US Blames Russia For Bombing Syrian Air Base, Trump Attacked Nonstop For Suggesting No More Muslim Immigration

The chaos of the NATO invasion of Syria is causing inevitable disasters easily foreseen since the US has zero desire to cooperate with Russia and Assad who is at least a semi-sane man unlike our rulers here who are obviously totally insane.  Now that someone bombed Assad’s people, there is the inevitable yelling about who did this.  US coalition kills three Syrian soldiers in airstrike but the US is ‘certain’ Russia was behind airstrike which killed three Syrian soldiers after Assad had blamed the States


‘The Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemns this flagrant aggression by the U.S. led coalition forces, which blatantly violates the objectives of the UN charter,’ the foreign ministry said in a letter to the UN Security Council and secretary general.


‘The Syrian foreign ministry demands the UN Security Council act immediately in the face of this aggression and take appropriate measures to prevent its recurrence.’


Naturally, the US blames Russia for this even though Russia has been flying around Syria protecting the Syrian troops who are fighting for the government there.  Suddenly, the same month the US intrudes, unasked, Assad’s troops are being attacked!  What a shock!  Not.  The US should back off due to stupidity if nothing else.  But we know that this was deliberate and the desperate attempts to make it look like Russia did this is just lunacy.


The President of the US has declared that the way to protect America after 9/11 is to let in millions of angry Muslims.  Bush Jr. is equally bad.  Right after 9/11 and already knowing that Saudi Arabians attacked us, he attacked Saddam instead and also let all the Saudis here flee without being interrogated by the FBI or anything.  Homeland secretary: US to roll out new terror alert system this week as Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says US will begin using new terror alert system even though current one was never used.


It wasn’t used under Bush Jr. nor Obama.  BOTH political parties are guilty here.  Both pet the Saudi royals and protect these monsters and both love Israel more than the US and both lie about all this stuff along with the media giants who lie about all this and as things fall to pieces, both will continue lying about nearly everything.


San Bernardino shooting terrorists got $28k payment two weeks before attack suspicious transfer revealed as FBI says couple had been radicalized for ‘some time’ and had rigged building to blow after massacre.  Obama told us all just last week that letting in Muslim women and children means no terrorists.  The lady who was the most recent terrorist was let in with little examination by anyone.  She came here deliberately to do terror.  This isn’t being discussed much but information continues to leak out, I get 99% of my information from overseas news since US news stinks.


Syrian-born US citizen Amin al-Baroudi charged with smuggling night-vision goggles and rifle scopes from America to militants in his home country as another immigrant is finally examined.  I bet inside the FBI are lots of agents really steamed about all this and they leak out information contradicting the President and his crew of apologists.


Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport where Arabic speaking guards stir racial tension and migrants’ pleas to be segregated by nationality: Inside Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport where refugees say Arabic speaking guards stir racial tension and start fights.  The mess in Germany is just beginning.  A million men who are from all over the world have poured into Germany and have been parked in various places mainly inside former East Germany and are now getting quite bored and anxious and are fighting each other and will soon be terrorizing everyone else, it is already beginning.


All across Europe, governments that are ‘liberal’ are seeing their poll numbers collapse.  The citizens of Europe are no longer scared of it being slightly warmer than the Little Ice Age, they are terrified of this mob inside their homelands menacing them all.  And for good reason.  Most Muslim neighborhoods are ‘no go’ areas for many citizens particularly women.  Avoiding these noxious neighborhoods is no longer an option since the men there are coming deep inside European culture communities to mass murder everyone they can.


Donald Trump calls for ‘complete’ shutdown of Muslim immigration into US ‘It goes against everything we stand for’: Trump’s call to ban Muslim immigration to the US is condemned across the political spectrum – from Dick Cheney to ‘proud Muslim’ Huma Abedin.  I have a very easy test for these people: have them declare that Muslims should be allowed to immigrate to inside Israel and live in Jewish sectors there, integrate the housing!


There are many ‘good Muslims’ and the radicalization of this community is due to many forces the #1 being Israel’s policies and control of Europe and the US to enforce very brutal ethnic cleansing/land thefts.  The #2 force is oil, the US supports Wahabbism of Saudi Arabia’s elites who hate women’s rights and murder gays.  The contradictions of all this is also fueled by the impossibility of using birth controls if one is a Muslim.  This is intentional.  The Saudis plan to flood the world with Muslim children and the plan is obvious and working.


Meanwhile in Israel, the big question is:  Can Israel halt the stabbings? Hard right and military disagree on how. Since many of these attacks like with scissors are little school girls the solution has been obvious: the heavily armed Jews mow these little girls down mercilessly.  Jewish commentators in the US chastise the police for shooting possibly armed criminals at night when one can barely see anything.  But shooting little girls with scissors during broad daylight is just fine for these same journalists and media outfits.


And last of all: ISIS releases its latest video as they execute two ‘sorcerers’ in Libya as they imitate the Saudi royals who do this, too.  We just don’t see the news about this in the US.  Virtually no Saudi executions appear in US media.  I get 99% of my information from outside sources as well as knowing very well what is going on there from my parents who were there for a while an


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d left in a rage when a woman was executed for not wearing a veil, a woman they knew.



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17 responses to “US Blames Russia For Bombing Syrian Air Base, Trump Attacked Nonstop For Suggesting No More Muslim Immigration

  1. Petruchio

    “The chaos of the NATO invasion of Syria is causing inevitable disasters easily foreseen since the US has zero desire to cooperate with Russia and Assad who is at least a semi-sane man unlike our rulers here who are obviously totally insane.” “Our” rulers (maybe they are YOUR rulers, not mine) are what they have ALWAYS been: a smug, arrogant, overindulged, overprotected clique of ultra spoiled rotten rich kids who come out of (mostly) Ivy League schools thinking they are special; a super elite. Our rulers convince themselves that it is their birthright to impose their warped vision of how the world should be. Amazingly, the fact that the Saudis and Israelis have complete control over these “elites”, these “rulers”, has absolutely NO effect on their self-image of being special. Our “rulers” are, as Elaine has said of Obama, merely ‘doormen’ for the groups and people who have the REAL power.

  2. vengeur

    That picture of Sayed the Slayer’s wife passing through immigration is CREEPY. I love how ABC calls them “the terror couple ” LOL.

  3. vengeur

    Is it in the realm of possibility that there will be another terror attack following this latest one? Some might say it is inevitable, just a matter of WHEN and WHERE. Nothing huge like WTC, just isolated shootings like San B. I personally think the gods have been angered, and the sh*t will start hitting the fan with increasing regularity.

  4. vengeur

    Then on the other hand, maybe we can just go on doing things the same way: Bombing and/or invading other countries, allowing just about any immigrant from anywhere into the country, and things will go on with the supreme bliss of a Super Power of exceptionalism. I feel better now.

  5. Christian W

    Israel now openly admits they are supporting Al Qaeda/Al-Nusra terrorists in Syria.

    This is a fluff piece from the Daily Mail that somehow manages to paint the Israelis as noble and humanitarian /puke

    Quick let’s all forget about Israel bombing Gaza and killing civilians and supporting terrorism in Syria:


    Yes, I just read it and now am posting this story. Thanks for pointing it out, too! What an amazing story, now we have positive proof Israel is cynically encouraging terrorists so long as they are attacking liberal Muslim leaders who give many basic human rights to their people.

  6. Christian W

    @ 5

    The Supreme Bliss of a Super Power of Exceptionalism. I like that, can I bask in the glory from afar? 🙂

  7. vengeur

    This guy does an interesting comparison of US and Israeli illegal immigration policies. It starts at about 11 minutes into the vid : Hint: The Israelis call them INFILTRATORS. Bask in the glory Christian W!

  8. ziff

    why are IS and Israel mutually silent about each other?

  9. vengeur

    “Oh, what a tangled web we weave. When first we practise to deceive! “

  10. Christian W

    Iraqi troops have apparently caught several Israeli soldiers fighting with ISIS, although the colonel I mentioned the other day is the highest ranking.

    Israel = ISIS

    ISIS always was a Israeli/US/Saudi operation.

  11. vengeur

    From the Daily Mail article you posted: “Israel insists that these treacherous nightly rescues are purely humanitarian, and that it can only hope to ‘win hearts and minds’ in Syria. But analysts suggest the Jewish state has in fact struck a deadly ‘deal with the devil’ – offering support to the Sunni militants who fight the Syrian ruler Assad in the hope of containing its arch enemies Hezbollah and Iran.” It takes an “analyst” to figure out Israel and ISIS are working together. And the American public? ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz.

  12. Ken

    Elaine, since you follow European news sources I wonder if you could address an issue I have not seen raised in American media? What is the reaction in Europe to Trump’s call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration?

  13. Floridasandy

    Obama is worse than we could have imagined. Not only does he want to bring in crazy hordes like seen in the beheadings video, but he wants us disarmed whe doing so.

    Crazy times, with many in congress supporting him. Thank God most Americans are wide awake and will not let this happen!

  14. Christian W

    I suspect all this anti-gun rhetoric is just reverse psychology marketing. Every time the politicians start to talk about restricting guns the purchase of guns jump through the roof, ka-ching, and people feel all huffed up and free because they pack plenty of heat.

    Obama really isn’t anything special, the problems are within and throughout the entire system, in many cases purposefully so, in other cases as a consequence of previous mismanagement. But at this point the elites are running their agenda full steam ahead and throwing the hindmost to the devil faster and faster. Things will keep deteriorating until Putin, the focal point of resistance to US/Zio insanity, is forced to fire off a nuke or two. The world then has the choice of going to hell completely or back down from the brink.

    In any case what needs to happen is for the American people to clean out the rot in Washington and elsewhere. Until that happens nobody else has a chance to do anything really constructive because at this point they are either under the cosh of the US global system or desperately fighting to keep the US out of their own domestic systems and to retain a degree of independence and dignity.

    This job is just a little bit larger and more important than Obama or whomever the next US president will be. It requires a completely new approach by the American people. Sadly I think Americans are far too befuddled to take on this critical task.

    The gun fetish is a sign that Americans at some level are aware how deeply flawed and unstable the current situation is, but also that they don’t know what to do about it. Digging a fox hole and arming themselves really isn’t a solution, it is just an attempt at saving their butt.

    When the US elites promote (and get rich from) gun sales and the release of a non-stop stream of post apocalyptic movies and games and Zombie shootout ‘entertainment’ I suspect Americans are being programmed to do their own ethnic culling and cleansing and population control, Syria style. And if not that, in this fashion the elites get to keep the voters off their backs while they get rich in yet another scam.

  15. Christian W

    Re: US global system referenced in my post above. I see the IMF has forgiven Ukraine’s debt to Russia.

    This news means that the US will never pay it’s debt to anyone, but will shoot anyone trying to claim it. Therefore US deficits do not matter. If Russia or China has a problem with that they can take it up with the CIA and the Pentagon.

    China can try to be bank all they want but it won’t matter because the US will simply change the system whenever it has to. And the only way to stop the US from doing so is, in the end, nuclear.

    The only way, that is, unless the American people can do something about their insane leaders. But the American people won’t do that. Americans will rather take their chances getting nuked than move their asses in unison against the criminally insane elite at the top.

  16. Christian W

    Check the saker’s site thesaker(dot)is for information about the IMF “change of rules” to attack Russia yet again.

  17. emsnews

    Yes, NATO countries and the US are out to start WWIII now. But wait! Our rulers are also at war with the WEATHER. Oh, the irony of all this.

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