FBI Finally Admits California Mass Killing Was ISIS Terrorists

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As heavily armed Muslim terrorists openly attack one NATO nation after another, the liberal solution is to let in millions of illegal alien Muslims and to disarm Europe and the US.  The New York Times, which I took a screen shot above, has a solution to this war on all of us: End the Gun Epidemic in America by unilaterally disarming us all.  The shooting epidemic is nearly totally in the inner cities and is poor people who live as criminals shooting each other and anyone who strays inside, the solution being, return our lower level jobs shipped overseas so Detroit, once a verdant, proud city, will no longer lie in ruins.  Aside from this, the religious war being waged of Jews, Muslims and Christians, needs a solution and disarmament of the US public isn’t the solution.  I have guns.  I use them, too.  I live in the countryside and we shoot deer, for example, but also we have zero police and we need our own protection and yes, I have drawn guns on hostile ‘visitors’ and have used it to control them in the past, a number of times on my parent’s ranch or on my mountain.


Note how the liberals who own the NYT attack the Republicans in their headlines.  Two crazed Muslims, one born here to immigrants the other brought over to do the terror, do a very violent mass killing and planned to repeat this horror except the cops nailed them.  So the NYT talks about ‘Republican aggression’!  It also has a headline about how Muslims are scared.  Well, we are all scared…that they harbor and protect violent terrorists who want to destroy us!  What is really annoying here is, the NYT fully supports the ethnic cleansing in Palestine and the Jews there can gun down little girls wielding a pair of scissors and not a peep from the Jews who run and own the NYT.  Not one peep.  So why all the sympathy for Muslims who immigrate to America?


It was obvious from the first hour that the shooting in California was a terrorist act.  Now there is absolute proof that a Muslim female was deliberately brought in to the country to assist in a terrorist act which means we have to be very careful about this just like the flood of illegal aliens from Hispanic countries brought in drug terrorists.  The liberals chastised us all over that, too.


When mass shootings become ordinary is an editorial in the Washington Post that shows how liberals are circling their wagons.  You see, thanks to frequent wild west shoot-outs in our inner cities that have been turned into wastelands mainly by free trade deals that sent much of our production overseas, we have lots of bodies mainly of black young males plus anyone standing nearby them, which can be pointed out as ‘we have too many guns and should disarm’ but of course, the illegal aliens and unemployed males in our cities won’t disarm so easily, how will this be done?  NYC tried this and the killing rate of black males dropped like a rock and liberals howled like banshees that the Republican mayor was pure evil and oppressing black males so a Democrat was elected mayor with much rejoicing, the disarming of angry black males ceased and the murder rate shot up again.


Then the liberals demanded we, who live in the countryside in upstate NY where bears and stray humans roam, should all be totally disarmed.  We are not going around shooting guns wildly.  The cure for black males shooting each other and anyone around them especially when they are committing crimes of various sorts, can easily be fixed without disarming all of us.  But the liberals won’t allow this solution.


Terrorist plot exposes blind spot for U.S. authorities whines the Washington Post.  Instead of realizing from the news that a female Muslim terrorist was allowed into our country at the invitation of a US citizen Muslim terrorist who wanted to kill us, the WP says, due to the Muslim male hating his co-workers, the story is ‘mixed’ and ‘hard’ instead of glaringly obvious.  The WP which supports Jewish aggression and refuses to report Jewish abuse of Muslim children in Palestine, is all up in tears over the difficulty of figuring out this religious war on us all.  Certainly, nothing will be traced to Palestine and how the West handed it all over to some Jews who carved out a racist, religious enclave right where 5,000 years of religious battles have raged!  Oh, that wouldn’t be a problem.


Islamic State says California killers of 14 were their followers | Reuters


 Speaking to reporters separately in Washington on Friday, FBI Director James Comey said the investigation pointed to “radicalization of the killers and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations.” But no evidence has been uncovered yet suggesting the killers were “part of an organized larger group, or form part of a cell,” Comey said. “There is no indication that they are part of a network.”


Bowdich said neither Farook nor Malik had been under investigation by the FBI or other law enforcement agency prior to Wednesday.


This terror cell operated in a classic manner.  Overseas, they both met with various radical leaders and set the entire plot in motion.  They then came to America (the man went to…SAUDI ARABIA…to begin this plot) and patiently prepared themselves to do mass murder.  They jumped the gun due to a small argument and decided to shoot the co-workers of the male terrorist.  They then fled.  And were easily caught and killed.  Unlike the Paris mass killers, they were not as capable and for that, we can thank our lucky stars.  The plan and the amount of ammo and bombs showed intentions of great mass murder plans.


President Barack Obama vowed on Saturday in his weekly radio address that federal investigators would find out what motivated the married couple to attack.  “We are strong. And we are resilient. And we will not be terrorized,” Obama said.


I remember Bush Jr.  Right on the heels of a bunch of Saudis attacking us on 9/11, the only planes allowed to fly our skies or take off were Saudi jets as they all fled the country.  And the President did this.  He arranged this and lied about this happening, pretending no one was allowed to fly.  The sponsors and protector of Muslim terrorists were the only ones allowed to fly wherever they wished!  How insane was that?  Was Bush Jr. impeached about this?  NO!  Nothing happened.  It was shrugged off.  This still infuriates me greatly.  The pretense that the Saudis are our buddies continues in the teeth of obvious terror attacks all of which are hatched in Saudi Arabia.  The terrorist female in the California attacks lived in Saudi Arabia but came from another Muslim country.


This viper nest of evil is one of the nastiest regimes on earth with only the North Korean despot in competition.  And the Saudi royals are petted, protected and given great honors while being the cruelest regime on earth and menacing everyone across the planet at home and abroad.  How stupid is this?  Well, it is all about oil and money.  The Islamic State says California killers of 14 were their followers today and the Islamic State is all about making all the planet ape Saudi Arabia’s evil regime.  This is worse than mere fascism, this is a huge menace to all of us on a huge number of levels.  This regime, the Saudi system, is total evil and I am flabbergasted that our leaders think this regime is ‘friendly’ and ‘good’.


Tashfeen Malik “liked” ISIS and lied on U.S. visa: Darcy cartoon: evidently Malik went online to boast about how she belonged to ISIS.  Then there is this video which no one in the US will see unless they search very, very hard for it:  Video: Israeli soldier forces knife on Palestinian girl | The Electronic Intifada.  The thugs surround this frail, little girl and they force her to pick up a small knife and then they heave her around and haul her off, laughing at her.  It is disgusting and typical of Israeli thugs.  And this is seen by radicalized Muslims all across the world.


But their reaction has been to toss each other off of roofs, beat each other to death over sex issues, abuse each other mercilessly, torture their own women for various horrible reasons, e


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tc.  That is, copy Saudi Arabia our very best friendly country we are all supposed to ignore.



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32 responses to “FBI Finally Admits California Mass Killing Was ISIS Terrorists

  1. e sutton

    Never fear. Our Attorney General, Loretta Lynch seems to feel that the imminent danger to Americans is succumbing to anti-Muslim rhetoric.

  2. Petruchio

    “The New York Times, which I took a screen shot above, has a solution to this war on all of us: End the Gun Epidemic in America by unilaterally disarming us all. ” Of course!! Anybody who can’t discern the elites’ motivation for allowing millions of angry, military-age Muslim men into the West, including the USA is beyond redemption. The elites objective here is to make formerly safe Western nations very dangerous places for its citizens to live. Reason? The elites, so to speak, want to play “We’re the only Sheriff in town, card”. The elites realize they aren’t popular; their chosen ones to be President next (The Jebster and Mrs. Clinton) are-as of now-unpopular with the masses. This pisses the elites off, So the next move is to make society so dangerous that the elites can keep their positions of power by telling the masses, ” Look, you may not like us, you may even hate us, but we are the ONLY option you the masses have for protection. Let us stay in power and we will keep you safe. Just give us all the power.” This is why the elites’ mouthpiece, the New York Times, is promoting gun restrictions! Regardless of your current opinion about guns and gun laws in the USA, you HAVE to ask yourself, “What on Earth would passing restrictive gun laws on citizens DO to fight terror?” This is like trying to fight drunk driving by restricting the driving privileges of people who have NEVER had a drunk driving arrest!! The alleged “logic” being that these lawfully driving citizens MAY drink and drive!!?? No, the REAL motivation for restrictive gun laws is so the citizens are as vulnerable as possible to violence, thereby strengthening the leverage the elites will have to “solve” the terror problem because they are the ONLY option the honest Joe’s and Jane’s have for protection. Oh well, these current events with the calls for gun laws and unrestricted immigration provide CRYSTAL CLEAR proof just who the REAL terrorists are.

  3. Christian W

    The elites are just a mafia at this point. ISIS/Daesh are a Western tool to smash resistance to the plans of the elites, domestically and abroad.

    When the smoke clears look who will be in control of the oil fields in Northern Iraq. The oil will keep flowing to Western sources and Israel with the Iraqi government having no say in the theft of its resources.

  4. e sutton

    The concept of “citizenship” has become quaint in the U.S. since the 1965 Immigration Act, which removed the requirement of giving preferential status to European Christians over Muslims and Africans. Quite obviously, the intent was to water down and eventually erase White European influence in this country, the founders of which were White European males. In the past 50 years we have seen White males denigrated into mere serfs on a plantation, scoffed at by all brown and black races.

    Adding to this the dumbing down of American education since the mid ’50s, greatly exacerbated by Eisenhower’s integration of the public school system at bayonet point, and you have a clear vision of the intent of the ruling elite. Once you rid a country of its largest brain power and increase the size of the violent, genocidal members who are easily swayed by the concept of religion and free shit gubmint “gibs muh dats”, you have a population of hostile foreigners who no longer have a grasp of either the rights the founders had for us, nor the intellectual capability of fighting for those rights. Looks like from where I sit the mission is all but accomplished.

  5. e sutton


    Money matters, government policy, citizens’ rights, immigration, education, all intersect. One cannot preclude one from the other. Simple enough concept, no?

  6. e sutton

    Elaine has often pointed out that China’s ascendancy into a global power would necessarily include their currency. After all, they are the manufacturing hub of the world, so why wouldn’t they be welcomed by TPTB? Question is, how long until the petrodollar (rightly) loses all of its credibility and purchase power?

  7. CK

    Once upon a time it was sung
    “If you want to be happy for the rest of your life,
    never make a pretty woman your wife.
    From my particular point of view
    get an ugly girl to marry you.”

    Probably time to rethink that song’s philosophy in light of the recent California family values blowout; likewise the old fashioned suggestion that
    “first you look at the purse.” For today’s youthful male first he should probably look at the number. ( If you are uninitiated in “the number” an illumination can be found at https://heartiste.wordpress.com/ )

  8. emsnews

    The Chinese who lived with me after Madame Mao was arrested said to me one day when they finally decided at a meeting in my basement that ‘I be bank’ as Sheng said to me at the end.

    He helped make it possible for the founding of the first bank in Shanghai, by the way.

    China has the manufacturing/trade PROFITS and they are winning the economic battle with the US, big time.

  9. Steve M

    Grr, I can’t seem to edit that. I’d appreciate if you could fix it

  10. Christian W

    Reports are coming in that a US coalition jet has bombed Syrian Arab Army positions in the Eastern part of Syria. The strike hit a SAA base in Deir Ez-Zor that has been defending itself against hordes of Al Qaeda and ISIS for years.

    If the reports are true, that means the US just became ISIS’ official air force Congratulations.

  11. Anonymouse

    T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the house,

    a Moslem was killing along with his spouse.

    As the towel heads fired bullets to murder their share,

    we re told of “Moslem innocence” by the liars at C.A.I.R.

    America’s children all nestled into their beds,

    know millions of Moslems who want to severe their heads.

    When in San Bernardino arose such a clatter,

    it was Moslem bullets and bombs that caused the holiday shatter.

    Then out of the White House commy Obama and the liberaltards did come,

    blaming Christians, right-wingers and the always “evil gun”.

    He lectures “on with regulations”, and “on with an assault weapons ban”,

    but it’s that n– “Open Borders” policy that endangers the land.

    He and the Democrats say it’s honest citizen whom they’ll love to disarm,

    while they flood America with Moslems to do us great harm.

    And while the spook and the media search to blame “anything but terror”,

    Americans wonder as “electing this dirt-bag was the worst error.”

    So, if you’re lucky enough to make it through Christmas and next year,

    Remember, it’s Moslems OBAMA and treasonous Democrats that you should certainly FEAR !!

  12. Christian W

    The US jet strike killed four SAA soldiers and injured others.

    The US = ISIS.

  13. vengeur

    Of late, events seem to contradict Obama in short order. He says one thing, the opposite happens, for all to see. He must have angered the gods.

  14. Christian W

    @ 13

    This isn’t about Obama or Muslims, he is just the ΩΩΩ censored—do not do this againΩΩΩ set up to be lynched by idiot Americans to cover and distract from the crimes of the White/Jewish psychopaths running the show.

    ISIS is a US Deep State controlled proxy army/death squad. This strike on the military base in Eastern Syria means the US + Posse is going for the oil in Eastern and Northern Syria and they will not stop until they get what they want. They want to balkanize Syria and have complete rule over the Middle East and it’s resources.

    After the US coalition strike ISIS is now attacking the SAA base, which means this attack was coordinated with the ISIS hordes.

    The Syrian base at Deir Ezzor has stood since the start of the war. It is a lone outpost in a sea of ISIS far to the east of Syria.

    The US will likely plead a ‘mistake’ but this is complete bullshit. Deir Ezzor also happens to be situated just out of range for the Syrian and Russian air defenses.

    This was planned murder, a planned provocation and a clear signal of intent. The US is a Nazi monster.

  15. vengeur

    Agree totally CW, EXCEPT that Obama ran as ANTI-WAR candidate , and he was publically AGAINST the invasion and war against Iraq (to his eternal credit) , but now he has repeated the SAME mistake in Libya and now in Syria and the death and destruction from those two hellish fiascos are on HIS account. He IS President.

  16. vengeur

    I wish Obama would ask himself, “What would Dr. King do.” Unfortunately, as you say CW, just another House N*gger.

  17. Petruchio

    @#13: ‘liberaltards ” There are almost NO liberals in Washington DC!!!! They are FASCISTS!!! BOTH PARTIES serve the SAME interest groups! The ruling elites in DC want to create as much tension, chaos and potential (or real) violence as possible. In addition, the elites want to make their intended victims-he American taxpayer–as vulnerable as possible. Hence the push for gun control laws.

  18. e sutton

    Just some food for thought. Mimics what Elaine has said, along with most of the rest of us. It’s short and to the point. Pass it on to your like-minded friends. I have.


  19. Jim R

    San Bernardino Attack Eye-Witness: “Three Tall White Men Did It”

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/06/2015 22:35 -0500

    I saw the earlier reports, but wasn’t paying much attention, and thought they had two separate shootings.

  20. Seraphim

    Shouldn’t we be suspicious of when such a “bombshell” is suported by “allegations” that “suggest” that the witness “is likely not lying and that this quite possibly might be the most accurate eyewitness account publicized to date.” And that the witness is more than likely a Muslim?

  21. emsnews

    Dear readers: racist comments reveal one’s lack of understanding and are vile.

    I am upset about how black people are being herded off the economic and social cliff, far from hating black people, my heart breaks for them. I know very well what is fueling their own destruction and I mourn this process which is reversing all the very good things from the Civil Rights Act.

    Everyone is being herded off the cliff by our rulers who are HIGHLY contradictory. They yell that we must let in millions of angry Muslims while at the same time ethnically cleansing and torturing these very same people in the Middle East where Israel has planted itself.

    We have endless wars while preaching peace and rewarding our rulers with peace prizes and rulers yelling about CO2 fly around in jets, have huge yachts and gigantic palaces on the edge of oceans, etc. All this is designed to torment and tax us to death and keep us scared to death and rule us ruthlessly.


  22. Lou

    They are VICTIMS!!!!! BIG TIME.—-Coming from a woman who fought Black criminals in NYC [and saw the decline of the Black family due to LBJs ‘great society’] that comment is funny.

    The HUGE number of rapes each n every year by black males, the endless violence and murder. Some ‘feminist’ Elaine turned out not to be.

  23. Christian W

    I might use the euphemism ‘doorman’ the next time about Obama. Hillary can be the house maid. I am not a racist at all, but I can be very sarcastic, and I do think the elites think along those racist lines. So when I use words such as the N word, it is not because I think along those lines but because it describes the non-democratic forces in control of the US system at this point (money and domestic and foreign elites owning the political system, which is why the politicians are often described as ‘whores’) and how the US system has become a stereotypic system devoid of any genuine creativity or thought in the service of the majority of normal people.

    Hillary could have been President in 2008 (let’s face it the Democrats could have run a dead donkey and it would have beat the GOP candidate after the Dubya Bush presidencies) but the planners wanted to save her to come after Obama “the first Black President” who ran on a Hope and Change program only to decisively crush all Hope and Change, remember.


    As for the title of this post, “The FBI admits etc” I am not certain I believe the FBI, they have been part of far too many domestic terrorism hoaxes.

    I ask with Jim what happened to the three white men that initial witnesses reported as the perpetrators.

    Now instead we have a sinister looking terrorist Arab woman glearing at us from all the media outlets. This story too has too many aspects of a false flag mixed operation for me to take what the FBI, or the MSM, say at face value.

  24. Christian W

    I agree with post @ 24. There are a very great number of victims of present elite misrule, that includes the vast majority of Americans, be they “black” or “white”, maybe for different reasons but still.

  25. Jim R

    Exactly, Chistian. Not necessarily racism, just the way it is, call the HNIC for what he is…

    And, really, I heard the story of a California shooting, and it was 3 men, and then this story, a couple, and thought “ugh, another shooting”. And went back to watching Syria and the Ukraine.

    You know, when the Ukronazi terrorists cut the electric service to Crimea, it didn’t make the news here until a week later or so, and then it was just barely mentioned. It would be like having a mag-9 earthquake here, and the European press just going ‘ho-hum, another quake’.

  26. Jim R

    Christian, did you say you are not US-based? If so, I might mention that there are a lot of layers of meaning in that acronym, and it is not a compliment, generally. It is spoken in a deprecating tone…

  27. emsnews

    The three man story was fake. It was finally superseded by the true story of the Muslim terrorists one of whom worked with the people he shot. Falling for stupid stories muddies reality and is very common like the dumb stories about ‘bombs in the buildings’ on 9/11. There were none.

    It is very tiresome these sorts of stories. It does amuse people who know little or nothing. The media is also responsible for not waiting for information and just speculating.

  28. Jim R

    It has come to my attention that the media is complicit in quite a few stories.

    For example, the efforts to start WW3 — an angry mob throwing rocks and bottles, and violent takeover of the parliament, is referred to as the Ukrainian ‘government’. Daily shelling (by neo-nazis) of residential neighborhoods kills dozens of people every day in the Donbass, is referred to as ‘Russian aggression’ without irony or investigation by the media.

    I don’t really care that much, and like I said, thought it was two incidents. Whichever of the conflicting reports is true, doesn’t much matter to me. Of course, there are a few people who see a conspiracy in every event. I do not.

    However, the ‘news’ is no longer worthy of much trust nor attention.

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