens who have no protections, at cheap wages undercutting professionals and it is illegal to hire illegal aliens to build stuff in New York City but the rich people do this with impunity because they hate US citizen workers who have basic laws protecting them and I say, put these evil people in prison with the wild teens.  Teach them a lesson in life.


Since these workers are dying, I would suggest the death penalty for the rich bastards, no?


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5 responses to “Black Lives Don’t Matter If Blacks Kill Each Other And Anyone Else

  1. Petruchio

    “Yes, there are bad cops. But that doesn’t excuse black teen mayhem, murder and reckless driving in public. The long arm of the law can snag bad cops. But only cops can snag these teens who are highly dangerous to society and themselves” Could not agree more. Well said as usual Elaine. Personally, I knew we as a society were f#cked when a.) OJ Simpson was found Not Guilty during his double murder trial by a mostly black jury and b.) the way blacks in the US, by a large margin applauded the misguided jury’s verdict. Judged by the evidence, OJ Simpson was clearly guilty of murdering his (ex)wife Nicole and Ron Goldman. The level of viciousness in the way Nicole and Ron Goldman were killed SHOULD have shocked everyone. Yet, the black community, by a LARGE margin celebrated OJ Simpson’s acquittal. This current problem of blacks vs police has been festering for a long time.

  2. Christian W

    #Blacklivesintatters would be a better hashtag than #Blacklivesmatter. The first step towards fixing a problem is realizing/admitting there is a problem in the first place.

  3. e sutton


    Christian W,

    When you’ve been taught for over two generations (for whites that would be about 50 years, for blacks, 30 years, tops) that you are not at fault for any personal failings, you tend to think of yourself as a permanent victim. Add to the mix rather generous welfare checks and other social perks, and you’ve got yourself a permanent underclass.

    Mel mentioned a few months ago that the rapsta gangsta culture was actively promoted by recording companies. Huge profits were made playing up violent negro behavior. Add to the mix a contempt for learning, and what you have is a very disconnected race of people with a huge disadvantage. The entire world is becoming more robotic and the decent paying jobs that in the past went to high school graduates as well as dropouts are rapidly vanishing.

    Brains used to be a prerequisite before you were allowed to even consider college. Now a line of credit from one of the Big Banks gets you in the door. A lot of people enrolled in college today would not be there had the educational standards not been drastically lowered since the mid ’50s.

    The Affirmative Action jobs in various government agencies will not exist once the world economy crashes. That’s when you’re really going to see some sparks fly.

  4. Jazz Macmillan

    There’s a word for these people…No, not African-American…It’ll come to me.

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