Everyone Knows Now That Muslim Terrorists Are Focused On Western Civilians

As radical Muslim terrorists attack NATO countries one after another, as Israel brutalizes the Palestinians, as Saudi Arabia tortures and kills gays and women who have sex, as the conspiracy to overthrow very liberal Muslim dictators who give women and even gays some protection or civil rights, we have the US and EU both proclaiming they want to ‘save Syria’ but they are the ones along with Israel and Saudi Arabia that is ripping Syria apart.  US soldiers reportedly arrive in Syria to train Kurds fighting ′Islamic State′ which is news in Germany, not the US. This has been mainly concealed from US voters.  The US soldiers are fighting Assad and Russia as well as the ISIS gang.  This could cause WWIII.


Anything that can cause WWIII has to be avoided which is why the US/EU support of the coup in Kiev was so dangerous, it forced Russia to make the split in the country since the coup was fascist and set up to attack Russian citizens of that country.


The Observatory’s director, Rami Abdel Rahman, said US trainers had crossed over the border from Turkey and from the autonomous Kurdish region in neighboring Iraq. He added that most of them were sent to Kobani, where they’re expected to train a newly formed Arab-Kurd coalition backed by the United States. The other group was sent to Hasakeh province in the east.
A source with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) told AFP the American instructors would help plan offensives against the IS-held city of Jarablus and its de-facto capital, Raqqa.


The next question is, what are the EU ‘allies’ pouring into Syria, going to do?  Attack Assad?  Or attack ISIS?  Last October, all the Big Powers met to discuss exactly this but did NOT INVITE ASSAD much less, any ISIS guys.  Saudi Arabia, for example, which is a vile dictatorship, signed on for “a political process leading to credible, inclusive, nonsectarian governance, followed by a new constitution and elections.” This is pure lunacy.  Even more insane:


US Secretary of State John Kerry said after the talks that all countries – including regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia – had pledged to support an independent and secular Syria, to maintain the country’s institutions, and to strive to defeat IS.


Israel was there!  Israel is NOT a ‘secular state’ at all, it is a religious/ethnic/tribal state.  Saudi Arabia is a religious dictatorship, one of the nastiest on earth.  The list of ‘secular, independent’ states in Muslim countries is very, very, very short.  Zero.  They do not exist.  Our own diplomats have to lie about basic issues.  This is why it is always a disaster as we meddle in foreign affairs.  The goal for Syria is actually to rip it up into several tiny segments that can’t menace Israel, that is the US/EU goal.


‘Allah took their sanity’: Putin accuses Turkish leadership of ‘aiding terror’ and the NATO nations are telling us that Turkey wants to stop ‘terror’.  US-led coalition not striking ISIS oil trucks despite evidence – Russia’s General Staff claims.  In reference to the Kurds, Kurds & US Special Forces should be used to seal Turkish-Syrian border – Russian FM demands.


German intel warns Saudi Arabia is shifting to ‘impulsive interventionist policy’ and this ‘impulse’ is to back global Muslim terrorism.  France seeks constitutional reform to extend state of emergency limit to 6 months as they hunker down in Paris which is riddled with Muslim neighborhoods hostile to outsiders as is Belgium and other parts of Europe especially Sweden.


Isil ‘aims to attack UK next’, claims report as intelligence agencies ‘fear fallout from air strikes on Syria’ except London has been on ISIS radar for a long time now and the terrorists there are already armed and ready to strike.  The only question is, when and where.  Air Daesh: Hopeful Hijackers Undergo Terrorist Pilot Training in Libya so the airport in London should consider them top of the list for this.  I could suggest hijackers might fly a jet into the Queen’s home base, no?  Quite reasonable to consider this.


The main problem here is, all the ‘solutions’ being offered to us all are stupid, insane or grossly dangerous.  There is no ‘good’ solution to any of this, the weight of history is a ton of bricks here and each was laid long ago.


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14 responses to “Everyone Knows Now That Muslim Terrorists Are Focused On Western Civilians

  1. LOU

    You did like Obama. He is a muslim. Check, youtube, Ann Barnhardt. She knows all about him. Ignore her religious preaching.

  2. Jim R

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    And a lovely rant/essay. I sincerely hope the Eurasian alliance can head off a nuclear WW3… the official narrative is rapidly coming unglued here.

  3. vengeur

    Peace Prize President Obama illegally sending in “advisors” . LOL . Some of us are old enough to remember the “advisors” sent to Vietnam. Same old bullsh*t. I think the whole game here is to incite the Russians to an (re)-action that can portray them “the bad guys ” again. You have to give Putin credit for outplaying Obama and Nato, who are becoming more and more desperate to counter Russia’s stabilizing “influence” in the ME, which is in direct opposition to the insane and murderous intervention of the US-Nato in Iraq, Libya, and now Syria.

  4. vengeur

    I don’t know if this has been posted, but interesting read: http://www.dw.com/en/godfather-of-terror-saudi-arabia-and-is/a-18876511

  5. vengeur

    The media is STILL calling it anything but a TERRORIST ATTACK (just another mass shooting) LOL http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/stories-died-mass-shooting-california-35586293

  6. Jim R

    So apparently this ‘mass shooting’ was not in the script. Maybe they were saving this pair of radicals for something else, and they went off prematurely. Or maybe they weren’t in the plan at all.

    If their caper was expected, like several others were rumored to be, they would have been terrrrasts! Moooooslum terrrrasts!

    But not today, apparently. . .

    Just wait till the Ukronazis start showing up — they’ll be Rooooshun terrrrass! And show up they will, when the putsch collapses. A cold winter is not out of the question there…

  7. Seraphim

    @Israel was there!

    If you mean the talks in Vienna, Israel was not physically present there. It studiously affects a “neutral” stance and fake unconcern. But certainly was present in ghost. All the situation in Syria is about Israel only, although never said. It is for bringing about the “Greater Israel”.
    Momentarlily Israel is in a bit of a quandary and sits on the fence. The Russian-Turkish conflict presents it with a difficult choice. But it made clear what its preferrences are:

    “Yet regardless of the solution found, the lesson from the Turkish-Russian confrontation for all parties involved in Syria is that in the complex Middle East, rivalry between two parties should not be allowed to render a third party acceptable. In other words, the desire to weaken the Islamic State cannot make the Iranian-backed Assad regime any more acceptable, and at the same time, opposition to Russian involvement in Syria cannot make the Islamic State or the al-Nusra Front a legitimate replacement for Assad.
    Israel can derive a number of tactical and strategic lessons from the confrontation, and in this context, should also underscore that Syria cannot be reunited and the area must be stabilized through a re-demarcation of borders, perhaps within a federative framework.
    On the one hand, on a bilateral level, Israel has a clear interest in supporting Moscow…BUT
    “On the other hand, actually siding with Turkey, which opposes the radical axis in Syria, would better serve Israel’s strategic logic and fundamental interests. Russian operations in Syria, under cover of the struggle against the Islamic State, provide an international seal of approval to Israel’s most dangerous enemies – Iran, Hezbollah, and the Assad regime. In this context, Turkey and Israel share a common interest, which includes Assad’s removal from power, the weakening of Iranian dominance in Syria, and the resulting blow this would mean for Hezbollah. A Turkish signal of willingness to work in cooperation with Israel to address these threats and challenges, and consequently to reduce its hostility toward Israel, would bring to the table other issues with the potential for mutual profits, such as the opening of the Turkish market to Israeli gas (a need that will increase with the reduced supply of Russian gas to Turkey); an improvement in Israeli integration in NATO activity (which has encountered difficulties due to Turkish opposition); and Turkey’s return as a positive and central actor in the political process between Israel and the Palestinians and the Arab world (which is in need of a creative maneuver to break the current impasse).
    Perhaps Israel’s contradictory interests in the current confrontation between Turkey and Russia can also shed light on what is the most important goal at the moment, for the United States and the European Union as well: the formulation of a strategy that would lead, whether simultaneously or incrementally, to the weakening and removal of the two negative forces operating in Syria – the Assad regime on the one hand and the Islamic State on the other.”

  8. Seraphim

    @Israel was there!

    Actually it wants to be everywhere:

    “Netanyahu envisions ‘three more Israels’ in Mideast, N. Africa?
    Outlining vision for countering Iranian conventional threat, prime minister curiously suggests ‘Israels’ near Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen”
    By Gil Ronen, 11/11/2015 @Arutz Sheva.israelnationalnews.com
    “an Israeli media network identifying with Religious Zionism. It offers online news in Hebrew, English, and Russian”

    “In a somewhat cryptic remark in an interview hosted by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Tuesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu raised the imaginary possibility of the establishment of two or three more “Israels” throughout the Middle East and North Africa, which he said would be located in or near present-day Libya, Afghanistan and Yemen.
    He made the curious statement in the course of a long reply to a question by the host, AEI Senior Vice President of Foreign and Defense Policy, Danielle Pletka, about the implications of the deal signed with Iran. Netanyahu laid out three things that need to be done – presumably by the US and the West – which he said he had discussed earlier in the day with President Barack Obama.
    The first of these, he said, is to “keep Iran’s feet to the fire and make sure it doesn’t violate the deal.”
    The second thing, he continued, is to prevent Iran’s conventional aggression.
    And to this end – the US needs to support its allies and “the most important ally, the most important countervailing force for Iran is the state of Israel. Support Israel!”
    This was the point at which he laid out the “additional Israels” scenario. “The president and I discussed today an MOU, a memorandum of understanding for American military support for Israel for the next ten years,” he said.
    At the 33:00 minute mark, he then asked his audience: “Imagine a Middle East without Israel. What do you think would happen in our immediate vicinity? I’m the foreign minister so I have to be diplomatic,” he answered. Netanyahu is currently also acting foreign minister.
    “I’ll leave it to your imagination. Now imagine a Middle East with three Israels: one in Afghanistan, one in Libya, one near Yemen. It’ll be a far different situation. The support for Israel that I’m talking about. Well – the United States supports Israel to the tune of 3 billion a year…
    “You spent on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, a trillion and a half. So that’s five centuries’ worth of support for Israel… We’re an ally that doesn’t ask for any American troops… We can defend ourselves, we just want to have the tools. So I think the second thing in fighting Iran is getting Israel the tools to defend itself and deter Iran.”
    The third thing that needs to be done against the Iranian threat, he said, is to bring down its global terror network.”
    He was clearly, albeit criptically, referring to the Oded Yinon plan and indicates that it has the American full support!
    He did not say anything about the fourth Israel in Ukraine!

  9. Christian W

    * NATO + allies have taken their ISIS road show to Yemen now. Horrific footage of ISIS executions of Houthis have started to emerge. ISIS is a marketing “brand” just like Coca Cola or Nike.

    * Turkey has sent troops across the border into Iraq coordinating only with the US Lord over Everything. The Iraqi PM says the unauthorized (by Iraq) presence of Turkish troops is a very serious breach of Iraqi sovereignty. The US doesn’t give a shit.

  10. Christian W


    Syria is going to be ripped apart by the West/Israel + allies and sucked dry. The European Elites (the Bilderbergers) have reverted to type and are back, after a post-WWII hiatus, playing the 19th century Great Game with US and Israeli help. Israel wishes to see it’s Greater Israel fantasies come true.

    The Gulf Kingdoms provide a lot of financial muscle buying insider status and the US gets to see select people become very, very rich and powerful from the looting and the sale of lots of arms and so on.

  11. Seraphim

    It looks that Israel’s dilemma on which side of the fence to fall is on the way to be solved:
    “Russian crisis an opportunity to mend Turkey-Israel ties”

    …Ties with Israel: The Turkish-Russian crisis will also have an impact on the status quo in the Middle East, particularly from the Israeli perspective. The tension between Turkey and Russia will allow Israel to take a side in this standoff, and there are many reasons why it would be the Turkish side. Russia’s growing military alliance with Iran with the deployment of S-300 missile systems and with Hezbollah to strengthen Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime are sufficient reasons why Israel would like to break the ice with Turkey and reinstate political and diplomatic dialogue.
    That would, in return, give Turkey the chance to regain its role in the Arab-Israeli conflict and therefore expand its influence to the broader Middle East. With the elections over in Turkey and the government established, there seems to be a suitable environment for the accomplishment of compensation talks between the two countries and therefore the appointment of ambassadors to each other’s capitals.
    This could also be seen as a beginning of a new era in which Turkey and Egypt could also try to seek an environment for dialogue.
    Diversification of energy resources: One of the positive outcomes of the Russian sanctions is the cancellation of what they call the Turkish Stream, a pipeline proposed by Putin in December 2014. This column had underlined several times that Turkey should be cautious about signing projects that would increase its already high dependency on Russian energy sources.”

  12. emsnews

    The neocons are desperate to resume the ‘Cold War’. This is their power base and like any creatures of habit, they must have this happen again. I have pointed this fact out for years now.

    They have the power and they want us back on track. Obama actually has resisted them repeatedly but has been forced to retreat since both parties are run by neocons.

    The old Peace and Freedom movement is dead thanks to global warming. They are now totally distracted by this belief we are going to be slightly warmer and wish to return to the Little Ice Age which is insane. Distracted by this, the peace people have been pushing for huge taxes on air and they are fools.

    Even in the teeth of more wars, they are marching against warmer weather. Insane. Sad.

  13. Christian W

    Erdogan just signed a new gas deal with Qatar the other day. Turkey also received some billions from the EU along with a ease up on visa demands for EU/Turkey travel, plus promises of speeding up the process of integrating Turkey into the EU (no thanks!). Being a back stabbing thug pays off apparently.

    Barzani, the Kurdish leader/gang boss, has been visiting Saudi Barbaria the last few days. No doubt he is being promised a big chunk of Northern Iraq and Syria for his participation as a cover for butchering Syria and Iraq. (Erdogan probably isn’t best pleased about this bit).

    There is a meeting taking place right now where the Saudis etc are meeting setting up their puppets (the Syrian “opposition” eg) to replace Assad and split up Syria.

    The USIsrael/NATO/Saudi Barbaria et al are getting ready to make their military move and attack Syria, of course under the guise of attacking their puppets ISIS.

    Cue even more bloodshed, murder and depravity for the ME peoples while the depraved Western leaders reward themselves with aristocratic, state, military and academic honours, titles and medals and the ubiquitous loot/money.

  14. Jim R

    Interesting little factoid about numbers. You know, trillion dollars here, trillion there, … Everett Dirksen had no idea.

    Well, if you personally started with $1T, back when Jesus was chillin’ out with the Essenes and freely passing out his wisdom and miracles, and telling the Romans where they could go with their Legions, if you had gotten $1T from the money changers there at the temple, —

    If you spent a million dollars a day, every day since then, that’s $1,000,000 every day …

    You would have gone through approximately $736,000,000,000.00 of your initial stash by now. Or a little less than 3/4 of it.

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