Both Christian And Muslim Fanatics Attack Women’s Rights Across The Globe


One of the more disgusting acts of the United Nations along with the support of our ambassador to the UN was this:  Saudi Arabia Heads UN Human Rights Council While Planning to Crucify a Human Rights Activist and Saudi Arabia sentences Sri Lankan maid to death by stoning for adultery:


The 45-year-old Sri Lankan woman who had worked as a maid in Riyadh since 2013, and her partner, also a migrant from the island nation, were both convicted of adultery in August. However, their sentences were very different. While the woman was told by a Sharia court she would be pelted with stones until she died for cheating on her husband, her lover was handed only lashes – because he was single at the time.


My grandmother, mother and myself fought long and hard for basic civil and human rights.  My grandmother, Hannah Steele Pettit, was one of the first women to go to a men’s university and she got her degree in astronomy.  To prove that women were equal to men back in 1900, she made a bet that she could swim the length of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  This was big news back then and reporters showed up to see the ‘woman swimmer!’  She won the bet.  When I was 14 years old, the Civil Rights Act was signed and within days, I sued my school system about sexual discrimination.


I had to prove that girls could do machine shop classes, men’s sports, carpentry, etc.  I won my case but when I won I was already well into college having gone to university at age 16.  This long, hard fight for basic civil rights is menaced today by religions that sprang out of the Middle East during the last 3,000 years.  All of these are extremely, horribly anti-women’s rights as well as other rights of everyone who isn’t a heterosexual male.  People who believe in the god-types from this region hate women and blame women for all their problems and we are supposed to be the destroyers of ‘perfection’ which seems to be a desire to kill every living thing, it appears.


The books these guys use to justify themselves even talks about how their god tried to kill everyone but failed miserably because he let a few escape his killing mania.  People who worship this entity carry forwards his hatred of female creatures.  At the same time, these female-hating murderers want females to have lots of babies, presumably, so they can be killed by this manic god or by themselves.  Women who want to control their reproduction organs are, of course, to be murdered by angry males:  Gunman kills officer, two others at Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado.


No Muslim country and very few Catholic countries allow abortions legally.  They hate women and want them enslaved.  Forcing pregnancies is a great way to do this especially if it is coupled with denial of any basic human or civil rights.  It is not accidental that women’s rights first showed up in Protestant countries once the Protestant faith began to finally fade.  In my own fight for civil rights, my Protestant parents hated what I was doing, but I used to babysit for the head of the Tucson ACLU and the lawyer took on my case pro-bono and argued in court that I should get premature majority…which I got when I was only 16 and thus was able to sue…I am very aware of what it means to have no civil rights!


It infuriates me to see who was chosen by our rulers to be in charge of basic human rights:  UK and Saudi Arabia ‘in secret deal’ over human rights council place | UK news | The Guardian


The Saudi cables, dated January and February 2013, were translated separately by the Australian and UN Watch. One read: “The delegation is honoured to send to the ministry the enclosed memorandum, which the delegation has received from the permanent mission of the United Kingdom asking it for the support and backing of the candidacy of their country to the membership of the human rights council (HRC) for the period 2014-2016, in the elections that will take place in 2013 in the city of New York.


“The ministry might find it an opportunity to exchange support with the United Kingdom, where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would support the candidacy of the United Kingdom to the membership of the council for the period 2014-2015 in exchange for the support of the United Kingdom to the candidacy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”


Another cable revealed that Saudi Arabia transferred $100,000 for “expenditures resulting from the campaign to nominate the Kingdom for membership of the human rights council for the period 2014-2016”. It was unclear where or how this money was spent.


Based on this explosive news, the Saudi head of human rights should resign his position and the people who accepted these bribes should go to prison, no?  Ha.  Starting with Prince Charles.  Nothing will come of it due to the need to have the Saudis ‘on our side’ in the ‘war on terror’ which has to be the stupidest war in history, ever.  The source of this ‘terrorism’ is Saudi Arabia, itself.  Saudi Arabia unashamedly championed in UK security review | News | The Guardian


In its trumpeting of Britain’s global “soft power” influence, the government’s Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) unveiled on Monday contains a glaring contradiction. More than once, it stressed the importance of promoting “our values and interests ”, promoting “stability, good governance and human rights”, and “civil liberties”.


Twenty pages on, the document says the UK will continue to work with close allies, including “vital partners, such as Saudi Arabia, in the Middle East”…Saudi Arabia is the UK’s largest single market for arms. Saudi courts continue to hand down severe sentences, recording the highest number of executions there since 1995, according to human rights groups.


This strikes home, big time, for when our elites choose to drape the mantle of ‘ally’ on the shoulders of one of the most repressive, anti-women’s rights, anti-any minority’s rights rulers of Saudi Arabia, we are all endangered and our basic rights degraded.  Supposedly, during the entire Cold War, we were protecting humanity from cruel commies who took away freedom of speech (which our leftist youths toil daily to destroy) and civil rights!  They were ‘evil’.  But no government on earth except perhaps North Korea is as evil as Saudi Arabia when it comes to any basic rights, male or female, young or old.


UK could be prosecuted for war crimes over missiles sold to Saudi Arabia that were used to kill civilians in Yemen | UK Politics | News | The Independent


Since March this year, bombing raids and a blockade of ports imposed by the Saudi-led coalition of Sunni Gulf states have crippled much of Yemen. Although the political aim is to dislodge Houthi Shia rebels and restore the exiled President, Abed-Rabbo Mansour Hadi, thousands of Yemeni civilians have been killed, with schools, hospitals and non-military infrastructure hit. Fuel and food shortages, according to the United Nations, have brought near famine to many parts of the country.


Note how the US media and politicians are perfectly OK with Saudi Arabia doing this.  It doesn’t matter how horrible or evil the actions, SA is never condemned nor punished.  This includes the infamous 9/11 attack on the US which was swept under the rug and nearly no mention that the vast majority of the terrorists were Saudis.  Worse, the Saudi royals were the only people allowed to fly unhindered the day after the attacks.   This was hidden from the US public, too.  At 9/11 ‘memorials’ no mention is made of who attacked us or what their goal is…to enforce Saudi religious and civil laws on the rest of humanity.


From the Russian news service which I use a lot since our news service is wretched:  US urges Turkey to close off its Syrian border to ISIS and a Prominent Kurdish lawyer shot dead while giving a speech in southeast Turkey as terrorism is inside Turkey and the President there doesn’t give a hoot that a Kurd lawyer is assassinated by a henchman.


Then there is this news story:  Turkey Arrests Journalists Who Exposed Erdogan’s Weapons Smuggling To Extremist Syrian Rebels | Zero Hedge


 The two Cumhuriyet journalists were accused of “political or military spying” by reporting “classified information” and “deliberately aiding a terrorist organization.”…As the WSJ reports, “Turkish authorities on Thursday imprisoned Can Dundar, editor in chief of Cumhuriyet, and Erdem Gul, the newspaper’s capital correspondent in Ankara, on charges of spying and aiding a terrorist organization, the newspaper’s attorney said. If convicted, the two men would face life in prison over the charges.”


Showing how he is cooperative unlike the US, Putin Asks France for Map of Syria’s Anti-ISIS Rebels to Avoid Bombing Them since NATO claims there are such people there which I find rather ironic as well as ridiculous.  This gesture is wasted.  France: Assad’s Troops Can Fight ISIS, But Only Without Assad because the entire point of the NATO efforts is to destroy one of the last pro-women’s rights Muslim leaders on earth.  This noxious push is, again, a huge thing for the Saudi royals who hate women’s rights and this is why I personally consider them to be my most dire enemies next to any Pope who also is nearly as bad except they have, thank the goddesses, little power over us at this point.


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25 responses to “Both Christian And Muslim Fanatics Attack Women’s Rights Across The Globe

  1. Christian W

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is simply using it’s biggest weapon, money, to buy favorable politics from US, UK and French politcians. KSA is extremely heavily invested in the Fed, Wall Street and London City.

    The KSA also routinely invests money in US political clans like the Bushes, Clintons and now the Obamas, never mind the Blairs. That this glaring corruption goes without serious scrutiny in the West just goes to show how deeply corrupt the whole system is.

    There really is no democracy that is allowed to go deep enough to dent the machinations of the financial system, the Pentagon, the CIA and intelligence system etc. These organizations all serve the elite families and individuals deepest in the system and the House of Saud is part of this machine, for now.

    The Western gluttony for oil has unleashed many, many monsters and demons including Western ones.

  2. Christian W

    So, the female suicide bomber in the tub wasn’t the female suicide bomber in the tub. Daily Mail and the New York Post etc just printed whatever. Most likely the whole thing was a story planted by the CIA/Mossad as part of the hoax and brain washing of the masses:

  3. vengeur

    There is nothing in Jesus’ teachings that justify murder or mutilation . There are ( as Ken pointed out in comments here) a number of justifications for violence against unbelievers in the Koran.

  4. pontiff holysh*t


    I guess that makes Christians worse. According to that information, at least the Muslims have an excuse of sorts, albeit a really lame one.

  5. emsnews

    Of course, the Christians did horrible things like torture, burning at the stake, impaling, etc. over belief matters. If female, the woman was called a ‘witch’ and then all sorts of cruel tortures then burning would be inflicted on her.

    Totally against the Jesus belief system. The rulers thought, the idea of crucifying someone was a fantastic idea and exercised this frequently. Jesus, if he were a ‘god’ would have sent all these clowns to hell.

  6. Sunger

    The jesus legend is basis for the whole christian religion scam.

    All the primitive Abrahamic desert religions (Judaism, Islam, and Christianity) foster religous insanity. The desert is a place of extremes- hot & cold, dark & light, mirages and hallucinations and these religions reflect those extremes of the desert.

  7. Sunger

    The best approximation of truth in whole insane jesus legendry is that the real jesus was likely a charismatic jewish rabbi who had a devoted following- probably in Jerusalem. This jesus probaby was politically radical by the standards of the time & place and so attracted the attention of civil authorities as a source of civil unrest.

    And so they crucified him. As was standard treatment for anybody who was viewed as a source of civil unrest in those days.

    Just a note: the people who wrote the bible- both old and new testaments- did not know where the sun went at night. So it’s time to free ourselves from these insane old religous texts and just move on together.

  8. Henry

    It is extremely hard to understand why it is so important for the Western powers to remove the Syrian government under Assad. He is really no worse than many others around the world (and a good sight better in many cases). All of the extraordinary lengths they have gone to creating and supporting ISIS, etc. Yes Saudi Arabia, but I think the true villain is Israel. Israel looks at Syria as part of the future Greater Israel (what the Zionist refer to as “Eretz Yisrael”) and has complete control of U.S. Middle East foreign policy through IAPAC and the Zionist lobby and their toadies in Congress and the State Department. Eliminating Assad and at the same time shipping hundreds of thousands of Syrian “refugees” to Europe. A win win for Israel and the Zionists!

  9. Ken

    Elaine correctly points out that cultures which gave birth to Islam, Christianity and Judaism all discriminated against women. However, I think she is confusing cause and effect. Step back and look at the big picture.

    EVERY culture throughout history has discriminated against women. Romans, Greeks, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, pre-Islam Arabs, etc. Discrimination happened regardless of ethnicity, religion, culture, geographic settings, climate, etc. The occasional minor civiliaztions which did not discriminate did not last long.

    It’s hard to ignore a correlation this strong, far-reaching and long-lived. I suspect that we are dealing with an instinctual, in-born trait. Perhaps it is an offshoot of the universal trait among men of every culture, race, era and geographic area to be sure that they are the true fathers of the children born to their mates. But whatever the reason the discrimination is universal regardless of religion. Religions reflect their members, and if the members are inclined to discriminate then so too do their religions.

    Looking ahead, if we really are dealing with an instinctual phenomenon, then ultimately womens’ rights is a doomed concept. Once western civilization collapses (and historically speaking it is only a matter of time), women will once again be third class citizens. The current era of women’s rights will be only an historical curiosity.

  10. Christian W

    @8 Henry

    Indeed. It is not hard at all to understand why Western powers want to “remove the Syrian government” (read destroy Syria).

    Assad is being painted as a brutal dictator but his “brutal regime” is a kindergarten compared to the apartheid state next door, Israel, that brutally murder and oppress people on a daily basis, or the medieval head chopping, women stoning, Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Qatar that are the main monetary sponsors of ISIS/AQ proxy terrorists in Syria.

    Syria is being destroyed

    A. because it links Iran with Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel wants Southern Lebanon for it’s water resources but Hezbollah just happen to live their. Therefore Hezbollah must be destroyed but to achieve that Syria must be destroyed and the land link between Iran and Lebanon disconnected.

    B. before an attack on Iran can take place. If Syria is militarily strong Syria, and Hezbollah in Lebanon, can make things awkward for their neighbor Israel.

    C. as part of a wider war on the Shia population that the Saudi Kingdom sees as a threat to it’s hold on power. Just in recent days there has been car bombs and other terrorist attacks on Shia in Iraq, Syria and Nigeria. Shia pilgrims are often targeted. Shia leaders are constantly being assassinated by some “unknown” actors and often have to live under deep cover to avoid that fate.

    D. because it is profitable for certain parties to destroy and loot other nations. See the human trafficking, human organ smuggling, drug trafficking, oil trafficking, ancient artifact smuggling. But this is more a fun side game.

    E. as part of a push by the Gulf Kingdoms to build gas pipe lines to Europe to sell at much higher prices than the current Russian gas. This makes the super corrupt and morally ugly Gulf Kingdoms profit more, and makes it easier for them to invest more money into London City and buy more EU politicians and generals and more weapons from the US and EU weapons industries.

    F. to weaken Russia economically, diplomatically and militarily. A hugely important part of Russia’s gas export goes to Europe. The aim is to cut off that gas import completely. That is also one reason the US made the Turks shoot down the Russian Su-24, this act also shot down the planned gas pipeline from Russia through Turkey into southern Europe.

    G. as a way to plant the seeds of Wahhabism in Europe and destroy the fabric of European social democracy. Europe will be pushed into a US style system with fake politicians and social unrest, divided, conquered and sucked dry of any middle and working class economic wealth.

    For these reasons ISIS and AQ were created as proxy armies for Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US (as was the Boko Haram Death Squad in Africa but that is more against the Shia muslims, Chinese influence Africa and other military and financial reasons). The European governments are along for the ride because they have no real independence. They are too deeply integrated into the US/Israeli Deep State and Financial systems to do anything independently. They are punished severely economically if they don’t toe the line and their leaders are bought off with Saudi and Qatari money and elevated into the ‘elite’ status club.

    The corruption in the US, Israel, Europe and the Gulf Kingdoms is tremendous. The whole system is rotting apart while the oligarchs are becoming increasingly visible as they pull strings and order their minions about.

  11. Seraphim

    @Jesus, if he were a ‘god’ would have sent all these clowns to hell.

    This was the argument of Judaism against Christianity. Their Messia should be an exterminating god. Jesus was not and was crucified because he was not. The God of the Christians is not the God of Judaism as people are made to believe.
    To say that “the entire point of the NATO efforts is to destroy one of the last pro-women’s rights Muslim leaders on earth” is a bit of a stretch.


    ELAINE: Every single ‘dictator’ who NATO attacked WAS very liberal compared to the Saudis where women are literally slaves with zero civil rights of any sort!!!

  12. emsnews

    Women in the Roman Empire had LOTS of rights and freedoms!!!!

    EXCEPT IF SLAVES. But nonslave women went to public baths, walked around wearing virtually nothing except a flowing piece of cloth, they ran around having sex and eating in public, they could sue in court and had a great time which ended when the empire fell and women’s rights to anything collapsed to near zero for nearly 2 thousand years!!!

  13. vengeur

    CW wins the prize for #10 comment on WHY Assad must go. Will we every see that explanation in our press? Never.

  14. Allogenes

    When Roman Emperor Constantine the First decided in 325AD to use a mixture of proto-Christianity dogmas, including Paulicianism and Gnosticism, and combine them with the Dogma of the popular Roman religion of Mithraism (Mithra was said to be born on Dec 25th, by a Virgin and died on a cross – ring a bell?), a new all powerful political tool was created. It was named Christianity after Jesus Nasarene, the Christ, the Son of God. Its symbol, the cross, was used at the time alongside the Emperor’s own symbol, called ‘In hoc signo vinces’ or ‘En tuto nika’, a symbol using a combination of the Greek letters X and P (Chi & Ro), the first letters of the name Christ. The result of the Emperor’s decision was the First Ecumenical Council in Nicea and the Christianity, as we know it, was born.

    The next step after Nicea was the extermination of all the followers of the dangerous fundamentalist sect of Arius, followed by the extermination of all Proto-christians, Neoplatonists and Gnostics for being too philosophic or liberal. After Nicea, the Roman Empire went from having 72 official religions and countless unofficial ones, to one big unifying religion that doubled as an unbeatable system for social control.

    What Nicea brought to humanity was a dogma that banned all freedom in the matters of human sexuality and freedoms for women (ie it adopted the Judaic-Aramaic and some Gnostic sect morals, contrary to the prevailing Greco-Roman-Neoplatonic more liberal morals). It also made a profound change to the Proto-christian dogma: It erased all reference to the prevailing Gnostic concept of reincarnation and pushed forward the concept of Heaven and Hell instead. Both those actions (prohibiting sex and making people believe that they have only one shot in life and if they don’t obey to Authority, they will burn forever in the eternal fires of the Underworld) created a powerful tool for suppression, social control and the continuation of the Eastern part of the Roman Empire for the next 1000 years. It finally led to the creation of Papacy and the Catholic Church in the Western parts of the Empire and the Franco-Germanic Holly Roman Empire, both of which took this system much further down the road.

  15. Jim R

    Nicea :: not-so-nice-a.

    Replaced Roman man-god with hate-spewing desert god.

    Worked for a couple thousand years! What’s next?

  16. Jim R

    And vengeur I have to agree. CW #10 has written the best concise summary of the whole effort to destroy Syria. There’s a similar effort to destory the Ukraine, but it doesn’t have so many reasons. Mostly just as a way to annoy Russia, and secondarily as a pipeline route.

    Also, interesting to see the Ukrop nazis have connections with Daesh. You’d think they would be incompatible on religious differences, but apparently enough support from a certain deep state can make anything happen. It can even make jews and nazis co-operate…

    Winter’s coming again, by the way — and Turkey has been getting something like 40% of its gas from Russia, as well as significant amounts of coal. Could be interesting.

  17. Lou

    Women in the Roman Empire had LOTS of rights and freedoms!!!!

    What about the ones fed to the lions for being Christians?

  18. Seraphim


    Is that a code name for Jews? This BS “history” of Christianity is precisely the epitome of the theories peddled by them and swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the gaping “pagans”, freudo-marxists, American Professors of “Religious (or “Gender”) Studies, “thealogians”, WICCA et al. All offshoots of Protestantism (“pork-eating Judaism”, by the definition of Heinrich Heine, who knew something).
    It was Gnosticism which prohibited sex, ostensibly at least, their elites “liberated from the tyranny of matter” indulging in orgies for pleasure or “magick”. Magic was, in all legislations of the world, a criminal offense (as well as abortion, make no mistake, mostly performed by the same “gnostic witches”). That’s a reason why “free-sex” was prohibited.
    And, BTW, the meddley of phantasmagoric sects lumped under the name of “Gnosticism” were offshoots of the same Judaism (or as it is laughingly called today “Judaisms”) that they were purported to oppose.

  19. emsnews

    Christianity, Islam and BUDDHISM all arose roughly the same time, during the sudden cooling of the Dark Ages. The ‘old religions’ were not working and people were scared.

  20. Seraphim

    @Christianity, Islam and BUDDHISM all arose roughly the same time

    A difference of eleven hundred years is hardly “the same time”, even roughly.

  21. emsnews

    Even Buddhism is a ‘new religion’ based on a TEACHER/HUMAN unlike all of the pagan religions, etc. So the people in ‘modern’ times meaning the last 2,500 years, are all chanting the names and words of humans and not elemental ‘gods’ like say, Pegasus, the magic flying horse which is zero human.

    The ‘gods’ of paganism were all ‘humanized’ but were not viewed as being ‘human’ at all whereas Buddha and Jesus and Mohammed were definitely mere humans yet have been given ‘god’ type status which I find to be rather amusing in a horrible way.

    Pegasus doesn’t approve of all this. Neigh!

  22. Sunger

    Here is how we can explain these crazy religious phenomena-

    1. Humans evolved higher intelligence as their prime survival adaptation.

    2. Humans viewed the world around them as frighteningly complex. So complex in fact that pre-scientific humans, tho having good intelligence, had absolutely not a clue to how anything works in the world. Not a clue as to why the sun and moon travel around constantly. Not a clue as to what makes wind. Not a clue as to the slightest smidgeon of earth history. Biology nyet. Genetics nyet. etc.

    3. Pre-scientific humans tried to understand the world by working backwards from internal human characteristics. They used primitive reasoning to come up with ideas that viewed the creator as a human-style entity because they could not figure out anything else ie god rules over all things and creatures in the universe. Humans rule over everything on earth and are therefore of direct creation by a human god who (of course) made them in his own selfie image.

    4. AND SO. We have these religions that were devised by humans to understand the physical and moral universe. These religions are concoctions that basically show big supernatural humans ruling the earth and universe ie Jeezus. And they are not easily dis-lodged from the human mind because they were created by the human mind.

    But these religions are still the work of primitive human conceptions of reality. And they are just remnants of human past ignorance.

  23. Christian W

    The Buddha is a representative image of your own deeper self, in other words the Buddha is not an external God separate from yourself. Ultimately the Buddha is You. There is no Theism in the teachings of the Shakyamuni Buddha, even if some cultures imposed older Theism into the teachings of Buddhism as part of the cultural context and adaptation when Buddhist thought came in contact with the new culture.

  24. emsnews

    Buddhists do not worship in front of mirrors. They have a statue of a human man in their shrines.

    See??? How obvious does it have to be?????

    Now…let’s go way back 30,000 years. Humans painted the most amazing pictures of real animals on the walls of caves. Painted with a clear eye of how real these animals were, they look very life-like, to a degree unmatched for the next 30,000+ years!

    This is the pre-god humans looking straight at nature with a clear eye.

  25. Seraphim

    @Pegasus doesn’t approve of all this


    We all loved fairy tales. They have enchanted the childhood of many and still appeal to the child in us. They give us a sense of power and freedom.
    Unfortunately, children grow up and some mature and then they have to face the real world in which knowledge and reason are the tools to go about.
    But it is as true that many children refuse to grow up and give up “the milk for solid food” and prefer to “give heed to fables and endless genealogies” and “will not tolerate sound doctrine”. It happens today as it happened in St. Paul’s time.
    The eleven odd hundred years span between Buddha and Mahomet is not the “Dark ages” but the time of the greatest civilizations the world has known on which shoulders we still stand! Do we really want to go back to the cave man?

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