Trump Pumps Polls, Lunz Goes Ape


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2016 Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus – Polls – HuffPost Pollster

The US media owners have declared war on Donald Trump.  TV shows attack him nonstop.  Newspapers howl like banshees.  Congress hoots like monkeys deprived of their bananas and the US public…increasingly supports Trump just to stick a stick in the collective eyes of our rulers and their minions.  This is FUNNY AS HELL.  I am basically a liberal who is pissed off at the mess the liberals have gotten into by embracing ‘we are going to roast to death’ Chicken Little mania and the ‘we need no borders to control’ lunacy.  I am 100% for gay, women and children’s civil rights and am against Republican ‘turn back the clock’ but in both the Democratic and Republican primaries voters are signaling loudly that they are sick and tired of being jerked around by the professionals!  The graphs above show how Republicans are supporting Trump the more world ‘leaders’ in Europe and the US attack him.  The same is beginning to happen to Hillary, too.

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Sanders is rising rapidly, Hillary was flat for a while then went into decline and now has revived a tad but still lower than when she started.  People resent the fact that virtually no Democrat chose to run against her.  Sanders is an independent party person who is messing with the DNC rulers of the Democratic Party by revoting against Hillary.  I would like to see a woman President some day but voting for Hillary reminds me of Evita, though Hillary could also be a Merkel disaster, too.


Today, the Washington Post is whining about how Attacks on Trump just make these voters like him more – The Washington Post:


None in the group wanted to find themselves on the side of the mainstream media — or of President Obama. When Luntz asked participants to sum him up in a word or phrase, “socialist” and “Jimmy Carter” tumbled forth until one man raised the ante.

“I wouldn’t urinate on him if he was on fire,” he said.

“That’s the meanest thing I’ve ever heard,” Luntz said…


All that really mattered was that the Republican establishment had failed, badly, and that Trump was offering a way out. Asked whom they would back in a three-way election with Rubio, Hillary Clinton and an independent Trump on the ballot, just 10 said they would support the Republican nominee. When Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) was swapped into the question, a bare majority — 15 — said they would stick with the party.

“The Republican establishment just had a heart attack,” Luntz said…

“I can’t wait for Iowa, because I now think Ted Cruz will win Iowa,” Luntz said. “That will be a rallying cry. Losing there might actually help Trump win New Hampshire.”


Will Democratic voters revolt too?  Seems like they are trending in that direction.  Hillary has all the power, money and connections and Bernie S. has nearly none.  Yet he is in a short time running now neck to neck with her and she still is relying on her ‘inside the Beltway’ connections while not connecting with voters.  The Democratic Party is being saved by a total outsider as is the GOP.  Increasingly, our elections look like the ones in the former Soviet Union.  Insiders infighting for power while ‘voters’ get to X the proper boxes provided for them.


In Europe, the right is now surging thanks to multiple stupid mistakes by the left.  The biggest being the same: letting in armies of angry Muslim males who trend towards violence and fanning fears of it being warm in the colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere.  The ‘liberals’ want it much colder and with lots of hot, angry southern immigrants furious about everything.  What a combo.  I suppose imposing another Little Ice Age on Europe, Canada and the northern half of the US might stop the other issue!  But why liberals embrace both of these issues so firmly in the teeth of deteriorating conditions is sad to watch.  So much is at stake!


As for women running for President: the Democrats have a number of women who don’t have Hillary’s mountain of bad baggage to haul around and who are sometimes better speakers, too. Hillary is like cats yowling on a fence during mating season.  Her voice irritates me.  People voted for Reagan because he could give a good speech and soothe minds.  There have been a number of Hollywood politicians who knew how to be on camera and how to talk to people.  In a media-driven world, this skill works.


Now on to England where the leaders and media want everyone to be nice to Muslim terrorists:  Jeremy Corbyn and the conman accused of funding Islamic State: Labour leader stood up for fraudster – Telegraph.  Seems this guy did fraud in order to fund terrorists.  Now the US, Britain and Europe support terrorism in Syria and even bomb Assad bases to assist these terrorists and are trying desperately to stop Putin from stopping these terrorists.  Corbyn is head of the Labour Party and the lower classes in England are quite restive at the same time they don’t want more Muslim terrorists or invaders who take over neighborhoods and chase out lower class English people.


The family of the terrorist male in England all claim their terrorist guy is a nice guy and doesn’t intend to attack England or support terrorism abroad, but this is like in the case of the US terrorists, all lies.  All over Europe, citizens and police are chased out of neighborhoods colonized by recent Muslim immigrants.  This disaster is hatching many nasty eggs that will explode in the face of everyone over the years whatever happens in Syria.  But then, every US President and EU leader embraces both radical right wing Israel ethnic cleansers and the most repressive and evil regime on earth baring maybe North Korea, that is, Saudi Arabia.  Both are hailed as good friends and allies and this is going to explode in everyone’s faces eventually in a huge way that is, with nuclear bombs.


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18 responses to “Trump Pumps Polls, Lunz Goes Ape

  1. Petruchio

    “People resent the fact that virtually no Democrat chose to run against her.” Elaine: Can you blame them? I mean, would you play poker if you knew going in that the game was rigged? Of course not!!! The elites are gonna just ram their choice for US President down the American Peoples throats and they don’t give a sh#t what the masses want or care about.

  2. Christian W

    OT: Finnish police arrest two ISIS terrorists for murders they committed in Iraq in 2014. Good police work by the Finnish police.

  3. e sutton


    Greg Hunter over at USA Watchdog has similar opinions as you; ie, Trump. He does a very good job of interviewing pertinent people who know a good deal about what’s really going on behind the scenes. I would love to see you be a guest on his program. I’ve sparred with Greg over the fact that I think he’s an Israeli sympathizer, which he flatly denies, but I literally cannot see how a smart guy like him doesn’t see the Zionists for the worthless pieces of excrement they truly are. Greg is also a devout Christian who believes “God the Father in Heaven” is watching over us and will ultimately make it all alright. End of Times Christian? I’m not wedded to the guy or all of his ideologies, but I think you and your fans might want to tune into him to see his very insightful thoughts.

  4. e sutton


    I’m no fan of Ben Carlson but notice how fast the media dropped him after his rants about those mettlesome Muslims?

  5. JimmyJ

    Another warning of shortsighted health policy- no one wants to train in Infectious Diseases:

  6. Sunger

    When I worked with big oil companies as a consultant, we had to be really careful with the big independent oil operators. These guys would run up a bunch of charges with energy service providers. Then at some point they would just stop servicing these debts. The small energy service firms would go belly up and then the predator oil operators would buy them up at pennies on the dollar.

    This is the type of guy that Trump is- a predatory operator who stiffs the little guy and then declares bankruptcy while the little guy loses everything he worked for all his life.

    Trump has done this FOUR times.

  7. vengeur

    Four out of how many business deals? Seems everybody lost/is losing their @ss in Atlantic City.

  8. Sunger

    We are talking multiple large scale business bankuptcies on a Trumpian level = $US Billions. Trump is an oligarch. He is not a supporter of a free society. He is a facist oligarch who will spit on the average american without a second thought.

    An oligarchy is the worst form of government.

    Americans used to understand this.

  9. vengeur

    The oligarchs hate him so much because he out-oligarchs the oligarchs?

  10. melponeme_k

    The Oligarchs hate him because they really fear that Trump is or truly wants to be a new FDR. There is nothing they hate more than one of their own turning into a populist or humanist.

  11. vengeur

    Isn’t interesting finding out how much of the left is intolerant , fanatical , hatemongers capable of GUN VIOLENCE, LOL :ACLU Board Member Resigns After Urging People To Kill Supporters Of Trump. It’s the second threat against Republicans in Colorado in one week.
    Fern Delise, 54, of Fountain was arrested after police say she called Planned Parenthood saying, “It’s tempting to walk into a republican party meeting with my dead husband’s gun and just start shooting people.”

  12. Seraphim

    Why is Trump so “dangerous”? He is the Manchurian (Siberian?) Candidate:

    “Who wants Donald Trump in the White House? Evidently, Putin does”

    “…Under the headline, “Why Donald is Moscow’s trump card in US primaries”, “international analyst”, Bryan MacDonald wrote:
    “If the Kremlin could vote in the US presidential primaries, it would probably back Donald Trump… The surprise package of the race was a kind of comedy candidate. Nobody’s laughing now.”
    That final sentence is certainly true. Then MacDonald explained why the would-be Republican candidate was popular in Moscow:
    “Trump believes ‘Putin has eaten Obama’s lunch’ on Ukraine. ‘Putin has no respect for our president whatsoever’… ‘He [Putin] has got a tremendous popularity in Russia; they love what he’s doing, they love what he represents’. He [Trump] told a press conference in Scotland: ‘I’d get along very well with Putin.’”…
    MacDonald, “a Moscow-based Irish journalist who focuses on Russia’s role in international geopolitics”, followed up with this understatement:
    “Some US allies in Europe might be alarmed at a President Trump’s warm feelings towards Russia.”
    He also wrote that Trump “believes Crimea is Europe’s problem and that the US has no role to play.”

    “In confusing and scary times, voters seem tempted to turn to ‘strong’ nationalistic leaders — western versions of Russia’s Vladimir Putin.” If trends continue as they are now, he suggests a nightmare scenario for 2017: “President Trump, President Le Pen, President Putin.” (It’s worth keeping in mind that both Le Pen and Donald Trump have wholeheartedly endorsed Vladimir Putin’s controversial intervention in Syria.)

    And they are all anti-Muslims!

  13. Ziff

    @ 12. That’s good ! Get them on the same side for once.

  14. vengeur

    That is one thing that I hope that Trump might achieve: ending the adversarial attitude and outright hostility to Russia. I will never forget Romney in a debate in the last election, saying he believed Russia was the greatest threat to world peace. Suddenly it was like “where the HELL did that come from?” The possibility of a rapprochement with Russia would definitely be something the elites would vehemently oppose. They by all means want to maintain NATO and US dominance over Europe, and a Europe that had a natural economic alliance with Russia would render NATO obsolete.

  15. Alex Lemas

    Trump is good for media ratings. Ratings = $$$$$. Don’t be fooled they love Trump cause they love $$$$$$$$’

  16. emsnews

    It is funnier than that: the more the media howling dogs howl at the Trump Tower, the more people love Trump because they hate the media!

    This reality irritates the dogs no end so they try to bite our hands. This will end badly for them all. I note that a small number of media big wigs are inching over to not attacking Trump so howlingly loudly anymore and are even suggesting he has something to add.

  17. CK

    When the megaphone fails, it is time for the co-opting.
    On the Hillary issue, were she even a wee bit like Margaret Thatcher she would be acceptable. As a very unsexy and unserious Evita Peron she will not be.

  18. Lou

    The Clintons [all 3 of them] just wont go away. Not yet at least.

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