Climate Change And Campus Censorship Of Professors: The Two Shibboleths Killing Liberalism

Video SparkNotes: Arthur Miller’s The Crucible summary – YouTube

A major hysteria event is sweeping our universities literally shutting these down.  Students are crying, fainting, telling everyone their feelings are being hurt and while telling everyone to walk on eggshells, they are violent themselves, cussing, howling and snarling and attacking anyone who dares to hurt their feelings and they have gotten perfectly fine people fired due to this hysteria which is causing grave harm to our schools as they impose even more rules and regulations and eliminate free speech except for cussing at professors and staff which is OK, evidently.  This will lead to our schools malfunctioning even worse than they are today.


With Diversity Comes Intensity in Amherst Free Speech Debate – The New York Times


 In the heat of the moment, the students drafted a list of demands for the administration.

They wanted the college to stop calling its athletes the Lord Jeffs, after Lord Jeffery Amherst, the pre-Revolutionary War British commander who advocated germ warfare against Native Americans and for whom this college town was named. They wanted students who had posted “Free Speech” and “All Lives Matter” posters to go through “extensive training for racial and cultural competency” and possibly discipline. They wanted the administration to apologize for “our institutional legacy of white supremacy,” among many other forms of discrimination, like “heterosexism, cis-sexism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, ableism, mental health stigma and classism.”


As this major hysteria sweeps through our schools, we have hyper-sensitivity rising.  This is an element of fads and hysteria, that is, classically when a mob of people become emotionally moved, many begin to say, faint.  One faints and then others do the same and it spreads.  Once the emotional urge is spent, people cease fainting.  Mob events have other effects, all of these are emotional and come from the reptilian parts of our brains.  This is what military training is all about, too.  Override the thinking parts so the person responds ‘irrationally’ and doesn’t run away from danger.


Yet more than a dozen students interviewed recently said the nationwide protests had awakened deep feelings of alienation and isolation in them that, until now, they had tried to suppress.


This ‘awakening’ is really the reptilian part of the brain seeking to be part of a moment of hysteria and fear.  The fears are grossly overwrought and the victim seeks out some sort of excuse to justify feeling fearful.  The campus at liberal schools is very heavily towards ‘minorities’ and Amherst is very much this way.  ‘White’ students are barely 40% of the classes there.  Black students get very generous scholarships whereas white students have to mainly pay their own way.


Students said that as they gathered at Frost Library on Nov. 12, emotions poured out. One young woman said she went to sleep at night wishing she would not wake up. Imani Marshall, a senior pre-med student from Chicago, who is black, felt a shudder of recognition and started to cry.


This is classic symptoms of crowd hysteria. Mass hysteria – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:


In sociology and psychology, mass hysteria (also known as collective hysteria, group hysteria, or collective obsessional behavior) is a phenomenon that transmits collective delusions of threats, whether real or imaginary, through a population in society as a result of rumors and fear.[1] In medicine, the term is used to describe the spontaneous manifestation of the same or similar hysterical physical symptoms by more than one person.[2][3]
A common sign of mass hysteria occurs when a group of people believe they are suffering from a similar disease or ailment,[4] sometimes referred to as mass psychogenic illness or epidemic hysteria.[5]

Historically, mass hysteria has led to mass murder of some sort of victim, usually outsiders of the hysterical community.  Historical events like this abound, often leading to killing Jews in ghettos or Naziism, or girls fainting and then women being accused of putting spells on them, so they are burned as witches.  The Salem Witch Trials was one such evil event.  Recently, Mass hysteria in upstate New York: Why Lori Brownell and 13 other teenage girls are showing Tourette’s-like symptoms.  It happens all the time mainly to young people who are undergoing physical changes to their bodies and hormones cause a lot of surges in emotions which need an outlet.


The fact that the students today get all hysterical about ‘racism’ only when they meet together and cry about it leads me to think that they are being egged on internally by their hormones that pour into the blood stream when joint emotions are shared.  I remember how this works when I was younger!  Boy, were we unstable.  Epic instability.  Actually, my female friends complained to me whenever they were having a group emotional meltdown of being cold hearted and cold headed because I would not join them in this.


As archetypes go, the Salem events hold up quite well, even from a distance of 320 years. Victims of mass hysteria are so often female that gender imbalance is one clue doctors use to differentiate hysteria from poisoning. Symptoms often start with older girls or women and spread to younger or lower-status girls. As girlhood guardian Caitlin Flanagan put it in the New York Times this weekend, “It is the cheerleaders and not the linebackers who come down with tics and stuttering.” But, as research has shown, it is also the cheerleaders and not the math-club girls who are likely to spread hysteria.


Nearly  uniformly, minority students studying science are not getting riled up and hysterical.  Asian students in particular, are puzzled by all the anger and hysteria.  Black students, feeling out of sorts by leaving home to go to school in a different environment are in particular prone to fall for the hysteria and to see persecution and evil all around them because they are no longer home and thus, in a protective cocoon.  Schools were designed to take children out of their comfort zone and expose them to new ideas and new ways of thinking.  Giving in to students demanding everything conform to their own comfort zones leads to a very dark, stifling place.


Amherst is fixing this hysteria by…hiring yet another administrator to gad about the campus stirring up student’s feelings of fright and babysitting them so they are not exposed to any new ideas or learn how to debate ideas but instead, they will be allowed to continue what they are doing now which is spewing obscenities while wailing that their feelings are hurt by stray words that don’t even have cussing.  Just suggesting they calm down leads them to demand the teachers doing this be fired and..they ARE fired!!!


This is causing every adult to walk on eggshells.  They are now all terrified that a stray comment or even an obvious joke will get them fired if the Red Guard can decipher it as an ‘insult’ to their collective tender feelings which change daily and are impossible to pin down.  I remember the 1967-1974 hysteria.  The Vietnam War was one thing that made us all hysterical but the response to the war went way off the rails very fast as enforced irrational hysteria was pushed hard by student leaders who got into fights over ‘who is the vanguard of the revolution’ for example.


Whenever I was at a meeting or a rally and called on everyone to be CALM and to think and do the right thing, this led to other leaders attacking me either literally on stage (yes, using force) or jumping me in private to ‘teach her a lesson’.  Encouraging hysteria is quite common in schools and in the case of ‘climate change’ children in school are openly encouraged by jet flying, living in huge mansion adults who want to exploit and tax the rest of us while they CO2 all over kingdom come, have successfully conned students into slitting their own economic throats.


Cynical moves to egg young males into war are similar.  They depend very much on turning off the brain and engaging the reptilian parts of fight or flight.  The females faint or flee and the males kill.  Which we see in the cities today.  Black males are butchering each other at a mad rate, far, far beyond any other group and none of the young hysterics on campus who are totally protected from this raging wildfire, want to discuss this or stop this madness that is rapidly destroying the black community and rendering them impossible to hire for labor or live anywhere else.  From 200 years ago:


The outbreak at a textile factory started when one woman teased another by putting a mouse in her dress; the skittish prank victim fell into convulsions. Soon, however, a rumor spread that an open bag of imported cotton had somehow caused the reaction, and others quickly began falling ill…The plague ended when authorities convinced the patients that symptoms were “merely nervous.” To further tamp down anxieties, sufferers were encouraged to “take a cheerful glass and join in a dance.”


Unfortunately, teens and young adults seem to like music that is loud and agitated and they shake and shudder and shiver with it so it doesn’t calm them down at all.  But at least we know how to cure this disease.  Telling everyone that yes, they are being tortured by demons, possessed, persecuted, sick, simply makes this spread like wildfire.  Schools must do something to stop this madness instead of firing staff and professors and persecuting the objects of these young people’s irrational hysteria.  Or we will end up like China during the Cultural Revolution which Mao and his mad and evil wife inflicted on China.

Video SparkNotes: William Golding’s Lord of the Flies summary – YouTube which is the male version of this sort of hysteria.

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6 responses to “Climate Change And Campus Censorship Of Professors: The Two Shibboleths Killing Liberalism

  1. So: the Missouri revulsion is connected to Chicago’s Community Organizer organization. How do you fight it?

  2. Melponeme_K

    Not spoken about is that most of these hysterical events is that they are heralded by weather changes and economic collapse. The Salem event occurred during a bad downturn in the little ice age and the community changed to paper currency. Needless to say the paper went rubber immediately. Taking this into account, scrip that is worthless and dying crops…accusing a neighbor of witchcraft with a likely possibility of being awarded their property makes good sense. I understand one Salem family became quite wealthy during the horror. It is the exact same situation now.

  3. Lou

    ‘Killing Liberalism’–what planet are you on?
    Liberalism died a long time ago.

  4. Lou

    From ‘SBPDL’ site,
    Colleges across the country are being attacked by negroes and their demands are being met.

    Your President is marketed as a negro and he is plunging the world into chaos. The negro is a wildly destructive influence wherever he is found.
    Mr. Paul Monchnik was brutally murdered. Negroes are engaged in a full scale war on white people, usually the most defenseless among the white population; women, the aged. You would have to be blind to not see what is in front of you. Stop denying it. The pattern repeats what is seen in South Africa.

    Just the in the previous weeks we saw Amanda Blackburn’s rape and murder. The negro dragging a white women down a street in New Orleans, wherein the negro then shot and attempted to shoot in the head a white man who came to her aid. Then we had the negro who shot two white women in separate incidents in Mississippi.

    Lets look at negro parenting for a moment. Over the past week we have seen:

    1. a negro woman murdered and then cut the baby out of her friend, a negro women that she had known since second grade.
    2. a negro father killed his 7-year-old son and fed the child’s body to pigs

    A few weeks earlier, in two separate incidents, negro women killed their newborn children, in once case by throwing the child out of a window in the Bronx.

    That’s in the past week.

    Any questions about what you are seeing? The pattern is clear. It’s unspeakable savage violence as a way of life, a life style.

  5. Lou

    Oh, and a newborn baby was found ALIVE, buried alive after being left there 2 days. In Compton—the area of blacks n browns.

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