The NYT Notices That Global Warmists Want To Destroy US Economy And Freeze Us To Death


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Skeptical Science is a website that claims to understand climate science.  They are, right now, flailing about madly trying to explain away the ‘pause’ is ‘warming’ and the growth of Antarctica’s ice sheets.  At their website, they have this thermometer listing all the ‘lies’ about the climate.  For example, pointing out that the climate has always changed especially since the last 4 million years, is a ‘myth’ for these believers.  That the sun may have a lot to do with these sudden, long Ice Ages is another ‘myth’ for the global warmists.  A  key point for these believers in us roasting to death is the business about Antarctic ice, they are utterly freaked out over the news that it is growing, not shrinking.  Especially in winter, the skirt of heavy ice surrounding Antarctica is spreading more and more over the surface of the ocean.


Our rulers who are most anxious to impose heavy taxes on nothing more than thin air have to convince us that the sky is falling.  This is the Chicken Little business.  The news media owners are anxious to do this, too so they refuse to broadcast or discuss cold weather problems such as the sudden chill covering much of the Midwest which is being  hammered by one blizzard after another with the most recent one that began at Thanksgiving and is still rotating over the Great Lakes region, the misery being suffered by Americans due to severe cold is being nearly totally ignored by our national media as if they don’t exist.  Even Texas has had ice and snow during November, of all things!


Imagining a World Without Growth – The New York Times


 It’s hard to imagine now, but humanity made do with little or no economic growth for thousands of years. In Byzantium and Egypt, income per capita at the end of the first millennium was lower than at the dawn of the Christian Era. Much of Europe experienced no growth at all in the 500 years that preceded the Industrial Revolution. In India, real incomes per person shrank continuously from the early 17th through the late 19th century.


All these eras were called ‘dark ages’. They were also cold ages. Also known as ‘barbarian invasion’ ages. Civilizations fell.  Human population collapsed and agriculture decreased greatly.  Cities are abandoned.  When I was a child living at the Kitt Peak observatory complex, the dry desert surrounding Kitt Peak mountain was covered with broken pottery and discarded corn grind stones.  This entire area was once cultivated by the natives during the Medieval Warm Period and was abandoned during the Little Ice Age.  The colder temperatures meant less rain for Arizona.


“This is a subtle and largely unacknowledged part of some folks’ environmental/climate plan,” said Michael Greenstone, who directs the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago.


No kidding!  It isn’t subtle at all, they are screaming for us to move back into huts and to cease using any sort of fuels at all!  The rich people who own the NYT and their rich Wall Street buddies are getting a little nervous about the plans to strip US citizens of all our comforts and wealth and move these overseas to equatorial nations with high birth rates.


None of this future fear deters the alarmists.  From the SkS alarmists: “Growth, degrowth and climate change: A scenario analysis,”


Limiting growth to zero, he found, had a modest impact on carbon spewed into the air. Only the “de-growth” situation — in which Canadians’ income per person shrank to its level in 1976 and the average working hours of employed Canadians declined by 75 percent — managed to slash emissions in a big way.


And it is creeping into international diplomacy, showing up forcefully in India’s demand for “carbon space” from the rich world, which at its logical limit would demand that advanced nations deliver negative emissions — suck more carbon out of the atmosphere than they put in — so the world’s poor countries could burn their way to development as the rich countries have done for the last two centuries.


Forcing the colder climate Northern Hemisphere nations to freeze to death to please India is not going to happen.  Already, the great masses in the EU and US are beginning to wake up the perils of these plans and will fight it tooth and nail.  Liberalism, and I am a liberal, will rapidly die, literally in many case.  Enraged workers and lower class people who are denied survival systems will swamp any liberal government and the riots and violence will be tremendous and entire cities will burn.


Ignoring this possibility, the warmists are now being forced to lie about the climate more and more frantically.  Here is one sad example of this:  Is Antarctica losing or gaining ice? is an article in the religious site called ‘Skeptical Science’ which is a hilarious name since these poor people are huge ‘denialists’ that is, they explain away the obvious via various excuses.  On the topic of the growing ice pile in the South Pole, here are some explanations:


A study published by Jay Zwally and his team on Oct. 30 (Zwally et al. 2015) has suggested that until 2008 there might have been a bigger increase in ice on East Antarctica than there is a decrease in the west, meaning that total Antarctic land ice is increasing. While their results for the Antarctic Peninsula and much of West Antarctica agree with other research, the study disagrees with many other techniques. We will update this discussion once more studies address this issue. Until then here are links to some recently published takes on the study:


It is obvious now that ice is growing not only at the South Pole.  The news that ice is growing has alarmists crying in horror:  A controversial NASA study says Antarctica is gaining ice. Here’s why you should be skeptical cries one person at this site.  Another one is even deeper in denial as he asserts: Is Antarctica Gaining or Losing Ice? Hint: Losing.  Don’t let facts get in the way of fantasies!  Here is another hysteric at SkS going into pure insanity: Just Because Antarctica Might Be Gaining Ice Doesn’t Mean Climate Change Isn’t Happening.  Aside from the fact that the climate hasn’t been ‘stable’ for millions of years, going into denial of facts of reality is the definition of insanity.


Here is an example as SkS goes to ‘scientists’ who are being paid by our rulers to lie about reality:


The Southern Ocean is freshening because of increased rain and snowfall as well as an increase in meltwater coming from the edges of Antarctica’s land ice (Zhang 2007, Bintanga et al. 2013). Together, these change the composition of the different layers in the ocean there causing less mixing between warm and cold layers and thus less melted sea and coastal land ice.


This sounds like excuse making.  Melting ice means we are getting too warm. Growing ice doesn’t mean we are getting colder.  This refusal to apply the same dynamic for more ice is typical of people striving hard to not view reality.  The key thing here is to eliminate the sun as author of warmth for our planet!  It is the ONLY thing making it warm.  And logic would suggest that the appearance of ice ages means the sun has not been entirely uniform in giving us this precious heat.


What also astonishes me is how all these liberals complaining about the warm weather have ceased talking about the need to curb births in third world and second world countries.  The difference between China and India, for example, is that India refuses to practice birth control whereas China was very intense on this issue. China’s industrial rise far outstrips India which struggles along in deepest poverty.  Africa and the Middle East are both total catastrophes as well as Central America, led by the anti-birth control Popes in the Vatican, all are struggling under a mountain of people.


The Pope has chosen to attack modern life and demand the birth control countries slit our collective wrists to keep the anti-birth control countries happy by giving them a huge amount of our profits while we are to live in hut and hovels with no modern systems just like the army of people in the third world which doesn’t do birth control.


CA drought photos from mid-1970s are shockingly familiar | News …


The California drought of 1976-77 was called the worst in the state’s history. 1976 was the fourth-driest year on record, which give way to 1977 — the driest year California had ever experienced in more than 100 years on record.


Sahel drought was the same time period.  The global cooling that went from the mid-1950’s to 1980 was all about it getting colder and drier in many places.  As the jet stream shifted, some dry places that were hot like Arizona, was cooler but wetter, for example.  I remember that time very well, we had frequent winter floods in Tucson and at one point I couldn’t get to school due to the local bridges being either under water or the banks collapsed and took away the road bed.  I even fished people out of their cars from raging streams using my horse, Socksie.


When it warmed up again, the winter rains became rarer and the desert became drier.  Meanwhile, as it warmed up the Sahel returned to ‘normal’.  But there is no ‘normal’ in this Ice Age Cycle era!  This is why humans evolved very rapidly during the Ice Ages.  The changes to our species shot upwards during this era.  Gorillas living in the jungles of the Congo which saw little change of any sort all these millions of years, have barely evolved at all whereas humans who lived in the Sahel and other regions being hammered by the climate changes, evolved very rapidly.


I looked up the topic of the Great Die-off of the Permian era 250 million years ago.  Life on earth was hammered very, very hard, much worse than the asteroid hit era that ended the rule of the dinosaurs or the Ice Age era die-offs that forced evolution into new paths over much of North America and Eurasia but not Australia or equatorial Africa.  Here is an article about the Permian collapse:  Why did nearly all life on Earth die 250 million years ago?


The article mentions the Siberian Traps which spewed amazing amounts of sulfur dioxide which is pure poison for most life forms.  That is correct but it then goes on about CO2 which is plant food, not a poison:


 Not all scientists agree that the asteroid impact caused the volcanic eruptions. Whether the volcanoes or the asteroid came first, it’s certain that the Great Dying was caused by the buildup of carbon dioxide both in the sea and on land. The devastation was so complete that the period following the end of the Permian has a 10-million-year “coal gap” when no coal was formed at all. Scientists speculate that’s because there was simply not enough plant life to create the coal.


The reason carbon dioxide increased was, there were much less plant life to eat it…this goes under ‘duh.’  The carbon dioxide didn’t kill the plants, the plants were killed by sulfur dioxide.  That is the real poison here.  The article goes on:


More specifically, the Permo-Triassic extinction event proves that climate change caused by greenhouse gasses can kill nearly every creature on the planet. Regardless of how that greenhouse scenario starts – whether it’s a massive volcano or centuries of burning fossil fuels – climate change kills more effectively than a meteor impact. Remember: the meteor and volcanoes only started the cycle of death – the Great Dying was probably as comprehensive as it was due to atmospheric changes.


Again and again we see the same propaganda.  SO2 is totally ignored whereas CO2 is mentioned repeatedly as a villain that kills life on earth.  This is beyond stupid, it is malicious lies.  CO2 does not kill plants.  If it warms up the environment, plants easily adapt to this since much of their evolutionary life was spent on a much, much warmer planet that the one we live on today, one that saw no Ice Ages at all.  Coal seams are the results of such thick, heavy plant growth in the past when the CO2 levels were higher, we are burning this today and this is causing some warming at the end of our Interglacial and if it prevents the next Ice Age, we should be very happy about this.


An asteroid strike is smaller than a change in CO2 levels according to the article.  Volcanic pulses pour out many toxins.  From the people at the US Geological Survey:  Volcanic Gases and Their Effects:


The volcanic gases that pose the greatest potential hazard to people, animals, agriculture, and property are sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen fluoride. Locally, sulfur dioxide gas can lead to acid rain and air pollution downwind from a volcano. Globally, large explosive eruptions that inject a tremendous volume of sulfur aerosols into the stratosphere can lead to lower surface temperatures and promote depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer. Because carbon dioxide gas is heavier than air, the gas may flow into in low-lying areas and collect in the soil. The concentration of carbon dioxide gas in these areas can be lethal to people, animals, and vegetation. A few historic eruptions have released sufficient fluorine-compounds to deform or kill animals that grazed on vegetation coated with volcanic ash; fluorine compounds tend to become concentrated on fine-grained ash particles, which can be ingested by animals.


The #1 killer even according to US government scientists is correct, it is sulfur dioxide.  CO2 is only bad in peculiar, low level locations.  Fluorine does kill, too.  The fact that SO2 is the most dangerous gas is nearly totally ignored by the warmists today. The Clean Air Act was all about preventing SO2 pollution and it worked.  I remember very well the fight to get the Clean Air Act passed and enforced, it did wonders.  I couldn’t go to LA back in the 1970s because I couldn’t breathe the air there when there was an inversion.  It made me physically ill.


Turning CO2, the main source of life for the base of our evolutionary pyramid, the plants that sustain all of us and produces oxygen for us, into a villain to be defeated, is quite disgusting.  Young people are being fed propaganda that tells them, the world would be a better place if only we had CO2 levels back where they were during the worst of the Ice Ages!  CO2 does warm the planet.  And since we are perched right on the rim of the canyon of the next descent into another Grand Canyon Ice Age, the bit of warming from more CO2 coupled with higher plant growth may save us all since there is zero possibility of all humanity surviving another Ice Age.  Chances are, 99.9% of us all will die of starvation and cold and the rest would resort to cannibalism and other frantic attempts at survival and our species will change yet again like it did with every Ice Age for the last 2.5 million years.


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19 responses to “The NYT Notices That Global Warmists Want To Destroy US Economy And Freeze Us To Death

  1. Jim R

    Ice is down again this year. Last year it was up. On a time scale of decades, the trend is slightly down. Shrug.

  2. “CO2 does warm the planet”

    Are you sure about that? Is there any real evidence that is true? Otherwise excellent article.

  3. ziff

    the fact that glaciers over here are melting, falls on a deaf ear

  4. e sutton

    There you go again, making sense. You and Karl Denninger are an existential threat to the global warming meme. No doubt the PTB want both of you to STFU.

  5. vengeur

    About the glaciers receding: There are glaciers north of Seward Alaska. Over the years they have been receding, and there are signs posted showing the progression through the years , for example a sign with the date 1910, 1930 1970, the earliest year being the farthest away from the glacier at present. . But interesting to note the signs posted go back to the early 1900’s BEFORE the great increase in man made CO 2.

  6. ziff

    venger, yes , but the GW claim is warming added to the warm cycle.
    And there was an advance in the 50’s

  7. Jim R

    vengeur, what makes you think humans weren’t burning coal and eradicating forests before 1900?

    There have been shortages of trees, for example in Lebanon, for millennia. The Romans ran out of trees in some areas in Europe.

    The main thing about the 1900s is that before then, we didn’t have chemists actually measuring the CO2 levels. Since about 1960, we have precise records from Hawaii, away from most of the everyday pollution sources. Before that, it was largely guesswork based on bubbles in old ice deposits and such — not very reliably preserved.

  8. vengeur

    This is the one I was talking about. There used to be markers with years on them.

  9. vengeur

    The chart is interesting.

  10. Seraphim

    @impose heavy taxes on nothing more than thin air

    That’s nothing new:

    “A hearth tax was a property tax in certain countries during the medieval and early modern period, levied on each hearth, thus by metonymy on each family unit. It was calculated based on the number of hearths, or fireplaces, within a municipal area.
    Hearth tax was levied in the Byzantine Empire from the 9th century, France and England from the 14th century, and finally in England, Scotland and Ireland in the 17th century.” In Romania it was called fumărit (from fum=smoke) or coșărit (coş=chimney). It was perceived even for gathering brushwood in the forest. As the collection of taxes was, like in almost all cases, farmed, the term came to be a metaphor for abuses.
    Now it’s Carbon tax, which certainly would be farmed also. Brrr!

  11. Ziff

    We just had a long hot summer so it was very hard on them. The SE corner of Alaska get lots of snow so one might expect it to be different there but I haven’t looked.

  12. Christian W

    Just in time for the hot war in Syria to kick off a Qatari gunman is tagged with the murder and injuring of a couple dozen handicapped people and their helpers.

    Sweet, there will be a real showdown in Syria now. 😦 No way the NATO nutters will leave Russia et al alone to clean out the Dash in Syria.

  13. Christian W

    Daesh not Dash.

  14. Christian W

    The situation is Syria is really hotting up now.

    Russia has opened up another airbase for it’s aerospace forces and apparently given the Syrian government back the keys to the Syrian S-300 system. The Syrians are saying any maneuver in Syrian air space that is not approved by Damascus will result in the offending air planes being shot down. Also the Iranians are sending planes and more troops to Syria.

    Turkey is massing up forces on the border to Syria and Iraq for a possible invasion. Already the Syrian army is reporting shelling from the Turkish side. Mosul in Iraq is a quite likely candidate for a NATO invasion to lay the foundation for a Kurdistan in the north of Iraq and Sunnistan in Western Syria, Eastern Iraq thus splitting the Shias in Iraq and Persia from those in Lebanon.

    US Special Forces have entered Syria in Kurdish areas. The US is also sending Special Forces to Iraq (very dangerous move as a lot of Shia militias hate American soldiers to the point of shoot on sight).

    The US is also building up it’s naval presence in the Mediterranean with USS Theodore Roosevelt and destroyers.

    UK has started bombing Raqqa after the vote for war on Syria went through.

    Germany is sending Tornado planes to Turkey.

    The Iraqi Shias have caught an Israeli Special Forces colonel who was embedded with ISIS. They have his name, rank, number and story according to F. Willam Engdahl and others.

  15. Jim R

    … A story you will NOT be reading in the NYT …

  16. emsnews

    The intersection of all the major nuclear powers in Syria could easily launch WWIII. This is obvious and the debates in Parliament in London all talked about how they were NOT going to openly cooperate with Putin in Syria but do their own shit there.

    And the dispute about the weather is becoming downright stupid at this point. Duh, it is warmer than during the effing Little Ice Age!!! Thank god for that! It still isn’t near as warm as the Minoan Warm Cycle.

    As we sail into WWIII, worrying about it being warmer than 30 years ago is the height of stupidity. Nuclear winter will fix that, quickly.

  17. “And since we are perched right on the rim of the canyon of the next descent into another Grand Canyon Ice Age, the bit of warming from more CO2 coupled with higher plant growth may save us all since there is zero possibility of all humanity surviving another Ice Age. Chances are, 99.9% of us all will die of starvation and cold and the rest would resort to cannibalism and other frantic attempts at survival and our species will change yet again like it did with every Ice Age for the last 2.5 million years.”

    And WWIII will tip us right into it, all seven billion of us, when the nukes fly. So add the impacts from the radiation and the nuclear winter and we’ll see Near Term Extinction right quick!

    Not by Fire, but by Ice.
    Even though Pollution Alone
    Would Suffice.

  18. Jim R

    Hey, Elaine. Forget about the chemtrails and CO2, and worry about this:
    Cuomo Sends Investigators After Blackout Forces Shutdown Of Nuclear Reactor Near NYC

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/05/2015 22:32 -0500

    One for the ‘we-told-you-so’ department.

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