Merkel Wins Person Of Year Award For Destroying Germany

Bernie Sanders is surging in a fresh batch of new polls because everyone I know is very angry that Hillary has tied up the at large delegates before the first vote was cast in this ‘election process’.  Now on to other news:  Angela Merkel named 2015 TIME Person of the Year 


Merkel leads the way, coming before Isis leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in second place and Republican candidate Donald Trump in third…Nancy Gibbs, the editor of TIME wrote that the Chancellor was awarded the title for “asking more of her country than most politicians would dare, for standing firm against tyranny as well as expedience and for providing steadfast moral leadership in a world where it is in short supply”.


Everyone in the West is being hectored into taking in millions of illegal alien Muslim males.  Even though polls have shown that over 20% of immigrant Muslims in England or the US support Islamic power over liberal-style modern civil rights systems, we are being told that this is no problem, they really want to be good neighbors and citizens.


This means not talking about how Muslim immigrants close themselves off from outsiders and intimidate anyone who comes in to poke around including the police. When Trump pointed this out, the rulers of Europe and Obama went ballistic and lied about this matter and said he is a racist and evil because he pointed out the truth.  ‘Trump’s not wrong – we can’t wear uniform in our OWN cars’: Five police officers claim Donald Trump is RIGHT about parts of London being so ‘radicalised’ they are no-go areas.


In France and Belgium the authorities admit this is true and this last month had to shut down an entire city to enter into these outlaw neighborhoods and forcibly explore them to dig out terrorists and to reassert control over them.  This week, international media is featuring one story after another about how wonderful it is to have Muslim neighbors and how evil Trump is for pointing out the obvious and whenever a paper does allow reader’s comments, the readers have responded by howls of rage or disgust at this.


The collapse of liberalism over ‘global warming’ and religious issues will be complete.  The foreigners coming into the country and refusing to integrate will vote for the Democratic Party and all others will vote for the Republicans.  The Democrats support women’s right and abortions and other things I support, big time, but the Hispanic and Muslim populations do NOT support either of these things at all and the alliance of women wanting civil rights with these populations is doomed to collapse in the not distant future.


If you’re not from a war-torn country, you’re not coming in: Greek police forced to remove 1,000 migrants from the border after Macedonia introduces filter system to stop the flood of foreigners from very far away.  The unspoken problem here is simple: many cultures and religions forbid birth controls and since modern medicine has erased many childhood diseases, they are shooting up in numbers and this is a huge pressure cooker.


All the colder climate northern nations are seeing falling birthrates and this is due entirely to birth controls.  None of our world leaders are discussing birth control as a means of ‘saving the planet’ instead they talk about taxing thin air and having these taxes mainly on low birth rate northern countries that need to warm up, not get colder.


It seems all our rulers have embraced ‘solutions’ and ‘problems’ that are pure lunacy while ignoring the real problem: the poorer the country, the higher the birth rate and the more chaos this produces and both depend on it being very, very warm.  Perhaps, and I am not joking here, our rulers think that the real fix here is to see explosive wars erupt all over the planet giving them the excuse to use nuclear bombs on all the cities that they don’t need anymore?


Seriously, all my life I worry about this.  Many of our northern cities are being turned into depositories of ‘useless’ humans that are on welfare and have high crime rates.  Blowing away all these cities with the people inside is a plausible solution for people who are interested in eliminating troublesome populations without being accused of being ‘racist’.


Already, black populations are resegregating themselves.  Look at the Black Lives Matter kids on the campuses: their chief demand is to be cut off from all the other students!  They want privileges, not full civil rights equality.  Certainly, the Muslim populations are doing this, too.


San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook’s friend tells FBI HE helped plan a 2012 attack Was a California school Syed Farook’s earlier target? Gun-buying friend of San Bernardino terrorist tells FBI HE helped plan a 2012 attack – as investigators discover photos of a high school on shooter’s phone.  This news shows that the terrorists who came into this country or who are just one generation into the country, were plotting serious attacks years ago.  This should scare everyone just like the right wing Christian attackers who gun down women seeking healthcare are terrorists who are not watched nearly closely enough by authorities.


The main thing is, do these terrorists have support at the top?  The Christian terrorists certainly have this from the GOP gang.  And the Muslim terrorists have it from BOTH parties’ leaders!  Scary stuff for us citizens on the ground.


My Hometown Fanatics: Stacey Dooley Investigates (Muslim Extremists – EDL – Luton, England) – YouTube

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13 responses to “Merkel Wins Person Of Year Award For Destroying Germany

  1. Melponeme_k

    Sanders is little better than Clinton. He supports the Dream Act, legalizing criminal illegal aliens and favoring their children over our own for education perks.

    I will not vote for him or Clinton.

  2. Nani

    More and more Europeans are opposed to the sanctions against Russia, and believes there should be an rapprochement instead. In these tumultuous times more and more people here in Europe are realizing that Russia is our friend and ally, not our enemy.

    The former diplomat is just one out of many who have come out recently in support of stronger ties with Russia.

    There is growing anger and resentment in Europe against Washington, due to the latter dictating to Europe how it should manage its relationship with Russia. We condemn this.

  3. JimmyJ

    Watching liberals character assassinate Trump with that elitist arrogance only liberals exude shows that any dialogue is dead and that liberals are as intransigent and intolerant as conservatives.

    And that’s the real tragedy, the entire planet has been run so cynically by ideologues that dialogue and compromise simply don’t exist in any meaningful way. You can’t have any society without compromise and with the stresses from a large population and ecological rapine compromise isn’t just a luxury, its the recipe for our species survival.

    I think it very likely there are folks who believe that nuking the population down is a good thing, its faster and more certain than any other method like dismantling countries or bioweapons. And really it is too good a thing to pass up if you are a zealot of any kind.

    Question is will ordinary warriors participate in an all out nuclear exchange when they know its suicide for everyone they love, failsafes not withstanding. It would take something like Dead Hand to do the job properly. Oh yah we’ve got that, oh well.

  4. vengeur

    “The Christian terrorists certainly have this( support at the top) from the GOP gang.” You had to go and spoil a very insightful commentary with that
    nonsense. As much as I despise the GOP machine, there is absolutely NO ONE in the leadership of that party that advocates , promotes or even acquiesces to the use of terrorism and murder against abortion providers. Please stop saying things like that or give an example. Abortion in the US is a done deal and that is not going to change. The recent controversy had to do with SELLING fetus parts.

  5. Lou

    Already, black populations are re-segregating themselves.

    Wake up, Baby. On campus the ‘Black students Dorms and Clubs’ have been happening since the 1960s or early 1970s.

    The truth is NO ONE [or few] want to live among Blacks. Elaine did in NYC and it was hell for her. When a Black gets an AA job or wins a lawsuit, where do they go? To live among the White Debil.


  6. Lou

    . The recent controversy had to do with SELLING fetus parts.

    Elaine dismissed this as ‘unwanted fetuses’- others say LIVE infants were dismembered. One had its face cut into, so the killer could get a whole brain.

  7. emsnews

    I pray for the day that male-caused fetuses be surgically put into men who caused pregnancies. THEN we will see the truth about abortion rights! Remember: ALL fetuses come from males doing something naughty.

  8. vengeur

    Ahem. Abortion is legal in the US and will remain so. Both US parities LOVE to talk the abortion issue. Especially when they want campaign contributions! “They’re going to make it illegal ! Send money quick!” “We need to stop abortion, Send money to my campaign!” Then life goes on just as before, until the NEXT election. Republicans have absolutely NO intention of making abortion illegal, but many of them LOVE to campaign on it. $$$$$

  9. Sunger

    The GOP is another sick christian bunch that needs to demonize sex constantly. Unless they have total control the women involved.

    The problem with these religious whiners is that they commit most of the sex crimes. Then they want to pass laws to control everyone else’s sex life.

    A sick religion.

  10. vengeur

    Lots of demonization lately, MOST of it coming from the liberal Democrats. And our dear Sunger just PROVED it ! LOL!!!! He doesn’t even realize he is demonizing! LOL!

  11. Petruchio

    @#8 vengeur: You nailed it big time!. It has always amazed me how the pro-lifers can still hold to the GOP! The Dems mostly never came out in favor of the pro-life side, but the Republicans, especially starting with that lying fraudster, Ronald Reagan, catered to them. Reagan could make a good pro-life type speech, but that’s all ya got from the sleazy con man Reagan. I would be curious to see what the current size of the anti-abortion GOP vote looks like. I would also wonder why the Religious Right still clings to the GOP, but then the Religious Right isn’t really religious; that’s just a disguise they wear.

  12. emsnews

    Any woman wanting no abortions has a 100% of doing exactly that. End of story.

    It is the attempt at imposing this on total strangers that is so irritating. But then, religious nuts love doing exactly this.

  13. Petruchio

    They say Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. I don’t know. I think religion could give patriotism a good run for its money….

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