Pope Wants Colder Climate And No Birth Controls For Women


The true ecological disaster is human population expansion which cannot go to infinity. The Pope who is screamingly freaked about ‘climate change’ also wants unlimited population growth to infinity. This is impossible.

Europe, which (until the flood of foreigners from anti-birth control countries) had near zero population growth is being pushed into energy poverty to fix ‘global warming’ which is crazy. The US which has higher population growth and millions of illegal aliens, is supposed to strangle itself, too, while also taking on millions of refugees from anti-birth control countries.

The US right wing is against the concept of ‘global warming’ but also wants to have unlimited population growth and attacks people who want birth controls. So the world’s true danger, overwhelmed by great population growth mainly in hot climate countries, is being ignored as liberals focus on ‘global warming’.

This means that both sides of this debate are confused.


Source: Suspect spoke of ‘baby parts’ after Planned Parenthood shooting: armed terrorists who are believers in anti-women’s rights Mohammed or the strange incarnation of Jesus both are hitting on women’s health services because both gangs want to force women to be pregnant and have zero human rights.  I fought long and hard IN COURT when young to gain basic civil rights and this emphatically included abortion rights.


I LOVE children and babies but when I was pregnant the third time, I had to have an abortion to save my own life.  The baby, I missed greatly but the child would never have survived the pregnancy because I would have died.  Period.  Women have been severely oppressed for thousands of years with only short times like ancient Minoan civilizations where women had full civil rights.  The attack on our rights comes mainly from the right wing ‘conservatives’ who want the ‘good old days’ when women were oppressed.  I happen to be a woman and I hated that time period in the past which is why, starting at age 14, I began suing, via my civil rights lawyer, to sue the State of Arizona and my school district for basic changes.  By the time I won, I was well into going to my universities and I sued them, too.


It was a long, hard fight!  The poor women of Ireland had to go to England for abortions but today, Northern Ireland law on abortion ruled as ‘incompatible with human rights’ so I hope they can finally get some relief.  In Africa, The Latest: Pope Speaks at Central African Republic Mosque where Pope Francis has told crowds gathered at the main mosque of Central African Republic’s capital that Muslims and Christians are brothers. Both religions have the same agenda: oppressing women.

So the Pope is pushing hard for women to be forced to have many babies while at the same time he ardently believes that we are all going to roast to death unless we stop using various fuels.  This myopic belief system infects everything.  People are running around demonstrating against warm weather while at the same time we have Muslim terrorists killing us because they want to rule the earth, too.  Paris climate change talks: Worldwide day of protest as leaders arrive for summit | Europe | News | The Independent


In Paris, where the authorities had banned a planned march on public safety grounds following the 13 November atrocities, protesters laid out hundreds of pairs of shoes in the Place de la Republique to represent the missing demonstrators.


Among the symbolic ranks of high heels and sandals on the square that has been a gathering point for Parisians since the terror attacks was a pair of creased black shoes sent by Pope Francis, a vocal campaigner for action to prevent dangerous climate change. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon provided a pair of jogging shoes.


Elsewhere in the French capital, some 10,000 joined arms to form a human chain along the route of the planned march.


The call for peaceful demonstration from organisers was defied by a small group who clashed with riot officers near the Place de la Republique. Police, who responded to the violence with tear gas, said they had arrested 100 people in connection with the clashes.


The anarchists and communists fighting the cops in Paris don’t care about the weather.  They latch onto any demonstration so they can overthrow the state.  One of the saddest things to watch is a bunch of leftists fighting the weather.  This is like King Canute ordering the ocean tide to turn.  Since we have zero control over the sun which has plunged us into a number of Ice Ages for unknown reasons, we can’t control the tides, either.


Why the Paris climate change talks may set us on the path to a cooler planet screams one Brit headline.  HAHAHA, this will happen since sun spot activity has declined rapidly to near zero and this is just like during the Little Ice Age when Galileo first looked at the ‘pristine’ sun and was horrified to find sun spots and then later, no one else saw any so they thought he lied but then these reappeared during the 19th century which is why astronomers began watching the sun much more closely.


Rise of the mesh curtain: Tensions flare at Macedonian border as soldiers start to build three-metre high fence to keep migrants out as Muslims demand to overrun Europe.  Meanwhile, the Paris Deal Would Herald an Important First Step on Climate Change – The New York Times article that is entire nonsense.  Here is my reply:


Every generation has something they must worry about which is then soon forgotten.

I recall the entire talk about population explosions and how birth controls must be increased to stop this. China had a one child policy, for example.

We can see today that the wealthier European/North American/Asian countries like Japan are very low birth rates while the southern countries where it is mainly warm, are experiencing huge increases in population as births are continuing at a mad rate.

This, in turn, is causing a huge flood of people trying to get into the low birth rate countries. Which is causing Europe to put up fences and the US has millions of southern illegal aliens demanding to come in.

Meanwhile, we are supposed to worry, in the northern most countries, of being ‘too warm’ which is ridiculous. This is not the real problem. We can’t have infinite numbers of humans. The fact that the Pope is raging on about ‘global warming’ while demanding women be forced to have multiple pregnancies is very revealing.

He doesn’t give a ‘F’ about ‘saving the planet’.


Increased carbon dioxide levesl in ocean causes sea plankton to rise screams yet another hysteria headline.  Now, whales and fish and birds all eat plankton or eat creatures that eat plankton.  Plankton has been the floor of much of life on earth for the last 800+million years.  Just as high CO2 levels of the early earth created plant life.  I am against burning all the CO2 fossil products because we should share this planet with future generations and it is a limited resource by definition.  I am all for research for better energy systems.  But not due to ‘global warming’ but because it is better for the future in OTHER important ways.  I have had this position all my life.


The hurricanes predicted by global warming theory have vanished nearly entirely but massive winter storms have been dumping and will dump this week on the midwest, more snow and then move off across the northern Atlantic Ocean to dump yet more rain and snow on the British Isles: Christmas lights stay off as storm Clodagh hits Britain and Ireland.  Belief in global warming has collapsed in England. 88% Britons believe in climate change… but do they care? -because 12% believe there is no point in doing anything.


The problem here is the stupid term, ‘climate change’.  The warmists created this to hide reality.  Of course, it changes!  Always has in the past!  So asking about this is stupid.  Ask the Brits if they are roasting to death and they will dump a flagon of beer on your head.


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10 responses to “Pope Wants Colder Climate And No Birth Controls For Women

  1. Jim R

    The true ecological disaster is human population expansion which cannot go to infinity.


    You can’t say that! No-one is allowed to say that!

    Next thing you know, what with rights for women, you’ll have a Japan type situation!

    (Malthus was right, just a little early in his timing. )

  2. Christian W

    Elaine claims: This means that both sides of this debate are confused.

    Confused is not quite the right word. I prefer brainwashed.

    Brainwashed: to make someone ​believe something by ​repeatedly ​telling them that it is ​true and ​preventing any other ​information from ​reaching them : Their ​government is ​trying to brainwash them into ​thinking that ​war cannot be ​avoided. – Cambridge American English dictionary.

    The “liberals” focusing on “global warming” are not confused as much as victims of an enormous disinformation campaign/propaganda push ie “Climate Change”. These poor people are Turkeys voting for Christmas. They are marching demanding to pay more taxes to rich people who don’t pay taxes, while these taxes will have zero, null, nada impact on “climate change”. This is a psychopaths wet dream come true. Somewhere in Washington the jerks who set this up are pissing themselves with glee.

    If the “liberals” realized the situation obviously they would change their tune, but they have been played like fiddles. “Liberals” want to do the right thing, they want to trust the scientists that (supposedly) are rational thinkers and hold the scientific method as sacrosanct. But what if the scientists are crooked and are pushing an agenda on behalf of their employers/paymasters? What if the media campaigns, to “save the polar bears” and “the Amazon” etc, are just a marketing campaigns playing on natural feelings of empathy and good conscience?

    The “right wingers” are equally large Turkeys, but their psychological “trigger points” are obviously different so the message to trigger them is different and tailored accordingly. But basically the effect is the same – both the “left”, the “center” and the “right” are running around in one big Turkey shoot. They are the Turkeys and they are being “plucked” clean one by one.

    Brainwashing is the inevitable result of a situation where the MSM is under complete government control.

  3. tio

    must .. bomb .. syria .. must .. bomb .. syria ..

  4. emsnews

    Herding sheep…wolves doing the herding. Reminds me of this 2,500 year old story…about the animals being scared and told by the wolf to hide in his cave…ahem.

  5. Petruchio

    Gee whiz. I didn’t know the Pope was aware that males and females had sex!! LOL….

  6. Old Ari

    It is simple really; living organisms need energy to live! both the Amoeba, and the T.Rex, the Buttercup, and the Redwood. Before coal and oil, the only enegy source was the sun, and the earth’s core. When all the recoverable coal and oil are gone, the World’s organic life must return to pre Fossil Fuel size. Billions must die, it is going to be horrific.

  7. CK

    Once upon a time the popes like women, fathered children on them and in general held them in some useful ad high esteem.
    Rodrigo Borja, the greatest of the enlightenment popes, a superb pope a superb man a superb human.
    Consider the Banquet of the Chestnuts, good times good times.

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