UN Climate Scientist, Penner, Wants To Fix ‘Climate Change’ Via SULFURIC ACID POLLUTION!!!

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The people worried about slightly warmer temperatures have some shocking ‘solutions’.  At this week’s meetings in Paris discussing how this kamikaze destruction of the climate has come up with some bizarre solutions such as this: flood the atmosphere with extremely toxic for all plants and all animals…sulfur dioxide!!!  My jaw hit the floor.  This lunatic solution is real, our rulers are considering such things.  This proves the global warming gang are actually killers seeking to destroy our planet.


Eight ideas to deal with climate change and save the planet | Newsday has this harridan offering the SO2 solution:  Joyce Penner is a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Michigan and a member of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.


As the world struggles to address global warming, some propose geoengineering– intentionally altering the planet’s atmosphere — as a way to lower temperatures. The most studied technique would work by adding sulfate particles to the stratosphere, which is similar to what happens as a result of large volcanic eruptions. Those particles reflect solar radiation, preventing some of the sun’s rays from warming the Earth.


While this type of solution sounds promising, it must never be considered in isolation. Without agreements in place to significantly decrease carbon dioxide emissions, we would have to continue pumping more and more sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere, perhaps for millennia. We don’t know the consequences of such large and prolonged tampering.


This monster is a professor of atmospheric sciences.  She is a FRAUD.  How dare she offer this insane, deadly solution?  She obviously knows nothing real about atmospheres or basic chemistry. I am really, really, REALLY pissed off by her End of Times solution.  She shouldn’t be just fired, she should be locked in a room filled with SO2.

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So far, that stuff is listed as an Air pollutant: Sulfur dioxide (SO2) – Minnesota Pollution Control …What is the damage caused by sulphur dioxide (SO2) to human beings and the environment? – Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) – Chile


Health effects
The SO2 is hygroscopic, when it is in the atmosphere it reacts with humidity and forms sulphuric and sulphurous aerosol acid that is later part of the so-called acid rain. The intensity in the formation of aerosols and the permanence of them in the atmosphere depend on the meteorological conditions and the quantity of catalytic impurities (substances that accelerate the processes) present in the air. But in general, the average time of permanence in the atmosphere is around 3-5 days, so it can be transported to greater distances.


Corneal haze
Breathing difficulty
Airways inflammation
Eye irritation
Psychic alterations.
Pulmonary oedema.
Heart failure.
Circulatory collapse.


Sulphur dioxide is also associated with asthma, chronic bronchitis, morbidity and mortality increase in old people and infants.
Sulphur is a highly noxious venom for people’s health, although we can be more resistant than other creatures that live with us. For example, the level of 0,3 µg per cubic metre of air implies a potential risk for human health, but for trees, 0,2 µg is extremely dangerous. Because of that, sulphur oxides (SOx) and sulphuric acid (H2SO4) are related with the damage and destruction of vegetation, soil deterioration, construction material and watercourses.


Joyce Penner may be the absolute worse of the global hysterics running around Paris this week, she is definitely a terrorist who is planning to kill billions of people, animals and even plants, worse than Hitler, but there are others not so ambitious killers such as Howard Herzog in the article about how to fix it so we have another Ice Age:


The most direct way to curb emissions of carbon dioxide, if not necessarily the simplest or least expensive, is to catch it before it enters the atmosphere. That process, called carbon capture and storage, traps the carbon produced by combustion of fossil fuels and then stores it, often in deep geologic formations. The primary targets for CCS are large, stationary sources, chiefly coal and natural gas-fired power plants, as well as industrial facilities including refineries, cement plants and petrochemical facilities.


CCS has three inherent advantages over other approaches. It works with our fossil fuel infrastructure and can avoid stranding hundreds of trillion of dollars of fossil fuel assets. It makes it possible to keep using fossil fuels, which produce constantly dispatchable power, as opposed to intermittent power from solar and wind. Finally, when the source of power is trees or crops, which pull carbon from the air, burning it at a facility that uses CCS can create negative net emissions.


How will we get anything to grow if we steal all the CO2 and plants can’t get any of it.  When we set in motion systems that do stuff like sucking down automatically carbon and oxygen, this will run riot as all human systems run riot when set into motion.



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27 responses to “UN Climate Scientist, Penner, Wants To Fix ‘Climate Change’ Via SULFURIC ACID POLLUTION!!!

  1. Jim R

    Reminds me of the scene in the movie Never Cry Wolf, when the Inuit elder asks young Farley what is in this bag? He is speaking in his native tongue, and being interpreted by a young Inuit man.

    Field biologist Farley replies that it is a bag full of wolf sh*t, and the reply gets interpreted. The old man goes on and on for about a minute, and Farley asks “what did he say?” …

    Young Inuit guy says, after slight pause: “Good idea!”

  2. Jim R

    As for CO2 being plant food, this is a popular discussion-stopper from the denialists. CO2 is not, and never has been, a limiting nutrient on plant growth. The planet had plenty of plants before we started digging up the mineral carbon and burning it. Plants can get enough carbon from the small fraction of a percent of natural CO2 in the air. Nitric acid could be said to be plant food as well, but if you pour it on your plants it will kill them. Immersing them in a CO2 atmosphere will kill them also.

    One of the geoengineering proposals I heard about ten or twenty years ago was to supply minor plant nutrients, such as iron, to the southern oceans. There is a marine desert in the south, and a small amount of iron is known to result in a lush bloom of phytoplankton.

    As I recall, there was a crowdfunding campaign about ten years ago by some nut who wanted to do it himself — to sail around the Pacific dispensing iron into the water. Not sure what happened to that idea…

    But Elaine, your idea of saving some of the mineral carbon for later is a good one. Why should we condemn future generations to such poverty?

  3. emsnews

    Um, so why do greenhouses pump in ten times the CO2 and the plants grow like crazy???

  4. emsnews

    The level of greenhouse gases in the last 500 years has been very low, not the ‘normal’ levels. We called that period ‘The Little Ice Age’ and agriculture was much more reduced than say, during the much pleasanter Roman Warm Period, for example

  5. Ken

    I read an interesting article several years ago in which CO2 concentrations were shown to have a direct correlation to human populations. When humans have population growth they burn wood and do other things which put CO2 into the atmosphere. When populations crash due to plagues in Europe, or the plagues brought to the western hemisphere by the Europeans, CO2 levels plunge.

    if the global warming folks really wanted to reduce CO2 levels, this could be easily done by curbing world population growth, especially in the third world where they burn a lot of wood and other organic material.


    ELAINE: What a dunderhead idea! So…as it got colder and colder they burned less and less wood??? Insane.

  6. JimmyJ

    I lived in two communities blighted by SO2 pollution. I worked at a molybdenum mine that “roasted” sulphur off Moly sulfide to make Moly oxide for steel. The S went into the air as SO2 until they put in a scrubber which worked intermittently. SO2 tastes kinda metallicy as it gathers with your internal moisture to become H2SO4. Good for the lungs!

    The SO2 killed vegetation all around the stack. If you go to Sudbury Ont the SO2 from their stack killed vegetation for 30 miles. Theyd build taller stacks and send it off farther. Its like a moonscape still driving there.

    Also lived in a pulp mill town where you find lots of reduced sulphur compounds in the air typically smelling like rotten eggs. But they also produce a whack of SO2.

    This SO2 geoengineering idea is worse than bad but idiots can still get things done. A local indigenous band seeded a vast part of the North Pacific ocean with rust because a “scientist” told them it would enhance salmon returns. No Env scientists or fisheries experts were consulted and conventions were broken. Just a few idiots with money and a cause. Watchout!


  7. Jim R

    I thought “the little ice age” was because of the Sun.

  8. Jim R

    #6 JimmyJ,
    Haha, interesting to read that Wikipedia article. I see that more than one nut has been sprinkling iron around.

    IMNSHO, like COP21, it will accomplish exactly nothing.

  9. emsnews

    Proof that ‘global warming’ ideology is making ‘scientists’ stupid is the remark above about how cold eras are caused by people burning wood during warm periods.

    Pure lunacy. They make up stuff all the time about the climate and the dumbing down of ‘scientists’ due to global warming theology is astonishing to watch. And they really imagine they are very smart. It hurts the brain to see how insane these people are. And since governments are very,very, VERY eager to tax thin air and give zero benefits for the people being taxed heavily, this is pure gravy for them and they support and fund lunatics who are most anxious to prove that this trace gas will kill us all.

    And no mere trace gas, one that is the fundamental basis for life on earth, plant food.

  10. Jim R

    It might be nice if we left a few trees to future generations, as well.

  11. Jim R

    Oh, and the problem with the third world burning wood is not so much from the CO2 from the wood itself. It is because they have reduced their forests to bare dirt, which does not remove any CO2 from the air. Forests are good at removing CO2. When you destroy them, they stop doing it.

  12. Lou

    What a dunderhead idea! So…as it got colder and colder they burned less and less wood???

    Well, once the area was deforested due to cold or too many people [think Haiti].

  13. emsnews

    Deforestation is real. Trees produce oxygen. We need trees for many things. But the global warming taxes won’t fix that problem and the problem of out of control birthing in third world countries won’t be fixed by any CO2 taxes, unless we approve of starvation.

    Today, these third world mass-birthing nations have demanded the first world nations hand over a trillion dollars to these mostly dictators.

    We know were the money will go: to London and NYC and Hong Kong, of course. $1,000 dinners in fancy eating places and yachts and fast cars and fast women…none will ‘fix’ the planet’s climate and since even spending the money elsewhere, won’t fix a phantom menace anyways.

    This is a tax on all of us to support vicious, exploitive rulers of poor masses of people who have zero birth controls except for starvation and disease…and wars.

  14. Lou

    Here Obama goes overtime by 11 minutes, ignores the bells telling him to go away and talks of ‘resources flowing to poor nations.’


  15. Lou

    Lunch today at the World Global Warming Summit;

    a buffet featuring some of the rarest and most expensive food on the planet, including Kobe beef, caviar, and a duck that’s almost extinct, washed down with $1000 per bottle champagne chilled just right.
    Cost of this single chowdown?, upwards of $1,000,000.–brh

  16. Lou

    Here Barry tells us that the summit is a ‘Powerful rebuke to Isis’—kid u not—http://www.ambrosekane.com/2015/12/01/delusional-obama-thinks-a-global-climate-conference-in-paris-will-be-a-powerful-rebuke-to-terrorists/

  17. ziff

    i would love to not believe GW but i can see the glaciers shrinking. And our latest cold blast was not very cold.

  18. JimmyJ

    Oops! New research that large scale volcanic activity can actually warm certain areas while cooling others…

    “The latest study used previously published climate and volcanic eruption records to introduce the possibility that warming in Greenland was caused by very large Southern Hemisphere volcanic eruptions.

    Similarly large volcanic eruptions in the Northern Hemisphere led to Greenland cooling, pushing weather fronts to the south and leading to temperature increases over Antarctica, the researchers said.”


  19. Alex Lemas

    Maurice Strong is dead. A UN stooge if ever there was one.

  20. Christian W

    @ 17

    Precisely. Deforestation, overpopulation, polution by consumers and corporations, overexploitation of natural resources etc are tangible problems that are all brushed under the carpet using the Global Warming/Climate Change cloaking device. This is true regardless of if human made “Climate Change” is real or not.

    I do wonder why the magical solution to all these problems is to hand over more money to the global elites so they can play more financial insider games.

  21. Jim R

    Elaine, I always agreed with you about the stuff politicians want to do about it. Financial fraud will not help, and will probably, almost certainly, do more damage, and a carbon tax is definitely financial fraud. There’s a lot of it going around these days, especially among governments.

    But the effect of CO2 is real, also CH4, and SO2 as well. They all have effects on the atmosphere, the oceans, and the weather, if present in sufficient quantity. Of course the climate models all use a constant Sun, but then nobody knows what it will do. It has been pretty steady for the last few centuries.

    And we are seeing those climate effects here and there already. Just the beginnings, really. Alpine biomes moving up the mountain, for example. It’s real, and those crackpot websites you always quote are BS.


    ELAINE: Oh my god! Flowers are blooming on mountains!!!! We are doomed!!!!!!!

    Um, don’t you realize you are saying that an increase in plant life is evil? And that the best ‘normal’ is bare mountainsides with no life???? Wow.

  22. Mr Bill

    Do these “scientists” and their peer group really represent the “vast majority of climate scientists”? But what are the professional standards and academic study credentials for these folks? How do their studies relate to the standard fields of science and technology. Who knows their background? The indications suggest these illustrous spokespersons from the UN IPCC group may not be applying the best expected practices for good scientists, and may be entirely goofy. So, if not, why not?

    Now we get to the Carbon Capture and Store (CCS). First of all, we are not really talking about Carbon Capture, we are really talking about CO2 Caputre! The issue is pretty simple – In lab tests over the years, A CO2 molecule will absorb a specific amount of energy at different input energy frequencies. And then, we go nuts – Excess CO2 molecules in the atmosphere will cause destructive climate change! Now, we are off to the nonsensical races.But, take note that methane, Chloro hydrocarbons, Flouro hydrocarbons pose other more severe energy absorption issues, plus water vapor based factors. But, these issues don’t seem to be in the plan.

    The main CCS issue is capturing and storing CO2. So, they say there are basically three options, (1) cryogenic CO2 liquid, (2) liquid carbonate and (3) building materials like lime and gypsum. What!!! There are already successful cryogenic suppliers, and building material suppliers, but the .liquid carbonate is basically, carbonated water. You have to be kidding!

  23. Ken

    @9 Elaine, you have the research on population and temperature backwards. Perhaps I was not clear enough in my original comment @5. Let me try again.

    Global temperature is affected by the size of the human population according to the study I read. Larger human populations are associated with higher temperatures. Crashes in the number of humans is associated with colder temperatures.

    At first glance, the research would seem to suggest simply that humans thrive better in warmer temperatures. However, the study addressed this by showing that the change in population preceded the temperature change. So his conclusion was that population was a driving force in temperature (along with the sun,of course).

    So my initial comment was that if this study was correct (and it is the only one I have seen on this), then the climate change alarmists are barking up the wrong tree. If they were serious about climate change they would focus on population growth and not on ruining the economy.

    That’s all. It didn’t seem like such a “dunderhead” idea. However, it is a solution that will not be implemented because the populations to be curbed would have to be in the third world, and that would be racist.


    ELAINE: Wow.

    Look, human populations don’t just ‘grow’. They grow due to warm weather being great for agriculture. People die off due to terrible plagues which thrive when people are starving or poorly fed due to cold weather, etc. People do not expand in numbers when there is no food and food grows during warm cycles and is reduced during cold cycles. Remember the starvation of Africa during the previous cold cycle that ended in 1980? I remember these very well!

  24. Jim R

    Elaine, I didn’t say anything was evil. You are putting words in my mouth.

    I said alpine biomes are moving to higher altitudes. Fact. And directly attributable to CO2. It’s warmer in the mountains. You probably won’t notice, because like most grannies, you need a sweater when it gets below 65°

    As for other weather events, they are pretty random, so you can’t really point to a tornado or a lack of hurricanes and (not that people don’t try to do it anyway) say it is because of GW.

    So, when do you expect this Meinel-minimum induced ice age to start?

  25. Lou

    jfr— It was mentioned to Elaine that Chemtrails are real but she denied it, this year? Last year? She thinks those grids are contrails.


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