When US Elections Ceased To Exist: Bush vs Gore Supreme Court Coup

Bush v. Gore Supreme Court ruling happened just 15 years ago.  Since then, we had ‘elections’ but these are a farce since we have zero right to really vote for President.  I was extremely involved in the Bush v. Gore business so I will relate this story today because I am still very pissed off about it.  As we all remember, I hope, Florida had trouble counting the votes due to crummy voting equipment they insisted on using.  Instead of counting these troublesome votes, the Supreme Court jumped with both feet into the matter and canceled the election and installed Bush via fiat.


We were all told by our media rulers and other rich people that there was no need to really count votes nor to have a second election if the first one was a vote failure.  Instead, they yelled that this was a wonderful ‘solution’ that is, no vote counting, and installing a ruler was beneficial.  So anger died down especially after Bush Jr. and his family let a whole gang of terrorists train to fly commercial jets in Florida before attacking the US on 9/11 whereby the Bush clan and our other rulers then shoved everyone into attacking an entirely innocent third party, Iraq, blaming Saddam falsely for the attacks by a bunch of Saudis.


All this was set in motion with the elimination of an election.  Before the Supreme Court acted, I drove down to Washington, DC to confront our Senators.  I had written up a document explaining how the votes had to be counted properly and if voting systems failed, these must be changed to operate properly.


I even proposed a bill be passed: the Uniform Voting Systems Act.  I carefully explained to each Senator that we must have the same systems across the entire nation so there could not be local vote fraud.  The howls of rage were deafening.  It was painfully obvious that the last thing the Senators, elected under dicey systems, wanted was sane voting systems that can’t be tampered with or controlled by themselves!


I raised a huge row that day in the Senate building that was so huge, as I drove away, NPR radio had Senators talking about it!  No one mentioned my name even though a number of Senators knew me from past actions and I had my name on all the documents I handed out.  As per usual, I was masked and hidden from view (thank you, CIA) and remain ‘a woman’ instead of having a name. No one interviewed me afterwards even though I handed out my documents to the press, too.


Oddly enough, when the Supreme Court killed the election and cemented a coup, I was called by several reporters who chatted with me, quoted me and LEFT OUT MY NAME.  HAHAHA.  It was so bizarre but I was used to this, too.  I still remember when Ted Turner came to me in NYC way back in the 1980’s and offered to put me on TV and he did this only to suddenly withdraw this because he said, scary things were said to him and…he eventually got rid of CNN and ran away from the country entirely…I don’t need to flee only because I am totally hidden from the public even when in plain sight so as my dad said many years ago, ‘This is why you are still alive’ so I guess I should thank our rulers for this bonus.


Maybe Barry Goldwater has been helpful in this matter of keeping me alive, I don’t know.  All I know is, since few people believe me, I am safe so far.  I remember when the internet was a much more open place with a lot more feedback from users.  I remember when the NYT had this forum where you could start a page and keep it going for years.


I did this.  I was very popular there and voted one of the top online commentators.  My reward was for the NYT to ban me for life. Ditto, the Washington Post.  Then they banned everyone by killing the forums.  The NYT does allow some tiny short comments to select stories but these are hidden from view and if you don’t know the trick of licking on a tiny blue number at the top corner, it is hidden.


When you do click on it, a skinny side box shows up which is very hard to scroll or read.  This eliminates the troublesome issue of reading it, only a masochist would bother scrolling down the ‘letters’.  This is 100% deliberate.  In the old days, you had clear, open commentary on NYT articles now you  have tiny comments that are mostly trite, expected blurbs.


Most media have zero comments allowed so the NYT is not totally totalitarian, just 90% totalitarian.  The fact remains, the internet is a lot less free than in 2000, we are certainly a lot less free than in 2000 and the internet isn’t smarter, it is rapidly being dumbed down, closed off, chopped up and stupified by relying more on the twits on Twitter than good commentary like years ago.


Damn.  And goddamn the jerks in the Supreme Court and our howling dogs in the media.  To hell with them all.


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19 responses to “When US Elections Ceased To Exist: Bush vs Gore Supreme Court Coup

  1. e sutton

    Most telling, though no one seems to remember anything anymore, is that Bush’s baby brother, Jeb, was the one who unilaterally decided that the votes in Florida would no longer be counted and his older brother was thereby ordained as President. Thanks so much for coming out to vote, Floridians. Your vote really matters. I’ll never forget how flabbergasted my dad was when that happened. He died a few years later. I’m glad he’s not here to see what a disgrace this country has become.

    The mere fact that Jeb would even be considered a presidential candidate in 2016 shows just how much of a Banana Republic the US has become. It’s all for your own good, see, so swallow the Red Pill. No, really, it’ll make you smarter. And our “citizens” are fighting each other over the privilege of paying $500 plus for the Red Pill. Thirty years ago you couldn’t have convinced me of this insanity in a sci fi novel. Now each outrage unfolds in an almost rhythmic pattern every blessed day.

  2. Jim R

    Paper ballots. Hand counted. With poll watchers from all interested parties. Publicly auditable tallies.

    As for who’s really running the country, it isn’t the President. What do you think would happen if someone came into office January 2017, and started closing down spook agencies and slashing the ‘defense’ budget by 95%? He or she would not make it to February 2017.

  3. e sutton

    @#2 (ie, who’s running the country)


    There are Five Pillars: The MIC, The Israeli Lobby, The Federal Reserve, Big Agri, and the Extractive Industries (Coal, Oil, Nat. Gas, etc.). PCR has a good read on it in his 12/12/15 column. Russia and next on the horizon, China, are bucking the system, and this means war.

  4. Ken

    Two things. First, as I recall, all of the votes were eventually counted by people curious as to what the real result would have been. Bush would have won either way.

    Second, the disgust reflected in this blog to the media and the establishment seems to be almost universal. I was watching the very liberal msnbc the other day and the commentators were beside themselves over Trump. They lamented that the more the media blasts Trump, the more people seem to like him. And the more the Republican party bosses threaten to shut Trump out of the race the more the public seems to like him. The commentators had no explanation for this. Funny in way, since the answer is right here on this blog.

  5. Henry

    The trick a lot of sites use now to censor commenters they don’t like is to allow you to still log in and post your comment, but your comment is only seen by you. If you log out, your comment is gone, log back and it’s there… but only for you. Censorship is alive and well on the Internet.

  6. Petruchio

    Oh No!!! The Bush–Gore “election” of 2000. Petruchio was still a brainwashed, right wing Republican back then!! HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!! I can remember the selection (not election) night pretty well. It was like 1am and Gore was still not conceding the election. Boy, was I mad at him. Anyhow, I can recall watching Al Gore finally conceding the election–AFTER the Supreme Court anointed “Dubaya” Even then, I was thinking to myself, “They are forcing Gore to concede or they will kill him. I mean physically kill, murder him. Looking back on it, it SHOULD be clear to anyone with at least one brain cell that Florida in 2000 was completely rigged to go with Bush. Let’s see…President’s brother is Governor of the State in question. Check. Co-chair of the Bush re-election campaign (Katherine Harris) is Florida’s official certifier of elections. Check. You have a Bush cousin at Fox, who falsely announces that GORE has won Florida hours before the polls close, the hope being that Gore voters will not bother going to the polls because their guy has already won, Check. Make sure ALL the networks “mistakenly” announce the very same thing as Fox about Gore winning Florida, Check. If all else fails, you have the US Supreme Court, by fiat, declare the election over AND Bush the winner. Check. Wow. It took this much corruption to finally wake that numbskull Petruchio, moi, up! LOL What a brain dead vegetable I was!! HaHaHa!! I can laugh now.

  7. ziff

    Elaine, glad to see you are getting globally warmed this winter for a change. We should be cold in the west but no, winters have vanished

  8. vengeur

    Supposing it was rigged. Like that has never been done in the US. I really DO wish Gore had won. He probably would have saved us a trillion $$$ ,as he probably wouldn’t have invaded Iraq.

  9. Sunger

    No, Gore probably would have gotten us mired in the Iraq fiasco just like W.

    The demo-rats are just as invested in Empire as the repuglycans. And maybe even worse. At least the conservatives were true to actual conservative principles and avoided foreign entanglement until the nasty christian rightwing took the party over.

  10. Christian W

    When has the US government ever avoided foreign entaglement? Serious question? The US has ALWAYS been either expanding or deeply involved in “foreign entaglement”.

    “Foreign entaglement” In fact that is what the US does, it is the entire business model of the US.

  11. Lou

    When has the US government ever avoided foreign entanglement? Serious question?
    IF powers that be could not make money from it?

  12. JimmyJ

    Newest headline, “Saudi Arabia Forms 34 Nation Anti-Terrorist Coalition.” No Shiites allowed, naturally.

    No, its not a headline from the Onion. Try not to spill your coffee when you laugh.

  13. Melponeme_k

    The elites don’t need to bomb NYC. They just need to let this big boy meltdown then force us all to live near it. They can follow the Fukushima playbook.


  14. emsnews

    They still haven’t evacuated the children of Tokyo.

  15. Jim R

    They want ’em to roast on a nuclear fire. Much quicker than that slow, sous-vide, 2 degrees of climate change.

  16. Floridasandy

    Love the Florida attacks😅 it was a democratic county that had the chads that were evidently “too hard to push” to elect mr global warming.

    I love Trump and his protect America agenda-as do a lot of other Americans.

  17. John

    You mean Al Gore, global warming fraudster?

    Are ANY of you going to tell me, with a straight face, that AlGore would have been a better president than Dubya? That’s like the folks still bemoaning McCain’s loss to Obama in ’08. Like there’s really a difference…

    Tell me, Elaine: how can you rail against AGW and yet still voice support for the guy who, along with some GS crooks, invented the carbon offset derivatives market?!

    Cognitive dissonance, or CIA disinfo? WTF is going on here?

    Al Gore is an opportunistic scumbag.


  18. emsnews

    I support proper elections that are honest!!! That is the key here.

    All the people who run these days are first vetted by our rulers. This is why I focus on our rulers.

  19. Jim R

    That’s why they are in such a tizzy about Trump. He didn’t stop at the ‘vetting’ kiosk, and went straight into the scrum. Like Ross Perot.

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