US Schools In Terror Today

Los Angeles schools closed over ‘credible terrorist threat’: LA shuts 1,000 schools and sends 640,000 students home over ‘credible’ terror alert while New York remains open and dismisses it as a hoax – after cities receive the SAME ‘backpack bomb threat’.  FBI arrest Maryland man who ‘received $9,000 from ISIS to attack U.S.’ As the fear spreads, we are told that bringing in hundreds of thousands of Muslims is a great idea.  This cannot last much longer, Angela Merkel to ‘significantly reduce’ refugee numbers entering Germany a year too late after she attacked anyone suggesting she do this.  While our elites scream at us to let floods of aliens enter and mess up our homelands, they also are screaming that Muslims born for the last 1,000 years in Palestine are really aliens and deserve to be treated like swine.


Has Europe Reached the Breaking Point? – The New York Times asks.  Here is how the elites in NYC view Europe:


It might seem odd that a chain-link fence could threaten the order of the European Union, but one of modern Europe’s singular accomplishments is its open internal borders. The treaty that made this possible, known as the Schengen Agreement, began going into effect in 1995 and expanded to include 26 countries in and around the European Union. It immediately provided a potent symbol of both the ideals and the real benefits of European integration. Elites believed unity would guarantee peace and prosperity and dispel the demons of nationalism. Over time, the European Union built a rich and diverse economy, exerting global influence through the clout of its scale and the soft power of its liberal, democratic values — a Western superpower without the bellicosity or the laissez-faire hardheartedness of the United States. Workers’ rights were protected. Generous social-welfare programs flourished. The open borders bound the member nations together in subtler ways, too: Italians could soon go skiing in Austria with ease and without a passport, or head to the Côte d’Azur for a swim as if Europe were all one country. Workers could commute between Brussels and Paris without hassle.


Workers didn’t ‘commute’ between countries.  They always could do this to some great degree.  It was foreigners flooding from weak former communist states into the wealthier welfare states like France, Germany and Britain.  The British are very annoyed by all this because their own rulers keep talking about cutting welfare there because there are too many people on welfare.  Far from ‘flourishing’ welfare is dying.


Meanwhile, David Cameron’s climbdown on EU benefits whereby he would  not let immigrants collect welfare right off the bat but wait four years.  Instead, he will continue to allow them to pour into London and he will fix this by cutting welfare for British natives.


National Guard soldier ‘who planned Paris-style attack on US soil’ is facing 30 years in prison: we are one minute away from terror here and so is Europe.  Black on black crime and murder is nearly but not totally confined to a handful of cities easily avoided.  But the terrorists are actively seeking out targets so no one is safe.  The terrorists are actively hunting for and inflicting pain in ‘safe places’.  The refusal of Obama to understand this has irritated many people.


‘The Obamas treat Air Force One like an Uber’: Chief of spending watchdog says family’s $3.5 million Christmas Hawaii trip is too expensive to justify this.  These clowns went to Europe to wail that we are going to roast to death unless we freeze ourselves and not use any energy.  Then all these piggies resumed their happy lives acting as if oil was eternal and they could consume oceanic amounts for themselves.  Not a care in the world.


Mechanic faces 37 years in prison for making ‘satirical comment’ about the king of Thailand’s dog on Facebook: yes, the real terrorists are rulers.  This cruel despot went to Paris to wail that he is going to roast to death and his little dog, too, unless the Wicked Witch of the West gives him a billion dollars.


At least 19 women win seats on local councils across Saudi Arabia after they were allowed to vote and run in elections for the first time in the country’s history: a total of 100,000 women were allowed to vote out of a population of over 100 million women.  The birth rate of girls in Saudi Arabia are 43% of the boys rate which means someone is eliminating baby girls somewhere in the system.  The normal rate is 1% more boys than girls, not 7%.  This rate is the same for all the countries that value boys more than girls, such as China.  It is worse there with 130 boys to 100 girls.  World rates for gender birth elimination has grown over the years mainly in third world and developing communities, mostly via denying care and food to female children.


Nearly universally, boys are preferred over girls even though all sane mothers realize that the person taking care of them in their old age will much more likely be a daughter, not a son.  But in many cultures, daughters are not allowed to do this, especially in patriarchal societies.  A woman’s mother is the ‘dreaded mother-in-law’.  Back to Saudi Arabia: this tortured attempt at pretending to give the vote to ‘women’ is a failure since 99% of the population was not given a vote at all.  This is an elitist moment, the rich upper crust connected women got to vote, not the masses.


The elimination of baby girls can be stopped:  Selecting Boys Over Girls Is A Trend In More And More Countries : Goats and Soda : NPR


 In 1995, only six countries had such a marked imbalance of boys to girls. Today, 21 countries have a skewed sex ratio favoring boys. The growth of gender imbalance in only two decades points to widespread acceptance of modern technology that can predict the sex of the fetus, according to Hudson…


One country with a tradition of preferring male offspring has successfully corrected the imbalance. “South Korea is the only country I know of that has clawed back its abnormal sex ratios back to the normal range,” says Hudson. And it did this not by trying to change culture, tradition, hearts or minds — but by changing laws. In South Korea, sons were responsible for performing ancestral rites and for the care and support of elderly parents. When the government began promoting a two-child norm in the 1970s, Hudson wrote in Foreign Policy, the ratio of boys to girls climbed to a peak of 116.5 to 100 in 1990. That’s when the South Korean government began to overhaul laws that favored sons. Women gained full rights in inheritance and in heading families. The government enforced a ban on prenatal sex testing. A pension system was established so that neither sons nor daughters were fully responsible for the care of the elderly. And today, South Korea’s ratio of boys to girls reflects nature’s average.


Meanwhile, the cat’s paw for the Saudis are at it again:  How much more depraved can ISIS get? Group’s Sharia judges order children with Down’s syndrome and other disabilities to be killed in chilling echo of the Nazis: the Saudi-sponsored ISIS guys are nasty, aren’t they?  This is why the US is furious that Putin is bombing them.  Contradictions abound, don’t they?


Last tidbit about free trade:  Japan’s stationery sector rocked by pencil supply crisis: Japan is constantly running out of this or that common item due to the fact they let in virtually no imports.  The US rulers say nothing about this insane business but instead lecture us all about how protectionism is evil.


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14 responses to “US Schools In Terror Today

  1. Petruchio

    “The US rulers say nothing about this insane business but instead lecture us all about how protectionism is evil.” US Rulers are and always will tailor their economic “theories” to what benefits themselves the most. All these oligarchs need is to find some useful tools, usually people who are easily bribed, to do their dirty work. Ronald Reagan as a prime example comes to mind, but there have been many others. Mrs. Clinton (I always call her Mrs. Clinton. She HATES that!) is another. Barack Obama…and the list is quite long. As for these ‘Terror Alerts’, these happen and will continue to happen for no justifiable reason at all. Why? If no REAL terror activities happens, all these anti-terror offices such as Homeland Security have no reason to exist. The Military Industrial Complex starts wars because that’s profitable; the anti-terror complex creates terror threats because that’s what keeps their jobs and their funding going up. Bleeding the taxpayer dry. That’s REALLY what it’s all about.

  2. vengeur

    Great commentary. One note, the population of Saudi Arabia is about 30 million.

  3. Jim R

    Speaking of ISIS, where do they get their equipment and supplies, again?

    The Stunning Explanation How “That Ford Truck” Ended Up In ISIS Hands

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/15/2015 15:50 -0500

  4. Christian W

    Some quick notes:

    * The weapons used in the Paris attacks have been traced to a gun dealership in Florida, US. (Some CIA goon just got demoted I’m sure).

    * The Nigerian Army, so useless against Boko Haram, suddenly, for no obvious reason, decided to target the top Shia muslim leader and some of his followers. Dozens people were killed by the Army and the Shia leader, Shaikh Ibrahim Zakzaky was shot and wounded and detained by the Army. Saudi money at work most likely.

    * A Saudi court found a businessman not guilty of rape of a teenage girl believing the defendant’s claim that he merely ‘slipped’ and fell on top of the girl…

  5. Seraphim

    @This cruel despot went to Paris to wail that he is going to roast to death and his little dog, too, unless the Wicked Witch of the West gives him a billion dollars.

    What a funny story. The stupid Thais have “strict laws” for insulting dogs!
    Let’s see the take of NYT on the case:

    “Thai Man May Go to Prison for Insulting King’s Dog”
    “Thailand’s strict laws making it a crime to insult the monarchy entered new territory on Monday when a factory worker was charged with disparaging the king’s dog.
    Thanakorn Siripaiboon, was charged with making a “sarcastic” Internet post related to the king’s pet. He also faces separate charges of sedition and insulting the king…
    “The precise insult toward the royal dog was not divulged by the military”.
    He also faces separate charges of sedition and insulting the king…highlighting what has become a feverish campaign to protect the monarchy and rebuff critics of the country’s military rulers. … Among other charges, he is accused of sharing on Facebook allegations of corruption in the military’s construction of a monument to previous kings… Despite the unusual nature of the charges against Mr. Thanakorn, there was relatively little discussion about the case on Monday on social media, perhaps because of fears that those who highlighted it might also face charges…
    [The defendant’s lawyer] Mr. Anon said the boundaries of what has been considered lèse-majesté, as royal insults are known, had expanded drastically in recent years. Last year, a prominent scholar was accused of insulting a king who died 400 years ago. The list of people who have been investigated now includes the American ambassador to Thailand”. Aha!
    “In the case of the American ambassador, Glyn T. Davies, the Thai police said last week that he was under investigation after he gave a speech to foreign correspondents praising the king but criticizing the “lengthy and unprecedented prison sentences” handed down by Thai military courts on lèse-majesté charges.
    The Thai military seized power in a coup last year and has relentlessly cracked down on challenges to its power, detaining journalists, academics, politicians and students for “attitude adjustment” sessions at military camps. Dissidents are made to sign pledges that allow for financial penalties if they take part in “political activity.”
    Criticism by human rights groups and United Nations bodies has been shrugged off by the military government.
    In August, a spokeswoman for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights cited the increase in convictions for insulting the king and the increasingly long prison sentences for the charges, reaching several decades.
    “We are appalled by the shockingly disproportionate prison terms,” she said
    In August, a spokeswoman for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights cited the increase in convictions for insulting the king and the increasingly long prison sentences for the charges, reaching several decades.”

    Or “The Telegraph”:
    Thailand’s ruling junta, which overthrew Yingluck Shinawatra’s government last year, is staunchly royalist and claim to use the laws to protect the monarchy…. Thailand’s ruling junta, which overthrew Yingluck Shinawatra’s government last year, is staunchly royalist and claim to use the laws to protect the monarchy. Punishments for lèse majesté have rocketed since the pro-royal military took power last year, and sentences of up to 30 years have been imposed on those convicted…
    Those who fall foul of the law range from unsuspecting tourists to prominent politicians as well as extended members of the royal family. Human rights activists claim the laws have been used as a political weapon to stifle free speech.”

    Journalism at its best! Deflect attention from the real issue, the measures taken against a new “color revolution” concocted by the American Embassy. The “Junta” gets to close to China for comfort, besides “clamping” on “democracy”.
    “Unsuspecting tourists”, who are they? Every tourist guide explain to tourists what may constitute insults to the King! As well as they are warned about penalties for drug-dealing!
    Many tourists, especially those who spent more time in Thailand know that indeed Thais revere their King.
    And the “cruel despot” did not go to Paris to complain that he would roast to death, because he is actually slowly dying in hospital.

  6. Lou

    Elaine, ‘ elites in NYC view Europe’ – No, the Jews that own the paper.
    See, ‘crimes of the times’ blog.

    like this nonsense, the girl has a Che t shirt,

  7. vengeur

    Hope You are not sick again!!!!!


    ELAINE: No, happily. I am well. I was just very busy working getting ready for winter, doing stuff outside and it was a beautiful day to work outside.

  8. e sutton

    If ya ax me, ya’ll be rayciss n sheeit! Talkin bout how duh brothas who really din do nuffins are always laid to duh blame, gnome sane? Low down dirty shame, ya’ll, make me Juana cry, gnome sane?

  9. Floridasandy

    Credible threat, my butt.

  10. Floridasandy

    Did you hear the testimony about the refugee program- they have literally no idea where they are.

    The stupid, it burns.

  11. Lou

    where they are? or what they are?

  12. CK

    I believe that Gnome Sane is one of the characters I met in a MMORPG.

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